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Ebuzzing transforms social video measurement with new dashboard Unique measurement tool provides new ways for brands to track the true engagement of a social video campaign and quantify ROI London 31st October – Leading social video expert, Ebuzzing, has today announced the launch of it’s powerful new social video dashboard service that has been specifically designed to transform the measurement of video campaigns and provide new metrics for quantifying and qualifying ROI. Ebuzzing uses its rigorous technology to measure the reach, impact, tonality, conversation sentiment and share of voice of a social video campaign providing brands with an accurate picture of the true value of social video campaigns. Last year marked a tipping point where social media overcame portals as the most engaging activity online and came of age as an advertising vehicle. Yet the social media revolution creates a massive flow of new statistics and sources, calling for new levels of analysis and decoding in order for marketers to be able to quantify and quality the value of social campaigns. Ebuzzing’s dashboard provides a unique tool that measures the performance of social campaigns in terms of bought and earned media, tracks of the comments, shares or other conversation taking place in real time and presents these in a live, always-on format. The Ebuzzing Dashboard has been developed with usability in mind, introducing a series of tools and measurement criteria that empower marketers to look far beyond basic metrics. Key features of the new dashboard are:     

Tone analysis provides both a general overview and detailed views of the tone associated to the mentions of the campaign, allowing brands to gauge whether viewer responses were positive, negative, neutral or ambivalent. Earned media calculation showing the amount of free media any given campaign has earnt Facebook’s Opportunity To See metric, using an estimation of the people reached on Facebook through shares to determine the true number of engaged eyeballs a campaign reaches Comments analysis: Comments on sponsored posts as well as organic article/videos are monitored on a daily basis Intuitive user experience through real time access and interactive graphics

“Measuring ROI is the holy grail for marketers, but particularly so for a relatively new medium like social video, explained Rebecca Mahony, VP, Global Marketing at Ebuzzing. “The position of a brand in the social media environment cannot be assessed using traditional ad tracking tools - instead the key to a successful campaign is targeting, optimising and understanding insights. Marketers must now start looking beyond the basic measure of page views in order to truly uncover the impact of a campaign and how social video is benefitting the brand by actually engaging consumers rather than just getting eyeballs on a page. Ebuzzing’s dashboard does just that.” “Providing a whole host of tools and new metrics from tonality of response to introducing measures like Opportunity To See, the Ebuzzing dashboard not only provides invaluable ROI to brands, but finds a way to tangibly measure the impact of a campaign beyond the basic click. Through tight measurement and analysis of where and how social video is resonating on the social web, Ebuzzing can provide rich insight to inform future campaigns. ”

About Ebuzzing Ebuzzing is a leading global platform for social video advertising. Our network of social publishers includes over 40,000 influential blogs, social networks, social games, mobile applications and Facebook. Through our social video offering we have produced campaigns for many of the world's leading brands, delivering an explosive mix of influence, reach and engagement. Based in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Italy, Ebuzzing consists of 150 web professionals, of whom 50% are wholly dedicated to R&D. This passionate team has built the most comprehensive social media and general media database in existence over the past 5 years, which crawls and analyses over 2 million data points in 5 European countries daily.

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Ebuzzing dashboard press release_RM amends_270912