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Reasons To Utilize Pelican Cases The coolest, driest and windiest location on the planet is Antarctica. It is also an important location for scientific research, a dream destination for photographers, and an extreme sports enthusiasts’ paradise. Each one of these activities requires specialized, delicate equipment and instruments that need to be protected from Antarctica’s harsh environment. Those who're brave enough to tackle adventures at the bottom of the world frequently rely on pelican cases to store important cargo. Although most of the work happens during the austral summer, scientific research occurs on the continent of Antarctica year round. Thirty countries operate research stations for at least a part of the year. These researchers study anything from seals to glaciers and penguins to starfish. Antarctica is also a dream destination for physicists wanting to learn more about space due to its thin atmosphere and lack of light and air pollution. All this research requires extremely sensitive equipment, and a pelican case is a wonderful way to protect data loggers, batteries, and underwater robots. Dive teams are particularly pleased with the case’s watertight capabilities; its dust free design easily keeps out blowing snow. Samples are often enclosed in a pelican case, any time a research team collects them and needs to bring them safely back from the field for testing. It is very common to have to ship the samples from the field back to a researcher's home country perhaps by snowmobile or ATV, then helicopter, plane, a cargo ship and back on a plane again. A pelican case can keep those samples safe for the whole journey. The wildlife in Antarctica is rarely seen anywhere else in the world. Likewise, the landscape is a lot more similar to the moon than anyone’s backyard. There are actually days in the fall and spring when the sunsets and sunrises each go on for hours, and of course Antarctica’s winter skies are often graced with spectacular auroras. Antarctica is many avid photographers’ ultimate goal. Antarctica is notoriously harsh on cameras, although there are numerous things that you could photograph. Camera batteries especially won't last long when they come in contact with the extreme cold, and a lot of cameras and tripods that contain plastic or rubber can become brittle and crack almost immediately. When transporting and storing camera equipment on the white continent, professionals frequently rely on pelican cases. There are many mountain ranges in Antarctica that have not yet been climbed and explored. Mountaineers, whether they’re looking to chart new territory or bag the most remote of the Seven Summits, are frequent visitors to the greatest peaks at the bottom of the world. It's always recommended that you be prepared for any situation when planning an expedition into the unknown, particularly when civilization isn't close and potentially lengthy weather delays could occur. Medical supplies, navigation equipment, food, and other survival necessities has to be securely protected from the elements. Expeditioners may have the peace of mind atop an Antarctic mountain realizing their fragile equipment or stuff for a celebratory meal are going to be waiting for them safely in a pelican case at base camp. When you're traveling to the ends of the earth, the right supplies are important, regardless of whether your goal is scientific, artistic or physical. Although data loggers and GPS equipment may be necessary to the success of an Antarctic mission, the manner in which these delicate materials are stored is equally important. Without sturdy, reliable pelican cases, human knowledge and enjoyment of one of the world’s most exclusive and beautiful landscapes would be far less Cases Depot

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Reasons To Utilize Pelican Cases complete. In order to move valuable items, the Pelican 1650 will be your most suitable option to ensure they are safe and sound. Check out by going to their website which is

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Reasons To Utilize Pelican Cases  

In order to move valuable items, the Pelican 1650 will be your most suitable option to ensure they are safe and sound. Check out CasesDepot....

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