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ECCO Educators in Context and Community Spring 2013

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Beth Davidson and Katie Shearer

Hannah Koe nig, Chipmunk frie nd, and Katie Sheare r

Nicole Brewer, Beth Davidson, Hannah Koenig, Austin Flores, and Kelsey Smith

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New York Trip

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Alexa Szabo Meeting friends is the best experience I have had in ECCO. I have met them by living in Kohl with them and being in executive board with them. My friends that I have met through ECCO have made BG so much fun!

Alyssa Moore

Alexa Szabo

Gwen Coulton, Alexa Szabo, Tori Stephens, and Emily Whitman

Alexa Szabo

Sara Rayburn

Alyssa Moore "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.." -- Benjamin Franklin ECCO has taught me to be more assertive in the classroom and has also allowed me to make some amazing friends! ECCO definitely was a good choice for me!

Kelsie Fritsch Being a Middle Childhood Educator major, this year has brought many new aspects to my life.


grown as not only a person, but a future educator as well through my experiences this year inside of ECCO.

Samantha Pozzi I have made an amazing friend this year through ECCO. I love having her in my life, she helps me with all of my problems and I would have never met her if it was not ECCO. I am very grateful and happy that I got to meet you Kelsey Smith :) Thank you ECCO for helping bring me a new friend!

Jennie Povenmire Graduating Senior Returning for Grad School! There are not enough great things I can say about ECCO. I joined on a whim, but I stayed because of the friends I found and the connections I made. ECCO allowed me to try so many things I could have never done otherwise-grant writing, applying to Harvard, finding people who believe the same things I do (or better yet, different things), and being unafraid to try. Third grade wasn't exactly a picnic each day, but I learned the most here. The kids were so forgiving, and for the most part, willing to go along with whatever I dreamed up. Maybe because they had no choice, but we certainly had a lot of fun! "Our influence reaches where we can never go."

Sara Rayburn

Traveling to New York City for the first time with ECCO was the best experience of my freshman year! Seeing urban schools in another city has made me even more motivated to become an early childhood educator in a high-need school. I not only gained a better understanding of this context, but also made a ton of new ECCO friends. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities ECCO has provided to meet people and explore the field of education.

Sami Slusher Ecco has given me the best opportunities that I never would have been able to experience otherwise.

Nichole Riley Provonsil

It also is the reason why I met my roommate and my best friend in the world Nichole Provonsil. :)

Nichole PROVOnsil

Emily Whitman

Sami Slusher

ECCO has been such as incredible experience for me. I have met my best friends, earned some irreplaceable experience in the classroom, and had the opportunity to visit schools in New York over spring break. I wouldn't trade this experience for the world! :)

Sara Rayburn

Kaitlyn McGory

Sami Slusher

Aaron Smart

Hannah Koenig

Calee Gaskins

"It takes a big heart to teach little minds."

Caitie Instone Ay'Lish Hulihan, Alexa Almond, Caitie Instone, and Audrey Luli

My favorite part about ECCO is all of the great opportunities. I love going to field placement every week and I love knowing that I am getting so much experience for when I have my own class someday. Most of all, I love getting to know so many great people through the learning community.

Audrey Luli ECCO has been a valuable experience. It has given me the op portunity to develop myself as a future teacher and form lifelong friendships. All the extra time and extra time and effort will pay in the end.

Interactive felt book

Casey Boehm

My Preschooler and Me

This semester was the semester of Block 1! I spent lots of time in preschool, writing lessons, writing a unit, and making portfolios. It has been a lot of work, but I have learned so much and it has made me even more excited to be a teacher!

Preschool Artwork

My Preschooler and Me



Elena Figueroa ECCO has been a wonderful Elena Figueroa and experience. I have been able Jackie Bogner to make friends and share stories with all sorts of awesome people. I have also been given the opportunity to develop myself as a teacher while having fun too! Elena Figueroa and Calee Gaskins

Eric Lamorelle Austin Flores Zack Spence

ECCO has been a great experience throughout my college life. Austin Flores and Zach Spence are both great friends I made through ECCO, and ECCO has strengthened our way of teaching through field experience.

The function of education is to teach one thing intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education. ~MLK Jr.

