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Don’t walk on the exhibit floor without looking at some of these hot mobile tools


martphones have opened numerous doors for increased productivity on the go. As apps are increasingly developed, with little end in sight, there are seemingly more possibilities to transfer that productivity to the trade show industry – as an exhibitor or attendee. Here are a few that you may want to consider before your next big event.


QR SCANNER With the increasing popularity of QR Codes, having a good scanner app is essential - both for exhibitors and attendees. There are many apps available, but look for ones that will keep a scan history and have built-in code creators.


CAM CARD BUSINESS CARD READER It’s estimated that 90% of business cards are thrown away within 24 hours of exchange. A large part is the time required to manual input each contact in to a database. Cam Card is a simple scan-to-text reader, that imports an entire business card’s details, in seconds. An integrated LinkedIn feature makes it easier to stay connected with your new contacts.


ILEADS One of the most important measurements for event success is lead generation and follow up. Many traditional systems have limited features, but iLeads allows quick badge entry to access

attendee profiles and assign follow up details, fast and efficiently. Check with your show organizer to see if they support the use of iLeads.


SQUARE If you do transactions at your trade show, Square has you covered. This app, along with a free scanner, works with your smartphone to accept credit card swipes. Users are sent a receipt via email or SMS for a “green” and paperless transaction. Furthermore, the interface allows you to create a virtual “storefront” to allow fixed pricing on items - all on the go.


USTREAM LIVE BROADCASTER For the hundreds or thousands of attendees that attend a trade show, there are countless more NOT present at the event. Ustream turns your smartphone into a live broadcast where remote users can see what you see. Publish in-booth demos, interviews or a daily recap of the day’s events.


YELP Traveling is rarely easy - especially when you’re in an unfamiliar location. Yelp is a fantastic way to find what you’re looking for, wherever you are, at any given moment. Need to find a shuttle from the airport? Access a list of providers and their ratings. Looking for dinner? Find local reviews to narrow your options.


TRIPIT Between your flight, hotel and car rental, organizing a trip can sometimes be a headache. Tripit scans your inbox and automatically pulls in travel details to create one convenient itinerary for you. You can also share your trips - keeping you and your colleagues in the same circle.


POLL EVERYWHERE Audience interaction is essential to keep attendees engaged at a trade show. Poll Everywhere allows you to generate a system for your audience to interact with what is happening in your booth by using their own smartphones. With live, up-to-date results, you’ll have great feedback from your audience during live demos or speaking sessions, in a fun and exciting way.

8 Apps for your Next Trade Show  

Smartphones have opened numerous doors for increased productivity on the go. As apps are increasingly developed, with little end in sight, t...

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