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Team E.C Athletics


EC Athletics - Quality Cheerleading, Martial Arts and Tumbling Instruction in a Family Friendly Atmosphere.

Our goal is to produce superior athletes, while at the same time helping each student grow into his or her full potential as a truly great person. Our programs teach discipline, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, and indomitable spirit.

These are the tenants of most martial arts programs, which we expand to all of our programs. Our belief is that winning is a good measure of our abilities only if we can compete and win against the best while maintaining our self-respect. In the end, our greatest competitor is ourselves.

Lee & Melissa Ward began this venture in the Spring of 2004 with the dream of instructing children's athletics while maintaining focus on family values. After several years of operation, as well as a name change, EC Athletics is now poised to become one of the leading instructional facilities in the East Plano area. Our focus is the same now as it was when we began our operation. Family.

EC Athletics competition cheer program was formed in January of 2005 in Plano 

EC Athletics competition cheer program was formed in January of 2005 in Plano, TX. We strongly believe in the benefits that Competition Cheer instills in athletes. From self-discipline to focus to teamwork, athletes build character and life skills in competition cheerleading. Our philosophy is to make competition cheerleading fun and educational, while instilling qualities of leadership and self-confidence in our squad members. Our cheer squad members are held to extremely high standards, both socially and academically. In keeping with this philosophy, we LOVE to win competitions, but we also instill the importance of being a good competitor and a good student in our athletes. We train at EC Athletics, located at 1601 E. Plano Parkway, Suite 140 in Plano just North of 190 and just West of Jupiter on the North side of Plano Parkway.

March 1, 2010 we were fortunate to move to our new 11,000 square foot facility which includes 2 full-size Tiffin competition spring cheer floors, in addition to a full-size Martial Arts floor along with tumble strips and trampolines.

From our small beginnings of 17 cheerleaders in 2005, we have grown to multiple teams of athletes competing across age groups from Levels, as well as competition dance squads added in 2009. Our cheerleaders and dancers range in age from 4 to 18! Beginning in the 2007-2008 season, we had our first Parent Team of 23 wonderful adults!

At EC Athletics, you'll find a quickly-growing Competition Cheer and Dance program in a family atmosphere with nationallyrecognized, industry-certified coaches and exceptional athletes who not only succeed together but grow together.

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