Amber Biedka I joined ECCO to receive a great experience and to start in the classroom as a freshman. ECCO has helped me get into the classroom and see what it is actually like as a teacher. I got into the classroom and taught on my first day of placement. That experience is what everyone going into education needs to have. I was in a Kindergarten classroom at Garfield elementary for last semesters field placement. In the middle of teaching, two kids randomly started to break dance in the middle of the classroom. I was indeed shocked, but I also knew how to handle it because of the experiences I had in the classroom thanks to ECCO.

Laura Antel I am so happy I decided to join ECCO! I've made some great friends and discovered that I really do love teaching. For Easter, I made all my second graders little Easter baskets out of paper and put jelly beans in them. Their excitement and gratitude was priceless. Nothing is better than walking in and seeing their smiling faces every week!

Aaron Smart a.k.a A-Aron

Nichole Provonsil a. k.a Provo Emily Whitman and Tori Stephens

Dawn HubbellSteable

Joining ECCO is/was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have made so many new friends and knowing that these friendships will last forever means a lot. Field placement with my 5th graders is irreplaceable and I wouldn't change it for the world. Provo, Sara Rayburn a.k.a Syrup

Jessica Kager This past semester I was in Block I (the start to ECE methods). Due to its time commitment this was the first semester I was not able to do a field placement through ECCO. This saddened me. However, my special student is right there, and he was one great person to get the opportunity to meet.

Libbie Ruch ECCO is so much fun!!! I love being able to go to the different schools around Northwest Ohio and see how they handle their early classrooms. Not to mention, if I wasn't in ECCO, I wouldn't have met this lovely lady. :) (Pictured: Victoria

Sutton and Libbie Ruch)

Desiree' Thomas ECCO has been amazing. It has helped me get to know a lot of great people. But it also has gotten me into the classroom, which has been a fantastic experience.

Vanessa Thompson My first year in ECCO has been one to remember. Gaining experience and making friendships, ECCO has been an amazing adventure for my first year here at Bowling Green.

Alyssa McClure My experience during my first year in ECCO has been so great. I have met so many people and made so many new relationships with the people in ECCO. The friends that I have made this past year have meant so much to me and I cannot wait to see what the rest of my ECCO experience has in store for me.

Alyssa McClure and Heather Scott

Alyssa McClure and Kaitlyn McGory

Alyssa McClure and Vanessa Thompson

Kaitlyn McGory

Heather Scott

Nichole Provonsil & Sami Slusher

I have had an AMAZING first year in ECCO! Not only do I feel more excited about becoming a teacher, but I have met so many awesome friends! I have enjoyed my placements and just the overall community of ECCO! I cannot wait Vanessa Thompson & to have an even better Alyssa McClure year next year!

Maddie Armstrong I joined ECCO because I thought it was something that all education majors did. I expected it to give me more experience and help me feel more prepared to be a teacher. Sure, I got some great experience, but I have gained so much more. I never expected to have students who trust me so much and open up about their problems, teach me to not be afraid to speak up and have an opinion, or meet some of the best friends I've ever had.

Emily Shrilla and Danielle Danaher

Danielle Danaher and Kassie Kurzhals

Maddie Armstrong and Danielle Danaher

Tori Stephens



CCO !!


My favorite thing about ECCO are the friendships that I have formed. Just by the first semester I have made

best friends that I know will be there for the rest of my

Beth Davidson

life! I also love field placement.

I have gained so much

experience and

am far more advanced that other education majors that are not in ECCO!

Emily Whitman


ie P


Aaron Smart

Leslie Perry Joining ECCO has given me so many opportunities. I have already become

Tori Stephens

a better future educator just after one year. I have had field placement at Waite and Carey High school and these experiences has taught me so many things. I

Tori Stephens

couldn't imagine being an education major and not getting the experiences that ECCO gives me.

Allison Martin Emily Whitman

Emily n Whitma

Emily Whitman My favorite thing about ECCO is all of the new friends I have made and the experiences I have been so thankful to be apart of! Going to New York with ECCO was an amazing opportunity where I learned a lot and

Provo, Beth Davidson, Tori

Stephens, Nicole Brewer, Holly

made new friends! I know that through ECCO I have had many great educational moments and made friends that will last a lifetime! :)

Tori Stephens

Provo and Sara Rayburn

Beth Davidson, Allie Gehres, Christian Mocek, Tori Stephens Hannah Koenigh, Abby Heitkamp Beth Davidson & Tori Stephens

P r o v o

Anne Kessing One of the days that really stands out to me from my field placement is something I shared during take5. I usually take a backseat in the classroom, and help out when I'm needed as an extra pair of eyes and hands for art projects. On this particular day, my supervising teacher had to answer a call from her doctor, and asked me to wrap up the class for her. So I told everyone to get their tables cleaned up so I could call on tables to line up, and one of the girls stands there for a moment and just stares at me, and the next words out of her mouth were, "That is the most you have ever talked in here, like, ever!" SInce then, the students in that class have gotten used to asking for my help as well, since I'm no longer the quiet observer of the class.

