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352 West m in st er Ave. Ven ice 90291 (310) 314-9976 laclair ef on t ain e.or g

CO N T EN T S Ecole Claire Fontaine

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Cal en d ar Bi r th d ay s Cozy ! Rai n y L ove V i ol et H eal th e Bay I n n ovati on

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W i l d W i n ter s Gr eat M u si c Bu i l d i n g & Bak i n g Cake M u r al M aster p i eces Com m u n i ty Con n ect i on Read i n g Ch al l en ge Ad ver ti se w i th ECF

CA L EN D A R Febr uar y 2018

Fr i Feb 2 Ch an d el eu r Cel ebr at i on , 4p m Ch i l d r en O n ly Sat Feb 3 Pr osp ect i ve Par en t s Tou r , 9:45am

T h u Feb 8 Bi r t h d ay Cel ebr at i on s Cam p er Cam p u s, 12:30 A bbott K i n n ey, 1p m

Ch i l d r en O n ly

Sat Feb 10 N o O n e Eat s A l on e

W ed Feb 14 Val en t i n e's D ay

M o n Feb 19 Sch ool Cl osed

Save the Date: Family Day May 11 Gr aduation AK June 15, CC June 21 3


Children and teacher s will celebr ate this


month's bir thdays on Thur sday, Febr uar y 8th by singing together and shar ing a treat lovingly prepared at school.

Antonia, Eliel, Ella, Mila, Pippa, Vishaan



Love Dur ing this month devoted to Love we attend to the good. As chilly air mixes with bouts of sunshine, we are afforded ample oppor tunity to add to our gr atitude lists. The children love to remind us just how big their LOVE is.


A Class in Coziness Under

a soft canopy of leaves, an hour each after noon is spent cuddled up in the tree house listening to stor ies read aloud by Ecole Claire Fontaine's mar velous teacher s. Children relax while engaging in the adventure of twisting tales found in books. Student choices for the English selection as of late have included The Wizard of Oz, inspir ing liter ar y dress- up. French favor ites frequently involve animals found in forests and far ms who love to communicate with the silliest of sounds. 8

Under the Rainbow


February Loves Rain Febr uar y loves r ain. Plants and trees are refreshed, their roots nour ished. The leaves tr anspire and the dust is washed off. Although the sound of this Petr ichor soup does not evoke a delicate bouquet, we do love the scent it produces: Bacter ial spores, ozone and plant oils mix together to create the sweet scent of fresh r ain. The children's gardens are more often dr ied by a nearly omnipresent sun, which makes the scent of r ain even more power ful when it finally does r ain. The Smithsonian Magazine explains that the frequent ar id per iods leave rocks and soil hotbeds of the oil blend secreted by some plants. When r ain hits it releases the oil into the air, creating this wonder ful smell, in addition to other scents that are cer tainly not as lovely. For many of us, repor ts Scientific Amer ican, ?The smell of r ain is linked to the color green.?


Bundling Up

Sever al

families have come down with seasonal illnesses which we hope to at least par tially amelior ate with these reminder s: Please ensure that your children have a change of war m clothes in their cubbies. When children ar r ive at school they should be dressed appropr iately for the weather, keeping in mind that the gardens can be par ticularly chilly in the

mor nings at this time of year. Dr ink lots of water, go to bed early, and eat your veggies. This may be a good time to sign- up for the weekly box of Or ganic Produce delivered to campus ever y Monday, fresh from the Far mer s Market. Wash hands frequently while singing the Alphabet Song double points if it is in a second or third language! 11

Violet The

Violet is known scientifically as Viola, a lovely name indeed. Our sweet flower of the month is the lar gest genus in the Violaceae family, containing up to 600 species! There are many flower s associated with the month of Febr uar y, but the children have chosen... The Pur ple Violet represents thoughts filled with LOVE. Our youngest gardener s are lear ning gentleness with flower s of all color s - to leave them growing to pollinate and spread their seeds. "I love to see the hummingbirds eating flower nectar." Our unofficial school poll indicates: "Flower s are the best!" The children have planted yellow mar igolds to br ighten that cer tain slant of light per meating the school gates on winter after noons. 12

Flower of the Month of Love


next beach cleanup with Heal the Bay is Febr uar y 17th. Children love to demonstr ate their stewardship of the ocean.


of painted shells and glue tinted with color come together in honor of clean oceans and healthy cor al reefs hosting vibr ant fish.


Ar tichoke leaves lend themselves to the creation of birds wings.


Or anges from the garden "Juice!"

For the love of innovation... "We cut vegetables with a pencil sharpener!"

Spinning fallen leaves found dur ing Gardening class blend into mushroom tasting at the table. 15

Family yoga classes are

Focusing Wild Winter Ener gy

offered on select Saturdays...

(opposite page)

The children pr actice Qigong, the Life Ener gy Cultivation known as Chinese Meditation.





Playing Ensemble


the Band Together with piano, ukulele and xylophone.


?How do you feel after listening to that piece?? The children?s answer s reflected a soft, contemplative nar r ative. I feel calm. I feel my heart. I feel love.

