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Perform at Hilltop Fundraiser by Annette Higby Anthony started learning guitar at the tender age of 10 under the tutelage of the late Larry Robinson. Larry obviously mentored Anthony’s innate talent well as this kid can really play a guitar. After Larry’s death, other local musicians took him under their wing to continue his musical education. He has already developed his own style of playing and it will be interesting to watch his development as he gets older. If you haven’t heard him play yet, find him. He and the Fallbrook Vigilantes can be found performing at various local venues throughout the month. This fundraiser was promoted by Kathie Morris-Mathieu, owner of She She La Boutique and The Jewelry Connection, both in Fallbrook. The funds will be used to help refurbish the grounds of the Hilltop Center. The beer was provided by the Fallbrook Brewing Company. Hopefully there will be more concerts at this venue.

The Fallbrook Vigilantes, featuring Anthony Cullins (The Fallbrook Kid) put on a great concert as a fundraiser benefitting the Hilltop Center for Spiritual Living in Fallbrook this June. The concert was held in the newly renovated Hilltop Center. The acoustics were great, and the large, well maintained wooden dance floor was a dream to dance on. Quite a few people of all ages got up to dance to the classic rock & roll, and blues being played, and played so well. The Fallbrook Vigilantes consists of Anthony Cullins on guitar, the phenomenal 14-year-old local kid making a name for himself on the music scene, and Paul Alvarado, also on guitar. Although that night the band had a substitute drummer and bass player, Fred Sannipoli and Jason Simmons respectively, the regular drummer is Dwane Hathorn (previously voted San Diego’s Best Drummer) and the bass player is Bruce Borden. Anthony and the Vigilantes played a good variety of dance music, including songs by Jimi Hendrix, Cream, ZZ Top and BB King. Anthony sang a number of songs as well as playing the guitar. Hearing and seeing Anthony perform alongside veteran musicians made it easy to forget that he is so young.

TVMA SHOWCASES KICK OFF AT FRANKLIN’S COVE On Sunday, June 7, Franklin’s Cove was the setting for the first of several showcases for the artists vying for this year’s TVMA’s. Begun last year by Tim Moyer, the Temecula Valley Music Awards honors original songwriters and cover bands from the Temecula Valley. Performers compete in several different categories, are videotaped, and are judged by professionals from outside the area who are not acquainted with the competitors, making the TVMA’s a fair and unbiased contest. All funds collected from entry fees, raffles, and donations are given to local school music programs. This year’s recipient will be Murrieta Mesa High School. Sunday’s show began with Jef with one F, who sports a captain’s hat and Buddy Holly glasses while singing his original and edgy songs. Two of his songs were totally of his own conception, and the third was a co-write with a friend. I didn’t catch every word, but his lyrics would repay some closer analysis. Julia Lucius, a lovely singer-songwriter with a beautiful voice and smile, followed Jef and gave us some love-songs with dramatic vocals and one poppy number that captivated me.

Alaina Blair, though she lives in Carlsbad, is able to compete in the “Out of Town” category, added this year. We have followed Alaina’s career since we first heard her sing at Country at the Merc six years ago. All the songs she did tonight were co-written with her guitarist and friend, Daniel Newell. In fact, the moving ballad they sang debuted tonight, so we felt privileged to be the first audience to hear it. Next up were the new country trio, Temecula Road, made up of the Salute sisters, Maddie and Emma, with Dawson Anderson. Dawson told us that the three had written some of their originals at songwriting camp last year. That must have been some camp, judging from the catchy melodies and spot-on harmonies the group have put together. After Temecula Road, I turned into a pumpkin, so I missed hearing the bands INK and The Tones. By all accounts, they rocked the place. There will be many more showcases before the winners are revealed. According to Tim Moyer, it is not too late to enter the competition. Submissions will be accepted until September. Franklin’s Cove

by Pamella Bowen

will host the remaining acoustic showcases on Thursday nights, beginning in August. Broadway Starz will host the bands. The Awards gala is scheduled for November 17 at Murrieta Mesa’s theater where several members of the illustrious judging panel will perform. For more information or to enter the competition, go to


by Lenore Rice

RECORD YOUR RECORD? PLAN THE ONLINE RELEASE! by Jaxx Sessions You’ve just spent months, maybe years recording your album, and now it’s time to put together your plan to release it. There’s a lot of strategy that goes into releasing an album, and the following tips might help you plan a successful release.

From Gospel to Classic Rock & Roll, hearing the incredible “BAND of BROTHERS” is a “must see” for all music lovers. They have incredible vocal Harmonies, absolutely perfect playing abilities, and above all, they have completely professional and respectful personalities. They’re a group of regular guys who met through local churches, where they served and played worship music. Their mutual Love for music brought them together to form their band. The name, Band of Brothers, is taken from Luke 5:30-32 and Mark 16:15. Gospel music is their backbone. Their audiences are entertained from the first to last note of each gig. A premier cover band from the Inland Empire, they bring energy, excitement and sophistication to any event. This dynamic group is comprised of five talented musicians who play a full range of music from secular to worship to classic rock & roll. Tragically on May 17th 2014, Mark Nicolay, their “Brother” drummer of many years, died of a sudden heart attack. The Band was heartbroken. Mark’s passion for music began at age 10. He studied classical and jazz music in college, and earned a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in percussion from the University of Southern California. Mark played with many orchestras in venues such as the Hollywood Bowl, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and the Pacific Amphitheater. Later on, Mark returned to his roots playing drums for a number of local churches, which led him to the “Band of Brothers”. He will be greatly missed. Following his passing, young Jon Clark, son of their Lead Guitarist Steve Clark, filled in for the truly missed Mark. Ironically, Jon Clark took his first drum lessons from Their Current Drummer, Jimmy Wisner, who also has an extensive drumming career. He began on an Indian reservation outside of Phoenix when he was young. He later played southern gospel at his parent’s church. His entrance into BOB was a natural progression of their need, their friendship and his impressive drumming abilities. Recently, before joining Band Of Brothers, he worked with the artist Chris Ryan, who has done a substantial amount of work for ABC Television.

