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AN OUTLET Volume 1 | Issue 1 | April 2011

Editor in Chief: Sanjay Deshpande Editors: Tanaya Bhosale Sharvi Mewada Gloria Matthews Layout: Cover:

Flynn Francisco Adith Anande

Photographer: Roopal Jain Adith Anande Tech: Sharvi Mewada Sean Pinto Special Thanks:

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Editor’s Note Dear Readers, To break the monotony of the various theories and rules taught to us at college, we, a group of ten students from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai have come up with the idea of experiencing and learning by creating. Working on my brainchild, we have decided to come up with a platform for upcoming writers, photographers and others, who want a chance to display their worth and give wings to their creative ideas. We focus on the idea of learning professionalism through working and making our attempt a major success. Our basic idea of starting this magazine, at a stage when all of us managing it are students, is to learn and break the idea of just educating ourselves with the help of books and notes. The idea of giving the many others like us a chance to write and pour out their thoughts and experiences and reach out to a mass enthralls all of us. Our first edition for the month of April 2011 shall contain a glimpse of a few of our student writers including some members of our editorial team. Our literary pieces have ranged from poems to articles written from the innermost depths of youthful and radical minds. The flow of creativity does not stop here. Our photo trails contributed by our fellow mates, a quirky comic strip and the young film critics are some of the must-see sections too! We are also honored to have the youth icon, Purab Kohli, who readily answered our burning questions despite a tight schedule.  Being students, we also realize our social responsibility and we have thus decided to share a little about Quintessence- an NGO based in Pune that we found interesting. Big *echo*-ing shout out to my edit and layout team. Our late nights on Facebook Chat shall continue. If we work this hard, we can run faster until we eventually learn to fly. My dream could have never materialized without the help and support of my team. You guys are awesome! Happy reading folks Sanjay Deshpande Founder, Editor-in-chief,  ECHO - An Outlet

MEET THE TEAM Sharvi Mewada Editor, Web Design

Tanaya Bhosale Editor

I’m a person who loves living life to the fullest and enjoys every part of it. I hope ECHO bears fruit with regards to all those with an interest in displaying their talents.

I call myself a ‘Simple book with complex stories’. I believe that every little thing makes a difference. That’s one reason I joined ECHO. Every voice needs an “ECHO” to be heard!

Gloria Mathew Editor

Crazy, Experi(mental), On the edge, Talkative, Explorer. It is challenging but also fun at the same time. I also thank all the contributors. Happy ‘Echoin’!

Flynn Francisco Layout Roopal Jain Photographer Everyone tells me I look too small for my age, but I remind them good things come in small packages. :P Hope you enjoy reading Echo Magazine in the same way we enjoyed working for it.

I’ve always been one to try different things, and ECHO is my first venture into Layouts. I hope you enjoy reading it and appreciate all the hard work we’ve all put into this.

Adith Anande Photographer, Cover

What started as a little piece of help for Sanjay, turned it something very interesting and serious, and so here I am, a part of this magazine. This magazine has already proved an outlet for my art.

Sean Pinto Publicity

Sonia Thomas Special Thanks

Writing. Dancing. Music. Food. Journalistic dreams. Being in Echo has been a great opportunity for writers like me and with a great team like ours.“why not let it Echo?”

I’m your average geek. I’m a part of Echo because I believe that our generation needs to understand what “the world” is doing to us. If you share our views, join us.

Neelam Mhaske Special Thanks

Dont think I am a LEGEND but I am going to be a LENGENDARY. I am Neelam Mhaske, who wants to hit the world of books, and come out of it a professional.

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6 Echo eMagazine June 2011

Photo Courtesy- Roopal Jain










n 2008, I came across this piece of news that read “Congress Pays for trust vote”. You know all this while I have always thought that “cash for vote” is common in politics. But, when this scandal first surfaced it baffled me. Reason- The shameful way that it was disclosed. MP’s of the opposition running towards the speaker with bags filled with cash and emptying it on the table. I think it was one day, we gave the Korean parliament a run for their money. Yesterday, I woke up to this headline “DMK promises free laptops for students”. Now,


for those of you who do not know, Tamilnadu is going for polls this summer. Apart from this, the ruling party (DMK) has also promised to give free mixers and grinders for the people, if elected. The opposition (AIADMK) has come up with a better offer, they have promised to give laptops, mixers, grinders and.. TADAA!! FANS! This, at a time when the state is facing a power crisis. It is common practise for the voters to expect something to be done for them by the elected party. But, this is such a crude form of bribing which has a very bad effect on the voting

by: Arvind Balaji

public. It will make people a society of parasites, dependent on freebies, doles and sops. Now, before you wonder why the hell you are even reading this article, let me please establish the connection between the two distant incidents presented above. In the first incident, we had representatives of the people getting cash for their votes. In the second incident we have “People”-who select the representatives getting freebies for their vote. One question to ponder upon, “How is the voter different from the voted?”

