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Canon 32GB VIXIA R42 Camcorder

Description: Just Pay AUD741.00 And Get Canon 32GB VIXIA R42 Full HD Camcorder- NTSC with GST Tax Invoice from Electronic bazaar AU.

The Canon 32GB VIXIA HF R42 Full HD Camcorder records Full HD 1920 x 1080p video to an internal 32GB flash memory or to an SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card. It also supports Full HD still image capture and the camera is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi for remote operation and live streaming. The HF R42 features a 3.28 megapixel Full HD CMOS image sensor and a DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor. It also employs a genuine Canon HD video lens with 53x Advanced Zoom and SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization with improved Dynamic Image Stabilization. For easy recording and instant playback, there's a 3" touch panel LCD as well.Designed with all levels of users in mind, the HF R42 has a laundry list of features

including MP4 and AVCHD independent or dual simultaneous recording, an innovative Baby Mode, Intelligent IS, Smart AUTO, a higher capacity battery for longer shooting sessions and more. For connectivity to your HDTV, the camcorder is equipped with a mini-HDMI output. Plus, for improved audio recording, the HF R42 has both a headphone and a microphone jack. You can also achieve a variety of cinematic effects using the integrated Cinema-Look Filters. Genuine Canon HD Video Lens with 53x Advanced Zoom: The camcorder features a Genuine Canon HD Video Lens with an expanded 38.5mm (35mm equivalent) wide-angle area. It uses aspherical lens technology to achieve low chromatic aberration with high resolution while maintaining compact dimensions. Super spectra coating technology lowers flare and ghosting. The VIXIA HF R42 also features a 53x Advanced Zoom that takes the camcorder's telephoto power all the way to 1723mm (35mm equivalent) in manual mode. The camcorder offers continually variable Zoom Speed settings as well, with 15 levels available. SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization with Improved Dynamic Image Stabilization: Canon's SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer corrects camera shake instantly, even when shooting handheld video at long focal lengths. The VIXIA HF R42's DIGIC DV 4 Image Processer allows for an improved Dynamic Image Stabilization mode. In addition to providing continuous adjustment throughout the entire zoom range to correct a broad range of motion, with extra compensation applied at wide-angle focal lengths, the system also stabilizes rotational camera shake. Controlling rotational camera shake - horizontal, vertical and roll axis - promotes distortion-free video, even when you're walking and shooting. 3.28 Megapixel Full HD CMOS Image Sensor: The VIXIA HF R42 is equipped with a 3.28 megapixel Full HD CMOS image sensor for true 1920 x 1080 resolution. Canon's high-resolution HD CMOS image sensor features extra sensitivity for lifelike Full HD video with natural color, even in low light. Original on-chip noise reduction helps bring bright clarity to every frame as well, so your video is clear and detailed, even when played back on a large HDTV. DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor: The VIXIA HF R42 incorporates Canon's advanced DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor, which is a significant upgrade from previous models. The DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor

captures more light, for brighter, noise-free images even in dark scenes. Increased processing power lets you record in both AVCHD and easy-to-share MP4 formats simultaneously. And, it supports improved image stabilization. Record to Internal Flash Drive or SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card: The VIXIA HF R42 camcorder records Full HD video to a built-in 32GB internal flash memory or to a removable SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card. Widely available in several capacities, SD memory cards let you share your videos quickly and easily. Since the VIXIA HF R42 supports super-high capacity SDXC cards, you'll be able to hold up to 128GB and transfer data faster.

Canon 32gb vixia r42 camcorder  

Just Pay AUD741.00 And Get Canon 32GB VIXIA HF R42 Full HD Camcorder- NTSC with GST Tax Invoice from Electronic bazaar AU.