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CREATIVE AND CULTURAL INDUSTRIES SEMINAR WEDNESDAY, 5th FEBRUARY 2014 from 10:00 to 17:00 Venue : Salon des réceptions Hôtel Communautaire - 1 rue du Ballon à Lille -

10:00/12:30 : Presentation by KEA of the report III (challenges and action plans) – Debate (2h) Presentation of working group topics and distribution of participants Each working group (4) shall be headed by a moderator, designated prior to the that day.


12:30/14:00 : Lunch buffet in Lille Métropole


14:00 / 17:00 : 4 working groups and summary at the end of the day o « Knowledge and Training »:  Identification of needs for cross competences and knowledge on the creativity theme  Implementation of a Prospective Study  Reflection on the implementation of an inter-competence career-path  Opportunity of joint responses to call for projects  Proposal of « artistic » trainings to the economic sector o « Interclustering of CCI » :  How to work together and organize the interclustering collaboration  Reflection on one or several « market » specializations  Joint intercluster calls for projects  Common value chains between clusters  Pooling of means o « Infiltration and cross-fertilisation » :  What links between the economic sector/CCI/the cultural sector ?  Reflection on the a “1% creative” issue  Art/research /business residencies  The cross-governance of clusters  Smart collaborations between public and private initiatives o « Visibility and Influence of creativity»  Cross-communication (web, trade fair, institutional communication, social networks …)  Communication taking private initiatives into account  Cross events on the Metropolitan creativity theme  Internationalization and representation of the metropolis for European projects

Project co-financed by European Commission - DG Enterprises and Industries

Creative and Cultural Industries Seminar  
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