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Robert Gielen Birthplace: Edmonton, AB

Birth date: July 1, 1950

Hometown: Norton, NB


Robert took up riding relatively late in life, at the age of 36. He learned about distance riding in New Brunswick with the Atlantic Canada Trail Riding Association - first with Competitive rides, and then Endurance. He has had amazing experiences riding in Canada, United States and Malaysia and is grateful to all those who he has met along the way helping him to achieve his goals. Any successes Robert has had he links to great horses “who are the “real athletes here!”. Robert has accumulated 3000 Competitive Trail miles and 5000 Endurance miles, most recently with F C Galaxy. Galaxy has completed 2485 Endurance miles including nine 100 mile ride. Galaxy was the first Canadian horse to cross the finish in both the World Championship in Malaysia in 2008 and the Kentucky Cup pre ride in 2009 and WEG in 2010. Robert has owned Galaxy for 8 years, ever since he retired from a flat racing career in Delaware; he will be 14 this year. Galaxy was the AERC Northeast region Best Condition Champion in 2010 racking up 6 Best Conditions. “From his first ride Galaxy has taken care of himself, always eating and drinking. He can be unmanageable at the start but has never quit on the trail. Galaxy had a great winter season in Florida over the winter. We will be spending the summer again training in Ontario”.

Horses: FC Galaxy 1997 Bay Arabian gelding 15.0 hh by A La Croix Noire. Owner: Robert Gielen Three Above 2003 chestnut Arabian gelding 15.0 hh by A La Croix Noire. Owner: Robert Gielen

Competition Highlights:

FC Galaxy

10:13:55 FEI 4* 100 mile, Lexington, KY Sept 2010

FC Galaxy

07:13:26 FEI 2* 75 miles, New Lowell ON, July 2010

FC Galaxy

07:02:00 FEI 2* 75 mile, Lexington, KY Oct 2009

FC Galaxy

10:50:01 FEI 3* 100 mile, Ocala Fl, Jan 2009

FC Galaxy

12:27:00 FEI 4*100 mile, WEC Malaysia Nov 2008

The Canadian Endurance Team

Path to China - Endurance in Zhaosu 2011 - Bob Gielen  

Bob Gielien will be a Canadian Equestrian Ambassador for the EC Export, Path to China - Endurance in Zhaosu 2011, initiative.