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ESV chooses eBuilder for the Swedish gateway in EU’s PEPPOL project On October 19, 2010, The Swedish National Financial Management Authority (Ekonomistyrningsverket (ESV)) announced their intention to sign a contract with eBuilder Sweden AB for delivery and operation of the Swedish Gateway to the PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) infrastructure.

“Of course we are delighted to have won the competition for this important contract,” says Lars Ringsby, Senior Vice President of Business Development at eBuilder. Lars Ringsby continues, “PEPPOL is a prestigious project within the European Union (EU), and the fact that we have been chosen to deliver and operate the Swedish Gateway is proof of the excellence of our Procurement Cloud Process. This is a natural step following the successful completion of the eTen PROCURE project, in which eBuilder developed the prototype for all the participants in the project. A positive spin off is that all our existing customers are now prepared for trans-European

commerce.” The PEPPOL — A Pan-European E-Procurement Project PEPPOL is an EU project aimed at introducing more efficient, harmonized electronic procurement and invoicing processes among the nations in the PEPPOL Consortium. The project will also be a catalyst for introducing eBusiness in companies and for speeding up the overall uptake of new technologies. It will facilitate cross border procurement and help governments to achieve lower costs, higher transparency, easier access, and an integrated workflow within electronic procurement.

Governments are the largest buyers in the European Union, but they lag behind major industries in electronic data exchange with suppliers - government purchases in the European Union account for around 16 % of GDP, which is equal to 1,500 Billion Euros. Governments want to be able to handle key processes

with their suppliers such as tenders, orders, delivery notes, catalogues, invoices, and payments electronically. But the lack of common standards for electronic data exchange are an obstacle for companies to participate, without barriers, in the public procurement processes.

EU member states have previously expressed the intention to change public procurement significantly. The Manchester ministerial declaration of 24 November 2005 for example states that “by 2010 all public administrations across Europe will have the capability of carrying out 100 % of their procurement electronically and at least 50 % of public procurement above the EU public procurement threshold will be carried out electronically.” The PEPPOL project strongly supports achieving this target.

Case Study

Vision and Objectives The broader vision of PEPPOL is that any company in the EU, including SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), can communicate electronically with any EU governmental institution for all procurement processes. The objective of the PEPPOL project is to set up a pan-European pilot solution that, together with existing national solutions, facilitates EU-wide interoperable public eProcurement. The vision of the PEPPOL project is that any company in the EU, and in particular SMEs, will be able to communicate electronically with any European governmental institution for the entire procurement process. The final outcome of PEPPOL will be an inter-operational environment built upon national systems and infrastructures supporting the full cycle of eProcurement activities.

The pilots to be developed in PEPPOL will enable any company in the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA) to respond to any published public tender notice electronically and will govern the entire procurement process. In this way, PEPPOL will focus on the engagement and participation of SME companies in public eProcurement.

Source: For more information about eBuilder, see: Value network, Reverse logistics management or Contact: +46 (0)8 585 020 00

About eBuilder eBuilder is the leading global supplier of Cloud Processes that enable companies and organizations to automate, control, and manage their value networks for Travel and Expense Management, Procurement, Supply Chain, and Financial Transactions. eBuilder is unique in its ability to deliver many standard processes on the same platform

and to customize both processes and integrations. Today eBuilder has customers in over 50 countries. Operations are managed from Stockholm, Sweden with regional offices in Australia and Sri Lanka. For more information, see:

About the eTen PROCURE Project The eTen PROCURE - Costs of platform project starts from the maintenance and depremise that it is better velopment are shared among authorities. for public authorities within a region to share an e-procure- Funded by the eTen ment platform and program, PROCURE create a one-stop shop has developed regional for public contract e-procurement platbidding. forms in five pilot - Businesses don’t regions. The regions of have to monitor mulUddevalla (Sweden), tiple sites and submit Brittany (France), and responses in different Piedmont (Italy) all formats. have focused commu- Enable higher re- nication strategies to sponse rates to tenders. improve their usage. - Potential for joint Regional platforms tenders between several were deployed from authorities. scratch in the regions - Wider participaof Central Bohemia tion among SMEs. (Czech Republic) and - Greater competiGuadeloupe (France). tion for contracts means more innovative bids and less costly For more information, contracts. see: www.eten-procure. com

ESV chooses eBuilder for the Swedish gateway in EU’s PEPPOL project  

On October 19, 2010, The Swedish National Financial Management Authority (Ekonomistyrningsverket (ESV)) announced their intention to sign a...