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The Early College at Guilford 2011-2012 Volume 2, Issue 2

Volume 2, Issue 2


The Overload

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Over load x 2 Letter from Editor: “Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it and, above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light.”— Joseph Pulitzer This year, we were able to publish two issues of “The Overload” but with that came double the amount of effort, work, and time. The Journalism Club staff members were extremely dedicated and for that, we thank them. The club will miss three of our extremely dedicated staff members: Caroline Fried, Marcus Riley, and Thomas Martin. We know they will continue to pursue their passion and wish them the best of luck in college.



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— Haejin Song.

Inbox: Dear Natalie... Q: When you're under this much pressure, what is the best food to eat? A: Well, when faced with a great deal of pressure and stress, you should always steer clear of greasy or acidic foods, since they're prone to cause heartburn and upset stomach. I recommend lots of caffeine, chocolate, pizza, and massive amounts of anything from Taco Bell. Also, you may want to load up on Tums.

Lastly, I‟d like to thank my fellow officers who edited “The Overload” relentlessly. We may never get used to the amount of time editing takes, but seeing “The Overload” come to life makes it all the worthwhile. To honor Pulitzer‟s belief of brevity, I will close the letter here so you will actually finish reading what I wrote.

the musical phenoms. Although One Direction is clearly the hot ticket at the moment, with hits such as "Baby" and "Boyfriend," Bieber is the easy winner in this competition. When in doubt, go with the proven winner!

as we well know, "practice makes perfect!" Q: Do you fold or wad your toilet paper?

A: While this is an excellent question, the answer is a bit Q: What is a good way to spend the more complicated than the question long summer between junior and initially suggests. In fact, your answer senior year? to this question can offer a great deal A: Summer is always a great of insight into your personality. Those time to work on beefing up who fold their paper tend to be Type your resume, and in this case, you A personalities who prefer things to be should work on the "social" category neat and orderly, while wadders are Q: Justin Bieber/One Direction, of yours. Spend the summer going to generally Type B individuals who are which one? parties, meeting new people, and gen- more carefree. However, for the envierally putting off anything adults would ronmentally conscious, folding seems A: The Bieber/One Direction consider productive. If your parents to be the most eco-friendly method of debate is as timeless as complain that you're wasting time or using TP. vanilla/chocolate, but fortunately, the being lazy, remind them that (*The opinions expressed on this column decision is much clearer in the case of networking is a valuable life skill, and are solely those of Natalie.)

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ecgnews ECG OFFERS 50 STUDENTS ACCEPTANCE TO THE CLASS OF 2016 In its most academically competitive year yet, the Early College at Guilford narrowed down a record-breaking applicant pool of 243 to a freshmen class of the traditional 50. This computes to an acceptance rate of approximately 20.8%, down from 25% for the class of 2013 and from 22% for the class of 2015. The chart below models this year’s admissions with red representing acceptance and blue representing applied.

ECG students volunteering on ECG Day!

Mr. Bryant, Sra. Hite, Ms. Young LEAVING ECG

Sara stewart

2011-2012 is a year that will change ECG history. Not because of the record-breaking students who applied, or the amount of new awards we won, but because three of our most beloved teachers will be leaving us. Sadly, this year we will be saying goodbye to Mr. Bryant, Mrs. Young, and Sra. Hite. When thinking about ECG, these teachers' qualities come to mind. Their love and care for the students is apparent, as well as their involvement in the school. Although they are all leaving for different reasons, we will have a hard time bidding them farewell; yet we will never forget them and they will always be part of the ECG family.

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worldnews NICOLAS SARKOZY DEFEATED On Sunday, April 22, Socialist challenger François Hollande defeated incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy in the second round of the French Presidential Elections. His supporters filled la Place de la Bastille, a symbolic landmark from the Revolutionary era in France. Sarkozy’s defeat marks the first time an incumbent has been defeated since 1981, and the rise of the first leftist government since François Mitterand’s presidency, which began in 1981. Hollande clinched 51.9% of votes to Sarkozy’s 48.1%, becoming France’s next president. The transfer of power ceremony will occur on May 15th; the date the two camps agreed on. Hollande’s election was no surprise to voter, considering Hollandes first-round victory on May 6th and Sarkozy’s infamous unpopularity. Sarkozy’s term was a troubled one, as his approval ratings sank extremely low for two years before the election. Conservative Sarkozy was criticized for his brash personality and poor handling of the economy during the Eurozone crisis. He imposed austerity measures that proved to be quite unpopular with the French people, which was reflected in the polls. The Socialist Hollande wants to raise taxes of those making above €1 million, introduce greater government stimulus, and rehash the budget cutting treaty that Sarkozy negotiated with Germany. Hollande also advocates the lowering of the retirement age and the legalization of same-sex marriage. Critics of Hollande warn of France’s mounting debts and the dire need of austerity measures. Despite these warnings, the newly elected president will likely redefine France’s role in the economic recovery and the manner in which the nation utilizes its military and diplomatic power.