Rachel Dutton Being in ECCO was one of the best decisions I have EVER made! I joined ECCO so that I can further my education and experience. The kids I work with inspire me every time I am there and I learn just as much as they do! One thing I never expected was to meet so many amazing friends who I can laugh, cry and teach with. I can

Amanda Lammermeier, Freddy Falcon, Rachel Dutton

y sisters <3


honestly call these people my family and I am so glad to be a part of such a wonderful program! Calee Gaskins, Lauren Beauregard, Mel Maddux, Rachel Dutton, Emily Milller, Amanda Lammermeier, Calypso Zenda, Nikki Griffin, Jacalyn Bogner, Kiara Esselman


ECCO has given me the

Heather Scott

opportunity to go out into the field and see if education is where I truly belong and if it is where I will be happy for the rest of my life. Through these experiences I have ultimately decided not to stay in education. Thank you for helping me with this huge decision!

Ethan Walker

Morgan Priest I joined ECCO because I am able to get more experience in different types of classrooms right away. I am more confident when teaching a lesson now and the experiences that I have had in ECCO will help me become a great teacher! I also really like that my roommate is in ECCO as well so we have been able to develop a great friendship and take some of the same classes together.

Morgan Priest and Haley Ries

Josh Heitkamp, Christian Mocek, Hannah Koenig, Emily Whitman, Abby Heitkamp

Callee Gaskins, Hannah Koenig

Hannah Koenig, Abby Heitkamp, Nicole Brewer

I came into ECCO wanting so bad to learn to teach and to be in classrooms and I have gained some of that along my journey but more importantly, I gained friendships that will last a lifetime and a brand new perspective on the world. ECCO is about so much more than just being in a classroom. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s about wanting to make an impact in the world that everyone swears won't change.

Allie Gehres, Reggie Shouse, Hannah Koenig, Abby Heitkamp

Abby Heitkamp Each year I am in ECCO, I am more proud of this organization. The friends, support, and professional development opportunities are unique to our learning community.Without ECCO, I do not even feel I would be an education major. This semester, I took up a leadership position as chancellor of executive board. This experience as well as the trip to New York City has changed the way I think and learn. ECCO!

Sara-Danielle Newman

ECCO has given me the chance to explore the different subjects I have wanted to teach. I have found what I am most passionate about through this experience.

Sara-Danielle Newman, Robin

I have a field placement this semester at Wood Lane school and I absolutely LOVE it there! I have met some of the most caring people who have influenced me more than I ever that possible. Everything about the students there is genuine and they tell you exactly how they feel good or bad. The students I am with make me smile every time that I am there. I even have a "boyfriend" that I look forward to seeing every Friday! He's the most adorable person I have ever seen and so sweet. He holds my hand all day while I work with him. The connections I have made are priceless. My supervising teacher already said that I have a spot reserved in her classroom for next year. I hope to be there all year starting next year.

Katie Shearer I loved my field placement this semester. Here is a lesson I taught to my first graders about Dr. Seuss! I used it for my ECCO Conference project as well! I have had a great semester in ECCO for sure! Being the professional development chair has given me so many new opportunities! Can't wait to live in Mac next year and make even more

Beth Davidson I love ECCO!!!!!!! I've had so many amazing memories with such great friends. I've also had amazing field experiences. I'm excited to continue on my college journey in ECCO

Austin, Tamara, and Me





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Melissa Maddux Why I joined ECCO... I joined ECCO because I thought the idea of going to Placement every week for experience inside the classroom was a awesome idea. I enjoy every minute I go to placement.

Melissa Maddux and Calee Gaskins

Kristin Schnerer Field placement this semester was

This is me, yo.

the best semester of field placement I have had in ECCO. I have learned so much by working with Miss Collar at Eagle Academy. Being the Director of Recruitment also challenged me in a different way - being in leadership is hard work and takes a lot of time!

there will be a picture of the Recruitment Committee here eventually.... just not right meow.

