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Business Process Network – Network That Enhances Greater Profits A business process network also known as a business service network helps in the sound execution of processes followed in the multi-enterprises, such as the supply chain planning. In order to execute the processes within an organization efficiently, a business process network combines the application and the integration services. This is done in order to carry on methods like logistics management, order management, automated shipping and many others. Let us try to understand why we need a business process network. Majority of the enterprises and companies these days derive their revenue and fulfill their respective targets outside the premises of the organization. Value networks are gaining in prominence owing to the fluctuations that happens in the supply chain management. Business process networks (BPN) can help organizations is several ways. Few of them are as follows:• A BPN assists in reducing operational complexities by putting into use one common structure for information visibility, collaboration and exchange. • These days BPN’s are used more and more to manage business process outsourcing (BPO) services, like finance, human resource and many others. • A BPN is also used in the field of IT as well as non-IT sectors. When it comes to execution, a business process network can be implemented with the usage of variant technology platforms. This can include conventional EDI value-added structures, B2B Gateways, industry exchanges, P2P integration brokers and many other procedures. These procedures of implementation allow the trading partners electronically connect with others and carry on business collaboration. In addition to that, a BPN is faster to pick up the pace with the developments in the service-oriented architectures (SOA). Other elements that also act as a catalyst are the emerging web services and its applications. When it comes to operational paradigms, a cloud processes in most cases is organized through multitenant architecture. This is done in order to result in uninterrupted connectivity between the supply chain and the trading partners.

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Business Process Network – Network That Enhances Greater Profits