“Soyons dignes, soyons patriotes, soyons Français. Je vous aime.” - NS -Let’s be worthy, let’s be patriotic, let’s be French. I love you all. (Taken from his Facebook page after defeat)

François Hollande

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newscontd. ISRAEL LOVES IRAN In early March, an Israeli couple unwittingly breathed life into a peace campaign, one that swept the internet in just a few weeks and prompted both mimicry from other Israelis and a response to Iran from Israel. Graphic designers Ronny Edry and Michal Tamir created a poster with the slogan “Iranians- we will never bomb your countrywe heart you”. It depicts Michal and the Edrys' young daughter, laughing together at the camera. Within days, Iranians began to reply through photos, emails and videos, and an antiwar movement had taken root, as people around the world took note and followed suit. Soon, the “Israel Loves Iran” campaign was on its feet, with its own website, shares on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, and rapidly proliferating material. "For there to be a war between us, first we must be afraid of each other," say activists on one video. "For there to be a war between us, first we must hate. I'm not afraid of you, I do not hate you, we don't hate you.” The Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, reported at the weekend that hundreds of anti-war activists also rallied in Tel Aviv on Saturday in protest at a possible military strike against Iran. This campaign puts a heartfelt and sincerely human spin on otherwise tense sentiments between Israel and Iran, which are often expressed by diplomats or ambassadors. Ronny Edry asserts that prominent political figures do not necessarily reflect the true feelings of the people. “I see sometime here, on the TV, an Iranian. He is talking about war. I’m sure he does not represent all the people of Iran” he writes on his website. “If you see someone on your TV talking about bombing you …be sure he does not represent all of us.” Once again, we are reminded of the potency of social media outlets and the breathtaking speed at which we can share our viewpoints, unite as a group, or most importantly, reach out to other human beings. The “Israel Loves Iran” campaign has proved to be simple and effective, yet genuine to the core.


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sports&editorials END OF AN ERA; legacy of peyton manning Growing up nearly two hours away from Chicago, you’d think I’d be a die-hard Bears fan. Heck, I even lived in Bourbonnais, “Home of the Chicago Bears Training Camp.” Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Although my dad encouraged me to become a Bears fan, I was attracted to the laser rocket arm three hours northeast in Indianapolis. That’s right. Peyton Manning was my idol. And he still is. Every time Manning takes the field, you can see the competitor in him taking form. His heroics and ability to win games on the edge of defeat parallel no other athlete. Some, like his 28-point comeback in the 4th quarter with less than 4 minutes against reigning-champs Tampa Bay, are historical NFL moments. Manning is a playmaker. He could rival Michael Irvin for that title. The Indianapolis Colts were not a team before Bill Polian, former General Manager and Vice Chairman, and Jim Irsay, complete owner of the franchise, drafted Manning in 1998. I’m sure every man sitting in an Indianapolis bar would feel a desperate urge to slap you across the face if you said otherwise. Manning made the Colts who they are. Before Manning made his first start in Indy, the Colts won a total of 116 games and one division title, and had appeared in the playoffs three times over a period of 20 years. No AFC championships. No league championships. Nada. Then the knight in shining armor arrived on the scene. Behind center, Manning led the Colts to 150 total wins, eight division titles, two AFC championships, and at last, a league championship, the first since 1971. At that time, the franchise was still in Baltimore. Despite his shaky start in the 1998-1999 season, Manning tallied up a total of eleven 10-win seasons, and tied an NFL-record nine consecutive playoff appearances. *** “I’ll always be a Colt…that will never change,” Peyton acknowledged in a March 7th, 2012


news conference following his release by the Colts. This is true not only to Peyton, but to Colts fans all over. He has been, is, and will be the face of the Colts franchise forever. Although Irsay replaced the coaching staff, purged the head offices of the Polians, and plans to draft the quarterback replacing Manning with the first overall pick, his efforts at rebuilding the team will inevitably come up short in comparison to the 1998—2010 teams. Point-blank, he released the face of the organization, and possibly the face of the NFL. Not that he didn’t feel the consequences of his decision. Irsay, while reminiscing about his times with Manning in the early March interview, started to tear up. “This has not been easy for Jim,” Manning said, “and this has certainly not been easy for me.” Manning leaves the organization that he brought into existence. This past year, the Colts hosted Super Bowl XLVI in the “House That Peyton Built.” I remember my first year playing fantasy football and reading about that prize: a trip to the Super Bowl and an opportunity to have dinner with any NFL player. I drafted, waived, and traded the players that would guarantee me the best team. There was no way I was going to let the chance to meet Peyton Manning slip from my grip. “We all know that nothing lasts forever.” Peyton, I have to disagree with you there. I think I speak on behalf of all Colts fans in saying that you will always be in our hearts.

