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P O R T F O L I O Ellen Cahoon

THE NICKEL This project was an architectural museum for salvaged ornament from demolished buildings designed by Louis Sullivan. There was a train track than ran diagonally through the site. I was tasked with responding to the Sendai Mediatheque designed by Toyo Ito.

THEME AND VARIATION This was a series of compositions i created for a visual studies class . The compositions were based on geometric intersections and the variation found within the overlapping geometries.

CARDBOARD CONFESSIONAL Conceptually, this project was subtractive, imagining a 4’x8’x8” mass as a “site” within a building. The architecture of the project was developed through subtractive means. The method of subtraction materialized in the use of dry-fitted interlocking cardboard pieces. This technique created a carved threshold through the center of the mass.


A form a Mobius strip that creates an access above the spaces that leads to a circulatory procession around a private courtyard. The project acts as a corollary to the Farnsworth House project it shares a site with. The project pulls from the interior concept of an open plan with the exterior concept of materialessness and connecting with the natural landscape.


Wall Section Model

A-FRAMING MODEL Educational Framing Model 2 5 2 . 5 31 . 41 01

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Abbreviated Portfolio 2019  

Abbreviated Portfolio 2019  

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