7 Echo eMagazine June 2011




by: Trinolda Colaco

8 Echo eMagazine June 2011

ain Voh hoon jo aaj bus ya train me chadhne se darta hai, Main voh hoon jo kabhi barsaat mein toh kabhi blast mein fasta hai, Jhagda kisi ka bhi ho, marta main hi hoon, Bheed toh dekhi hogi na aapne, usme se koi ek chehra chun lo, Main Vahi hoon I am just the STUPID COMMON MAN!” What I wanted to tell everyone is that this “stupid common man” is awake. He is aware of what is happening, he knows that he is being fooled, he knows he is being ripped apart for being innocent and powerless. Why do terrorists never plant a bomb in the Parliament?

Why just the common man? Because they believe that the common man is powerless. He won’t be able to retaliate. Try killing a politician or famous film star you will be convicted within a week. But who cares if a million people are killed in a bomb blast. Ask that mother who lost her only son, her last hope, in the blast. Ask those kids who were waiting eagerly for their dad to take them out for an ice cream that evening. Ask that innocent 6 year old who lost her entire family in the blast. People have a lot of anger in them and every time they try to express this anger it is suppressed, laughed at by the government. Problems at home, problems at work, financial problems -they have a lot to deal with in their lives and to add to their fears there is always the terror factor. This is what usually happens- A fateful day, a bomb blast takes place. The day after that – Fear, anxiety and anguish. Dreams crashed, hopes turn black. And the day after that – Move on. Everything back to normal. We don’t care. Nothing happened to our family, why should we bother. So are you going to wait till your family gets killed in another blast? So, we move on. We call it survival. “Mumbai survives the bomb blasts.” Let me tell you, it’s not about survival. It might have been about survival in 1993. Now, it is all about fighting back. To be brutally honest, our government is flawed, the system is flawed. There is always a choice. We do have

the power, its just that we are resilient by force. There is a saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” A number of people have taken this seriously. IT professionals, technicians, little kids are driven into joining terrorists; mainly because they are sure that they and their families are going to be safe. Terrorism is a global issue and somehow, somewhere, it is connected to all of us because anyone can be a terrorist. There was a time when people lived without fear, they lived in harmony, and they lived for each other. Today we are after each other’s lives, trying to figure out how we can outsmart each other. Where is the damn humanity? Where is the unity? There was a lot of it in the freedom struggle. So why not now? We are just too busy trying to make big bucks. Everyone’s life is at stake but we still don’t care to pressurize the government into curbing terrorism. We as the youth are capable of a lot of things. We have the technology and the manpower. All we need is a little determination and a lot of unity. We need to rationalize our way of thinking, change our perspective of looking at things and use all our available resources to the fullest. I just want to wake up one fine day knowing that my motherland is safe, clean and united against all of the Terrorism, corruption because of ME, the stupid common man.

Photo Courtesy- Paras


9 Echo eMagazine June 2011


Photo Courtesy- Roopal Jain


10 Echo eMagazine June 2011

By: Aadi Vadiya

hink that it’s another extract borrowed from one of the so called happening Mumbai magazines – no, this time your grey matter has cheated you. The following lines actually tell YOUR story. Yes, in the lines to follow I have explored and penned down some of the very common yet unnoticed changes that have peeped into YOU- you the Indian youth of the 21st century. About six decades ago when the country got freedom, the literacy rate was a shy 12% which in the years to follow grew to about 64% in 2008.

However it was not only the literacy rates which grew, with them also came a sense of being good among the Indians mostly in the born free youth. Their living style, way of walking, way of talking was everything very new to this newly born nation. For the first time an Indian was to decide for himself: what’s he going to eat, what’s he going to wear and where’s he going to hang out. He chose pizza, Armani and Switzerland, respectively. But as they say don’t open the tap too much; drops can land on you as well However we did not pay any

heed to what the older men say and have today landed into a

“What’s the fun of driving in something which is not a BMW?” messy India where lifestyle woes are high on our heads. People are shouting – don’t drink too much, cigarette smoking is


WOES injurious to health, be faithful to your partner. But who cares, we are Indians- the children of mother Ganga- and yes, we are free. Some Gandhi did it for us in something around the 1950s or probably 40s. What’s the fun of driving in something which is not a BMW, what does the food taste outside the Sheraton??? And if you are mistaken, let me tell you guys it is not the story of just an Oberoi or an Ambani. What has happened to us??? What and to whom are we pretending to be what we actually are not. Is it not schizophrenia living with two personalities- one outside the

outer Asian Paints wall of your bungalow and the other inside the inner white washed wall of your hut? It’s not bad that you think big and wish of being bigger but do you think that pretending can help you. I am not of this opinion. Be true, don’t you forget the Mahatma and his teachings. Every time you are overdoing it think of Narayan Murti- the man behind Infosysthis crorepati lives in the most modest of houses in the most modest of ways. When you go to Bangalore and see him you can not figure it out that he is the man!

