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Connect to the future

Bari, 22-23-24 May 2013

In Bari, from May 22 to 24, the 3rd Innovation Festival comes out onto the streets to bring the future even closer. Closer to you physically: this year’s Festival is decentralised, with several different indoor and outdoor locations in various parts of Bari city centre. Closer to you in time, giving insights into policies, ideas, and plans for the future, divided into five macro-areas. Closer to you the people, with plenty of opportunities for discussion and networking between innovation leaders: Public administration, business, research, finance and a wide audience made up of professionals and institutional partners, as well as ordinary people. A future closer to everyone’s wishes, with events specially designed for young people and students, as well as open labs, co-design spaces and innovative pathways for individuals, groups, businesses and government agencies; opportunities to build and consolidate partnerships, or to make a name for yourself through pitches, forums, business stories and coworking sessions. And last but not least, plenty of opportunities to take part in fun exciting events and activities, interactive exhibits, themed competitions and much more.

Innovation takes to the streets

Five main themes for one great experience Never before has innovation started from a formula. The third edition of the Festival will not be just a showcase but an open space where everyone is invited to get involved, to contribute their own ideas, experiences and visions in an atmosphere of free content-sharing. Everyone should have the opportunity to build their own Festival by designing the pathway that best suits their thirst for knowledge and their curiosity – choosing from laboratories, workshops, exhibitions, shows and events divided into five major themes.

The knowledge economy

The research-enterprise-finance-government circuit.

Empowerment and self entrepreneurship, innovation in training. The human factor

Smart specialization, innovation in traditional and innovative sectors, districts, networks, clusters. Made in Italy hi-tech

The Apulian model and beyond. Energy-Energies


Smart cities, social innovation, collaboration, innovative communication, collaborative web.

A wide-ranging events programme to get you to take part in the future Open-air or indoor, all of the events at the Festival share the capacity to attract and engage participants: through a massive use of technological solutions for providing information and content, and through immediate interaction with the public on web platforms and social networks.

Here are the main types of events scheduled: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

One talk per day - experts share their views on the themes of the Festival Investment forum Virtual piazza - live streaming of interactive round tables Innovation Factory - coworking workshops Apulia innovation lab - codesign workshops Maker Special - temporary spaces for makers Creativity Lab - on the theme of creative industry NO-BLE Ideas Fest - events for agrifood innovators Apulia innovation contest - competition for high-school students and young people Stories of extraordinary innovation Enterprise tales - innovative companies take the stage Words on the carpet - reading contest with a citizens’ jury Show time - shows and events to bring the festival to a perfect close

Where to find innovation: some of the places Piazza del Ferrarese • One talk per day • Show time • Innovation Café Sala Murat Exhibitions and workshops Fortino di S. Antonio Innovation Workshop Central University building Exhibitions and Events Bari Municipal Council Chamber Apulia Innovation Lab Bari Chamber of Commerce Virtual piazza Vittorio Emanuele Installations Multi-purpose student centre • Exhibitions • Investment Forum

How to connect with the Festival Taking part in the Festival means not only taking part in the various events, but also being connected to a network of technology tools that provide real-time communication between the different key players and optimum use of content by the public: The web portal This is the hub of the whole system. In addition to providing all the information required, this platform enables you to present your ideas or provide an experiential activity through specific calls to action. The Festival App Downloadable for free from the Apple store or Android Market, it is full of useful features and services including: user registration, events calendar, list of participants, maps and geolocation, check-in via QRcode, real time news, manage appointments.

The QR-code Found on everything connected with the festival, from on-line and off-line communication to ID badges, from exhibitions to events, this two-dimensional code gives smartphone and tablet owners a simple quick way of getting information and additional content.

Social media All of the most significant events and moments of the Festival will be shared on social media (facebook, twitter, youtube and google+) so they can be accessed by anyone at any time in the future.

ARTI - Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation Administrative Offices - Strade srl Tel. 080 2221008/9 - Fax 080 2220960 - Press Office - Duerighe srl Tel. 080 2021737 - Fax 080 5722836 -

FESR - Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale

This is an initiative by the Apulian Regional administration and ARTI The project “Enterprise creation and technology dissemination through research - Operational Programme for Phase 2 of the ILO2 Project� is co-funded by the EU under OP ERDF 2007-2013, Priority Axis I, Action 1.2.3.

Apulian Innovation Festival 2013  

In Bari, from May 22 to 24, the 3rd Innovation Festival comes out onto the streets to bring the future even closer.