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Describing a Place I’m going to speak about Zürich. It’s located in north-central Switzerland in Europe. I’d like to speak about this city because it has got beautiful buildings, like the Sunrise tower or Franmüster church besides a fantastic lake with incredible landscapes. Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland so you can see two parts: the old part and the modern one. Tourists usually go to the old part to see vintage architecture and to sail along the Limmat River. But in the modern part you can visit a huge number of museums, zoos and parks. Some of them are rather famous in Europe, like the Zürich Museum of Art. There are a lot of shops and sports facilities but in my opinion everything has high prices. In Switzerland people are mad about chocolate. However, vegetarian foods are important in Swiss diet. My father, who worked in Zürich, told me about Swiss people. He said that it’s difficult to get on with them at the beginning but then they are absolutely polite and friendly. The city has snowy and rainy days in winter but sunny days with quite nice temperatures in summer. Zürich is a beautiful town but the thing’s prices are slightly excessive. However, if you have money and time you should go there because the experience will be unforgettable. How to describe a place: In the first paragraph you should say the name and the location of the place and write, why are you writing about that? In the second one you have to describe the place (however you want). Finally, in the third paragraph you ought to make an advice about the place. Do not forget that you can write personal experiences.

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Describing a place  

With this text you can find some help to do a composition about describing a place.

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