Does Narayan Murti have a shortage? The answer is a big NO! He has everything along with the most important of all -values. Yes, that is the messagedon’t you forget that you are an Indian when you are in a Maruti or even when you are in Limo. Don’t let your life style take a toll over you. Eat a pizza but don’t forget the dal-roti, drink (but not in excess) but don’t forget the lassi and I am sure your lifestyle would be the trend setter. Cheers!

11 Echo eMagazine June 2011


An Inspirational Life

A Curse


BY: Elizabeth BOcarro

Photo Courtesy- Aparna Shkla

I wake up each day, With the scars of fate. Trampled upon like a li’l flower Looked at with glares of hate. Suppressed by the burden of norms, I long for breaking free. Like a small seed fighting to sprout, And become a tree. Treated like a piece of shit, I question my existence. Why is there a no for a smile on my face? My life is restricted, I have lost my essence. Why can’t I fly high? Why can’t I touch the sky? Why do I have to stay low, so shy? Why can’t I ever try? I do nothing but cry. Sitting next to the window, Staring out of my cage-like house. I sometimes can’t help but wonder. If it’s a curse being me. IF IT’S A CURSE BEING A GIRL?



by: Irene l. amo here are two types of people in this world. One who are happy and the other who are sad. The description of happiness and sadness makes their whole life different and defines them, as the ones they are meant to be. The happy ones live their life as if they had the best life ever and the whole Universe conspires to make their life even better. And on the other side are people who have the whole world against them to make their life very miserable. But in reality, no one is really happy or sad. Everything’s in their hands and it all depends on the personal choices that they make. No one can be forced to be happy unless

12 Echo eMagazine June 2011

The day she told you she stopped writing poems, It took you by surprise. You slapped her up – right up to life And told her to start thinking right. Where do journalists get their inspiration from? Or for that matter columnists alike? They don’t sit for inspiration to strike! They go out and bring their inspirations into their life. And that’s something that you gotta learn from, And overcome your strife. She said to her , I know its hard for you right now To put away what’s in your life . But sweetie, please, you must remember who you are, And bring that writer inside you back to life! So up she stood And out she went. She walked right out the door And never to look back, or so she felt As there was no need no more. She took a pen and put it to paper And wrote about that life. The reason why she walked out of the door was the underlying “TITLE-LESS” inspiration in her life! ~Dedicated to Mubeena Lalani

they are injected morphine or unless they inhale the laughing gas (which is temporary). But at times there are factors in your life that makes life miserable and you cannot change those circumstances even if you want to . Why is that so? Why should happiness be so limited and why should you be that unlucky person who does not deserve to live life happily? And why are there only two types of people in this world? Why should everyone’s life be described in these two words? I think it is because life is uncertain. There is no purgatory for life. There is just one life. You either live it happily or in a sad manner. You either have

to be a woman or a man. Or else it will hurt to be nothing or nowhere. You cannot fake happiness. It will be painful to be in between, so that is why, it is not what makes you happy that is limited but your own limitations of what will make you happy. It means the same thing, but the only difference is you as an individual making that personal choice of who and what will make you happy. It’s really easy to find happiness. And to be sad is a waste of life. Life is beautiful. Don’t be too hard on yourself, just be free and do what makes you happy, because when we were born, we cried.


How I Wish I Knew

BY: Pooja Thanawala

How I wish I knew the limits of the sky,

How I wish I knew where the oceans dry. Then everyone could measure the length and depth of life, Living it to their full when convinced one fine day they will die. How I wish I knew what tomorrow brings to me, How I wish I knew what goal is set for me.

f E A T U R E S

Then people would easily lead themselves to success, Then all would rule and so continue the planned life process. How I wish I knew where all endless stories begin, How I wish I knew where tears and happiness end. Then all humans would make laws for their fancy and comfort.

Photo Courtesy- Roopal Jain

Then all humans would predict which part of life should bend. How I wish I knew where the supernatural powers dwell. How I wish I knew where I could meet him as well. It’s my conscience that answered me that it is my life that will tell How the Almighty is breathing life into each one creating a story, shining bright like a pearl in the shell.

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13 Echo eMagazine June 2011




As darkness dawns against the light, The shadows of day turn to the creatures of night. Into the dark, into the night, The unseen creatures creep up her insides.

by-day and so by-night. Happy she seems in the sunlight, Depression and longing sets on her by night.

She cries and mourns and weeps and wails. It brings her pain , Nobody, but nobody to That no one can see. comfort her Not her parents, not her friends And tell her silly tales. Not anyone at the least. Her quilt soaked in salted tears, She sees her world Her mind filled with crashing down assorted fears. As the pain pangs Thoughts of ending against her chest cross her mind. Oh! How she would love And so she decides to leave To give it all a rest. all the faithful behind. The world that she used to know, All turned against her. Oh! Wait a minute, Is it really true? That all whom she knew, Has turned against her! Even her least few?

14 Echo eMagazine June 2011

by: Elizabeth Bocarro

When we all will walk together into the sun.

