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We mean business. And a lot more.

May 14 Follow Up And Draft Work Plan Respectfully Submitted May 26/09 Pearl Street Communications

We mean business. And a lot more.

The Logo The OSER logo was sparked by two ideas: "third sector" and "Ontario”. The trillium is a natural fit even though it is widely used. The three leaves intersect and still maintain their shape much like the social economy will integrate into a broader economic system. The rounded triangle in the middle even looks like a funky table! Typefaces & Colors The name plate typeface is Today Medium. It's available from: or For body copy we suggest using Century School book or Whitney Book which this document has been set in. CMYK Colors Blue: Green: RGB Colors Blue: 98.157.155 Green: 123.139.56 Tag Line: ‘We mean business. And a lot more.’ We hope this captures the professionalism which OSER wants to project and speaks to the wider impact of a strong social economy.

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About OSER The Ontario Social Economy Round Table (OSER) is a collective of independent and connected organizations interested in facilitating a conversation about growing Ontario’s Social Economy. We Believe In  The power of a strong and diverse social economy  Collaborative relationships with economic influencers, political leaders and other interested stakeholders  Building community capacity in all economic sectors and communities  Partnership and its potential  The power and equality of ‘local’ We Are  Policy makers  A resource of academic and practical knowledge about social economy best practices  Brokers of knowledge and relationship builders  Supporters of social economic practitioners We Will  Help define what a Social Economy in Ontario could look like  Influence decision makers to make positive change that will build stronger and more sustainable communities  Act as a transparent and inclusive hub for communication and networking with other interested organizations  Model co-operation with other provincial and national organizations  Work with our members to grow a social economy in Ontario and ensure equal opportunity for everyone involved

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Our Long Term Goals Market transformation  This will look like: [three specific examples] Stronger communities  This will look like: [three specific examples] An inclusive and welcoming roundtable  This will look like: [three specific examples] A common definition of ‘social economy’ that is easy to communicate and share  This will look like: [three specific examples] Recognition by governments as the social economy resource  This will look like: [three specific examples]

Our Six Month Priorities 1.

Organize and resource OSER to be an efficient and transparent organization.

2. Create a draft Discussion Paper for input from stakeholders and interest groups. 3. Build an online feedback process for those who cannot attend regional meetings. 4. Use this feedback to develop a Discussion Paper that will act as Ontario’s voice for the sector at the National Summit in November. 5. Think beyond the Summit to build process and partnerships to implement suggestions and feedback.

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Our Challenges & Solutions Challenge #1: Our own diversity (social, linguistic and ethnic) Solutions (addressed specifically in work plan)  Outreach to potential stakeholders and partners with a specific ask to join the OSER table.  Create a welcoming and inclusive practice of engagement to groups not currently involved. Challenge #2: Resources (money, time, human) Solutions (addressed specifically in work plan)  Keep the right mind set. We can do this: we have the resources and a plan.  Hire dedicated HR support (project manager, communications and facilitators). This will allow steering committee to delegate operational work and stay focused on big picture.  Build a simple governance model that will give all stakeholders clarity on roles and responsibilities. Challenge #3: Moving forward Solutions (addressed specifically in work plan)  Identify who will facilitate regional meetings.  Identify who we are reaching out to and how we will maintain engagement.  Bring in others from the community and invite them to be at the OSER table.

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Our Work Plan What




Hire A Project Manager Immediate projects:  Sub-contract communication work and website development  Develop a communications plan  Develop an engagement model to operate in two official languages and welcome new members  Develop a one page overview of OSER membership roles and responsibilities to help with recruitment Formalize Our Next Steps  Review Work Plan from Pearl Street and modify accordingly  Use this document as a communication tool with the Project Manager to establish work priorities Start Drafting Our Discussion Paper  Group members will provide feedback on document from Tonya  Project Manager will manage the editing and translation process  Form a smaller advisory committee to assist Project Manager Broaden Our Round Table Membership  Identify new groups that need to be around the OSER table  Prepare a one page summary of roles and responsibilities of OSER membership vs OSER founding members  Identify where the meetings will be held and invite to future meetings


CED NET to lead process

By June 5

(CEDNet and Project Manager to review budget)

Ethel and Denyse will help.

