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The Leavenworth Echo & Cashmere Valley Record • September 22, 2010

The sheriff’s report is compiled from public records as provided by the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office. The publisher cannot certify the complete accuracy of the information provided. Saturday, August 11 Property call at the gazebo bathroom. Traffic offense reported on Plain Ranches Road. Assist agency call at Tumwater Campground. Leavenworth Harassment or threats call on Cherry Street. Friday, August 10 Noise complaint on Commercial Suspicious circumstances reported Street. on U.S. Hwy. 2 at Mile 102. Property call on U.S. Hwy. 2 and Tr a f f i c o f f e n s e r e p o r t e d o n Ninth Street. Chumstick Hwy. A dark colored SUV was doing over 70 mph as Sunday, August 12 he passed caller’s residence. Animal problem reported on Park Leavenworth City Hall called again, Avenue. Caller reported a bear and reported that a homeless got into the trash can and was in person was camping outside the the trees having a snack. Wildlife library. He was inside the library agent advised. and they wanted him removed. Caller in the 7600 block of U.S. Caller from Appaloosa Lane reportHwy. 2 reported that at 4:30 ed that a bear had been visiting or 5 a.m. that morning he saw their property but was not there three vehicles get loaded into at the time. a Beakins semi trailer. The semi Court order violation reported at was still there. Coles Corner. Occurred the day Caller reported a hazard in the area before. of Shore Street. Young adults Theft reported on North Shore Drive. were going up and down the Tools were taken that morning. street on a 4-wheeler. One person Caller believed suspects were was on the handle bars drinking the same people to whom he a beer. gave a truck. Caller reported their son walked Monday, August 13 home on Birch Street and was Caller reported the theft of golf clubs, bag and cart from West shot with a paintball gun. Caller Whitman Street. Caller had sussaid one shooter was wearing a pect information. high school football uniform and was driving a red pickup, pos- Caller from Sumac Lane had questions on obtaining an order for sibly a Dodge. caller’s sister to not have contact Bavarian Lodge reported lewd conwith their mother who lives with duct. A guest was using suggescaller. tive language towards staff and touched someone in the kitchen. Search and Rescue call at the Enchantments, Vivan Lake, where This had occurred several times. a 50-year-old female had a posThe guest was contacted two sible severed artery. She slipped times and was staying there three on rocks and fell. The injury was more nights. to her calf. Caller requested a pubic assist for his daughter who works at the King County Sheriff’s office reported a male caller on the east side of library and had called about a Stevens Pass on a USFS road homeless person at the library had located property and cash. last week. Caller wanted a deputy King County requested that a to walk her to her car when she Chelan County deputy call the got of work at 10 p.m. reporting party on cell and deAssist agency call in which a deptermine location. uty was en route with Burlington Northern Railroad to check on a Caller reported a suspicious vehicle stopped in front of their residence suspicious vehicle at the tunnel on Mountain Home Road which on Winton Mill Road. had a spotlight shining into the Attempt to contact a subject in woods. Vehicle had a loud mufDryden who would be released fler, and was last seen heading from home monitoring on Saturtowards Leavenworth Road. day and has a no-bail warrant out Bavarian Lodge reported a struck of Kittitas County.

deer. It was unknown if it was dead. Two fawns were with it. Tuesday, August 14 Caller reported fraud. There were charges on his debit card between Sept. 9 and 13, in London, England. Peshastin Hi-Up Warehouse reported a hydro cooler of ammonia taken sometime during the night. Caller reported trespassing on King Creek on private property. It had been occurring over the previous couple of weeks. The property is marked with no trespassing signs. U.S. Bureau of Reclamation reported two intoxicated people were harassing them and other customers at Coles Corner. They were mad when they were refused a ride. Caller from Lee Street reported loud music that had been an ongoing problem. Caller from Hansel Lane reported a window shot out, with a BB gun or .22 caliber, since Sept. 7. Wednesday, August 15 Vehicle prowl reported at the KOA Pine Village Campground. Caller reported seeing a black ’80s model Nissan Pathfinder prowling around the campground. That morning coolers were missing and a couple vehicles broken into. Animal problem reported at U.S. Hwy. 2 and East Leavenworth Road. A skunk was hit and injured. It was limping back and forth, and was in pain. Barking dog reported on Lynn Street. The dog was barking at the neighbor children who were playing in their yard. Civil call on Chiwawa Loop Road. Caller reported his 52-year-old male cousin lived on a trailer on caller’s property, and caller told him he needed to leave. He did leave towards Lake Wenatchee, possibly to get some liquor. Caller was worried about him drinking and coming back. Caller from Chiwawa Loop Road reported that his cousin had come back. He was pounding on the window and making threats.