Steve Clark, lead guitarist & vocals, has played guitar and piano his entire adult life. His music was influenced by his mother, a vocalist, music major, and music teacher. Steve has a passion for Christian music and has played at mega-church Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, CA, and The Well Church at Oak Valley, as well as multiple other churches in California, Oregon, and Washington. Mike Rondilone, accomplished pianist, vocals, rhythm guitar, accordion, and harmonica player, has also been involved in music his entire life. He was greatly influenced by his father Tony, who toured America as a band leader in the 60’s & 70’s. Michael Lopez, lead vocalist, guitarist, and trumpeter who began his musical career at age 11. His mother played classical/contemporary piano, and his father played guitar. Both had exceptional voices. His 3 brothers and sister played and sang with the band Ravana on the Sunset Strip. When Michael was old enough to join them they formed a band called “Alliance.” Michael also performs at Christian Fellowship and Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, as well as other churches in Southern Calif. Jim Leidl, an incredible vocalist, guitarist, bassist, and mandolin player. His home is filled with various musical instruments and equipment and has passed his passionate love of music on to his daughters. His daughter, Krystal, is an exceptional drummer and percussionist who has her own band and gives lessons. His daughter, Marissa, studies music at California Baptist University in Riverside, California, and plays multiple instruments including violin and bass. Jim’s versatility and depth allows him to play any music genre, and he continues to share his musical talents at his church functions and many fundraisers.

ONLINE PRESENCE The music industry is built on appearances. To be taken seriously, it is very important to have a complete and professional looking online presence. There’s a bulk of places online that artists can have a presence, but today, the following is very important: Official Website, Facebook, and YouTube. OFFICIAL WEBSITE IS KEY Your socials are not substitutions for your website. It’s important to have an online home where you are in complete control, that is modern and functional. Your website should have a place where people can easily listen to and buy your music, a news section where people can read the latest happenings with your career, and a newsletter sign up that offers an incentive for signing up such as free music or merchandise discounts. And also, an EPK that is easily found, viewed, and read. It always surprises me when I go to an artist website and can’t easily find any contact information or links. FACEBOOK ADVERTISING Yes there is definitely a pay-to-play reality on Facebook for a Fan page to get maximum exposure. If you wish to spend money on advertising, we suggest that you have goals in place before you do. And, you should have a complete Fan page that is active with daily posts if you want to appear professional. Posts that are not just text will have a greater chance of being seen, so share photos and links as much as possible, and ask questions to increase engagement. YOUTUBE YouTube is the first place millions of people worldwide go when browsing online video, and with music being the number one type of content being streamed, it is a very powerful platform where artists are getting seen and discovered. For any artist looking to increase awareness and raise their profile, it is imperative to have a presence on YouTube with a professional looking channel. One that has a branded cover image, and is linked to your other social media profiles so people can connect with you across platforms. Create a home page that looks amazing and is very functional by making categories to group your videos for easy viewing, such as “Behind the Scenes”, “Official Music Videos”, “Live Performances”, and highlight an official music video in the featured spot at the top. PRESS I know this might seem too soon to talk about press but it’s not. This is not about pitching press, but identifying and becoming familiar with press outlets that you will eventually want to pitch your music to well in advance. Before reaching out to press it is a good idea to make a connection by simply following them on social media and then retweeting tweets they are posting. For blogs that you want to make an even further connection with leave a comment on one of their blog posts (not about your music, a genuine comment about the blog post). Through this activity, when you do send the press outlet an email about your music, they already have some familiarity with you. &

Although each member of the Band Of Brothers has influential and prosperous day gigs, performing live Classic Rock (the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Byrds, Lynard Skynard, Tom Petty, Creedance, Tower of Power, Stevie Wonder, Chicago, Kenny Loggins, to name only a few) is their passion, which they share with every audience.

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Cover Art: Katinka Clementsmith



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1. EVA AND THE VAGABOND TALES Goodnight My Darling


3. SHANE HALL Modern Woman


5. JESSIE ANDRA SMITH The History of Lost Art

6. TIM MOYER Pizza For 2




10. GINO & THE LONE GUNMEN Hot Rod Time Machine


12. LARRY THOMPSON Bottom of the Lake






LARRY THOMPSON People Are Reckless

by David Kizziar

by Miranda Gillaspie

by Steve Steinberg

by Robb White

by Pamella Bowen

A one-minute slide guitar solo opens up the record that might have you thinking you just walked into a 30’s old-time blues pub somewhere in the south, next to the tracks. The album proceeds into a groovy, ‘Lenny Kravitz’ inspired sound. You can start to hear right away where Shane get’s his influence and mojo. Dear Nemesis reveals more of the same, with cool rhythms and guitar riffs. They churn throughout the song and album, and creep their way into the slow rock blues of Ricky Black. Modern Woman, notably the best song on the record, continues to highlight Shane’s great vocal tone. A tone that’s remindful of classic Hendrix, or the great vocals of 90’s alt rock and blues. I could listen to it all day. The album rounds out with Queen of the Night, Boot Knife Blues, and Dark Trip Blues. All classic blues rock with a slow, dark, bassie crunch. The only thing I’m left aching to hear is a real kick-ass drummer. Shane writes all of the 11 tracks, which I would call good songs. If you like heavy, moody, slow droning blues, you might dig this too!

Music that she puts her soul into, Julia Lucius is an artist to be appreciated. Best described as acoustic pop with jazz influences, her music is both relaxing and intriguing, as her songs draw you into a story. She sings with just her guitar, giving her songs a lot of feeling and amplifying her voice as her main instrument. Most of her songs start with a bit of playful finger-picking, giving them a certain simplicity before you experience the depth of her voice. The way she hits both high and low notes throughout the song so effortlessly while maintaining power is amazing. Her lyrics are raw and real. In 3AM, you learn about how a love can stay with you even after they’re gone. She slows it down with “Fire and Wine,” a song that starts with edgy lyrics of others’ voices telling her what to do, but blossoms into a song about realizing dreams are more important than being in a relationship that keeps them down. She doesn’t claim that the songs are autobiographical, but they retain a lot of relatable truth. Full of admirable songwriting, relaxing acoustic, and captivating vocals, this album will leave you both relaxed and inspired.

The Forty Nineteens sound is forged in the Motor City sound, and this four-song vinyl release does not disappoint. The opening rave-up riff of “Modern Romance” sets the tone for a collection of songs that reflect a sense of urgency about life and love. When lead singer and Detroit native John Pozza snarls, “It won’t last forever; it won’t last at all,” we believe him and have no choice but to make the best of it. And the best of it here is the music. Catchy guitar hooks and pop/punk sensibilities dominate “Falling Down,” a song that is reminiscent of the Psychedelic Furs at their best. The bad-girl-next-door anthem, “Pink ’55 Bel Air,” is fueled by the Hammond organ playing of Kevin McCourt. With Pozza repeating the lament, “She’s no good,” you might think this set has reached the point of no return, but The Forty Nineteens have a trick up their sleeve. The final track on the disk, “Have a Good Time,” is a psychedelic paean to a worry free life. They seem to be telling us there is danger around every corner, so be sure to have fun. And be sure to take The Forty Nineteens with you, the music will guarantee a good time.

