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Travel and Expense Administration via the Cloud An efficient single source travel and expense management helps minimize overall corporate travel expenses and bring into use other alternative methods and processes via a web-based interface that is available anywhere, anytime. The Travel and Expense Management Cloud Process integrates approved travel providers into a single integrated network in which information (profiles, delivery notes, card and travel account transactions, and reimbursements to the traveler) is synchronized automatically between company’s’ back-office systems and the travel providers. This also ensures that travel services are always booked with company-sanctioned providers and that all charges are in line with the contract between the company and travel provider. Furthermore, Travel and Expense Management automatically provides the travel providers in the network with up-to-date company and personal profile information so providers use the same current, correct information to make the requested travel arrangements. And if the company needs travel administration assistance in other offices, they, too, can enjoy the benefits of Travel and Expense Management’s single point of administration. Advantages of Travel and Expense Management Solution Today’s travel and expense solutions for business travel management have proven to be a easy to use, faster compared to the traditional practices that were unwieldy, slow and error prone. End-to-end Traceable trip Expense – All trip-related transactions, expense reports, and travel account invoices are collected under one identification number from the time the trip is booked until the final invoice is paid providing complete traceability for every trip and its related transactions, expenses, and costs. Reduced Processing Time – Cut cost by reducing processing time by two thirds that creates bottom-line saving and helps with optimizing the complete the entire travel-related purchaseto-pay process. Reduced Cost - Travel costs and travel administration costs are significantly minimized with quicker turnaround time for business travel expenses. KPI Reporting Tool - It helps to identify process bottlenecks and strive for continuous improvement in purchase, accounts payable, and travel & expense processes. You can automate your travel planning and expense reimbursement processes, improving payroll accuracy and reducing reimbursement time.

Reduced Lead times-

Pre-integrated business process network, including suppliers, banks, travel

agencies, and card companies, expedite the travel claim approval process, eliminate duplication of work and automate travel account invoice data reconciliation with travel provider invoice/delivery note data. Simplicity – It is

simple to integrate Travel & Expense Management with financial, human

resource, payroll, and archiving systems. It is user-friendly interface that can be easily branded with web-based Cloud Process that can be accessed anytime, anywhere via browser. Improved Compliance, Transparency and Controls - Deliver value by providing compliance with laws and tax regulations with improved control of business travel expenses, as well as fast return on your investment. Get real-time information from your entire Value Network . Organizations look for a travel-expense administration solution that is delivered as a cloud service and is simple to use and lowers travel-related costs, a major step, beyond traditional expense management software.

Travel and Expense Administration via the Cloud  

An efficient single source travel and expense management helps minimize overall corporate travel expenses and bring into use other alternati...