Manning will be the only player to wear the No. 18 jersey, according to Irsay. The Colts plan to retire the jersey to honor Manning’s accomplishments.

dERAILED It should have been just like any other season in the KHL. The Kontinental Hockey League hasn’t been around for long, but teams have signed top notch players away from the NHL over the past few years. Teams from all over Russia and former Soviet countries play in the KHL with players from all over the globe. It should have been just like any other opening night in the KHL. Fans of both Dinamo Minsk and Lokomotiv Yaroslavl were packed into Minsk-Arena in Belarus. The Yaroslavl fans gazed at the ice and saw the faces of the Yaroslavl players gazing back. It wasn’t like any other opening night. The usually screaming fans were silent. Music wasn’t blasting from the loudspeakers. The Minsk team was fully dressed in equipment, preparing for their opponent that wasn’t there. Their opponent’s faces were printed onto portraits, which are standing on the ice. The day before the start of the KHL season, I was eating lunch in The Grill with many of the other freshmen. I glanced at the television, which was showing some football highlights from the past week. As I looked at the ticker on the bottom of the screen, I saw the unthinkable. A Russian plane had crashed in Yaroslavl, killing an entire hockey team: everyone from the captain to the team doctor. The list of fatalities included 3 time NHL All-Star Pavol Demitra, and their Canadian coach, Brad McCrimmon. One of the names that I recognized was Josef Vasicek. I had watched him play when he was in North Carolina, skating for the Hurricanes. How could this happen? Teams like Lokomotiv pay millions to bring star players to their teams. They should have the safest luxury planes available. As it turns out, KHL teams have been doing the opposite. While paying hefty contracts to their rosters, teams were transporting their players to away games in some of the most dangerous airplanes still in use. The YAK-42 is a Soviet-era plane which is not used by many companies, but many KHL teams have hired charter companies which use them. On these planes, a passenger can simply unlatch their entire seat and move it around the cabin. Not only is the plane

Landon fried sub-par, but the company that Yaroslavl hired has a horrendous safety record. The two pilots on that flight were under-experienced, and were the cause of the accident. While one was attempting to take off, the other was applying the brakes. The fact that the plane was unsafe sealed the fate of over 40 people. This was a wake up call to professional hockey players across the globe. The KHL doesn’t maintain the same standards that the NHL does, or at least not yet. In 2008, Russian prospect Alexei Cherepanov collapsed on the bench in a KHL game. The ambulance stationed at the game had already left, and the defibrillator in the arena had a drained battery. The arena didn’t even have a stretcher, so the team staff carried his unconscious body off the bench. Cherepanov died later that day in the hospital. The KHL has since required higher standards, but are still far from NHL standards. While the league since created a rule against flying in a YAK-42, the people of Yaroslavl know that it is simply too late. On September 8th, 2011, the day after the tragedy, Dinamo Minsk held a mass in their sold out arena for their fallen friends. The two teams were supposed to be playing on that opening night. Tickets had been sold out long before the disaster, and everyone still showed up that night. Standing on top of the ice, there were large portraits, each one with a player or staff member of Yaroslavl displayed for everyone to see. Although those men will never skate onto the ice again, millions of fans will never forget the time when they did.

Source: Maxim Guchek/AFP/Getty Images

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Sudden collapse unites soccer world Bolton Wanderer midfielder, 23 year old Fabrice Muamba, suddenly collapsed on the field during Bolton’s FA Cup match against Tottenham Hotspurs on March 17th. Medics rushed onto the field, one of whom was sitting in the stands watching the match, and started pumping his chest for about six minutes as people watched in shock. Some fans at the stadium began chanting his name, while various players prayed that everything would be alright. Shortly after he was carried off in a stretcher, with an oxygen mask and his chest still being pumped, all the players left as well and the match was abandoned. No replay or footage of the match was shown, out of respect for him and his family. Muamba, a husband and a father of one, was taken to the Heart Attack Center at the London Chest Hospital, where he is beginning to make his recovery. According to Jonathon Tobin, the Bolton team doctor, Muamba suffered cardiac arrest and was medically dead for about 78 minutes. He was given 15 shocks from the defibrillator before his heart was finally able to beat on its own again. His collapse sent shockwaves throughout the entire soccer world. Suddenly everyone, Bolton fans, fans of other clubs, and even rivals were all pulling for him and his speedy recovery. That weekend many soccer teams, including the likes of FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Liverpool, wore shirts on top of their jerseys that said things like “Get Well Soon,