She remembers a little boy, In her dream of long ago, And because of that, She let the knife go. She said, The future is bright, Even though far away. Why not endure a little more, It might just be worth the stay. She goes back to her room and wipes her tears , And dries away all her fears. She sheds the dark inside her, For the light of the day, And decides that from now on, This is how it will stay.

She walks to the kitchen, And pulls out a knife. Oh ! how she wanted to be gone She said, with all the strife! No to pain from now, And for the years to come. But then she thinks of For I shall conquer the fear and those who loved her. darkness as one Her dear comrades who And live life by ending darkness have always been beside her. under the warm sun. These creatures of dark, To tell her that good They eat up her light. days will come They split her into the person That will be the day,

Photo Courtesy- Josh Sapla /SXC


15 Echo eMagazine June 2011



VJ S 16 Echo eMagazine June 2011

as told by: Sanjay Deshpande

itting over coffee, with the thought of who would be the best person to interview for our magazine playing in our minds, the face of the smart and all-smiles, handsome actor, model and VJ Purab Kohli came to our minds. We approached him via e-mail, telling him all about our efforts at creating a magazine for today’s youth. Much to our surprise, we received prompt replies. In our correspondence, we talked about a lot of things in his college days and at the start of his career –right from his role of Mazhar in the popular 1999 TV show Hip Hip Hurray, his award-winning performance in Rock On!! all the way up to his acting in the new and upcoming film-- ‘I AM’. Having a heart to heart conversation with Purab, we were told about the many things he did while at college and the support he gives youth magazines like Echo. All those sweet and encouraging words left us enraptured by his persona. Indeed after reading all the answers we got from Purab, we believe that a lot did happen over that coffee.

Photo Courtesy- Yakub Merchant



A Tete-a-tete with:

Purab KOHLI E: As a student, were you part PK: No I’ve seen and heard of

of any magazine? Not only the on editorial/organizing team, but as a contributor?

PK: No, never. In fact when

I was in college the first BBM (Bachelor of Business Management) course had just started. And I think my college –National College was the first to provide the faculty needed for it. We all wondered what it was. I was a Science student and had changed to the Arts stream.

E: How would you describe the potential of today’s youth in expressing themselves? PK:

The youth always has the potential for any kind of change or movement in society. All they need are platforms to get together on. We are a large and young population and are quite diverse too. So naturally, opinions vary. I’ve grown up in Bombay and I think people around me have always been able to express themselves.

four stories that I identify with. people being bullied and pushed Nonetheless, Onir makes good into the corner. cinema and it is always exciting be directed by him. He writes E: Does this freedom of to complex characters and that is expression get misused? Or is always fun for an actor. it ignored when used? E: Who is your role model in PK: Both. One often sees life? Someone you look up to?  wrong things being propagated, but like I mentioned we are a PK: I think I take inspiration diverse population so ideas vary from the acts or certain traits too therefore many good ideas of people more than from have been ignored. Apparently, just one single person. For the Bandra-Worli sea link was example, Anna Hazare’s recent an idea proposed in the 60s. shut down on illegal tollbooths in the State, or Nina’s character Can you imagine that! the journey to E: Your upcoming movie “I AM” showing perfection in the film ‘Black talks about various topics like Swan’. gay love, child abuse, Maoist upsurge. Your character, in E: What message would you particular, is in the last part of like to give to the youth of our the four part film called “I AM country?  AFIA”. What exactly is the movie about? What is the significance PK: “Don’t be afraid to express yourself” would be appropriate of your role?  considering the way youth is PK: In the ‘I AM’ films, Afia handled in the scenario today. (Nandita) is a woman who decides to artificially inseminate herself. I play the sperm donor.

E: Does the movie personally E: India attained independence inspire you?

64 years ago. But are we truly free? Are we free to express PK: Well, to act yes— but our thoughts? there are no characters in the 17 Echo eMagazine June 2011


18 Echo eMagazine June 2011

Glasses: Armani Exchange Necklace: Bico Shirt: A&F Jacket: H&M Watch: Casio Pathfinder Belt: Armani Exchange Jeans: Express Shoes: Nike Free 5.0


Are You branded? I

by: Irshad Patel

wouldn’t consider myself to be in the “popular” group at college. I guess I’m just friends with a lot of people at my college. At my college the “popular” crowd is the one which is friends with the other so-called “popular” people. Moving past all that, to be honest, I do wear the brands CK, and Lacoste, just because it always fits me and I like the look. I like nice clothes that are funky and enhance the feel of college regardless of the brand. I wear Pumas because they look extraordinary and give me comfort which no other brand can. The features of a BlackBerry force me to have one. I m not influenced by the bandwagon effect but this is what happens, it comes from the inside. So I ask myself, am I branded? And does it really matter? And if it does, in which