Listen to the words of Nathan Rivera, an old gypsy soul wise beyond his years. His music brings to mind New Orleans Jazz, Mariachi, Klezmer. Maybe a little Hawaiian influence with a dash of George Harrison. The tracks on his record are well written, and deliver a bountiful dish of unexpected progressions, and pretty harmonies. Nathan is raw, real, unstructured. He plays freely and effortlessly as if his music is a gift he feels honored to share with the world. The music moves through him and directly to you. Like an artist, he conjures up images with his words. Words like “until i stare into the face of my dreams,” “my bike we are the best of friends powered by my own two feet.” He shows off the brilliance in the little things and finds the greatness in all things. A whimsical up beat album that’s thoughtful, captivating, and a pleasant listen. Nathan includes a variety of folk sounds like accordion, resonator, slide, upright bass, drums, percussion, clarinet, and horns. A unique blend of folk music you might call gypsy folk, gypsy jazz, or hey, how about Gypsy Blues!

One way to review a songwriter’s music is to compare it to other artists’. I hear Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Randy Newman, and Gordon Lightfoot in the bluesy/ folk songs of Larry Thompson’s People Are Reckless CD. Larry’s guitar work is flawless, and Tyler Moyer joins in on mandolin for some of the tracks. But I don’t like comparing Larry to anyone because he’s an original. Larry writes about fresh subjects, like the hazards of online dating (Bottom of the Lake) and the attitudes of the homeless (Leave Me Alone). He gets away with vocabulary that others would avoid (tableau, reprobate, waylaid, daunting, conjecture), perhaps because he fits the words in a conversational syntax. Larry’s lyrics are full of imagery, too. The man in the “Bottom of the Lake” can “see the sunrise off the fish.” And when “Melancholy Rose” flies away, the speaker “can feel the breeze flapping from her wings.” Witty lines convey Larry’s satirical sense of humor. The vengeful online date cries “tears all over her steak,” and the break-up of the relationship in “Bad From the Start” is like a “boil that’s been lanced”–a relief that will soon heal.



The beautiful sweet sounds of “Antique European Folk Western Saloon” music! Photo: Renata Mangutova

Would you say that nostalgic is good or bad? Are you the type of person that likes sad, old-fashioned songs or does that sort of music put you to sleep? Is it possible to make a living playing sounds from the 40’s? Is there even a market for that music anymore? There is a group that is constantly seeking the answer to these questions. Eva and The Vagabond Tales have been playing what they call “Antique European Folk/Western Saloon” music for more than a few years now. Lead by Singer/ Songwriter Eva Mikhailovna, the group has been bringing their sound with them to all of the Riverside, Orange County, and the San Diego areas. They have just recently played Saturation Fest in Riverside, The Pour Vous, in Hollywood, and have been featured on The KVCR program “American Parlor Songbook.” All of which is pretty impressive considering a good majority of the shows are played for free, which can begin to become discouraging to a band of musicians out to make a living doing what they love. But that doesn’t stop them. Currently the band consists of core members Carol Heller, Jasmine Capitulo, Al Arteaga, Thomas Miskell, Aaron Fleener, and Andres Valenzuela, but it did not start out that way. At 24 Mikhailovna got her start in Krasnogorsk, Moskovskaya Oblast’, Russia where she remembers watching her aunt play the piano and singing traditional Russian folk songs. She quickly took it upon herself to learn these songs just by what she had observed and after a few years she began to transfer her skills from the piano to the guitar and write her own songs. Songs that would derive influence from her traditional Russian upbringing as well as artists such as Johny Cash and The Beatles. “My biggest influences are the little things in the sounds of old music” Mikhailovna tells me, “For example,that galloping sound in Western movies, those spooky,

dreamy high vocals from background female choruses in the 50s, that crackling sound in all the old recordings, and that sad sad piano and accordion in foreign songs.” That sound really began to come to life when she met accordion player Ivan McCormick. The two began performing her songs as a duo on the streets and in different venues in and around their city, all while working on their first full length album “Letters From the Moon”, released in the fall of 2013. The album portrayed the bands unique style of old world melodies and delicate stories of childhood, obtuse love, travels, and the secrets of sleep. Since the release of “Letters From the Moon” the group has continued to tour and entertain audiences all over Southern California. I can recall seeing them perform at Flour Fusion in Lake Elsinore. Not only was the music nostalgic but the performance was as well. Incorporating Mikhailovna’s love for tap dancing and other visual arts the band likes to put on a show that hasn’t been seen since the roaring 20’s. If you go to see them perform be prepared to see umbrellas being twirled, syncopated dance routines, and even old fashioned mega phones being used. They even dress up the

stage wherever they go to give it that vintage look Mikhailovna likes so much. Combine all these elements and you get an experience straight out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. But is it enough to keep this band a float? I recently had the chance to ask Mikhailovna about her music and the place it holds in todays society. The following is a brief interview I had with her: Johny: Would you call your group a concept group? Eva: As a group we’re not really a concept group, but the music we play is all concepts and metaphors. The last album that was released was a concept album about traveling, sleep, dreams, hopes and ideas. Johny: What do you think about mainstream music? Eva: I couldn’t stand mainstream music for a while, but now I’ve learned to enjoy it too. As hard as it is to say it, it’s the music of our time. Subconsciously we should learn to enjoy it because when we’re 80 years old, this is the stuff that’s gonna give us flashbacks no matter how hard we try to avoid it. Plus, there are some really

good, well written songs out there in the main stream world. All it takes is a cool little arrangement, and any songs would fit into a genre of anyone’s liking. Johny: Would you say that your sound is nostalgic? Eva: I would say so. I try to make it as nostalgic as possible. Nostalgic stuff is so bittersweet and sad, and it’s my favorite emotion, so I hope that people can take it home with them when they come hear us. Johny: What is your goal for the group and your music? Where do you see yourselves in the next 5 years? Eva: My goal for the music is to hopefully one day have it in some indie film. For the group, I hope we get to play in music festivals, tour, and just make enough money to be able to buy sushi at least once a week. Individually, we all really work hard to be better musicians and be open minded. Some of us are in other projects as well and some of us learn other instruments constantly so as not to get our brains too rusty. Johny: Have you found a large market for your sound? Eva: It’s hard to say. In a way, we’re still trying. People say our sound is “universal.” A huge variety of different people enjoy our music and like coming to our shows. Different cultures, ages, and in different places. Some people have a hard time adapting to our sound or understanding it, because it’s so unfamiliar to them. The ones who like it really do like it, and we’re happy to run into these people everywhere we play. Johny: Is there another album in the works? Eva: In the past two years, I’ve been writing and writing and writing, so now

Photo: Christopher Jacobsmeyer

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BIG TRUTH by Pamella Bowen

About three years ago, a Fleetwood Mac tribute band formed, calling themselves Little Lies, after the song by the same name. At one of their early gigs they had been playing their superb Fleetwood Mac covers for a while when a listener came up and asked them if they knew any other music. Consummate musicians, the band broke out a whole set of other songs, impromptu. The next week they decided that a Top 40 cover band would have a broader appeal, so they re-formed themselves on the spot. To choose the band’s name, they took the opposites of Little Lies and came up with Big Truth. Little Lies still performs Fleetwood Mac, and Big Truth performs just about everything! We went to see them at Baily’s, and what a time we had!