Prologue Zenith.



leah asmelash

Muamba” and “¡Ánimo Muamba!” In addition, people left gifts outside Bolton’s Reebok Stadium to show their condolences. Soccer fans and players around the world all rallied behind him and his family during this difficult time. As a soccer fan myself, I know how rare it is to see followers of various clubs and countries all unite as one. We are divided based on the clubs we support through different rivalries and competitions. Seeing all these people come together to back a player some have never even heard of before was truly amazing. After the incident it seemed as if everyone was holding their breath, desperate for any news regarding Muamba’s current state. Thanks to advances in medicine and technology, it was recently reported that Muamba will be just fine. However, it is still unknown as to whether he’ll ever be able to play soccer again.

Source: BBC

may wang These three are the names of the weapons created from the three raw powers of the universe as we know it. Those who wield these mighty weapons have control of one of the three pure energies that control the very elements and more. These weapons take any shape that of which the wielder chooses, granting the wielder ultimate power and his or her enemies their due deaths. From the beginning of time, an ancient people called the Ones were created to wield these glorious weapons, and to control the people of Earth, humans created by the hand of God. The Ones chose amongst them three great leaders, and these leaders were bestowed upon them the

power and responsibility of the world. As time passed, the people of Earth and the Ones coexisted in peace, calling forth little reason to use the


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three weapons; however, a human began to desire the ultimate power carried within the weapons. During the time of peace, the three original leaders had grown weak and too trusting, a result from the lack of conflict.. This new usurper quickly gained the three weapons, killing the original three in the process and taking control of both the Ones and the humans. The usurper abused his power greatly, killing innocents everywhere in his search for even more power. To end his reign, four Saviors of each element were born with the capability to surpass his hold on the elements. With their Powers, these four successfully restored the peace to the world. The four became the new leaders of the society of Ones, and created another world for the Ones to separate themselves and the now-deemed dangerous and ambitious humans. One Savior decided to stay behind, to keep the humans safe from the shadows. The three remaining Saviors claimed the three weapons, and ruled the world of the Ones for all eternity, passing on the ultimate weapons from generation to generation. The humans, now left to their own devices, erased the history of the usurper and the Ones to bury their shame from the events that occurred. Eventually, the humans on Earth forgot about the existence of the Ones, and the Powers they held. Want to read more? Go to and search for “Powers and Problems and Prophecies, Oh My!”


Amanda ingman

I‟d never admit it but I note these things in my head and in my heart… really, it doesn‟t matter whether I‟m counting up, or down, but The instants I don‟t want to miss, or recall, I acknowledge with a nod or a glance at the clock on my wall running my tongue over my teeth, nervously because every time, I‟m lamenting something I lost smiling at something I shouldn‟t remember asking for understanding trying to forget looking in the narrow slit between seconds for a recollection much too important to take up such a small space a reminder too strong to be contained maybe I‟m naïve to assume I can catch moments like children try to cup soap bubbles in their palms or step on a shadow to make it still I‟d never admit it, though.


Castillos en el aire Quisieron enamorarse, igual que dos palomas sin preocupaciones, sin mentiras y los demás dijeron: <<El amor… no tiene significado en la vida.>> Mas los dos alzaron su amor hacia el cielo y poco a poco fueron flotando en el aire y los demás, quedaron en el suelo guardando celos. Y construyeron un otro mundo en el aire, con compasión del uno de otro tuvo en cuenta, en un lugar, adonde nunca nadie pudo llegar sin teniendo amor en el corázon. Y construyeron un reino en su mundo, hecho de risa, de alegría y de devoción y los dos convocaron al espíritu de confianza que tiene mucho que ver con el amor del corazón. En los demás, al verlos tan dichosos, cundió la alarma; se dictaron normas.

[Translation] They wanted to fall in love, just like two doves Without worries, without lies And the rest said, “Love… Has no meaning in life.” But the two raised their love towards the sky And little by little they were flying in the air And the rest, stayed on the ground Keeping jealousy. And they built another world in the air, With compassion of one another taken into account In a place, where no one ever Could arrive without having love in the heart. And they built a kingdom in their world, Made of laughter, joy, and devotion And the two summoned the spirit of trust That has a lot to do with the love of the heart. When the others saw them so happy, Alarm spread amidst them; norms were passed

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Jordan richmond No vaya a ser que fuera contagioso tratar de ser feliz de aquella forma. La conclusión es clara y contundente, los condenaron, por su estupidez a convivir de nuevo con la gente, vestido de “cordura” (o celos). Solo por construir un otro mundo en el aire, con compasión del uno de otro tuvo en cuenta en un lugar, adonde nunca nadie pudo llegar sin teniendo amor en el corazón. Y por vivir en un reino en el mundo... hecho de risa, de alegría y de devoción y los dos convocaron al espíritu de confianza que tiene mucho que ver con el amor del corazón. Acaba aquí, la historia de los amantes que sin preocupaciones, sin mentiras, quisieron enamorarse igual que dos palomas… pero eso es imposible…¿o no?

