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Mastering Adulthood Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders of Empowerment MANTLE is Empowerment Temple’s youth ministry dedicated to developing, mentoring and training young men between the ages 10-18. The group meets every 4th Saturday from 11am-1pm at the FLC. Led by member Leroy Wilson, Jr., MANTLE utilizes monthly fellowship opportunities to teach Christian values, ethics and morals in a manner that address their whole person—mind, body and soul—in a manner to which they can all relate.


Daughters of Integrity, Vision, Affirmation and Spirituality

Currently, MANTLE is looking for dedicated and driven Christian men who are willing to invest their time into becoming mentors for our young men. If you are interested in either mentoring or you are a young person interested in becoming a member of MANTLE, then contact Leroy Wilson, Jr. at

Moneira Hawkins There is such a need for girls to be able to be among their peers and express their concerns about life, home, school and their social environment in a space where they know their perspectives will be valued not ridiculed. The DIVAS Ministry is that sacred space created to teach girls ages 11-17 spiritual, as well as practical, skills—financial literacy/ economic empowerment, finding their purpose, applying bible scriptures to everyday life, learning to how to trust God, personal hygiene, self-worth and esteem—that will aid them throughout their lives. Using 1 Peter 3:3-4 as their scriptural focus, these girls are able to tap into and develop the “hidden person of the heart…which is very precious in the sight of God” in a nurturing setting. The message expressed in the DIVAS ministry was so special that the group wanted to share it with younger girls in the church.As a result, DIVINE was created for girls ages 6-10. Both DIVAS and DIVINE believe that by planting seeds now, the will be able to operate in wisdom, faith and obedience to the will of God. DIVAS meets every 4th Saturday from 11am-2pm at the Family Life Center. For more information about DIVAS, to join, or to become a DIVAS/DIVINE mentor, contact

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Girls of D.I.V.A.S.

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Boys of M.A.N.T.L.E

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playing sports with counselors.


SUMMER 2010 | ECHOES of Empowerment

ECHOES of Empowerment Magazine Summer 2010  

ECHOES of Empowerment Magazine is a quarterly publication of Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant and Empowerment Temple Church.