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Bro. Kevin & Min. Eva Branch Bro. Kevin and Min. Eva Branch are the ministry leaders for the Marriage Ministry. A neighbor introduced the couple when he was a football player at Mergenthaler High School and she was a cheerleader at Lake Clifton High School, and it was “love at first I, sight.” take thee to secure in the knowledge that you

will be who my will constant The couple, celebrate friend, their 30th my faithful partner in Anniversary in December, believes making and my ofone love. On this special holy Godlife, the cornerstone theirtrue marriage is the glue that has kept them together all of day, affirmprayer to you in of the presence of God and these years. I In addition, in the face adversity, commitment to God and to each alland those in to attendance my sacred promise to stay by other, the ability be open with each other without feeling judged has also aided your side faithful in sickness and in health, in joy their marriage for three decades. and in sorrow, as well asthrough the good times and

The Branchs can attest that many changes take place in a marriage over a thirty year the bad. I promise to love you without reservation, period. “There were disappointments and we comfort hurt each other youunintentionally, in times but of our distress, encourage you to success required choosing to love each other whether we deserved or not. We found with you and cry with achieve higher itgoals, laugh that by putting the effort into our marriage to succeed, we have been rewarded longevity, satisfaction, you,with grow with you inspiritual mind and spirit, always be growth and unconditional love for one another.”

open and honest with you, and cherish you for as

Bro. Kevin and Min. Eva advise newlyweds that marriage long as we both shall live. takes work and commitment.“There is no perfect marriage, but there are perfect moments you can treasure. Make sure your love for one another and your relationship with God is strong enough to withstand the storms.”

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