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Ece Çiper

Popi and Snowman was written by Ece Çiper in 1994, when she was five. In 2010, the 21-yearold Ece revised and illustrated the story. This is the first book she wrote.


Popi had a friend and she visited him every day since the first day snow fell on the ground.

His name was Snowman.

On one of Popi’s visits, a hungry little rabbit saw something orange on Snowman’s face. The rabbit quickly reached for the orangeness...

...and ate it up, and sped away.

Snowman was left without a nose.

“Don’t worry Snowman,” said Popi, “I will get you a new nose.”

She flew among clouds, searching for a new nose for Snowman. She could see everything from where the clouds were. But there were no carrots.

While searching for a new nose for Snowman, Popi met a boy. The boy took Popi home and offered her some food.

There, Popi saw two big carrots on the kitchen table. “I found it! I found it!” Popi yelled. The boy let her take one of the carrots after she told him Snowman’s story.

Popi thanked the boy and took one of the carrots to Snowman.

Snowman smiled and thanked Popi,

but the sun was high, and he was starting to melt. “I may not be here the next time you visit me. Today might be the last time we play together,� he said.

The next day, Popi went to Snowman as soon as she woke up. But Snowman was gone. He had melted.

Popi cried. “Goodbye Snowman...” she said.

On the ground was his scarf,

his hat,

his button eyes,

his mouth from pieces of coal,

and his carrot nose.

Popi collected Snowman’s scarf, his hat, his button eyes, his mouth from pieces of coal and his carrot nose. She took them home with her, to give them back to Snowman when he comes back the next time it snows. Popi knew, Snowman always came back when it snowed.

Popi and Snowman  

A children's picture book written and illustrated by Ece Ciper.

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