all lifestyle blocks does it really cartoon characters or movies, most commonly seen are Harry matter? Potter and tom and jerry. Clothing: Teenagers want different Brands and dressing sense dresses for different occasions. hold a lot of importance when There are categories like party, it comes to college life. Here casual, formal, traditional, people try and match up with their friends, both in terms of sports, and beach wear. There are different brands looks and the brands involved. available for each category. Guys want to look good n dress Everybody wants to look up well because their girlfriends good. A compliment can make want them to. College is about the any ones day. Good clothes, good styling can make a lot of latest fashion. Many people difference, they also make you find their soul mate and look attractive in front of the lifelong friends in College. With this the pressure on their world. If different age groups looks increases. When they see are taken into consideration their friends wearing branded then also a thought needs to clothes, they will generally be given about their different follow that rule as well. College needs. Teenagers or school students want to fit in with going kids do not pay much the crowd and feel accepted of their attention to brands as as a part of the College. Here long as the product or clothes different brands come into the are related to their favourite picture. There are people who wear normal brands and people 19 Echo eMagazine June 2011


who wear high end brands. The normal brands include clothes from Levis, Wrangler, Globus, Pantaloons and Lee. People in the other category wear brands like Abercombie & Fitch, CK, FCUK, Tommy Hilfiger, ZARA etc. But it really does not make a big difference which brands you wear and how much you spend. What matters is what you believe in and what you feel comfortable wearing? There is no wrong in spending or not spending the high amounts on these brands. What matters is your style and the way you carry it. That makes all the difference. DO IT THE SMARTEST WAY POSSIBLE.


T h e TOP 10 Most Expensive the Blackberry boys and girls. celebrities and CLOTHING BRANDS BlackBerry rules the sports people 1. Gucci the market due make big bucks 2. Chanel to the blackberry for companies 3. Prada services which by advertising are cheap and them. 4. Armani convenient to use. P e o p l e 5. Marc Jacob It’s the Bolds, want to wear 6. Dior the Curves and what a celebrity 7. Guess the Torch which or a sports 8. Fendi are making all person wears. the news in the They want to 9. Versace technology world. feel and look 10. Valentino Source: What college the same way. It gives a high to their own people look for is ‘worth’. No matter whatever I self confidence. More the comfort level of the shoes more say there are different wants are the sales. It holds a lot of and preferences which make importance when it comes to this gadget world ‘uncommon’. sports. People buy the best There is a lot of competition and do not mind spending between Dell n Macbook. Each on comfort. Professional has its own pros n cons. People basketball players wouldn’t have different opinions. mind going for Jordans when Whatever brand or gadget it is, it does not matter they want it to be perfect. as long as it satisfies one’s need. Gadgets: It’s the world of Its not only about the dressing BlackBerrys, I phones, but also about other branded Macbook, Dell etc. These stuff, like cell phones (BB, brands are all over the world. iphone, Sony), laptop (Mac, No matter how unaffordable Dell, HP), watches (Tommy, accessories, shoes they are, people want to buy Tag,), Puma, Lacoste, them. It’s not only the features (Jordan, or the looks it’s also about the Adidas). status level involved. These There’s sort of a brands are status symbols. It’s competition. Who has the best? Students want to be cool. a trend which people follow. Touch phones, music editions, Obviously! There is a difference pro cam phones, 3G phones, between style and fashion. battery phones, people are looking for so many different Create your own visual style, features these days. Technology Let it be unique for yourself is ruling people. There’s a and yet identifiable for others. variety from which one can “Looking good and dressing choose. College students ask for well is a necessity. Having a phones through which they can purpose in life is not” is the communicate easily and which new rule in the rule book for has entertainment features. colleges.

I’m crazy about shoes. I love when someone says NICE SHOES! Who wouldn’t like it? 80% of the college group wears branded shoes. Why do we always buy branded shoes? Is it the celebrities or sports people who promote or advertise for it? Are we so easily affected? Or is it the feeling or the comfort level? Almost all of the factors come into picture here. Today’s world is a branded world. No brand no value. Brands attract people, and people like attention. In today’s time attention is what a lot of youngsters want and crave for. If we are wearing a very famous branded shoe which is rare to watch, the whole idea of it makes us feel happy and unique. Brands like Converse, Nike, Puma, Addidas n Reebok are very popular among the Majority today want to be college group. 20 Echo eMagazine June 2011


Raise Your


Fuel The AN OUTLET 21 Echo eMagazine June 2011


Foul Mouth



emember those days of childhood when you’d hop round singing,” I am happy and gay.”Try doing that now and you will be the object of ridicule. There has obviously been a transition in what the word “gay” stands for. The 21st century has given us a host of new meanings for simple words and has also laid down an ever increasing list of new words. And it goes without saying that this trend of spilling out a cuss word in every sentence is a hit amongst the youngsters. And it’s not just English but exists across all languages. So what happened, what went wrong? Some say it’s the generation gap, some say it’s the 70s ,some say it’s the internet and some say its the Americans( they are responsible for more then half of the problems in the world).And while you might think that the “townies” are experts at it, you should know that the suburban