Big Truth was voted Best Band by Inland Empire Magazine. Their popularity stems from their variety, personality, and energy. In 2013, Big Truth was voted Best Band by Inland Empire Magazine. Their popularity stems from their variety, personality, and energy. How popular are they? They estimate that they have performed over 300 shows in the three years they have been together, so doing the math, that’s about two gigs every week. They choose primarily uptempo numbers to keep the party rolling, and their set lists cover rock, funk, country, and new wave from the 80’s through today, with a few older classics thrown in.

There wasn’t much country in tonight’s show, but they have a cowboy hat handy just in case. Band members are Laurie Richardson, Lisa Jane Long, Andy Long, Steve Hammett, and Mike Higbee. You could tell that the full house at Baily’s was thanks to Big Truth because everyone was sitting out on the patio, even though it was windy and cold. This was the kick-off concert for Baily’s outdoor summer music series on the patio, but it didn’t feel summery.

as conveying the band’s fun-loving personality. Here’s an idea of the band’s versatility in their repertoire. “Bobby McGee” was followed by Lorde’s “Royals,” Zeppelin’s “Ramble On,” the Rolling Stones’ “Miss You,” Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” and Aerosmith’s “Dream On.”

During the break, I went over to talk to Laurie and Lisa. When I shook their ice-cold hands, I realized that the performers were the ones suffering most with the temperature. Brrrr. I asked them if they had any plans or If Andy hadn’t told us he had the goals I could promote for them here flu, we never would have known. He in Echo and Buzz. Lisa said that they kept rockin’ through the whole show, flowing from the last guitar note of one have come to realize that a five-piece band like theirs makes a big sound that song into the first note of the next so needs a bigger venue to fill. They have that there was never a down moment in the music. The fingerprints of Little Lies showed up in the first set when the band played “Rhiannon,” “Tusk,” and “Go Your Own Way” by Fleetwood Mac. Of these three, “Tusk” stood out thanks to an outstanding drum solo by Lint. I think this was the first time I have heard any band perform that song, and it got me boppin’ in my seat. Right after “Tusk” which stirred us up, “Bobby McGee” got people out on the dance floor for the first time that evening, even though the sun was still up and few drinks had been consumed. Lisa provided the lead vocals and donned a cowboy hat to change the atmosphere. She and Laurie changed hats several times during the show to fit the songs. This bit of costume creativity adds visual variety to the stage as well

their eyes on being a big stage band, performing at more city and corporate events. Laurie added that they are working on original songs, when they can get the time, and they hope to be able to incorporate some originals into their show as they grow and develop.

Big Truth bills itself as a high-energy dance and party band, and in the second set they proved it. Big Truth bills itself as a high-energy dance and party band, and in the second set they proved it. The sun had gone down, the drinks had flowed, and dancers of all ages got up on their feet in front of Baily’s gazebo stage.

9 One graceful and beautiful woman danced with a shy girl and got her into the joy of the music. The watchers on the sidelines enjoyed the show. Even some “seniors” braved the floor. Set Two began with the Romantics’ “What I Like about You,” which you will remember has the lyric “You really know how to dance.” From then on, there was no stopping the dancers. “Burning Down the House” led into “All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun,” “Brass in Pocket,” and “Stray Cat Strut.” Not only were folks dancing, but we were also singing when Big Truth did “Sweet Child of Mine.” Speaking of singing, Lint, the drummer, took over vocals for Rick James’ “Super Freak” and the audience loved it. They say it’s always best to leave them wanting more, so I left, shivering, but wanting to hear more of the awesome Big Truth. I will keep tabs on their gigs so I can enjoy them again.

Laurie Richardson Let me give you some background on the members of the band. Laurie Richardson has been singing and playing keyboards and guitars since she was 17. Her career has had two phases:

before kids and after kids. In her “before” phase, she performed in and around LA with various bands, including the Knack. In her “after” phase, she resumed singing in 2009 in Old Town. She formed the tribute band Little Lies that soon gave birth to the cover band Big Truth. Laurie learned piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. She provides keyboard music and lead and harmony vocals for the bands.

Lisa Jane Long Lisa Jane Long started off as an actress in high school and at the Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts, performing in musicals such as Sweeny Todd and Gypsy. She also excelled in costuming, lighting, props and stage design. These skills are apparent in Big Truth’s stage show when the girls change hats and simple costumes and when Lisa uses her actor’s body language to dramatize and accent the songs she sings. Even though she was a theater aficionado, Lisa had always wanted to rock and roll, and she gets her chance with Big Truth, where she belts out songs in many genres.

Andy Long

Steve Hammett

Andy Long began playing alto sax in his middle school marching band, where he learned to read music. [Three cheers for marching bands all over the country! The benefits of being in marching band are innumerable. Sorry, just a plug from an old “band parent”]. When his parents bought him his first guitar, he was off and running, learning all genres and writing his own original songs. Andy toured for seven years with Sons of the South and has opened for Kansas, Greg Allman, and Bonnie Raitt. The way Andy kept the Baily’s show rolling in spite of his illness shows what a pro he is.

Steve Hammett, the bassist, comes to us from St. Louis and has traveled the country for the Professional Musicians Referral Agency. As a staff musician for Carnival Cruise Lines, he has traveled the world as well. Because the patio was packed, we had to sit alongside the band, and I saw for the first time a bass with lighted frets. Wow! Another detail that adds to the visual interest of the Big Truth show.

Mike Higbee

percussion style from playing all genres and touring with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Drama Rama, and Flock of Seagulls, as well as doing studio work. He earned his nickname “Lint” by playing “deep in the pocket.” And he’s a darn good vocalist too, as I mentioned. Big Truth and Little Lies are both available to play at large and small events. Just keep in mind that you will need a dance floor once they get going. Call Lisa at 951-6397927 or visit their respective websites: and

Mike Higbee (known as “Lint”) started drumming as a kid growing up in Riverside. He has developed his




by Steve Steinberg

“The best advice he gave was to write


your lyrics separate from your music. I tried it and it was so much better.”

