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Ebuzzing combats ‘banner blindness’ with introduction of native advertising platform London, 30 September 2013: Ebuzzing today announces the launch of a global native advertising platform for advertisers and agencies to overcome the growing industry issue of banner blindness by placing video advertising units at the heart of editorial content where they are most relevant and viewable. Comscore’s vCE Benchmarks 2013 study recently found that 54% of ads served are not viewable by users, while 60% of internet users couldn't recall the last display ad they saw. The research also revealed that 80% of internet users felt that the last ad they saw were not relevant to them as individuals. To combat these issues around ad placement, banner blindness and ad relevance which are adversely affecting the online advertising industry, Ebuzzing has introduced ‘Ebuzzing Native’ - a smart video format for a better ad visibility and user ad experience. Using their semantic contextual software, Ebuzzing targets the right audience with the right ad in the right context in real-time. This software automatically detects the topics and keywords mentioned in an article or web page and then serves up a video ad which is relevant to the editorial. For example this could be showing an Adidas ad within an article about running or a Zara ad within an article about women’s fashion. Native video advertising automatically plays when the user scrolls past the right point in the editorial, stopping if less than 50% of the surface of the format is displayed. The sound in the ad will only play when activated by a mouse over and once the ad has played it will disappear. The maximum length for a native ad is 30 seconds and the ads will be distributed via Ebuzzing blogs, Ebuzzing’s media network and Overblog. Ebuzzing’s real-time analytics reporting technology then tracks the views and shares generated to provide insights into a brand video’s success, showing the amount of engagement the campaign achieved on each social network. This includes analysis of the total views, clicks and completion rate and gives details of where each interaction took place. The reporting allows advertisers to track, how much earned media the campaign accumulated and gives an overview of the campaigns performance in all markets. Pierre Chappaz, Ebuzzing CEO, said, “Banner blindness is a huge problem in online advertising. Having a format that actually engages and entertains the user is the Holy Grail and we believe that with our native solution we are well on the way. An advert or branded video that is contextually relevant and which adds something to the users experience is far more engaging and interesting.” ENDS

About Ebuzzing Ebuzzing are the global experts in video advertising. Ebuzzing creates engaging, high impact video experiences, distributing video ads to audiences through placements within social media, and premium media. To date, they have distributed thousands of campaigns for the world’s leading brands including Heineken, Acer, LG, Samsung, Evian and Adidas. Founded by Bertrand Quesada and Pierre Chappaz in 2007, Ebuzzing now has more than 200 employees with offices in New York, Miami, London and across France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Morocco and Dubai. It’s R&D department employs 50 people, demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation. Ebuzzing 2012 revenue was $52 million, up 78% from the previous year.

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