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This issue, ECHOES is debuting a new column ECHOES Moment where we talk to interesting people doing creative things for the Kingdom. For our first ECHOES Moment, we’re introducing Neechy.

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Have you ever had a question about something that perplexed you, and wanted to know a Biblical take on it, but didn’t know where to go to get the answer? Well, so has Neechy, but instead of posing those questions to friends and colleagues, she asks you via her weekly YouTube video blog on Neechy, for those of you who don’t know, is one of the founders of Rocspace News, a website/eblast company founded in 2007 where you can get news and information about what’s going on in the Black Christian world. After two years there, she decided to pursue a new venture,, her website and video blog devoted to a Christian’s take on music, beauty, fashion and other relevant hot topics.


ECHOES: Why Neechy: God pulled me out of my comfort zone [with Rocspace] and had me do something I never intended to do. One night, I asked a friend of mine if men of faith wore earrings. He couldn’t answer, so I decided to put the question up on YouTube just for fun. A couple of weeks after that, I received emails from people asking me when my next Neechy YouTube question was going up. I had no intention of uploading another question, but the requests kept coming in, and I posted another and another until it became a regular Monday event. ECHOES: So, nearly a year later, with hundreds of NeechyTV questions under your belt, what has been your most controversial topic? Neechy: I asked a question about Christians being addicted to pornography and people contacted me asking for prayer, shared their personal stories and thanked me for addressing a topic many churches are afraid to discuss. Sometimes we believe that since we’re Christians, we’re supposed to be able to know how to deal with our issues when we really don’t.We need forums, someone to tell us something more than, “just pray about it.” We need people to really care. ECHOES: So, what’s next for Neechy? Neechy: My friends tell me I’m a combination between Oprah and Tyra, sharing information and uplifting women with a Christian flair. But, honestly, I don’t know, and I’m comfortable with that because it means I’m totally relying on God to lead and guide me and His way. Visit to sign up for Neechy’s blog, and to learn her take on music, beauty and fashion. Also follow her on Twitter at


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ECHOES of Empowerment Magazine Summer 2010  
ECHOES of Empowerment Magazine Summer 2010  

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