Photo: Steve Steinberg

If you spend any time listening to music in Temecula’s Wine Country you have probably seen and heard Danielle Taylor. With her straight from the heart lyrics and effortlessly beautiful singing, Danielle establishes a strong connection to her audience at first listen. She is confident, friendly and talented. Her performances showcase original songs with a dose of her creative renditions of popular songs. With such skill and appeal you might be surprised to read on her website biography that as a child and teen she was “never brave enough to step out and try singing.” After a recent set at Lorimar Winery the San Diego native and current Riverside resident sat down and discussed the moments that helped her transcend doubts and expectations to become a seasoned singer and songwriter. Her first desire to sing came from a source Taylor is sure influenced many young girls to sing, Disney movies. “I have always wanted to be the voice of a Disney character,” she says, “so I would try to mimic the voices of my favorite Disney characters, and I got pretty good at it. In elementary school I was in choir for a quick second,” she continues, “but there was a problem with schedules.” You see, earlier her mother had insisted she learn an instrument, and Taylor chose the clarinet. As it would turn out, she was good at clarinet, and the band schedule conflicted with the choir schedule. Again, in junior high she would try choir. “I went to the choir teacher and said, ‘I want to sing,’” she recalls, “and without hearing me sing the teacher said, ‘No, you’re a clarinet player and you should stick with that.’” And so she did.

including singing her first solo at her high school graduation. She did not stray far from the safety of the clarinet, though. Moving out of her family home the day after graduating high school, Taylor would earn money by teaching clarinet lessons. She still dreamed of being a singer but kept the dream to herself, until one day she told a co-worker. “Her boyfriend’s dad was a producer at Disney,” she recalls, “I met him and he told me to bring music I wanted to emulate. I sang some songs for him and he said, ‘you have a nice voice, but you have to be able to do more than sing these days. You have to learn to play an instrument and write songs to set yourself apart.’ He gave me some chords and told me to go home and write something to it, and that was my first song.” The producer’s words had a profound effect on Taylor, but one thing really stuck out for her, “He told me I had a nice voice, and no one had done that before.” So when he said she needed to do more she went out and got a piano! Learning to play the piano and beginning to write her own songs, Taylor began performing, but the same doubts and insecurities came up performing for others. “It took me a long time to get over being nervous in front of others,” she says. She remembers opening up for Johnny Lang in one of her first big shows. “I was so scared I couldn’t breathe for the first three songs.” Things were better after that though it

was not until a show opening for Leon Russell that it really turned for her. In the largest theater she had ever played, with only a guitarist at her side, she began her set with a song with the opening line, “I want to say I am not afraid, but that’s a lie.” “I was nervous, but no breathing problems so I knew it would be alright from then on.” To cement her destiny as a singer, there was one more career shaping moment to come. While attending a music publishing conference, she had the opportunity to select a music industry mentor with whom to spend 15 minutes. “I am waiting in line Googling everyone on this list of mentors, and I saw Don Grierson’s name. He had been the Senior Vice President at Epic Records. I knew he had done some pop stuff and had worked with the Beatles. So, I chose him and let him listen to the CD. After, he put down the CD and said, ‘You have some of the best stuff I have heard this entire convention.’” The mentoring relationship would last beyond the conference with Grierson encouraging her to play wineries because they were a good fit for her musical style. He would eventually encourage her to quit her job and become a full-time singer. And he gave her the advice that would make her songwriting what it is today. “The best advice he gave was to write your lyrics separate from your music. I tried it and it was so much better.”

She played clarinet and received a lot of praise and attention for her playing, but her heart still longed to sing and be a Disney character. One day she shared this dream with a younger girl whom she was babysitting. The girl asked her to sing a song for her. “I had never performed for anyone outside my family and I was afraid to do it.” The girl begged, turned off the lights and turned away from Taylor. So Taylor sang along with a Disney song for her. “You see, I always had a fear of being judged or being bad at something,” Taylor shares. But after her babysitting performance, “It grew from there,” Photo: Steve Steinberg

THE MOMENT WITH DANIELLE TAYLOR With all these experiences behind her, Taylor left her stable job at a bank eighteen months ago to step out and sing. In that time she has signed with Sony Red (Sony’s distribution arm), signed a multi-station deal with Terrestrial Radio, and signed on with an agent to help get her music on television. Her website says her career has been created out of “Hard Work, Love of Music and Luck,” and her moments reflect all of these. So what will her future moments be? She hopes one day to sign with a major record label, though she acknowledges, “it is more important to sign a deal that doesn’t suck. I just hope I am smart enough to do that when the time comes!” She has made all the right decisions so far, so it is hard to imagine her doing anything other than being successful. For more information on Danielle Taylor including local shows, please visit In the month of July you can catch Danielle locally at Falkner Winery (July 4), Monte de Oro Winery (July 5), and Oak Mountain Winery (July 19).


Continued from page 7

I have enough for a new album. Right now, the band is getting together once a week with our newest members, and we’re arranging the songs and perfecting them for live performances. Meanwhile, we’re gonna start recording some of the songs in hopes of releasing something this year! Johny: What are your favorite types of songs to write? Eva: Sad sad sad. They are the only ones that feel real and not forced. They seem to come out naturally, and usually the sadder the song, the faster I write it. Johny: Have you found what you consider your “Wow factor” yet? Something that makes people turn their heads and listen? A certain Undeniability if you will. Eva: I’ve never actually thought about it, but people usually stop to listen because of our instrumentation. Then once people buy the album and listen at home, I get a lot of comments on the “layering”. They say they’ve never heard melodies on top of melodies, and they usually like that instruments like bass and piano don’t play the role they usually play in bands.

Photo: Christopher Jacobsmeyer

So there you have it. The music in its entirety is nostalgic but does it hold a place in todays society? Ive seen other bands with an Indie/throwback feel such as Mumford & Sons, Dark Dark Dark, and Dr. Dog gather cult followings but does Mikhailovna’s group have what it takes to do the same? Unfortunately today’s mainstream music scene is dominated by Electric Dance Music, Hip-Hop, and heavy alternative anthems which goes to say that the average listener relies on a steady driving beat simple melody lines and catchy hooks. Is there room for “Sad, Sad, Sad” songs, slow waltzes, and sleepy choruses in todays turbulent times? Does Eva and The Vagabond Tales have what it takes to take their music career to the next level? Only time will tell.



by JeD

Iron Maidens just to name a few. I’ll tell you what, these gals can rock and have a lot of talent! There is also the flip side of that with Mandonna, an all-male tribute to Madonna. I think I’ll pass on that one.