Jordan richmond Just in case it may be contagious Trying to be happy that way The conclusion is clear and resounding They were condemned, for their stupidity To live again with the people Dressed up in “sanity” (or jealousy) Only for building another world in the air, With compassion of one another taken into account In a place, where nobody ever Could arrive without having love in their heart. And for living in a kingdom in the world… Made of laughter, joy and devotion And the two summoned the spirit of trust That has a lot to do with the love of the heart. Here ends the story of the lovers That without worries, without lies Wanted to fall in love just like two doves… But that‟s impossible…or not?

The interview When were you born? In June of 1929. How old are you? 15. Where were you born? In Frankfurt, Germany. And your name? * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * I‟m surrounded by darkness, And sheer silence, I hear the monotone drone, Of the air passing by. I try to awake from this nightmare, But when I do, Nothing changes, Always in the midst of a horrible dream, I am forever bound to be in. The wind here blows, With a trembling whistle, Telling me of the darkest secrets, Unknown to one bounded inside. I long to go with the wind, And soar into the depths of wonders, Of beauty, Of precious freedom.

haejin song Some days, I sit in the corner with my diary, Pretending to escape, From my shackles, And into a world of my own… I run across the field, The cool moisture of dews on my bare feet. I kiss buttercups, And climb trees to the top, Of where the sun perches. I laugh as loudly as I can, Listening to my voice ring, I shout to the world, Telling them, I exist. On the board floor, I look at the bare ceiling, Pretending to be surrounded by wishing stars, Speckled in the blanket of the dark night. I close my eyes, To join the sparks of hope above, As I leave my story, My legacy, My last interview with you, To tell all, Of the life of this young girl.

Review: El camino El Camino is the seventh studio album by the Black Keys who released their first album in 2002. The album has peaked on the Billboard 200 at #2 and peaked at the #1 spot on Billboard‟s rock, alternative, and tastemaker charts. Its first single, “Lonely Boy,” remained at the #1 spot on the rock chart after 20 weeks. The duo is made up of drummer/producer Patrick Carney and guitarist/singer Dan Auerbach. As they have developed over time, they have moved away from bluesrock into a more “neo-garage” rock sound. Being the duo that they are, their

Thomas martin

music focuses on the guitar, vocals, and drums. Luckily, because they would have a remarkably empty sound with just those instruments, they have picked up a bassist and keyboardist for recording/touring. The bass is there to bridge the gap between rhythm and melody by following the drums and to fill the bottom end left otherwise untapped by Auerbach‟s guitars. The keyboards often act as a synth organ that hauntingly follows the chord progression in the background or doubles the lead guitar riff like it does in “Lonely Boy.” There is almost always a rhythm guitar playing chords at an uneven rhythm; often, there is another guitar track that plays something akin to a lead role in an upper register. While there are solos and breakdowns, they are often short, simple, and lacking in excessive technical skill. Like the rhythm guitar, the drums get busy without being erratic. They are really what drive this music. While Carney very rarely varies from his chosen pattern, those patterns are usually excellent expansions on whatever root beat he‟s building off of. His sequences almost always include more than the kick, snare, and high hat combination that rock is so dependent on. He is able to generate particularly busy combinations, as heard on “Mind Eraser,” because of his superbly crisp timing and feel for the progression of the song. Another consequence for such a strong connection to the music is that he switches patterns often, which gives the songs a sense of constant development. Auerbach‟s moanish singing melds well with the rest of the music but does not display any particular talent or range. Similarly, the lyrics leave something to be desired. Aside from a few gems like “Stop Stop,” each song‟s lyrics seem fragmented; while they may all fit in with a general theme, they often do not paint one coherent picture. Although they don‟t tell any story particularly well, there are often catchy snippets and Auerbach vocalizes them well. Noticeable in all of the songs is a fuzz filter put on the guitar and bass. There is a similar, though less pronounced effect put on the voice. Overall, it seems to try to make the songs sound “retro.” Because of other stylistic elements, they do not achieve the desired retro feel, but the fuzz, and occasional reverb, is an integral part of their sound. In fact, there seems to be a formula: A catchy drum track, a bass that follows the catchy drum track, a fuzzy guitar or two to add ambiance, keyboards to do the same, voice to generate melody, and lyrics about some girl. Of the 11 songs on the album, all but two focus on a girl and her problems or the singer‟s problems with that girl. This is a remarkably monotonic album. The songs are fairly indistinguishable from one another except for the attempted ballad, “Little Black Submarines,” in the middle which really, especially in context, becomes a gimmick that ends up subtracting from the value of the album. There is one important point to make along with the above note about the lack of variance: all of these songs are fun to listen to and most of them are actually good. While each component part, save the drums, is remarkably simple, they all perform their parts admirably and mesh together amazingly well. Because of the overall indie garage rock sound, this album might find a place on the shelf of someone who listens to the Arctic Monkeys, the White Stripes, or campus radio. That being said, their original indie audience may be less inclined to listen to them since they‟ve changed their sound, mostly by the acquisition of the session musicians, and gained mainstream popularity. The album‟s current chart success suggests that general pop or pop rock fans are buying it. The truth is that the songs on the album are better than the album itself. To be honest, I would not tell someone to buy this album because it is not fun to listen to from start to finish. That being said, I can wholly endorse buying any number of songs on this album and listening to them individually. I find that the songs are particularly good if you‟re not interested in the lyrics or if you‟re doing some other task that requires your concentration, like writing a review.

