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Case Study

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eBuilder provides travel administration to the Absolut Company in the UK The Absolut Company, maker of one of the world’s leading spirit brands, has trusted its travel administration needs in Sweden to eBuilder for many years. And when the Absolut Company opened its new sales office in the UK, eBuilder’s standard Travel and Expense Management Cloud Process® continued to be their choice.

interface that is available anywhere, anytime. And if the Absolut Company needs travel administration assistance in other offices, they, too, can enjoy the benefits of Travel and Expense Management’s single point of administration.

But this wasn’t the only piece of good news for eBuilder: with the opening of the new office, eBuilder welcomed the Absolut Company, its valued, long-standing customer, as its first customer in the UK.

The Travel and Expense Management Cloud Process integrates approved travel providers into a single integrated network. It ensures that travel services are always booked with company-sanctioned providers and that all charges are in line with the contract between the company and travel provider. Furthermore, Travel and Expense Management automatically provides the travel providers in the network with up-todate company and personal profile information so providers use the same current, correct information to make the requested travel arrangements.

A single source: good for vodka, good for travel administration Every drop of Absolut Vodka in the world comes from a single source in a small village in Sweden. In this case, what makes good vodka also makes good travel administration. eBuilder provides a single source (point) of travel administration for administrators and travelers in both Sweden and the UK via a web-based

An integrated network of travel providers

Traceable trip expenses from endto-end All trip-related transactions, expense reports, and travel account invoices are assembled under one trip identification number from the time the trip is booked until the final invoice is paid. This provides complete traceability for every trip and its related transactions, expenses, and costs. At the aggregate level, managers get visibility into travel costs, which helps to keep travel spending within the existing budget and provides accurate data with which to plan future budgets.

Automated travel account invoice reconciliation When the travel account invoice arrives, it is verified at the transaction level against the delivery notes received from the travel providers and then automatically sent for authorization and payment. Administrators get involved only if there is an exception.

Case Study

A head start on expense reports When it is time to complete an expense report, employees log in to Travel and Expense Management, where the transactions they charged on their company credit card are listed. The employee selects the trip-related charges to be included in the report and enters any cash expenditures. Travel and Expense Management: a “vision support” solution While it continues to grow as one of the world’s leading spirit companies, the Absolut Company’s innovative campaigns that fuse art, advertising, and a challenge to do things differently promote its “vision for a better world.” By creating innovative solutions based on integration, collaboration, and automation, eBuilder is proud to be able to help companies such as the Absolut Company streamline business process network so they can devote more resources to strive to achieve their vision. For information about the Absolut Company, see: For more information about eBuilder, see: Order fulfillment process, After sales process or contact: +46 (0)8 585 020 00

eBuilder Travel and Expense Management Cloud Process® Benefits Reduced Costs • Reduces travel costs by a minimum of 5% • Reduces travel administration costs by up to 75% Improved Control • Compliance with laws and tax regulations • Control and follow-up of the organization’s travel policies • Improved control of the company´s travel activities • Secure ownership of profile and trip information • Enables fast and practical analysis and reporting • Enhances management of the entire travelrelated purchaseto-pay process • Company and traveler profile management • Real-time information from your entire value network • Role-based information for authorized users • Proactive followup for effective cost control

Reduced Lead times • Prepackaged integrations of business process network, including suppliers, banks, travel agencies, and card companies • Expedites the travel claim approval process • Eliminates time-consuming, repetitive manual tasks • Automates reconciliation and accounting of travel account invoice data with travel provider invoice/ delivery note data • Processes purchase transactions from credit cards • Faster turnaround time for travel expenses

Improved Customer Satisfaction • Improved organizational efficiency and reduced administrative costs for travel throughout the end-to-end process

eBuilder provides travel administration to the Absolut Company in the UK  

The Absolut Company, maker of one of the world’s leading spirit brands, has trusted its travel administration needs in Sweden to eBuilder fo...

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