Decades ago I was in Nevada looking for entertainment for the evening, and I saw an ad for “Experience Jimi” featuring Randy Hansen. I like the music of Jimi Hendrix so I decided to go check it out. He began his set and, obviously a white guy playing right handed wasn’t exactly what I thought I would see at a “Hendrix” tribute, but then he began to play. Red House, Purple Haze, All Along the Watch Tower. Boy! Did he ever sound just like Jimi! Hansen had truly studied Jimi’s playing style and had his tone and had every nuance of Jimi’s guitar style. He also had that soulful tone that sounded like Jimi. His band just rocked it with a solid rhythm! Regrettably, I never saw Jimi live but I found this tribute show to be very entertaining, fun to watch and at times, what I believe was being at a live Hendrix performance. Today there are literally thousands of bands paying tribute to many top artists from ABBA (Bjorn Again) to Zeppelin (Led Zepagain) and everything in between. Many tributes even record their own CD’s and sell them on the internet and at their gigs, with the legal permission of the artist who, of course, receives a royalty. There is a TV show called “The World’s Greatest Tributes” on AXS TV. This show features some of the best bands doing tribute performances live. Not to be outdone, there are also all female bands that pay tribute to famous male groups like AC/DSHE, Lez Zeppelin, Aerochix, and

Some tributes combine groups such as Beatallica, who play The Beatles in the style of Metallica. Another band called Gabba combines ABBA with the Ramones, interesting. For classic lovers there is a group called Apocalyptical. They perform Metallica songs with Cellos. It’s hard to pin point who or when tribute bands began. Many believe The Buggs, a Beatles tribute band, was the first to attempt to look and sound like a famous band. Others feel it was Elvis impersonators who began the art form. Nobody is sure. Many of the bands are very good and truly study the artist. Then, some groups are just poor imitations. Search on the internet for clips, and you decide if you feel the quality is there. It can be a hit and miss endeavor. The opportunity to see a live performance of the great bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and many more is gone. Thanks to great tribute bands, we can feel like we are there! I recommend you catch a band paying tribute to your favorite artist. Enjoy the music, take the kids and share with them the classics from “back in the day” that influences their music today. Watch for my future interviews and point of view of how well these bands represent the soul of the original artists. Whatever is your cup of tea, love them or hate them, tribute bands are going strong and here to stay!

Hearing & Listening by Pamella Bowen

Hearing is something you can do passively, without concentrating. It just happens because your ears pick up vibrations in the environment, like a chair scraping across the floor or the vocalist hitting a high note. Listening is an active kind of hearing that includes perceiving and understanding the sounds that come to the ear. In 1957 [I know, way back in the dark ages], Aaron Copeland wrote What to Listen for in Music, and he breaks active listening into three “planes.” 1. Sensuous plane: being aware of “sound stuff ”: –What makes the sound: guitar, drum, voice –Quality of sound: tone, special effects, accuracy –Volume of sound, dynamics 2. Expressive plane: being aware of how the music evokes feelings and conveys meaning. Copeland was writing about purely instrumental music, but lyrics could be included here. What is the song intended to make you feel? 3. Sheerly Musical plane: noticing the structure of the piece, movement in rhythm and tempo. This includes melody and harmony, repetition and variation. Verse, chorus, bridge design. So, how do you listen? If you’re in a loud venue, trying to converse with your table-mates, perhaps you are only hearing the music passively. When I see someone at the table staring at the band intently, sort of “squinting” his ears to concentrate on the music, I know he is actively listening. But on which plane? Sensuous: bopping to the beat, losing yourself in the music. Expressive: letting the music stir your emotions; getting the meaning of the song. Musical: noting how the composer put the piece together. Art for art’s sake. We can appreciate music in different ways at different times, and no plane is better than another. I challenge you, though, to be conscious of how you are listening to the many gifted performers we have in our valley.

Echoed Silence at House of Blues. Photo by Tammy Ryan


The First Cut Is the Deepest by Pamella Bowen

Warped Tour Finals

by Tammy Ryan

Have you noticed that the music we listen to during our teen years seems to imprint on our souls? As we grow up, our tastes may broaden and we may come to like new bands and new music genres, but no music speaks to our deep memories like the songs we grew up with. This phenomenon may account in part for the Pamella sitting on a couch. Photo by Don Bowen proliferation of tribute bands in the current music scene. After all, Baby Boomers are a huge demographic among those who seek out local live music, and the songs Boomers grew up with are the songs of the fifties through the seventies. “Classic rock” cover bands and tribute bands cater to the over-forty crowd, playing music we remember and can sing along to. It takes us back to a younger time. So, just for fun, I asked some people of various ages the question “What was the first record album/CD you bought?” I also asked, “What was the first live concert you attended?” Interestingly, many of us bought albums long before we attended concerts. In my case, this was due to the lack of driving privileges. Here are some replies I got. Kelly C: Cream: Disraeli Gears/ Humble Pie, Foghat, and James Montgomery Band at the Forum 11/73 (“Three great bands for $5-10!”). Kelly O: Elton John: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road / Bee Gees at the Forum. Lana: Crosby, Stills and Nash / Judy Collins at the Troubadour. Phil: Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited / Jethro Tull at the Forum 1975. Kasey: Rolling Stones: Aftermath / Janis Joplin. Danny: Dave Clark Five: 45 rpm of “Can’t You See that She’s Mine?” (“at age 11 or 12”) / Beatles at Dodger Stadium in 1966. Justin and April: Garth Brooks: In Pieces / Tim McGraw at Blockbuster Pavilion. Don: Elton John: Captain Fantastic / Alice Cooper at Anaheim Stadium (“The Kinks were the opener”). Pam: Beatles: Meet the Beatles / Gordon Lightfoot at Bridges Auditorium, Claremont. Joe: Kiss: Destroyer / Blue Oyster Cult at San Diego Sports Arena. Lisa: Michael Jackson: Human Nature/ Rick Springfield in St. Paul. Kat: Beatles: Rubber Soul / Monkees at Hollywood Bowl. Matt: Fleetwood Mac: Rumours (“I wore it out on my Panasonic stereo receiver-turntablecassette combo”) / Jefferson Starship at Toso Pavilion in Santa Clara, 1982 (“Took a week to regain my hearing”). Robert: The Cars: Candy-O/ Yes at the San Diego Sports Arena (“Front row!”). Esther: AC/DC: Back in Black / The Police. Tim: Otis Redding: 45 rpm of “Dock of the Bay” / Stan Kenton’s big band at Disneyland. Susan: Pink Floyd: The Wall / Symphony with “Gigi” at Hollywood Bowl. Tyler: Gorillaz: Demon Days; Kanye West: Late Registration; Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon (“bought with my first Stater’s paycheck”) / Tim Moyer Band. John Q: Beach Boys / Doors at Whiskey A-Go-Go (“got me grounded for a month when I came in at 2am at age 15”).