Review: 2012: The Year of the Asian Performer?

Caroline fried

Anyone who has met me in the past couple of years or read the article I co-wrote in the first edition of “The Overload” knows that I enjoy Asian music, most notably K-pop. During the span of my fandom, I have seen K-pop‟s popularity grow immensely. The growing popularity of Korean singers and groups outside of Asia has encouraged leading entertainment companies to push the boundaries of their markets by dipping their feet into the waters of the American music market. So far this year, two groups, Girls‟ Generation and the Wonder Girls, took two very different approaches to penetrate the U.S. market. The extremely popular group Girls‟ Generation released their latest album, The Boys, in the United States on January 17, which includes all of the tracks from the Korean release of the album as well as the English version and several remixes of the title track, “The Boys.” The group followed the release with appearances on “The Late Show with David Letterman” and “Live! with Kelly” on January 31 and February 1. They also held an autograph-signing event in New York City on February 2. On the other hand, the Wonder Girls took a different route into the American Music scene. The Wonder Girls came to the U.S. before in 2009, joining the Jonas Brothers on their tour. This year, they worked with Nick Cannon and Nickelodeon to create The Wonder Girls, an hour-long television movie that aired on TeenNick on February 3. The movie stars the Wonder Girls as themselves coming to New York to start their American tour. The American market is potentially risky for Korean artists due to several inherent differences of the way the American and Korean industries work. The Korean pop music scene has earned a reputation for consisting of singing groups manufactured by large entertainment companies driven completely by their profit margin. This mirrors the made-for-TV music groups of the U.S., which target a small audience. The sheer size of some of these groups is also foreign to American music. A nine-member vocal/dance group such as Girls‟ Generation is common in Asia, but nearly unheard of in the States. Groups also tend to change costume concepts and musical styles with each release. The inconsistent branding is new and exciting for people who are already fans of these groups, but can be confusing and strange for new fans. The success of the Wonder Girls and Girls‟ Generation in the U.S. is hard to measure because songs tend to take longer to gain popularity in the West. Depending on the popularity of the group, a K-pop song will reach number one on Korean music charts within hours of its release. If there is a group to root for in the K-pop industry‟s ventures into the U.S. market, the insanely popular girl group 2NE1 (pronounced “twenty-one” or “to anyone”) could be making waves soon. 2NE1„s label YG Entertainment is consistent in branding the four members‟ unique image and music, which is stylistically similar to the dance-pop songs popular right now in the US. The girls‟ English pronunciation is also superior to several other artists who incorporate English words and phrases into their songs. 2NE1 has reportedly been working with artist on English-language tracks for potential U.S. debut album, rumored to be released sometime this year. Only time will tell how K-pop groups will open up the American market to the underrepresented and often underrated Asian performer.

Girls Generation

2011-2012 Reflections: “diversity means….” One big happy family

Zachary thomas

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Senior Flashback

Look How Much Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve Grown! 2008


& e r o o Trey M ick Fredr n o Fergus Jacob Rosenberg & Zen Yang


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“Finding the Roots of LOVE”








“Erica Getting Tired of Doing Homework and thus Finding Something Mindless to do Instead”


ARTISTS A: Cardinal Do B: May Wang C: May Wang D: May Wang E: Yi Zeng

F: Yi Zeng G: Erica Perine H: Cardinal Do I: Cardinal Do

} s l o d I {ECG

Aisha struttinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; her outfit after seminar

Samira and Kusha dressed to kill

Ali shows her dressy side for the camera

Jordan shows off her stylish outfit

Hamzah and Vivek sport their Lacoste jackets

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Colin with a little jig in his hips

Abby all dolled up

Key: 1. Jordan Richmond 2. Sam Gibson 3. Bri Dobson

4. Catherine Machanic 5. Bri Dobson 6. Amanda Ingman


5 3 4 Tebow


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Whose Pet Is It?