Maddy Wimmer My favorite part of ECCO was getting to meet all the new people. I also really enjoyed being able to get in all of this extra experience through field placements. ECCO helped me confirm that I want to be a

In Photo: Alexa Almond, Me, Caitie Instone

Danielle Ware

Clair Beth Kaylynn Tori and me

ECCO is the reason why i want to become a teacher. Going to placement has opened my eyes on new experiences and opportunity.

Kaylynn Cuzzolini ECCO man oh man I have meet some pretty awesome people during my 3 years in ECCO and the memories keep on building. Can't wait to see what the other years in ECCO will bring.


Claire Beth Tori Reggie Tommy Zack

Dance Marathon 2013, FTK, 32 hours of fun Claire Beth Jennie Danielle Tori

Tori, Beth, Austin, Claire

Field Placement L

esson Plan!


i r o t ic

S a

t t u


On February 19, 2013 I performed a lesson plan. My lesson dealt with the letter D. The class was on the letter D for the week. The lesson plan I made was with dinosaur bones. I hid the bones around the room and each child had to find one bone. Before they went on the search for the bones, I showed them what the bones were and told them the names of the bones. After each child had found a bone, I played a video of the “I am a Paleontologist.” When the chorus part came on, I sang along with it and was dancing. The children saw me and they started to sing and dance along with me. I enjoyed doing the lesson plan and the children highly enjoyed it as well.

I LOVE ECCO! ECCO was one of the main reasons I chose to come to BGSU and I'm so glad I did! I have made great friends and all my roommates next year are going to be in ECCO as well. I am excited for the following years in ECCO! :)

"I Am A Paleontologist" Lyrics

Damian Randal, my fiance <3

Dinosaur Hand

Dinosaur Shoulder

Dinosaur Rib

Dinosaur Leg

Bre Thornberry The simple fact that ECCO gave me the opportunity to gain more

experience than

many other college juniors and seniors caused me to decide to come to BGSU. love feeling that I'm one step ahead of every other education major!


Alexa Almond My favorite parts of ECCO are all the awesome ALexa Almond, Maddy people I have Wimmer, and Caitie Instone met and the experience I am getting in the classroom. Field placement has helped me feel more prepared for the future! Ay'lish Hulihan, Alexa Almond, Caitie Instone, and Audrey Luli

Tommy Caldarea Field placement this semester was a huge eye opener for me and was a great experience. Being in an inner city school, I learned quickly that there were not many limitation on what a student could do or say in the classroom. I learned that respect has to be earned and that it is not given. If you respect the students, they will respect you. This has helped me a lot and will help me to be a better teacher in the future.

A.J. Graber Kassie Kurzhals

Lucas Stall

Neije Harris-Brice My favorite part of ECCO is the experiences I got from my field and thats why I joined. I made great connection, like finding out that the superintendent of Toledo used to be one of my neighbors and that Mr. Brewster wouldn't mind me working for him in Oklahoma. One story I have from field placement is how I got my name at Eagle Academy. The students wanted to know my first name. I told them none of them could pronounce it and I was right. Thus one named me Ms.Nutella because it starts with an N. I said "Do I look like a hazelnut spread?" Answer: "Yes" Now I'm Ms. Nutella

Katie Crowell Block I, the semester full of preschool. I got to be in a preschool for 10 hours a week implementing lesson plans, recording observations, and making a portfolio on a student. It was hard work and I had many sleepless nights, but it was worth it, and I learned that hard work does pay off.

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." My preschooler and I

The Preschool Class

A.J. Graber I was back at Waite High School this semester for field placement. I spent my fall semester at Waite and it was an incredible experience. It was great to go back to Waite and use the what I learned from first semester and apply it to spring semester. I will never forget my first year in ECCO and at Waite High School.

Dave Wottle

Allison Wentling

Emily Shrilla Maggie Budzik

I joined ECCO because I thought it would be a great opportunity to get into the classrooms so early into my college career. Not only has it tested my limits, but has reinforced that fact that I can't wait to be a teacher! I have loved every second of field placement thanks to ECCO.

Maddie Maggie Armstrong Budzik

Danielle Danaher

Kassie Kurzhals Lauren Lake (future ECCO member)

Maddie armstrong Danielle Danaher

Danielle Danaher, Maddie Armstrong Emily Shrilla, Kassie Kurzhals

Danielle Danaher

"God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage. If God brings you to it, then God will bring you through it." As teachers, our jobs won't always be easy. We can't be good at what we do by taking the easy way out. We are guaranteed to fail, to be frustrated, and to question why we ever chose this career in the first place. I believe that in the end, the lifelong benefits for both ourselves and our students, far outweigh those of almost every other career. I look forward to making a difference. I look forward to the challenges of being a great teacher. I'm very thankful to ECCO for better preparing me to face this crazy roller coaster.

