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After Sales Service is an easy Marketing Tool Simply put, after sales service is all about customer service and the way you want people and your potential consumers to remember your business or brand name. The process is all about continuing on even when you have gained the desired money and revenue. The real value of after sales service comes when a known customer as well as a new one repeats purchases from one store or remain loyal to a brand. In today’s fast paced world it is rather easy to close the sale and then walk away taking the job to be done.

However, letting your customer know that you value their feedback and satisfaction on purchasing the product does the entire trick. In fact, in today’s competitive age it acts as a crucial marketing tool. Furthermore, if you are able to impress your consumers with your systematic after sales service team then you may attain benefits such as positive word of mouth publicity that would add to your brand image and good will. Offering a systematic after sales service is actually a straightforward task once you have certain questions cleared. This means understanding that whether you provide a complete guarantee and returns policy? Are the consumers able to contact you with ease in case of any complaints or queries about your service or product? Are the queries or complaints treated seriously and promptly? Is your staff able to manage after sales calls in a professional and friendly way? Once you have answered there questions then the task becomes streamlined for you. Some of the important facts about after sales service are:-

● About 6% of all items sold are returned ( as per Returns Logistics, 2009) ● Almost 68% of returns have zero technical fault ( as per Accenture report, 2007) ● The average loss related to a return is €19 ( as per Newgistics, 2007) ● The processing returns costs four times as much as processing the original order ● An average of one consumer phone call is made per return Leading service provider’s today offers after sales service solutions with an in-built Cloud Process. It enables to rationalize, optimize and automate the process for end-to-end after sales business process. It helps to incorporate a complete value network and all the collaborating members and parties. This in turn offers you a continuous control generated by configured business rules and logic in the Cloud Process.

At the same time, the solution provides end-to-end visibility of the overall process and is based on realtime data. An innovative digital management within the system offers easy availability to all the key information associated with after sales service.

However, as you partner with an able service provider it is essential to keep in mind that it costs less to retain your existing consumer than to spot a new one. Whilst targeting new customers do not neglect the ones who are loyal to your brand. With a systematic after sales service you can attain this goal seamlessly. Also read on - business travel management, order management system

After Sales Service is an easy Marketing Tool