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The Diwizards of Diburli


Orago – The Diwizard Master Organizer There is more organization to the universe than we are aware.

We see plenty of organization on Earth. For example, termites and ants and bees are well-organized creatures, and as far as we know, they have been around for millions of years. It was Orago who thought of these, everywhere. The little curls of strings and socalled vibrational matter organize themselves into solid forms, which are because of Orago. One of Orago’s greatest accomplishments at the beginning is organizing the inconceivably tiny strings of energy into the froth and foam that we observe as matter. After that, his main concerns were the organization of life forms into colonies and societies. It was Orago who made sure that individual molecules organized themselves into the proteins that form part of the DNA. Often, Orago and the other diwizards use agents called rampods in different parts of the universe to effect or implement what needs to be done. Thus, Orago is able to organize live creatures as well as small particles of matter, or stars that form into galaxies, or groups of galaxies that seem to dance with each other in constellations. The real power of Orago is manifested in how he organized the basic elements (called foams in the void) so that entire stars and galaxies can evolve from or fit back into a cube no larger than your fist. Of course, it would be unbelievably heavy to earthlings if matter were condensed in such a small space, but Orago had in his organization a way to order the basic blocks of creation so that they become very well condensed.

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Wizards of diburli  
Wizards of diburli