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Press Release Ebuzzing launches the world’s first mobile video wall and a rich media interactive format for mobile Brand new mobile advertising formats bringing unrivalled levels of user engagement and innovation to mobile whilst allowing publishers to monetise their premium content New York, London May 15th 2013: Ebuzzing has today announced the introduction of their new advertising formats to mobile devices, and both are world firsts. With the paradigm shift from PC to multiscreen usage, 17% of page views in the US are consumed from mobile devices and 20% in Europe, whilst driving 37% of time spent online according to results just released from Comscore. However, in comparison advertising on mobile gets a small portion of digital spending with 53% of UK mobile users never seeing on advertising on the mobile web. And when users were exposed to an ad on mobile it was designed for the desktop, not for mobile devices. With this in mind, Ebuzzing have launched Captiview Mobile. As a follow on from their desktop format, Captiview Mobile is the world’s first mobile video wall, allowing users to choose from a multi-choice video ad selector in order to gain access to premium content behind this ‘video wall’. According to Vivaki’s The Pool research, video ad selectors increase online ad recall by 290% and top of mind awareness by 288% when comparing with pre-roll videos. “Many premium sites have incorporated paywalls in an attempt to monetise their content, but this just drives users away. With Captiview Mobile everybody wins, publishers are paid for their content, brands have an opportunity to advertise to an audience that is genuinely interested and users not only get to watch an ad they find interesting and relevant, but they also gain access to their content for free” explains Rebecca Mahony, VP Global Marketing at Ebuzzing. Advertisers are realising the benefits of this new way of advertising. Not only are users self targeting the ad they want to see but their ad is launched in full screen within an entirely customisable skin, creating an immersive brand experience allowing users to interact with the content itself and do anything from booking a test drive, viewing a photo gallery or even purchasing a product. And advertisers only pay for videos which are viewed.

Ebuzzing have also today launched M-Tab, a rich media, and interactive mobile video advertising format. The M-Tab takes mobile advertising to the next level allowing advertising to stand out from the webpage, taking on the form of dynamic in-browser creative. Rather than vanishing into the content of a page, the ad can be moved around the screen by the user meaning increased user engagement with the brand. Publishers can choose whether to place ads on every page or the second page a user navigates to on their site. If the user decides to engage with the ad they tap on the icon and are taken to a web page or a fully customisable rich media zone. Up to 80% of users feel this type of ad is more innovative than a standard banner ad. As Bertrand Quesada COO of Ebuzzing, said ‘Banner blindness is something which has plagued online advertising and advertisers are now facing the problem of making users aware of their advertisements on mobile, without disrupting the user experience. As the M-Tab is outside of IAB standards and expands into

an interactive rich media zone when clicked, it’s far more eye-catching, engaging and effective’.

About Ebuzzing Ebuzzing are the global experts in video advertising. Ebuzzing creates engaging, high impact video experiences, distributing video ads to audiences through placements within social media, and premium media. To date, they have distributed thousands of campaigns for the world’s leading brands including Heineken, Acer, LG, Samsung, Evian and Adidas. Founded by Bertrand Quesada and Pierre Chappaz in 2007, Ebuzzing now has 200 employees with offices across in New York, London and across France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Morocco and Dubai. It’s R&D department employs 50 people, demonstrating the company’s commitment to innovation. Ebuzzing 2012 revenue was $52 million, up 78% from the previous year. For more information: Rebecca Mahony (VP, Global Marketing) Mob: +44 (0) 7595599860 Email:

Ebuzzing launches the world's first mobile video wall  

Ebuzzing launches the world's first mobile video wall and rich media formats

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