Rendevous avec la Grand Music Dur ing

Ecole Claire Fontaine?s Monday Concer t Ser ies children explore their senses among Baroque and Classical music greats such as Bach, Beethoven, Handel, Mozar t and Vivaldi. The pr ivilege of living in complex music as children develops young minds with unpar alleled r ichness. ?Music like this liber ates your mind,? Teacher Mar ina says on an unseasonably war m winter Monday after having treated the children to Pachelbel?s Canon in D Major. In class students relaxed in chair s or were prone on the floor while exper iencing the music.

?I was dreaming while I was listening and dreaming dreams because of the music. I couldn?t even feel how much love I was feeling it was so much.? Upon reflection later that day, a student placed a hand across his hear t, became atypically speechless for a moment, and said with quiet love, ?My hear t was exploding in me.? The Concer t Ser ies is focusing specifically on har monically unique, emotionally char ged Baroque music this season. With this comes the additional study of the intr icate mingling of the ar t, architecture and liter ature of the Er a. ?The pur pose of music,? Mar ina theor izes, ?is to develop your humanity, your mind. It is to connect and to feel for and with other people on a deeper level? . It is to feel the bliss of being in life.? 19

Baking & Building with Love


the big board in Chess. "I used a secret move and went diagonally with my bishop r ight into check mate!"


Architecture class children study the avant- garde and the classics, building castles, chair s, churches, and houses of state. Upcoming is the Maison de la littĂŠrature in QuĂŠbec.


children love to spend their day with the scent of Baking class in the air.


Cake Merci to Chocolate Covered Katie

2/3 cup milk of choice 1 1/2 tsp vinegar 1/2 cup pure maple syr up (or honey or agave) 1/4 cup vegetable or melted coconut oil 2 tsp pure vanilla extr act 1/3 cup cocoa powder 1 cup loosely packed spelt, white, or gluten- free all- pur pose flour 1/2 tsp salt 3/4 tsp baking powder Preheat oven to 350 F, and grease an 8- inch square or round baking pan. Whisk together the fir st 5 ingredients, and set aside for at least 10 minutes. Meanwhile, stir together the remaining ingredients in a separ ate bowl until well- mixed. Pour wet into dr y, stir just until evenly mixed, and tr ansfer to the prepared pan. Bake 20 minutes on the middle r ack, or until cake is light and fluffy and a toothpick inser ted in the center is clean. 21



painter s shar ing discover ies and new tools. "Did you know that sponges are alive?"


M ur al master pieces pop with the vibr ancy of color unbounded by convention. Children are free to find their love in stor ies told with paint. "Me in car. I dr ive!." "Sun!" "I make the moon." Look up and see that the month of Febr uar y begins with a waning gibbous moon after the "super blue blood" finale of Januar y.


CO M M U N I T Y For

the 35th year outstanding Venice High School students are being awarded a Jacket of Excellence for their academic and community achievements. This recognition is bestowed in a moving ceremony in Febr uar y. Ecole Claire Fontaine Director and Chair of the Venice Chamber of Commerce Education Committee, JoĂŤlle Dumas, is among its proud par tner s. Her community work with the VCCEC is also leading up to the fabulous WAVE Awards, which honor the excellent teacher s who inspire their colleagues and students with adaptive lear ning and global thinking.

Recipients of the WAVE Award are celebr ated in a stunning ceremony that lauds teacher s with the prestige they deser ve.


We look for ward to seeing you there in May and invite you to become an esteemed Sponsor of this most spectacular event.

National School Choice Week

Ecole Claire Fontaine is suppor ts freedom of choice. "Shining a spotlight on effective education options for ever y Child." 25


ECF Summer Camp sign- ups begin in March

Ecole Claire Fontaine is par ticipating in the

Bookwor m Fitness Challenge

L os Angeles Public Libr ar y Feb 13 - May 4 Your family can play at home! See the game board on pages 28- 29 27



A D V ERT I SI N G Venice Luther an School teaching excellence in academics and char acter to children K- 8 815 Venice Boulevard 310- 823- 9367

Creative Music School with ECF Teacher s Freder ic Michot & MaĂŻwenn EkouĂŠ

Piano, Guitar, Dr ums, Ukulele, Recorder 30

For Adver tising r ates please contact Media@LAClairefontaine.or g

Ecole Claire Fontaine aprons make lovely gifts

Children & Adult sizes $22

Or ganic Produce Boxes

Weekly/Monthly Deliver y

French & English songs for children by Eitan's Mom! On sale for $12 in ECF office

Collecting Coats & Beanies for People without Houses More infor mation on Facebook @dor aswinter project Dr op off gently used items at the ECF office.

"Your GREATNESS is not what you have, its what you give"

www.natalier FB: @moovingroovinbabymusic Online Sales 31

Focusing the Love


ECF February 2018 News Magazine  

Ecole Claire Fontaine is an art, language and nature school for children aged 2-7 years old in the heart of Venice, California.

ECF February 2018 News Magazine  

Ecole Claire Fontaine is an art, language and nature school for children aged 2-7 years old in the heart of Venice, California.