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ℚü◎☂℮ṧ αηⅾ ℃øм℘ℓїмℯη☂ṧ By: Saidivya Komma and Lana Abutabanja

1. “Catch the bloody frisbee!” 2. “Your face!” 3. "Hey guys, do you want to hear a funny joke?" 4. "Kamikaze!" 5. “TIME FOR SOME APUSH LOVING!” (the night before a test) ♡ 6. “The best times in my life were when I could poop in my pants.” 7. “It’s like Inception.” 8. “Dude.” 9. Dr. Carroll: Which president do you guys want? ??: Bush. Dr.Carroll: Which one? ??: The one with a 'W' Carroll: They both have W's! ??: Then, George!

7. Gabriel Autry 8. Thang Ngyuen 9. Christianna Van Dalsen

Yi makes the best cat noises. Jordan Smith makes weird noises, but it’s probably because she killed Pikachu and used him as a hat. That’s a compliment. Haejin is a beast at running Journalism Club. Grayson, eres lindo. Thang is smart. Kotaro is an undercover ninja that epitomizes coolness. Cardinal, who doesn’t envy you? David Choi has nice teeth. NIRMALA. That’s a compliment in itself. Morgan Cheek has the voice of an angel. Mollie Sewell has a nice laugh. Gareth and June rock in Quiz Bowl and are ready to take over next year.

She/he said what?!

KEY: 1. Gareth Fowler 2. Dylan Caskie 3. Jake Thomas 4. Rene Houegnifio 5 and 6. Akosua Bekoe

We like you


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This is a column where current seniors reflect upon their college application process and their past experiences in Early College.

During your college application, what has been the hardest aspect? *It was hard for me to know when I was truly finished with my applications. I’d have to re-read my essays, always making sure that there was nothing left to tweak. There comes a point where you have to just take a deep breath and commit to what you have and hope it’s enough. Why did you decide to choose Emory University? *I wanted to look for a college that had a reputable business school. I also wanted to look for a school that was in a great environment for music. I settled on Emory University in Atlanta because the school had both of those things, and it was the college that offered me the best financial aid package. I get everything I want with this school.

Marcus Riley “Write what you know to be true.”

As an underclassmen and/or upperclassmen, did you have any mentors/ professors/teachers who really helped you during the application process? *There’s really no counselor like Mrs. Spell. She’s always there to answer any kind of questions you may have and really helps you during the whole process. Why did you decide to choose Duke University? *I really respected their school pride and despite their youth, compared to other older institutions, Duke has already established itself as a prestigious and competitive school. It has a strong public policy program and the second largest lemur population after Madagascar. When I visited the campus, I could really imagine myself being there and attending the school; plus, Duke waffles are extremely cool.

Rachel Lee

“Remember to focus on your passion.”

During your years at ECG, which event or experience has been the most memorable for you? *By being in a small modular with 50 students, you really got to know everyone— we’re like one big family. I made a lot of great friends at ECG and this whole journey has been memorable and lots of fun. What do you think colleges look for in a prospective student? *They want to see that you are a good student but that you are also passionate about something. They want students who are going to be involved in their communities and not just studying in their rooms all day.

Lily Zerihun “It’s not just about being good at school or having a good SAT score, but what you really want to do and your passion.”

C O L U M N.

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During your years at ECG, which event or experience has been the most memorable for you? *The most memorable moment was the AP Exam review month, especially for Dr. Carroll’s classes. I still remember doing 500 questions in two days—it was the most stressful period of my underclassmen years. What extracurricular activities were you involved in? *I was mainly involved in a few music ensembles and swimming. When you spend12 to 14 hours during swim meets at the pool, you really have to show some dedication. Why did you choose Harvard? * I knew Harvard had stellar academics, and so did the other schools that I had applied to. However, there were so many opportunities to work with incredible faculty and peers that I couldn't say no.

Mitchel Cole “Be honest and be yourself.”

