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Embracing childhood for more than one hundred years, Schwinn Bicycles has been leading the manufacturing business of bicycles and bicycle accessories tracing back to the beginning of the biking craze in the 1890s. It became the most recognized name in the U.S. industry and the company found it a breeze to maintain at least 25 percent market share for decades. Now, it has evolved into making recreation products and home and commercial fitness equipments as well. The company caters to a wide scale of users with its varied line of products. From the fullon rocket ships and rugged commuters of their road bike line to the classic cruisers mountain bikes and BMX bikes and all the way down to the small-sized sidewalk bikes, Schwinn Bicycles suits them all. Among this large selection of bicycle products, Schwinn also entertains the needs of those who do not have the luxury of outdoor biking. Those who are caught in a tight schedule or within a limited area, Schwinn indoor bicycles make exercising easier. The Schwinn 230, is a recumbent bike that situates its rider against a backrest with the legs positioned out in front, making the biking exercise more comfortable. It has 16 levels of resistance plus a dozen workout programs whose he hand-grips also serve as a heart monitor. The Marcy PL-43211 is a basic upright bike with a decent value. It is a good no-frills bike, eight levels of resistance and an LCD display that monitors the time, speed, calories and distance. But for those who wish to own a club-quality bike, the Spirit XBR25 is the perfect choice. It's packed with features found in gyms including 20 resistant levels, a horizontally adjustable seat, eight workout programs and a Polar heart-rate monitor. These three products clearly redefines the indoor biking experience, consistent with Schwinn's pledge for innovation and love for bicycles.

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==== ==== For more great information on your favorite Bicycles & Accessories, please visit this site. ==== ====

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