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OUR MISSION Ebuzzing is a technology company that is committed to delivering the world’s most innovative and effective online video advertising solutions.


Our starting point is the needs and expectations of our clients.


We innovate continuously and explore new options with vigour.


We aim for the highest quality, particularly in activities with the greatest value potential.


 very employee counts and has the E opportunity to grow.


We test every proposed action to see whether it is proper and reflects standards we can be proud of.


Our HISTORY Pierre Chappaz and Bertrand Quesada co-founded Ebuzzing in 2007. Since then, we have completed a series of mergers and acquisitions of specialized European technology companies including Promodigital (Italy), Trigami (Switzerland), Wikio, Overblog and BeeAd (France) to further consolidate the company’s position as the global leader in online video advertising distribution. As of the end of 2013, Ebuzzing has 13 offices across 9 countries with over 200 staff speaking over 12 different languages.



TECHNOLOGY THAT ENHANCES THE ADVERTISING EXPERIENCE At Ebuzzing, technology sits at the core of everything we do. That is why we have spent the last 7 years developing and investing in our technology to ensure we provide our clients with the most stand out, effective advertising solutions on the market. Combining our data, technology and in-house expertise we are able to provide:

Technology powered targeting Finding the right audience can be difficult. But with our proprietary targeting tools our clients can reach the right audience at the right time in the right context. We offer several types of targeting: „„ Our contextual targeting tool matches the content of the video ad to the content of an article to ensure that we are reaching receptive eye-balls. „„ Our audience targeting tools show the video ad to relevant audiences based on their demographics, user-profiles, past behaviors and geo-location. „„ Our social targeting tools show the video ad to the most influential people in any given sector (bloggers, Facebook or Twitter power users).


The Ebuzzing Labs Our Labs technology crawls over 2 million data sources globally, on a daily basis, to allow us to identify the most relevant and influential sources on the web for our client’s video content. From the Labs we have developed our Top Video, Top Brand and Top Blog rankings; the only such rankings available across multiple countries.

In depth analytics From top-line performance and delivery data to in-depth insights, our Analytics Dashboard allows us to give our clients deep understanding into every aspect of their online video campaign. We not only analyse customer behaviour during the whole journey cycle but we layer on share of voice and branding metrics to give a complete overview of the patterns and trends before, during and after their campaign.

MIT developed Emotion Sensing technology

Multiscreen campaign delivery

Jointly with MIT researchers we have developed an offering for advertisers to understand users’ emotional experience towards online video advertising. Advertisers can benchmark their video’s performance against competitors and industry/ vertical norms and through our prediction tool, predict the performance & shareability of their video.

All our video campaigns can be run on any device, ensuring our client’s content can be viewed no matter what device the audience is accessing.

Innovative and creative format solutions We offer a full range of video advertising solutions from standard IAB, VPAID to proprietary and innovative formats with customizable player options.

Ebuzzing’s Self Serve Tool Advertisers and agencies who are interested in managing their own video campaigns can now do so through our Self Serve platform. Simple & efficient, it only takes 5 minutes to create and distribute video ads targeting specific locations, categories, gender and ages relevant to their business.


CHAMPIONING VIDEO THROUGH LEADERSHIP At Ebuzzing we are pleased to be the pioneers of new media environments and innovative formats, and are committed to sharing our knowledge of developments with our clients. Since December 2009, Ebuzzing’s video intelligence reports have shared insights on key trends in online video advertising based on actual data, which has been analysed by our platform. To date we have tracked 458 million views, 6,987 campaigns in 73 countries. It is this data that has helped advertisers make informed media decisions as they navigate the future of online video marketing. Here are is a flavour of just some of the research and insight papers we produce:

Effectiveness Studies

Spotlight on Social Video

Working with leading research bodies such as Millward Brown and Nielsen, we can run effectiveness studies alongside our client’s campaigns. These studies are done via a panel and give us a deep understanding into brand perception, message association, purchase intent and a host of other branding metrics.

A monthly snapshot which looks at which branded videos have been published in that month, which brands have the most interaction with their videos, which sectors have published the most videos and a range of other metrics.

Industry Insight Reports BuzzIndex Reports Alongside our client’s campaigns we can offer our BuzzIndex product which assess people’s emotional reaction (via their web-cams) to video campaigns. This data is aggregated together and we pull out and analyse key trends and learnings for consideration when our client’s are next working on their campaign creative.


We produce reports and insight into key trends within the online video space to give our clients an understanding of what they should be looking for when they are planning a successful video campaign.

Buzz Stories Our Buzz Stories are research based around social listening on a specific theme. We collate all the mentions and comments on blogs, media properties and social networks to analyse the share of voice and run competitor analysis.

458 million views delivered

20K 230 employees Network 13 offices 50 engineers

6,987 campaigns run 22% average

WE HAVE RUN campaigns IN

73 countries

earned media on our client’s campaigns


Who’s Who TOP MANAGEMENT Pierre Chappaz

Bertrand Quesada

Co-founder, Chairman & CEO

Co-founder & COO

Pierre has 30 years of experience in Marketing and Technology. He worked for Toshiba, Computer Associates and IBM before founding Kelkoo in 1999, and selling to Yahoo! in 2004. Before co-founding Ebuzzing, he was President of Yahoo! Europe.

Bertrand has more than 12 years experience in the advertising industry and founded Ebuzzing in 2007. Prior to Ebuzzing, Bertrand was Espotting’s Business Development Director.

Dario Caiazzo

Giuseppe Bronzino

Jeremy Arditi

Ebuzzing social General Manager IT

Ebuzzing Media & Impact General Manager IT

General Manager UK

Hicham Berrada

David MahonEy

Santiago Oliete

General Manager FR

General Manager GE

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Managing Directors

Jim Daily

Andrea Febbraio

Gilles Moncaubeig

Caroline Barbery

Rebecca Mahony

EVP Sales US

VP Sales Europe




Amaury Leconte

Audrey Danthony

Daniel Grossman

Paul Coggins

Eric Tourtel

VP Innovation

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Adrien Larripa

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Jean Christophe de Launay

VP Distribution

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VP HR & Finance Controller

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