Danielle Danaher

Kelsey Smith ECCO has given me more than enough experience in a classroom while allowing me to make connections within my placement schools as well as making friends who have the same passion about teaching that I do.

Alexandra Ogonek I have been in ECCO since my freshman year and each year I find another reason to love it even more. This year I was able to go on the NYC trip which was amazing. Between the schools we got to see, and spending nights on Broadway, it was something I will never forget. I once described Seminar like going to the gym. It's a struggle to actually get up and go. But once you're there, you are really happy you went.

Jacalyn Bogner This spring semester I have been placed at Birmingham Elementary. I was disappointed to find that I ended up being placed in a typical 3rd grade classroom (seeing as I'm a moderate to intensive intervention specialist that is interested in educating high school student). Then I got to help this one girl learn how to tell time. I know it seems simple and like it should not be that big of a deal, but to see the excitement on her face when she finally go the answer right was priceless. That's why I want to be a teacher. To allow those students the chance to enjoy learning.

Danica McGowan ECCO has increased my confidence in my teaching abilities and provided me with extra skills that I will be able to use within my future classroom. I am thankful for my supervising teacher because she gave me opportunities to work with the students individually, in small groups, and as an entire class. She also allowed me to organize and teach my own lesson with the students! I loved seeing the joy on their faces when they learned something new or just noticed when I walked into their classroom!

Hayley Hesselschwardt ECCO has been an amazing experience. Through it I have found my teaching niche, kindergarten. The placements they put me in allowed me to explore who I want to be as a teacher. I have also met my closest friends through ECCO, it has been a great year!

Haley Ries Ecco has been a wonderful experience for me. My field placement my second semester has been life changing. I am currently teaching at Carey Elementary and my teacher has allowed me to take over her class and teach. I have been teaching a first grade class and have enjoyed every second spent with the children. Every week I put together a fun lesson/activity for them to do. All the children hug me as soon as I walk in the room every morning and it makes my heart know teaching is the right job for me!

Amanda Lammermier I am truly glad I have joined ECCO! It has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life! This family has given me the support to become a wonderful teacher and develop life long friends joining my journey along the way. Seeing these children every week and getting the opportunity to teach my first year has really encouraged me to continue my passion for teaching. This program has clearly made my year the best and I am excited for the years to come!

Erin Emery The ECCO program has solidified and strengthened my decision to become a middle childhood educator. It has allowed me to have time in the classroom, teaching and learning! Because of this, I am so grateful that I joined ECCO. I can't wait to see what the next few years have in store.

Zack Spence ECCO has given me so many awesome opportunities. I am so happy that I joined ECCO this year, seeing all of my students smile when I am able to help them, is something that I will never forget.

Nicole Brewer Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Nelson Mandela

Ever Since the spring of my First Year I joined the learning community called ECCO! It was literally the best decision I made.I have taught in Downtown Toledo and Ostego Elementary. I have worked on on one with students and taught lessons. Did Curriculum night, social events and went to New York, which was the best trip ever. Ecco is where you will not be only a good teacher, but you will make long lasting friendships.

Maggie Budzik I love being in ECCO! I have been able to get classroom experience and it has helped me get to do things that I might not have been able to if I didn't join ECCO.

Tamara Goldner Aus


Dav id


and y e v Har e i l Les




Me, and Beth

Through ECCO I have made some of my best friends. I will never forget all the memories we have made this year and how much I have learned through ECCO. In the classroom and about myself.

Me and Hayley Hesselschwardt

Me and Beth Davidson

Leslie Harvey How Much Do I Love ECCO???? ● ●

ECCO allows me to get into the classroom my first year

● ●

ECCO provides a friendly environment for students

ECCO has very good staff and helper that are available to answer any questions that you have

● ● ●

Our Director, Patrick Vrooman is a great individual


ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!

SILENCE OF THE LAMBS! (My favorite Vrooman quote!)

Stephanie Siegel I have made awesome friends this year in ECCO. I have learned a lot about myself and the teaching profession. ECCO has confirmed my decision that I want to be a high school math teacher.

