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ECCO Leather Brings its Open Circle Lab® to Bread & Butter Berlin ECCO Leather has been working with the organizers of the Bread & Butter Tradefair to create a unique interactive leather workshop as part of the fair’s event program during the Winter show from January 15-16.

the boundaries of what leather can do.

ECCO Leather develops highly progressive leather qualities for some of the industry’s most iconic contemporary designers and brands. Recent developments have included a wide range of innovations including;

In order to enrich the Bread & Butter experience, ECCO Leather has been invited to recreate this highly interactive Open Circle development experience as part of the event program within the fair’s L.O.C.K. exhibition area. L.O.C.K.’s focus on creating a dynamic modern context for timeless craft, heritage and artisan tradition makes it the ideal platform for the Open Circle Leather Lab


Scandinavian heritage leather developed for Fritz Hansen


High-intensity memory veg re-tannage developed for Denham


Glow-in-the-dark leather developed for Alexander Fielden


. Hybrid of two animals developed for Last Conspiracy


High-performance yak golf shoe leather developed for ECCO shoes


Rugged waterproof camel-drum tannated developed for Denham

The Open Circle Leather Lab® – A Live Leather Collaboration The creative process underpinning each of ECCO Leather’s boldest innovations is characterized by the tannery’s highly unique “Open Circle” development approach. The tannery has invested in a rich tradition of hosting collaborative multi-disciplinary creative laboratories aimed at uniting designers, buyers, production managers, marketers and leather technicians at its annual Hot-Shop events. These exercises allow a diverse group of creatives direct access to



The event is scheduled to include: The Tanner’s Bar: All visitors to L.O.C.K. will be invited to design and produce a custom leather item. Including selection of leather, hands-on assembly and surface processing. Items will include premium veg-tan luggage-tag business-card holders laser engraved with special Open Circle Leather Lab x L.O.C.K. at Bread & Butter artwork. Live Guest Innovators: Designers within the ECCO Leather creative technicians from the tannery – fully manifesting the “Open Circle” creative approach and allowing visitors to engage with this special development process. Innovation Gallery: Examples of products featuring innovative qualities from ECCO Leather will be on view providing a sense of what is possible when visionary designers work directly with a committed progressive tannery. ECCO Leather hopes to provoke and inspire visitors by sharing some of these achievements.

We Do Not Want to Sell You Leather While this assertion may sound counter-intuitive, ECCO Leather joins the L.O.C.K. program to share its passion for leather and its commitment to the future of tanning. The company’s most remarkable products are co-developed with visionary clients – not sold out of a standard catalog.

ECCO Leather Converts Internal “Skunkworks”, Danna R&D, into ECCO Leather Open Circle Lab ECCO Leather announces that it is incorporating the highly experimental development lab known as Danna R&D into its primary development operation. Danna R&D: The Lunatic Fringe of Leather Technology Danna R&D was launched quietly within the European development facility of ECCO Leather. The Danna R&D unit was charged with the task of envisioning longer-term leather development projects and allowed to work outside the skunkworks model enabled Danna R&D to work directly with ever more demanding clients on ever more out-of-the-box development briefs. Working with these processes; from waterproof waxed camel leather (OILDRUM®) to revolutionary glow-in-the-dark yak leather (GLOWWORM®). The successful development of these bespoke leathers for clients like Alexander

Fielden, Denham, Bagism and The Last Conspiracy has inspired ECCO Leather to fully integrate the Danna R&D unit into its overall development program. The highly collaborative development ethos manifested within both the Danna R&D unit and by ECCO Leather proper have been described by the company as the open circle approach, where outside designers are invited into the ECCO Leather circle to work shoulder-to-shoulder on new ideas. In this spirit and as part of its formal integration into ECCO Leather, the Danna R&D unit has been renamed; The ECCO Leather Open Circle Lab®. Continuation of Innovation Under its new designation, the team within the ECCO Leather Open Circle Lab will remain empowered to continue their work and deepen their day-to-day commitment to experimentation, invention and progression on behalf of its clients.

Our History As the owner of a growing shoe company in Denmark, Karl Toosbuy became leather producers. He decided that he could do better. In 1985, Toosbuy opened a small tannery in Portugal and started producing leather to his own high standards. Looking for that tacit leather ‘know how’ that is handed – not written – down through generations of craft, he recruited talent As his business expanded, so did his leather needs. And so, he appointed a

talented young leather technician, Panos Mytaros, to grow the leather business while preserving the artisan craft and ‘know how’ his company had built up. From a leather family himself Mytaros embodied unrivaled passion for the product and a keen interest in technology. Panos and his team realized the need to bring leather making into the modern age. This required blending the best of European leather making acumen, the development of cutting edge new technologies and the creation of a global production network including locations within Asia. All the while taking special

Open Circle Lab - Press Kit  

ECCO Leather has been working with the organizers of the Bread & Butter Trade fair to create a unique interactive leather workshop as part o...