22 Echo eMagazine June 2011

kids are not far behind. In the kind of world we live in today, its almost inevitable for someone to be foulmouthed and there are a host of reasons for that. Well first off, it makes you look cool and therefore you abuse like you own the world. Then, someday you go for a movie and you hear the actor/ actress say a word that sounds like music to your ears and the next thing you know everyone is using it. You also have the likes of Eminem who believe that it is art to use cuss words in a song and there you are in the middle of the road rapping just like Eminem and Kanye West. But its not just movies, music or peer pressure, it’s the overdose of media in general. Largely,it is the media that is responsible for reinforcing the trend of abusing vehemently. Its not just the youth, it’s also the school going kids. In fact they pick up such words faster than anybody else. They’re well acquainted

by: Trinolda Colaco

with the internet, TV and movies and will do anything to attract attention. For the kids and the youth, its normal to abuse. But do it in front of your grandparents and they’ll consider it blasphemy. Its one thing to abuse in a fit of rage and another to just use a cuss word casually. The youth doesn’t seem to be able to make this difference. You might feel that its not too late, that maybe we could get rid of this trend. Unfortunately, it IS too late and you cannot possibly get rid of man’s innate need to express everything that goes on in his head. Usher won’t stop, because the cuss words are the essence of his raps. The actors won’t stop, because their emotions won’t flow and the writers won’t stop because the reader won’t feel the depth of the character. Abusing is something that won’t leave us. We will take it with us till our graves. So, happy abusing!

Photo Courtesy- Marcel Hol/scx


23 Echo eMagazine June 2011


PHoto W

e at Echo believe that a picture speaks louder than words. Those of us who have never had their way with words know that sometimes, the best way to express is by showing, not telling. That’s why the following pictures we present to you will be their little show. The following are photographs from Arinjay Banerjee, Indrajeet Deshmukh, and Khushboo Patil. We chose them over the several submissions we recieved as we felt their echo was the strongest. Whether it is war or daily struggles of life alone, this trail across thoughts will eventually lead you to their voices.

24 Echo eMagazine June 2011



F U N &

Photo Courtesy- Pawet Zelazowski/scx


25 Echo eMagazine June 2011



Banerjee 26 Echo eMagazine June 2011


27 Echo eMagazine June 2011


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deshmukh 37 Echo eMagazine June 2011


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I D 40 Echo eMagazine June 2011


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K h P U A S T H I B L O o




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Quintessence Pune: A Journey from Idea to Existence


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uintessence is a socioyouth organisation based in Pune. It has 8 pioneers. A common dream dreamt by 8 youngsters resulted into the initiation of Q and then as they say, “Log judte gaye kaarvaan bantaa gayaa.” But the most important thing is, people have loved us and what we do. They have supported us by every means that they could and gotten involved at times as well. Quintessence is derived from “ quinta essentia ” which means the five elements. We have related them to the five elements of the environment: Prithvi, Agni, Jal, Vaayu, Aakash. This is primarily a customised connotation originated from

the dictionary, but our intrinsic view, of the pioneers, is an intra – personal thought. Yes, “Q” is a thought, which sells a feeling of whatever it perceives around itself. The biggest responsibility we carry being an NGO is to provoke the thoughts. At times it’s about thoughts of things that are taboo in the civilized society that we live in. Doing what we had always dreamt of doing gave us immense pleasure and so much love that on 25th March, 2011 Quintessence actually completed 2 years and that to with a noticeable amount of progress that we wish to continue further and till Q lives. Not only progress within ourselves, but also

by: Prima Virani

Quintessence eventually led to a totally different idea of India’s first socio youth e-magazine named ‘Quest’. An eye- opener 5th issue of Quest is to be published in the first week of April. Quintessence has taken up many initiatives so far. Some of them are as listed below:

Spectral Swine Flu :

The outset of Q’s initiatives began with working on circulating general awareness about Swine Flu. This initiative involved making people aware about the Contagious Swine Flu. This first blow was shouldered by the 8 pioneers of ‘Q’. The initiative took place on August 10, 2009.

Photo Courtesy- Quintessence Pune


This move comprised of the ‘Q’ members distributing pamphlets explaining all the details about Swine Flu to a few school and college students along with a few people in the town. ‘Q’ members explained the existing scenario of Swine flu in the city to all the people. They also explained the protective measures for the same. Towards the end masks were distributed to all the students by the associates of ‘Q’. ‘Q’ did nothing special but, made an attempt to create awareness. As rightly said, prevention is better than cure, ‘Q’ tried to take a step further and cure!

Rangg Barse - Splash for PEACE:

The introductory initiative of the year 2010 was Rangg Barse - A splash for PEACE. It came into being on 23 March 10. This initiative was undertaken by the junior team of ‘Q’ in collaboration with the pivotal team. About 40 members of ‘Q’ pegged away together for this commencement. Rangg Barse was basically a group painting activity for students from 5th to 8th Std. It was no ordinary event in view of the fact that all the students had to paint on one common cloth which extended 200 metres. The theme given to the partakers was ‘a splash for peace’.  They

expressed their view of peace which was presented with a touch of innocence. A peace march followed the painting session. All the children along with the ‘Q’ members marched for peace. This event was viewed by all the Pimprikars. The splash of colors ended with the prize distribution. This event reached all the masses via print media. Newspapers like D.N.A and Sakal covered the event. Rangg Barse - A splash for PEACE, proved to be a successful gambit for Quintessence.