Photo by Tammy Ryan

“Echoed Silence” managed to exceed my expectations once again! June 16th at House of Blues the crowds came out in droves to watch their favorite band compete for a coveted spot on the Vans Warped Tour 2015! I was excited to go because House of Blues is smack in the middle of Downtown Disney! First stop Rain Forest Café where a few drinks and a great meal got our evening on the right track! As we got closer to House of Blues we could already see fans and Family up on the top balcony partying and waiting for their coveted “Echoed Silence” to take the stage. Everyone excited to see more fans coming up the stairs they quickly made us feel a part of it all! As we walked inside you felt the nostalgia the House of Blues offers. Pictures of famous bands who had played there in the past adorned the walls, and you feel the excitement! Even in the dark we found Kyle, Anthony, Timothy, and Zachary patiently waiting their turn to play! We were quickly escorted to their merchandise table where Echoed Silence T-Shirts, sun glasses, stickers, and CD’s were selling like hot cakes. This somehow was my job the rest of the night! One of the craziest bands we watched was a punk rock band who inspired a serious but friendly “mosh pit.” We watched all ages slam and mosh there way around the floor for a half hour. It reminded me of the 80’s when I saw “Adam Ant” at Madam Wong’s in Hollywood. Yes I survived! Finally going on at 11:00 they hit the stage! Echoed Silence didn’t disappoint! Loyal fans wearing “Echoed Silence” T-Shirts flooded the floors trying to get as close as possible. This band has fun on stage! They are a blast to watch. I love their original music. With songs like “Angels” and “You’re Not Human” their compositional skills and drama puts this band above most others. As usual Zach didn’t disappoint and whipped the crowd into a frenzy with his jump splits and wild head banging energy that keeps there fans coming back for more! Just like their sunglasses said “Get Up Get Loud” the band did just that! Although there friends “Fused by Defiance” took home the prize “Echoed Silence” put on an amazing show and should be very proud! Whatever their future might be, the bands legacy is ensured by the sheer numbers of loyal fans it has, and will continue to have as they move thru their career! The next big event for Echoed Silence will be the Headbang for the Highway–Battle of the Bands for The Allstars Tour July 5th at M15 Concerts in Corona! Tickets on sale from band members!


JULY July 1

July 8

July 14

July 19

DJ Chris Static Franklin’s Cove 8pm. Robert Rankin Walker Teakwoods, Wildomar 7 p.m. Sham Jam Shamrock, hosted by The Hunted 7:30-11 p.m. Open Mic Rockefellas Bar, Corona 7pm.

DJ B Rok Franklin’s Cove 8pm. Robert Rankin Walker Teakwoods, Wildomar 7 p.m. Sham Jam Shamrock, hosted by The Hunted 7:30-11 p.m. Open Mic Rockefellas Bar, Corona 7pm.

July 2

July 9

Tuesday Night Open Mic Franklin’s Cove, Hosted by Jasmine Seek. 7-10 p.m. Listen Local Radio’s Tuesday nights at HOB and various venues. Check Stand Up Comedy Night Shamrock, hosted by DJ Johnny Herrera (adult only) 8-9:30 p.m.

Damn Dirty Apes Temecula Wine and Beer Garden 3pm. DevOcean Bailys Old Town, Temecula. Dueling Pianos Franklin’s Cove 5pm. Guilty Conscience Faulkner Winery 3pm. The Barstow Prophets Monte De Oro 1-5pm. Irish band “Ciarrai” (Kerry) Shamrock, 5pm.

Fallbrook Open Mic MaGee’s Tavern, Hosted by Kenneth Rexrode. 6-10 p.m. KJ David Franklin’s Cove 8pm. Open Mic Temecula Wine and Beer Garden 6pm. Slow Traffic Killarny’s 8pm.

July 3 80z Allstars M15. Fear of Phobias Franklin’s Cove 8pm. Gin Piston Uptown Tavern.

Nathan Rivera & Jessie Andra Smith First Fridays Long Beach 6:309:30. Dead Ringer Rockefellas Bar, Corona 9pm. Lifetime Rocker Fantasy Springs Casino. Damn Dirty Apes Temecula Wine and Beer Garden 7pm. Quel Bordel Shamrock, 9pm. Switch Blade Killarny’s 9pm. The Illegal Sveedes The Stagecoach, Aguanga. Radical Pie Bailys Old Town, Temecula 7-10 p.m. Dustin Jake Leoness Cellars 5-8pm. Big Truth Europa Village 6-9.

July 4 Whiskey Sunday Shamrock, 9pm.

July 5 Irish band “Ciarrai” (Kerry) Shamrock, 5pm. Six String Society Belly Up Tavern 8pm. The Illegal Sveedes JoAnns. Barbwire Bailys Old Town, Temecula. Dustin Jake Keyways Vineyard 1-5pm. Guilty Conscience Faulkner Winery 3pm. Grass The Mint, LA 7:30.

July 7 Tuesday Night Open Mic Franklin’s Cove, Hosted by Jasmine Seek. 7-10 p.m. Listen Local Radio’s Tuesday nights at HOB and various venues. Check Stand Up Comedy Night Shamrock, hosted by DJ Johnny Herrera (adult only) 8-9:30 p.m.

KJ David Franklin’s Cove 8pm. Mr. Wilson Provecho, Menifee. Open Mic Temecula Wine and Beer Garden 6pm. Irish band “Ciarrai” (Kerry) Shamrock, 8pm.

July 10 The PettyBreakers M15. Nathan Rivera & Jessie Andra Smith Leonesse 7pm. Lifetime Rocker Bailys Old Town, Temecula 7-10 p.m. Jill Morrison Longshadow Ranch Winery, 6:30-9:30. Big Truth Trio Curry Tasting Room 7-10pm. Damn Dirty Apes Franklin’s Cove 8pm. Gin Piston Temecula Wine and Beer Garden 7pm. Hoist The Colors Shamrock, 9pm. Harmony Road Anthony’s 9pm.

July 11 Nathan Rivera & Jessie Andra Smith Fallbrook Brewing 7-10pm. Kanan Road Bailys Old Town, Temecula 7-10 p.m. Dustin Jake Fazeli Cellars 5-9pm. Gilby Clark Guitarist of Guns N’ Roses. Uptown Tavern. Hip Hop Night Rockefellas Bar, Corona 7:30pm. Coda Bonfire Saturday at Longshadow Ranch Winery 6-10pm. The Barstow Prophets Oak Mountain Winery 1-5pm. Freeze Frame Temecula Wine and Beer Garden 6pm. Midnight Satelites Shamrock, 9:45pm.

July 12 Nathan Rivera & Jessie Andra Smith Leucadia market 12-2 Masa de Yabar 3-6. Kevin Fowler M15. Homegrown Sunday’s Baily’s Old Town. Hosted by Grass. Featuring Alex Dunaway, Keenwild. 4-7 p.m. Midnight Satelites Franklin’s Cove, Sal & Brennan acoustic, 3:30pm. Guilty Conscience Faulkner Winery 3pm. Jade Temecula Wine and Beer Garden 3pm. Irish band “Ciarrai” (Kerry) Shamrock, 5pm. Harmony Road Fazeli Cellars 3-7pm.

