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Order Management Systems: Streamlining Business Intelligence Every business irrespective of its size is profit oriented. The growth and success of any business is determined by its expansion, profit margins and revenue collected. During the initial stages of business, responding to customer needs and demands is easy as is the orders are also minimal. However, as business expands the enterprises need to expert methods to ensure the correct procurement of products and services, track orders, sales and inventory so as to maintain better customer relationships.

The technologically enabled business world today makes use of a number of automated procurement and order management systems to maintain and manage the smooth functioning of the supply chain network. With the development of e-commerce, organizations have greater scope for business expansion and thus tend to make use of the cloud based business procurement process. Such automated purchasing process strengthens the value network of the organization by integrating the buyers and suppliers with the help of IT systems. The cloud-based procurement systems goes way ahead of the traditional purchase order software and eases out post award management functions by automating the end-to-end workflow from order, delivery to invoicing. Further, the use of order management systems enables the enterprises to track the progress of the product or service. Inefficiencies in the ERP system or order management process will lead to loss of revenue, hamper customer relationship and inability to integrate with eprocurement process. The leading market player shave designed and developed order management systems, which would provide visibility and control over the supply chain activities. These systems can integrate well into the ERP and warehouse managing systems of the value networks. The cloud process based order management system has the ability to incorporate the entire logistics from order to delivery and supports a web based order placement from the customer’s ERP systems. These cloud based order management system provide high degree of functionality through a connectivity platform that paves way for automatic allocation of transport, validation of inventory, routing details and destination, stock updates and sales orders. The system is also designed to provide real time data to supply chain organisation to ensure improved management of delivery processes. From the organizations point, these cloud process based order management software brings about a significant reduction in cost, helps to track and trace consignments. With its real-time reporting mechanism and 24/7 access, it records higher asset utilization, quicker implementation and streamlined business intelligence for a higher Return of Investment.

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Order Management Systems: Streamlining Business Intelligence