The subsequent initiative after Rang Barse, shouldered by ‘Q’ was ‘Bachpann’. Bachpann was the first charitable event 67

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The money was used to: Provide breakfast to 52 children for 3 months. (Bal Gram Sanstha, Shivajinagar) Provide undergarments to 52 children. (Bal Gram Sanstha, Shivajinagar) Pay education fees for 5 children for the academic year 2010 - 11.(Bal Gram Sanstha, Shivajinagar) Provide Stationary (Books, Slates & Rulers) for 200 children for the academic year 2010 11. (Anand   Gram Sanstha, Alandi) Provide pottery insrtrument to Bal Kalyan Sanstha.

Car wash It continued for 3 days starting from June 4, 2010. In this initiative, the members of ‘Q’ cleaned the windcheaters of the cars halting at the signals. The plan Bachpann, was executed along the arterial crossroads of Pune. Crucial signals were the ones at University Road,  Chinchwad,  Parihar Chowk,  M. G. Road The upcoming initiative and Koregoan Park. This taken up by Quintessence is on event continued for 3 hours per the sensitive issue of ‘Child sex crossroad. abuse’. This initiative includes Auction many activities for the cause of It involved ‘Q’ members’ awareness. ‘Quest’ is going to beselling paintings outside have an issue dedicated to this Mariplex at Kalyaninagar, serious topic and this issue will Pune  for  the  cause. be released in the first week of ‘Q’ with the help of few people April. There is going to be a tried altering the journey and convention event in Pune for destination of some orphans the cause of awareness that and sold some paintings for the is expected to be supported cause. by some renowned film personalities and socialites. Holistic Collection We tried soliciting old clothes; Also, there is going to be campaigns in toys as well as other things awareness various schools/colleges and people thought could succour the orphans. The collection organisations in the cities of exceeded 100 kgs and was India like Delhi, Mumbai, donated to Johns House Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and of Women and Children, Pune. Guruwar Peth, Pune. Article by, Q raise a repectful Prima Virani- Acting project Amount of Rs. 70,000+ via the manager and chief executive of car wash activity. PR Amount of Rs.  5,500 via the sale of paintings. Contact Quintessence Pune at: Collection of 100+ kgs. Of old Website: clothes etc. E-mail: 68 Echo eMagazine June 2011

Photo Courtesy- Quintessence Pune

embarked by ‘Q’. Bachpann aspired to raise an acceptable amount for a few orphans and the under-privileged. ‘Q’ was in correspondence with a few orphanages around the city for the same.


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just another emotional

indian I

by: Sonia Thomas

’m walking the roads of South Mumbai on the very hot afternoon of 2nd April 2011; I could feel the magic in the air. Pure, tangible magic. The flags were more expensive than on national holidays, the crowds wearing shades of blue (or at least so it seemed to my fan-crazed vision) and the buzz of Sachin. The name whispered everywhere. It was a buzz that questioned. A buzz that wondered. But, the buzz always held the element of clarity. The part that KNEW.

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As I pass by Wankhede stadium’s Churchgate entrance, I hear the crowd singing “Chak De India” in unison and the tears in my eyes are proof of my pride. I knew then, that the magic was within us too. An epic war that was given many a title: The Final Showdown, Lions vs Tigers, Ram vs Raavan, God of Spin vs God of the Bat... I could go on. The teams were out on the fields. National anthems sung, Dhoni wipes a tear off the corner of his eye and the match begins. From the beginning, we see that Sri Lanka is here to win. Despite the steady wickets, amazing fielding by India and slow run rates; one man pulled through for Sri Lanka- Mahela Jayawardene. His unbeaten score of 103 runs was enough to instill fear and awe in the Indian side. The last 8 overs seemed to make the game turn around for the Lankan Lions. But, we knew that with a batting line up that went down to number 7; 274-6 would make for a fair fight. After the first innings, I am a nervous wreck. I did not doubt my team’s abilities. But, I also knew the talents that were up the opponent’s sleeve. On the way to the suburbs, I hear the news of the fall of the first two crucial wickets- Sachin and Sehwag. Hope is fading when your team is at 30-2. Gambhir and Kohli hold up for a while, but not for long enough. Incoming attack- the combined forces of Gambhir and Dhoni. Their astounding partnership of helped India through the build-up to chase down the daunting total. Gambhir falls at 97, just 3 short of a century.

