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CROSS-SECTORAL COLLABORATION. CREATIVE INDUSTRIES AND TOURISM*. Date: November 20, 2013 – from 9:15 to 11:30 Location: Barcelona Media - Av. Diagonal 177, 9 floor. Innova room

Objective: To put together the innovative potential of the creative industries at the service of other business sectors by presenting four concrete cases within the tourism sector.

Goals: - Evaluate and promote the four cases proposed by the cultural and creative participating companies in order to support them as projects that foster innovation and tourism. - Evaluate and stimulate work methodologies that promote innovation in the tourism industry from the cross-sectoral collaboration and the supportive role of clusters.

Participants: The session provides, on the one hand, the presence of representatives of the four selected cases, and the participation of representatives of the tourism sector, cluster related cultural and creative industries, as well as potential investors.

Agenda: • Welcome and introduction to the session. • Introduction to creative industries and their models cross-sectoral collaboration • Presentation of the four selected cases • General comments and discussion • Conclusions and closing session * This session is part of the activities carried out by Barcelona Media for the European Creative Cluster Lab - ECCL de la European Creative Industry Alliance – ECIA, which aims to improve the management tools of creative clusters in Europe (


The four cases that focus the work of the meeting: Case 1: EXTRA-ORDINARY TRAVEL. A program of exhibitions and activities for travel and art, two forms of knowledge: Initiative promoted by Bòlit, Girona Contemporary Art Center, with the collaboration of Girona Hotels and conducted from March 21, to September 1, 2013. Experience already made, you can drive in other areas A project with two years of experience with potential development Case 2: PASSEIGDEGRÀCIA.COM. A digital magazine associated with the emblematic Barcelona Avenue. Passeigdegrà is a project promoted by ESIETE, a graphic design studio and communication. Company belonging to the cluster:

Case 3: THE SECRET GUIDES TO TOON A VILLE. A tourist guide for children based on augmented reality and cartoons Toon a Ville project is under commissioning, joint initiative of Luvaina and A project Soon in Tokyo. conceptualization Luvaina is part of the Cluster: process

A scientific and technological line research with a high potential for innovation

Case 4: EXPERIENCE ROOMS. A space equipped with technology resources to get to know customer behavior in hotels, restaurants, exhibitions and more. Innovation in the design of the spaces of experience, from the potential of technology and sensory observational research in perception and cognition. Founding member of the Cluster:


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CROSS-SECTORAL COLLABORATION. CREATIVE INDUSTRIES AND TOURISM November 20, 2013 – from 9:15 to 11:30 @ Barcelona Media - Av. Diagonal 177, 9...