Natalie Burke

Melissa Gaige I love ECCO! My favorite field placement experience was when I was able to teach a lesson on poetry, and had each student write their own poem and I got to grade them later in the week. It was so fun reading my students thoughts, and having them come up to me the next week asking me what I thought about their poems, and having them want me to teach them another lesson!!

Allison Wentling


Laney Buechner, Kelsie Fitch, Calee Gaskins, Me

ECCO is the reason I came to Bowling Green State University, I was really impressed with the education program here. I didn't realize however ECCO would be the reason I stayed in my major. As a sophomore this year, I see e! dM n a that I have more hours in the classroom rson e t t a la P y a and a bigger perspective of what my job K consists of compared to my peers. ECCO has provided me with many experiences I will never regret. Especially this year because I know what my plans are after I graduate. I plan to graduate as a mild to moderate n State intervention specialist then come back to I Love Bowling Gre!!e! University school and get a degree in interpreting.

Annie Mosedale ECCO was a great experience, through all the friendships I have made. I have gained so much knowledge and experience through field placement and presenting at the ECCO spring conference. It was an experience that will last a lifetime.

Desiree Thoma

Hannah Morris Tori Desiree Stephens Thomas

Natalie Hustosky Being in ECCO has given me the opportunity to really grow as an educator. I am an Early Childhood major and I had my field placement at Garfield Elementary, and I love it. I have a classroom of second graders and it is fun watching them improve on their reading skills and I have learned so much from my teacher.

Laney Buechner Ecco is honestly one of the best things I've decided to do in my college career. Not only does it give you the chance to meet new people, but you also make a lot of amazing professional connections! I don't think I would have met as many amazing people on this campus if it weren't for Ecco!

Donique Stinson ECCO has been a wonderful first year experience for me. I joined Ecco to meet new people, learn more about education, and to gain more experience in the classroom. All of my expectations were met. Along with that ECCO in the end I know that this program will open up many doors for me in the future as a persue by dreams of being a special education teacher.

Alyse Flack I joined ECCO because I wanted to get the chance to teach lessons and get into a classroom before I become a teacher. It has been a great opportunity and I'm glad I joined! These are my students from my first and second semester in ECCO. I had an amazing time with them. And even where there are things about school that are really stressful, I can remember my experience with them and feel awesome about what I'm doing!

Christian Crew ECCO really provides excellent opportunities for people to get extra hours of field placement. This is the core reason why I stayed with ECCO, because coming into my first year I thought it was required. I did not realize that this was just an option; I thought the majority of people did a program like this. Being provided with a ride to placement and those extra hours are my major reasons for staying in. My most exciting field placement of the year took place about three weeks ago. I was sitting at lunch with my students, and all the sudden I look up and two students are fighting. This was the first fight I had ever seen in person, and it was shocking. I froze, the students were across the room and I didn't do anything. I felt bad for not jumping up and breaking it up right away, but it was a good thing to get out of the way early. If it happens again I am definitely much more prepared to handle the situation efficiently. I really enjoy the group of people that I am around when it comes to ECCO. Everyone is friendly, and it has just been an awesome experience.

Brittany Bauer My favorite part of ECCO has definitely been my field placement at Liberty Benton Middle School in Findlay, Ohio. It certainly brightens my day walking into the classroom every week and seeing the students' faces light up. Getting hugs from the students when I leave always really makes my day as well. I even have a student named Gavin who tells me each week that he doesn't want me to leave. In addition, I also have a student named Chance who always says that she wishes I could teach at Liberty Benton someday so that I can be her teacher once she hits eighth grade, her last year there. Because of my placement and the rapport I have established with my students, I am more excited than ever to become a teacher someday, especially in a middle school! I have learned so much already as just a college Sophomore thanks to this awesome experience at such an awesome school!

Austin Flores

ECCO ha s of educa given me the opp tion and ortunity h to develo a s i n and serv s p i r p my e d m educator ing on the execut e as a leader. Th understanding o iv ro . f whole ye It is hard to pick e board, I have b ugh field placem the career field on ar eg ent, new fr would be was one. I came e influential exp un to shape mys erience f elf as a fu iends, to BGSU a great b rom this en an From me year, bec ture eting the efit, but the com d ECCO with th au e and teac hing a le superintendent o munity has provi idea that field pl se the sson, my d a f first year Toledo Public Sc ed me with so m cement uch more hools to at BGSU t . r w a o veling to uld not h this expe C a h ve been t rience. he same icago without

Ecco scrapbook 2013  
Ecco scrapbook 2013