But, he is bid goodbye like a fallen war hero and Dhoni is joined by Yuvraj Singh. The final overs are on. I am functioning in panic mode and on a full stomach. Perfect prey for a heart attack. 22 runs from 22 balls. Close, but is it close enough? Eventually, the much needed six comes. Ah, we can breathe. But, will it really happen? The commentators keep saying of the victory at hand. The rewards and their importance are yet to sink in. The Champions. Are we really getting there? The Indian supporters in their various colours sit with the bated breath as the strike goes to Dhoni. 4 runs from 10 balls. Dhoni stares the ball in the face. With his usual calm demeanour, he lifts his bat to hit his signature Helicopter shot. He follows the trajectory of the ball as the crowd goes wild with joy. In a graceful flick of the wrist, he raises his bat and other arm towards the heavens and we know, victory is ours. Yuvraj Singh cries. The team members cry. I cry. This victory was because of many reasons. The most stated Sachin Tendulkar. Some know that the team efforts that made it happen. ZaK’s bowling, Yuvi’s all rounder performances, Kohli’s and Raina’s batting under stress, our excellent batting order and of course, Caption Cool Dhoni’s leadership. The buzz that knew, knew that this would be his turn to pick the Cup up. What we cannot ignore is that with the lift of the cup, we raised the spirits of a billion other buzzes. A billion point two, to be precise.

Photo Courtesy- ICC Worl Cup


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on a lighter note

Mov ie Re v ie w HALF NELSON

by: Sonia Thomas

H 72 Echo eMagazine June 2011

alf Nelson strikes you as a classroom drama when you first start watching it and you immediately decide it could be good. White man teaching history to black kids. Hmm. Interesting? Well yes, it is. Of course it is. But, surprisingly the story is not about that at all. This Ryan Gosling starrer

focuses on the personal battles of a history teacher and a girls’ basketball coach at a local school and his friendship with a student. The movie has been known for its strong performances by all members of the cast. But, what really struck me was the way the friendship between the teacher and student was portrayed. In the final scenes of the movie as they sit cracking jokes on the couch, you feel what an inexplicable cord that ties two people from two completely different backgrounds. Though the crux of the movie is how the two main characters deal with the presence of drugs in their lives and each other, the underlined theme of the movie is definitely dialectics. The opposite forces of the “hood” and the suburban drug addict, those of student and teacher, coach and player all break down when they become friends. The middle ground is made when they decide to keep each other’s secrets and THAT,

my friends is what makes this movie so beautiful. Ryan Gosling’s great ease of dealing with his characters as he literally sways into his roles amazes me every time I watch him and makes me ask myself, “How does he always make it work?” Of course, his looks grow on you as well. The little girl played by Shareeka Epps is very intriguing. All her layers come out very easily in a role that can be identified with by anyone who’s been 13. Also, the supporting cast in form of Gosling’s love interest, his exgirlfriend, the drug dealer and the girl’s mother all leave an impact on you.


Watch for: Mr. Gosling’s blue eyes which speak louder than words. Low points: The ending which could leave you feeling cold. Also, you sit through the movie wondering if it’s about paedophilia. Just an opinion though ;)


I love my bike 8 AM – My eyes open, it’s too early; I hit the snooze on my alarm. 10:33 AM – I’m late, should have gotten up at eight. Hit the shower, the water’s cold, freezing. Grab a towel; it’s dirty, too late. Put on my Puma’s, run out the door. 10:56 AM – My bike wakes up; it feels good between my legs. Hit the clutch, go. 11:13 AM – Knocked over a pizza guy, too bad. It smelled good though. I’ll have some later. 11:51 AM – Traffic sucks, walk in, my boss is yelling at me. Its ok, I’m doing his wife tonight. 4:59 PM – Job sucks, kick down a trash can, grab my helmet leave.

Alpha Pests

5:04 PM – I love my bike. 5:45 PM – Crash into bed, it’s comfy. 10:00 PM – Wake up, get a text: Dude, it’s a freaking party over here. 10:09 PM – I’m out the door. 10:11 PM – I love my bike. 10:37 PM – Hit the brake, stop. It’s a party in there. 10:38 PM – Park my bike, don’t worry, it’s safe here. 10:47 PM – Hot broad at the bar, she wearing red, blue eyes. 10:54 PM – Buy her a drink, a girly one, she likes it. 11 PM – Walk out with the broad. 11:05 PM – She loves my bike. 11:25 PM – Empty parking lot, her, my bike, and me. We do it. It gets freaky.

by: Flynn Francisco

11:56 PM – Leave her in the parking lot, she’ll be fine. 12:32 AM – My boss’s wife opens the door, pink lingerie, she bites her lip. 12:53 AM – She bites mine. 2:17 AM – We’re drunk. 2:22 AM – My bike will get me home. 2:34 AM – Almost home, I knew my bike could do it. 2:35 AM – My leg is twister, my ribs are cracked, the handlebar is going through my shoulder. I can smell my own blood. I hope they find my driver’s license: Name: Tiffany Lane Age: 27 Sex: Female They don’t.

by: Alex George That’s the ‘Realism’ part.

This is my new painting. It’s called ‘Students At Work’ It’s a piece of realism. I don’t see any students at work. 73 Echo eMagazine June 2011

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