The neighbors were being loud and there was a motor home at the end of the trailer park with several people outside of it being loud. Extra patrol requested on Allen Lane at the community center where they were having a community meeting on cleaning up the neighborhood and they had been getting threatening calls from locals who were going to attend. Civil call on Chiwawa Loop Road. Caller said there is a court order, but says there was a note in there saying he can go to the residence and pick up items. Caller wanted to set up a time to do so. Non injury two vehicle accident at U.S. Hwy. 2 and East Leavenworth Road. Partially blocking traffic. Traffic offense reported on North Road where speeding vehicles were an ongoing problem at all times of the day. Cascade Medical Center requested a welfare check on people on Cherry Street. Healthy Options had been unable to contact them and the male was discharged from acute care the day before.

Cashmere Friday, August 10 Subject wanted to speak with a deputy from Sky Meadows Road about a past complaint. Search and Rescue notified by a hiker of a person with a dislocated hip. Caller had a poor signal and low battery, Caller said he went up Sand Creek area then signal cut off. Subject was later reached by ambulance and transported. Civil complaint in which caller from Airport Road as separated from his wife and wanted to know how to keep her from taking stuff from his truck. Caller from Nahahum Canyon Road stated that at least 45 vehicles had sped by her house and believed there was a party up the canyon. Possibly up off the end.

Saturday, August 11 Caller from Scheble Road reported that her 17-year-old daughter was a runaway. She left, without permission, with a friend in a black Thursday, August 16 VW Beetle. Noise complaint on Alice Avenue. Civil call on Airport Road.

Theft report on Fisher Street. Suicide threat on Elberta Avenue. Civil call on N. Douglas Street. Domestic disturbance at La Rumba.

not know which friend’s house she went to. She was riding her pink bike. Tuesday, August 14 Non injury accident on Taber Road. Caller was backing out of the driveway, went off the road and hit a line that goes to a power pole. Caller requested an attempt to locate or contact a silver 4-door Escort which left Cle Elum and was possibly en route to Wenatchee. Driver had dementia and caller was concerned for his well being. He was supposed to be on oxygen. Disturbance reported on Kimber Road. Neighbors were arguing in a house. Possible DUI reported on Tigner Road. A brown Ford Astro Van that pulled into a residence.

Sunday, August 12 Public assist requested on Cottage Avenue. Caller wanted an officer to go to his daughter’s house and get his keys back. Welfare check requested on Cottage Avenue for person who sounded very upset. Wanted him taken to CWH for a mental health evaluation. Washington State Patrol requested to assist Forest Service unit out with two people with warrants on Hay Canyon Road at Mile 4, just past the shooting pit. Graffiti reported to the retaining wall on Olive Street and Chase Avenue. Graffiti reported on Railroad AvWednesday, August 15 enue. Graffiti reported on Railroad Avenue Caller from Evergreen Drive reported a suspicious vehicle drove and Division Street. around the block several times Monday, August 13 and then parked in the middle of Caller from Butler Road reported the street with its lights out. the theft of unlicensed 4-wheelers Disturbance reported on Cottage taken during the night from the Avenue. Caller received about orchard area. someone who could hear items Century 21 reported that property being broken and screaming. in process of repossession on Vehicle fire in the driveway at 304 North Douglas Street, where the Chapel St. former homeowner told them Thursday, August 16 he had worked things out with Caller from North Douglas Street the bank, was moving back in. reported a trespass at a vacant Caller checked with the bank, residence where she believes and reported that the former someone is living. She thought homeowner had no right to be whoever it was, was getting in at the location. Requested asthrough a window late at night sistance. and leaving early in the mornCaller from Pioneer Avenue reing. ported a suspicious “sketchy” character trying to sell power Traffic offense reported on Nahahum Canyon Road. A large motor equipment, and claimed the home almost tipped over roundequipment was in a Home Depot ing the corner and was headed commercial. Caller thought it was down the canyon at high speed. possibly stolen property. Suspect described as a 30-year-old male Public assist call on North Douglas Street. A person was staying at with a female passenger, driving a a residence that had been forered Ford Super Duty pickup. closed on. Caller from Oak Street reported suspicious activity in her neighbor- Missing person report from the area of Larson Street. Caller hood. Her son was approached a said a 75-year-old female had couple of times this summer and been missing for the previous offered marijuana for sale. two hours. She left on foot about Caller from Washington Street re12:45 p.m. They had looked and ported her 12-year-old daughter could not find her. was missing. She left the house at 5:30 p.m. for a friend’s house Deputy requested case number for drugs on Kelly Road. and had not returned. Caller did

