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  Ebuzzing,  the  Group  born  from  the  merger  of  BeeAd,  We  Spread  and   Ebuzzing  Social,  announces  revenue  growth  of  79%  from  $29  million  in  2011   to  $52  million  in  2012,  establishing  itself  as  the  global  leader  in                                     Video  Advertising  Distribution     London,  29th  January,  2013   Ebuzzing,  the  leading  Video  Advertising  Distribution  Platform,  announced  that  its  revenue  grew  79%   from  $29  million  in  2011  to  $52  million  in  2012.  The  company,  who  operate  globally  from  its  offices   in  the  UK,  Germany,  France,  Italy,  Spain  and  the  US,  also  broke  even.   Ebuzzing,  founded  in  2007,  has  emerged  in  the  last  few  years  as  the  Global  Leader  for  Video   Advertising  Distribution.     Video  Ads  distributed  within  Social  Streams  and  Content  Streams   Ebuzzing  is  focused  on  creating  innovative  Video  Distribution  Channels  and  Formats  that  leverage   the  interactive  nature  of  the  Web.     While  other  platforms  only  focus  on  pre-­‐roll  formats  which  replicate  TV  ads,  Ebuzzing’s  creative   technology  helps  brands  meet  customers  in  a  relevant  context,  respectful  of  the  users  choice  to   watch  an  ad  or  not.  Ebuzzing’s  offerings  (Ebuzzing  Social,  BeeAd,  We  Spread)  leverage  premium   inventories  and  formats  in  order  to  answer  Brand’s  needs,  with  one  common  DNA:  “User   engagement”.   Pierre  Chappaz,  co-­‐founder  and  CEO  explains:  “We  strongly  believe  that  the  message  is  better   remembered  when  the  user  chooses  to  watch  it,  whatever  the  format.  It  can  be  a  video  inserted   within  Blogs  and  Social  Streams  (Ebuzzing  Social’s  offering),  an  Ad-­‐selector  for  Content  Gating   (BeeAd’s  offering),  or  innovative  rich  media  formats  developed  by  We  Spread.”   Ebuzzing  distributes  video  campaigns  through  an  extensive  network  of  40,000  media  and  premium   websites,  influential  blogs,  mobile,  tablet  and  desktop  apps  and  social  media  sites  in  over  90   countries.  

All of  Ebuzzing’s  video  formats  are  user-­‐initiated.  The  click  to  play,  user-­‐initiated  model  means  that   brands  are  guaranteed  to  have  users  who  purposely  click  to  watch  their  video  and  what’s  more,  they   only  pay  for  those  engaged  views.     Ebuzzing  is  the  trusted  online  video  partner  of  many  of  the  world’s  leading  brands,  such  as   Heineken,  Mastercard,  SONY,  Toyota,  Red  Bull,  Adidas  EE,  Virgin,  Vodafone  and  many  more.     Opening  in  the  US   Ebuzzing  has  opened  commercial  operations  in  New  York,  with  a  West  Coast  Office  opening  in  the   coming  months.  Ebuzzing  are  already  working  with  US  brands  such  as  Ford,  Oakley,  Gillette  and  20th   Century  Fox.     New  Corporate  Site   Ebuzzing  is  also  today  launching  its  new  Corporate  Site,  which  features  all  of   Ebuzzing’s  Advertising  Products  and  hundreds  of  their  latest  Campaigns.     About  Ebuzzing   Ebuzzing  have  distributed  several  thousands  of  campaigns  for  many  of  the  world's  leading  brands,   delivering  an  innovative  mix  of  influence,  reach  and  engagement  across  a  variety  of  formats.   Ebuzzing  was  founded  by  Bertrand  Quesada  in  2007  and  merged  in  2009  with  Wikio  Group,  a   technology  company  founded  by  Pierre  Chappaz.  The  combined  entity  adopted  the  Ebuzzing  brand   name.   Over  the  last  four  years,  Ebuzzing  has  completed  a  series  of  mergers  and  acquisitions  of  specialised   European  technology  companies,  including  Promodigital  (Italy),  Trigami  (Germany),  and  Overblog   (France).     In  2012  the  merge  with  BeeAd  and  We  Spread,  founded  by  Jean  Canzoneri  and  Thomas  Pasquet,   gave  birth  to  a  new  global  leader  in  Video  Advertising  Distribution.   Ebuzzing  has  200  employees,  an  R&D  department  of  50  people  and  offices  across  the  UK,  France,   Italy,  Germany,  Spain,  Luxembourg  and  most  recently  New  York.     Ebuzzing  has  raised  a  total  of  $32  Million  from  Lightspeed  Ventures,  Gemini  Ventures,  Gimv  and  TF1.   For  more  information:   Rebecca  Mahony  (VP,  Global  Marketing)   Tel:  0207  467  8582   Mob:  07595599860   Email:    

Ebuzzing 2012 Results - UK Press Release  

UK Press Release detailing Ebuzzing's 2012 results

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