What do you leave Early College gaining? *I'm definitely leaving ECG with a sense of independence, intellectual as well as social. My classes really encouraged me to think beyond the conventional and the lifestyle of having a college schedule let me develop the freedom of arranging the activities that are important to me. With the experiences I've had at ECG, college life should be a piece of cake (given that I can figure out Boston's public transportation system). Do you have any advice for juniors (aka: soon to be seniors)? *Definitely turn in things for college applications early, especially since nearly everything is done online. The last thing you want is a technical error at the last minute or an internet problem that's out of your control. Also, be prepared for the year to go by very very quickly, especially the second semester!

Caroline Fried “Stay within the word limit and start early!”

Why did you decide to choose UPenn? *There were so many opportunities available at UPenn such as Wharton School and School of Medicine; I was also invited into the Vagelos Scholars Program in Molecular Life Sciences. I’m also excited about the culture of Philly and to be a part of that community. Do you have any advice for juniors (aka: soon to be seniors)? *Students should definitely make sure to utilize office hours of Guilford College professors; they are extremely helpful and you can always get the help you need.

Jeremy Chang “College professors are ECG's most valuable advantage.”

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Quaker Head, courtesy of Tom, Trey, Scotty, and Akshay!

Groups of ECG students enjoy the annual International Festival that features culturally diverse acts of music, dance, and food



Social Life A collection of cheery and some not so cheery underclassmen faces

{ ECG Social Life


A friendly ECG Frisbee match against Grimsley

Erica with her beloved viola

Three Junior girls foolin’ around at Folly’s Beach

Cute Christine and Lilly!

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You go to the Early College at Guilford. You enjoy playing/ watching Frisbee.

Your life is that of a NON-ECG-ian. SHUN THE NONBELIEVER!

Your goal in sophomore year is/was to SURVIVE.

(1) Your life is that of an OUTSIDER at ECG! You take pride in not following the norm.

You love puns, or at least appreciate a good one.

A favorite science joke is “Two scientists walk into a bar. One orders H2O. The other orders H2O too. The second one dies.”

You remember phases involving RUBIK’S CUBES.

To you, Dr. Carroll’s approval is the ULTIMATE approval.

Go to Box #4

Go to Box #2

You laugh at “Well… You ain’t never had seen nobody with as much SKILLS as me!” Go to Box #3



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(2) You can barely imagine life without doing notecards. (3) You are already at the light at the end of the tunnel. You spend your days listening to complaints, and Yu-Gi-Oh.

(4) You’ve had senioritis. (**NOT the same as “junioritis”**)

Your life is that of a SENIOR at ECG! Four years have gone by and you’re finally heading to college! Finally done with the all those restraints of high school, you’re ready to take on the college life! KEY: YES: NO:

Your life is that of a SOPHOMORE at ECG! You’ve worked your way through the ALL THAT WORK and now you’re ready for a summer-workfree summer!

Your life is that of a JUNIOR at ECG! After a year of interesting experiences, you’re “looking forward” to lots of college applications!

You still think of Calculus as “Cal-CU-lus.”

A favorite math joke is “Holy SHIFT! Look at the ASYMPTOTE on that mother FUNCTION!” You want to take the next level of Calculus with a Calculus CD. Go to Box #1

Your life is that of a FRESHMAN at ECG! If one year of the new life at Early College seemed interesting, just wait until sophomore year!

Official Registry of the Staff of theOverload Haejin Song [President]: Empress of Overload

Sam Gibson [Vice President]: General Secretary of the Politburo

May Wang [Treasurer]: Chanceloress of the Exchequer

Samira Dahdah [Secretary]: Minister of Magic

Caroline Fried: Dignitary of the Palace of Thought

Mollie Sewell: Baroness of Bountiful Giggles

Thomas Martin: Head Medalhead

Marcus Riley: Head Minstrel of the Royal Troubadours

Jordan Richmond: Magistrate of the Royal Pigskin

Erica Perine: Apostolic Dean of the Index of Forbidden Books

Amanda Ingman: Marshal of the Royal Aviary

Saidivya Komma: Keeper of the Seals

Madison Price: Duchess of Conviviality

Catherine Machanic: Headmaster of the Royal Council

Landon Fried: Royal Prophesier and Seer of All Things to Come

Cardinal Do: Countess of Creation

Haley Hawkins: Gentlewoman of the Hunt

Lana Abutabanja: Magistrate of the Imperial Air Force

Sara Stewart: Royal Falconer

Yi Zeng: Queen of Placidity

Leah Asmelash: Secretary of the Bureau of Public Information

Bri Dobson: Imperial Chaplain

Michael Hebert: Constable of Public Safety

Davis Ranson: Dame of Dimples

“Kim to the Kardashian in the house! Why aren’t you squealing over me?!” “Uh I’m Taylor Lautner… I get it, you guys are vampire fans.”

overload v2 i2  

Volume 2, Issue 2

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