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Cultural Wellness Center. This was a studio with a focus on program. The main priority of the class was analyzing and effeciently accomodating the program of a building while also reconsidering what programs requirements could mean for occupation. The cultural wellness center was meant to be a space for social gathering and group learning about cultures and ther impact.

My project was based on the concept of versatility. The assigned program was primaril meeting spaces with different methods of cccupation. An office space is a meeting room for a small number of people and a designated person while a large meeting room is meant for a large group of people. I based my project on a movable module allowing the entire building to be utilized for various froms of meeting.


The Nickel Museum. This project was an architectural museum for salvaged ornament from demolished buildings designed by Louis Sullivan. There was a train track than ran diagonally through the site. The project was based on a precedent analysis as well as responding to complex site ideas.

My project was based on the Sendai Mediahteque designed by Toyo Ito. His design utilized circulation on in the interior to create visual interest on the exterior. My response was a reversal of that concept allowing the exterior to inform the interior and movement within the building.


The Guest House. For this project the studio was tasked with designing a guesthouse on the parcel of land the infamous Farnsworth House was located. The tast was not only to respond to the physical site, but also the historical and design context as a generator of design

A form derived from a plane twisted into the ground and bent into a closed curve known as a Mobius strip. This form creates an access above the spaces that leads to a circumambulatory procession around a private courtyard. The project acts as a corollary to the Farnsworth House project in that it pulls from the interior concept of an open plan with the exterior concept of materialessness and connecting with the natural landscape on the site. Public spaces face the Farnsworth House provide a viewing space where the guests can voyeur into the experience of the Farnsworth house visitors. Private spaces are created by heaping the surrounding ground around the northernmost portion of the house creating a hierarchy of privacy within the space.


The Cardboard Confessional. Conceptually, this project was subtractive, imagining a 4’x8’x8” mass as a “site” within a building. The architecture of the project was developed through subtractive means. The method of subtraction materialized in the use of dry-fitted interlocking cardboard pieces. This technique created a carved threshold through the center of the mass.


Graphic Art This was a series of compositions i created for a visual studies class . The compositions were based on geometric intersections and the variation found within the overlapping geometries.


Logos and Marketing. A selection of branding I have done within the past year as a freelancer. Mainly logos and initial branding for small businesses or individuals.

A logo designed for a grassroots political campaingn in Charlotte. Used for print marketing materials and social media.

A logo designed for a small luxury lash extention and cosmetics company.

Logo designed for a construction company that sells software used by contractors. Logo was meant to personfiy the concept of the software being a “superhero.�

A logo designed for a nonprofit that ensures injured veterans recieve full benefits

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Comprehensive Portfolio 2019  

Comprehensive Portfolio 2019  

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