All members

All members

Received by May 26 Reviewed by committee by June 5 Reviews to being immediately

Project Manager

Draft ready for mid-August

Project Manager will help to identify key groups

June - July

All current members take responsibility to make invitations

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Get Clarity On The Numbers  Update organizational budget to include specific dollars and definitions for: o Staff and contract support o Stipends for OSER members o Travel for o Translation and interpretation o Regional Meetings Prepare For The Regional Meetings  Implement specific requirements in Trillium work plan  Develop specific and detailed work plan for each of the regional meetings plus the on-line community Prepare For The Fall Summit  More clarity and specifics needed here

CEDNet and Project Manager


Project Manager plus someone local in each community

September 1 to October 30

Project Manager


New draft budget by June 12/09

Early-June Quick Check List    

Hire a Project Manager Re-work and finalize budget Prepare RFP for communications and technology support Have OSER members start their review of the Discussion Paper

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Telling Our Story: Communications Key Messages  OSER is committed to strengthening the social and economic fabric of local communities through: o Market transformation o Enabling local and regional capacity for growth o Inclusivity o Advocacy and policy change o Economic renewal o Awareness building  [We need to have a simple and easy to remember description of ‘social economy’]  [We need three specific examples from different areas of the province]  We are o focused on market transformation [this will need a simple definition] o inclusive o focused on advocacy and policy change o convinced that the social economy is part of a strong economic renewal o committed to awareness building Audiences Initially, we will focus our communications on social economy stakeholders and political leaders. We will not be engaging the general public immediately. This may change after the completion of the Discussion Paper. Communication and Engagement Tools  Website and social networking tools  Newsletter available online and hardcopy in both official languages  Ongoing consultation with other provinces Possible Communication Challenges  Address different languages/ethic/cultural backgrounds  Need to develop credibility and a profile which will draw in other groups.  Virtual consultation process will need to be simple and easy to participate in for those who cannot attend regional meetings Visual Voice and Tag Line  Based on suggestions from Pearl Street, develop a brand and style guide in cooperation with OSER communications lead  Share the logo and style guide with all members  Build electronic and web materials based on the OSER style guide

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Other May 16 Planning Meeting Notes Regional Meetings Our regional consultation map will match that of Trillium. Regional partners can suggest meeting locations. Year one and year two locations can be different. We will make an effort to be inclusive of all stakeholders regardless of geography. Meetings will be held in  Thunder Bay  Sudbury  Ottawa and East  GTA  London  Virtually at a yet to be registered domain Project Manager Skills When looking for a project manager consider looking for:  Strong organization skills  Experience with web 2.0 technology and social networking tools  Experience in negotiating and monitoring contracts  Comfortable working unsupervised  Experience working with a volunteer board  Prepared to work for a 6 month contract for 20 hours week Project Manager Tasks ONE: Operations  Build a portal at to host all historical notes and minutes  Move the organizing committee from e-mail discussions and exchange of information into a hosted environment  Identify where OSER meetings are going to be and widen the number of stakeholders at the table.  Finalize the budget TWO: Develop RFP’s  Communication and website engagement  Regional facilitation THREE: Communications  register a domain name o All OSER domains are taken o Wemeanbusiness domains are taken o is available  With external support, develop communications plan based on suggestions from this document

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Challenges and Solutions OSER does not represent the entire Social Economy sector Solution: Define what OSER membership includes and have clarity about what roles and responsibilities (time and money) non-founding members have. When asking specific groups to join, know what financial resources are available to cover time and transportation costs. What are we saying and to whom do we say it? Solution: develop a clear and simple communication plan. Be aware of language, geography and access to broadband. We need to build momentum Solution: Do a few things extremely well rather than doing lots of things poorly. Hire a project Manager ASAP. We need to measure progress and success Solution: Add specific numbers to each goal on page 4. Mind the gap between OSER and front line organizations Solution: Build a governance model that will allow for open, transparent and courageous conversations. OSER funding (directly or from members) Solution: Prepare an organizational budget for immediate needs. This is bigger than just ‘us’ Solution: Spend time building process and empowering staff now. Be prepared to have the regional meetings change how and we what we will do. The Social Economy sector has little credibility. Solution: The Discussion Paper should include how we deal with sector credibility, human resource training and best practice development.

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Comments From The Facilitation Team We Think We Heard  OSER is a collective of like minded stakeholders and partner organizations interested in growing Ontario’s social economy. Rather than building long term infrastructure right now, we will be focused on networking with members to build the economic, political and social case for a provincial office of Social Economy. Other General Comments 1. Membership is OSER’s biggest strength. Membership is OSER biggest challenge. o Developing clarity on what it means to be an OSER member (rather than founder) will be helpful recruitment, decision making and guiding the Project Manager. 2. Diversity is more than acknowledging English/French. It is an attitude and process that will drive how OSER grows. o Working toward diversity is time and resource consuming. Only commit to levels of engagement that you have the time and money for. 3. There is a creative tension between members of OSER being an organization that builds links and partnership vs building its own organizational capacity. o Cross this bridge organically as your prepare for the fall. Channel your energies on your Trillium deliverables and see what kind of infrastructure (if any) is needed beyond that. 4. Balance OSER goals with OSER capacity o Clarify a governance model ASAP. Your project manager will thank you! 5. Clarify how you will measure the success of OSER and a social economy in Ontario. o Find numbers that everyone can agree to 6. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate o With each other o With the project manager o With sub-committees o With members

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OSER Final Report  

Final report

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