Outdoors Beauty found at Alpine Lakes

BRAGGIN’ Rights Photo by Amanda Davis

Shane Magnuson and little Cohen Davis show off his salmon caught on the Icicle River in June. (Send your Braggin’ Rights photo and information to editor@

Photo by Lindsay Timmermans

Craig Timmermans stands at the edge of Colchuck Lake, looking up Aasgard Pass on a family outing into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in mid-August. The lake is around 5,500 feet of above sea level. Aasgard Pass is another 2,200 feet or so. With the fall weather arriving, it won’t be long until the green turns white.


the town and to the west are the Caliche lakes. These lakes will have unrestricted fishing through October 10th. Licensed anglers are encouraged to harvest the remaining game fish in all of the lakes mentioned prior to the rehab. I know the Caliche lakes are full of perch. I just may go down and get a bunch myself.

Friday, Sept. 17

Monday, Sept. 20

Every once in a while I get one of these notices that some anglers find hard believe. No size restrictions and no limit? I know, that’s not what we’re used to reading when it comes to lake fishing in our area. However, there are several lakes slated for rehabilitation in Grant County, and temporarily the daily limits and size restrictions have been removed for all game fish. The lakes found in the Columbia Wildlife Area south of O’Sullivan Dam include: Heart, June, all of the Windmill lakes, Canal and Pit. These lakes are open to unrestricted fishing until Oct. 3. Bag limit and size restrictions have been removed from nearby North and South Teal lakes for the same time period. Other lakes that will be rehabbed and have temporarily suspended bag and size limits are found near George, Washington. Martha Lake is found just east of

The fall-run salmon bite is beginning to get hot below Priest Rapids Dam. Anglers have been hooking big fall-runs for a while now, but the fishing has definitely improved in the past ten days or so. These salmon are still coming over Bonneville Dam at a rate of 10,000 to 12,000 a day, and the really big numbers, the 20,000 a

day counts haven’t even reach John Day. Fall-runs are passing over Priest Rapids at up to 800 a day, and those fish will be hitting the Wenatchee area soon. I have three trips planned to the Vernita area in the next week or so and I can’t wait to do battle with some of these big, bright kings. I will tape a show early this week, and it will be on the air in early October, early enough to give anglers some important tips before the season closes on the 22nd. I have been told to bring along a bunch of Super Baits in the lemon-lime color, and I just happen to have a bunch of them in my box. The steelhead fishing is also good in this stretch of the river. I hope to load up on kings early enough to spend some time getting some these, too.

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Breaking news for all anglers... The Wenatchee & Methow rivers are open for steelhead! This is the biggest and earliest opener in 30 years with a four-fish limit. Selective gear is needed. You will need knotless nets. Bait is allowed in the Columbia, but not in the Wenatchee or Methow. Get to Hooked On Toys... Get your line re-spooled. Get the proper gear including knotless nets, spoons, jigs and hooks. Don’t forget to pinch your barbs. Even with our huge inventory, gear is going fast!

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Cashmere Valley Record - Sept. 22, 2010  
Cashmere Valley Record - Sept. 22, 2010  

Cashmere Valley Record - Sept. 22, 2010