July 13

Nathan Rivera & Jessie Andra Smith Fallbrook Brewing Drinking with Jesus 7pm.

July 15 Robert Rankin Walker Teakwoods, Wildomar 7 p.m. Sham Jam Shamrock, hosted by The Hunted 7:30-11 p.m. Jill Morrison French Valley Cafe, 6-9. DJ Chris Static Franklin’s Cove 8pm. Open Mic Rockefellas Bar, Corona 7pm.

July 16 Temecula Songwriter Serenade Hosted by Nathan Rivera & Jessie Andra Smith, Sorrell 7-10pm. KJ David Franklin’s Cove 8pm. Open Mic Temecula Wine and Beer Garden 6pm. Harmony Road Robert Renzoni 5:30-7:30pm.

July 17 Motley 2 Motley Crue tribute. Uptown Tavern. Nathan Rivera & Jessie Andra Smith Back to the Grind 8pm. Big Truth Bailys Old Town, Temecula 7-10 p.m. Lovedrive Scorpions tribute, Rockefellas Bar, Corona 9pm. Craic Haus Shamrock, 9pm. The Get Down Party Franklin’s Cove 8pm. Mr. Wilson J. Carter’s. Lifetime Rocker Anthony’s Ristorante 9pm. Old Skool Roxx Temecula Wine and Beer Garden 7pm.

July 18 Fear of Phobias Temecula Wine and Beer Garden 1:30pm. Hitman Honey Temecula Wine and Beer Garden 7pm. U2Experience U2 tribute. Uptown Tavern. The Brick Top Blaggers Shamrock, 9pm. Harmony Road D’Canters, Wildomar 7-10pm. Sobak Franklin’s Cove 8pm. Agent Orange M15. Nathan Rivera & Jessie Andra Smith Sunshine Brooks Theater. Hyjinx Bailys Old Town, Temecula 7-10 p.m. Big Truth Front Street Union 9-12am. Mr. Wilson After Five. Casey Jones & the Railsplitters/ Hollywood Hasbeens Rockefellas Bar, Corona 8pm. Lifetime Rocker Bonfire Saturday at Longshadow Ranch Winery 6-10pm. Guilty Conscience Anthony’s, Murrieta 7pm.

July 21 Tuesday Night Open Mic Franklin’s Cove, Hosted by Jasmine Seek. 7-10 p.m. Listen Local Radio’s Tuesday nights at HOB and various venues. Check Special Comedy Night headliner Edwin San Juan, Shamrock, 8-9:30pm.

July 22 DJ Gustaflow Franklin’s Cove 8pm. Robert Rankin Walker Teakwoods, Wildomar 7 p.m. Sham Jam Shamrock, hosted by The Hunted 7:30-11 p.m. Mr. Wilson J. Carter’s. Open Mic Rockefellas Bar, Corona 7pm. Grass Kracken, Cardiff 8-11.

July 23 Nathan Rivera & Jessie Andra Smith Lestat’s San Diego 7pm. KJ David Franklin’s Cove 8pm. Irish band “Ciarrai” (Kerry) Shamrock, 8pm.

July 24 Berlin Wiens Family Cellars 7-10pm. Your Overlords Led Zeppelin tribute. Bridge of Sighs Robin Trower Tribute. Rockefellas Bar, Corona 8:45pm. Nathan Rivera & Jessie Andra Smith Wynola Pizza Company. Qougrzz Rock Bailys Old Town, Temecula 7-10 p.m. The American Wake Shamrock, 9pm. Big Truth Thornton Winery 6-9pm. Faultline Franklin’s Cove 8pm. Memory Layne Alice in Chains tribute. Uptown Tavern. Vintage Halen Van Halen tribute. Mount Palomar Winery. Grass diPiazza’s, Long Beach. Lifetime Rocker Lorimar Vineyards 6-9pm. Project X Temecula Wine and Beer Garden 7pm.

July 25

Mr. Lucky Bonfire Saturday at Longshadow Ranch Winery 6-10pm. Skynrd Reloaded Lynred Skynrd tribute. Uptown Tavern. Jill Morrison Gambling Cowboy, 6:30-10:30. Kanan Road Franklin’s Cove 8pm. Lifetime Rocker Bailys Old Town, Temecula 7-10 p.m.

Dustin Jake Keyways Vineyard 1-5pm. The Angry Brians Shamrock, 9pm. Ramshackle Temecula Wine and Beer Garden 7pm. Grass Temecula Valley Cheese Company 12-3. Nathan Rivera & Jessie Andra Smith Back to the Grind, Riverside. Harmony Road Killarny’s 9pm.

July 26 The Illegal Sveedes JoAnns.

Homegrown Sunday’s Baily’s Old Town. Hosted by Grass. Featuring Eva & the Vagabond Tales 4-7 p.m. Uncle Don Franklin’s Cove 4pm. Dustin Jake Monte De Oro 1-5pm. Nathan Rivera & Jessie Andra Smith Cafe Aroma, Idyllwild 1-3pm. Nathan Rivera & Jessie Andra Smith La Playa House Concert. La Jolla. Guilty Conscience Faulkner Winery 3pm. Phionix Patriot Band Temecula Wine and Beer Garden 3pm. Dueling Pianos Shamrock, 4pm.

July 28 Tuesday Night Open Mic Franklin’s Cove, Hosted by Jasmine Seek. 7-10 p.m. Listen Local Radio’s Tuesday nights at HOB and various venues. Check End of the Month Comedy Show Headliner Shang Forbes, Shamrock, 8-9:30 p.m.

July 29 DJ Chris Static Franklin’s Cove 8pm. Robert Rankin Walker Teakwoods, Wildomar 7 p.m. Sham Jam Shamrock, hosted by The Hunted 7:30-11 p.m. Open Mic Rockefellas Bar, Corona 7pm.

July 30 Big Truth City of Paso Robles Concert Series 5:30-7:30pm. KJ David Franklin’s Cove 8pm.

July 31 B-Side Players Uptown Tavern. Harmony Road Curry Tasting Room 7:30-11pm. Missy Anderson Bailys Old Town, Temecula 7-10 p.m. Dustin Jake Plaza Unplugged Series at the Westfield UTC, La Jolla 12-2pm. Lifetime Rocker Franklin’s Cove 8pm. Nathan Rivera & Jessie Andra Smith Java Joe’s, San Diego. DevOcean Shamrock, 9pm.

Lotta Twang

by Rodney Stroup

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