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Garden Resources Plants,tips and ideas from leading experts


Welcome to the Garden Resources Brochure


We have prepared a brochure of some of our favourite bulbs, vegetables, herbs and flowers for summer colour.


Despite many of us not having as much free time as our parents and grand parents may have had, most of us would agree that above all else the garden is a place for flowers. These range from roses, climbers, flowering shrubs through to annuals and plants grown specifically for their foliage. There are not many keen gardeners that would not wish for a little extra space in their garden. This extra space would allow a more adequate range of plants and therefore a fuller display of colour from late winter right through to the following autumn. The traditional flower gardening year, is to use Snowdrops to begin the New Year, followed by Daffodils and Crocuses. A few weeks later these can be followed by Tulips, Wallflowers by which time most flower gardens are bursting into colour.


By April the vegetable garden is also well under way as seeds are sown and seedlings potted on, to allow more room for early growth. However year after year we tend to pick the same vegetables to grow. National favourites for the vegetable growers continue to be lettuce, runner beans, tomatoes, cabbage, peas, carrots and beetroot. I guess that this is mainly due to the fact that we have come to love these as truly fresh vegetables. There are not many people who would not notice the difference between a supermarket tomato and one picked from the garden that until minutes before had been warming itself in the summer sun. This is a really good reason to grow the vegetables that you do. However why not set aside a little of your patch to grow one or two different more unusual vegetables such as peppers or aubergines. The brochure contains for the first time a video about growing Venus Fly Traps, a plant that many of us have all enjoyed at some time. We are delighted to be able to bring this to you as part of our brochure. You can sit back and enjoy this short video as part of our brochure. We all have so many ‘favourites’ across the spectrum of plants that we have covered. Therefore we are very aware that there are vastly more examples that could have been included in each of the sections of our brochure. We hope that you enjoys looking through this brochure. If you enjoy this brochure you may download it and retain a copy from the website, however please remember that all the text and images are copyright. To avoid confusion the video is only available in the online version. No matter what thyme of year you look at our brochure we wish you well and hope that you enjoy your garden and find this brochure a good resource. Best wishes

Garden Resources Brochure

Wendy Bisham

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Spring Bulbs Bluebells

Plants,tips and ideas from leading experts

Lightly scented blue pendant flowers with a unique bell shape. They are extremely hardy and easy to naturalize. They can be used in rock gardens, borders or as companion plants for daffodils and tulips. Also recommended for indoor forcing. Fragrant. Large size bulbs 8-9cm.

Golden Bells Daffodil

Commonly known as the "Yellow Hoop Petticoat". As many as 15 stems per bulb. Groups of 5 or 10 bulbs form a carpet of dainty, upward facing, golden bells. Grass-like, dark green foliage. Tolerates warm spring climates and is very hardy. Excellent for rock gardens.

Bulbs are wonderful to plant in the garden. They take up very little room and provide colour at a time of year when your garden, may not be doing much else. When you buy your bulbs there are a few things to look out for. Firstly ensure that the bulbs that you purchase are healthy and free of disease.Try to avoid misshapen bulbs, any that look dry and withered or with areas of mould showing. These will not grow, but, worse, they also have the potential to spread disease to your existing bulbs. If you are buying for container planting, large bulbs will produce more flowers. Smaller bulbs are perfectly fine for mass planting in the border. Some bulbs need to be bought ‘in the green’; that is, while still in leaf rather than the dormant state most bulbs are sold in. A good example of these would be Cyclamen and snowdrops.

Why don’t you have these lovely different daffodils in you garden pots


Giant Crocus Collection contains 50 bulbs, 10 each of Flower Record, Pickwick, Vanguard, Golden Yellow and Jeanne d’Arc.

Yellow Cheerfulness Daffodil

Soft double yellow, fragrant. Small Cupped Daffodils have less prominent trumpets and larger petals. Poeticus boast fragrant, solitary white flowers with red rimmed cups. Fragrant Triandrus nods atop slender foliage with 1-6 small flowers per stem. And then there’s Tazetta, with an amazing 3-20 flowers per stem!

Daffodil Palmares These gorgeous daffodils have large, flat, somewhat ruffled cups. When the flowers wave in the wind they will remind you of a butterfly in flight. Large apricot-pink petals are backed with creamy white ones. Mid-spring bloomer. They are tall, early-blooming, with thick strong stems, and are virtually weatherproof and will return to brighten your garden for years.

Double Daffodil Duo

This wonderful combination of ‘Replete’ and ‘White Lion’ is sure to make a dramatic statement in any garden. Their double blooms are either pure white with pink undertones or white with a hint of pink, orange and yellow. Line paths and borders with these hardy, softly-coloured daffodils. Gather armfuls for a spectacular bouquet!

Garden Resources Brochure

Pink Daffodils

Pink daffodils are delightful compliments to traditional yellow varieties. This special mix contains some of the best varieties in the market today, including Accent, Easter Bonnet, Pink Parasol, Pink Pride, Salome and Spring Pride. The extra large, wide corona of deep coral is framed by big white petals. Blooms midspring.

New Baby Minature Daffodil

Greenish white outer petals, dark yellow bowl shaped corona. Up to 4 flowers per stem. These fabulous Narcissus pack superior color and form in miniature size. Jonquilla delight the eye with 1-5 flowers per stem and corona-type cups that are usually wider than they are long. They are perfect for rock gardens, borders, beds, window boxes and naturalizing.

Spring Bulbs

Spring Bulbs Kankua Peony ‘Golden Temple of Nara’, full double orange yellow. Huge, ruffled satin-like flowers, super hardy.


The nodding, milky-white flowers may surprise you as early as late January, but more commonly in March. Three 1" petals surround much smaller petals tipped in green. Long lasting in the garden, the naturalize well, forming substantial colonies. Good for rock gardens, under trees and shrubs, at the fronts of borders or in front of flowering shrubs, in lawns, or along woodland paths. Prefers moist, humus-rich soils, sun-dappled shade, and cooler climates. Naturalizes both by self-seeding and bulb offsets.

Giant Snowdrops

The Giant Snowdrop comes into flower even earlier than the Garden Snowdrop. A single, nodding, bell-like flower, about 2” long with 3 lobes, and shorter inner segments with large green spots, hanging from a stiff, slender, leafless stalk 2 long bluish-green, strap-like leaves grow from the base of the plant

Flamboyant Edge Double Daylily

Large 6” ruffled, double-flowering soft pink flowers with a lavender purple eye zone and edges. The soft yellow throat only adds to this breathtaking beauty. Double Daylily

Flamboyant Edge produces stunning daylily blooms in June and again in August. Evergreen. Height: 64-76cm (25-30 inches).

Jan Bos Hyacinth

Scarlet red flowers. The beauty of hyacinths-dewy spring color and head turning fragrance are the most dominant qualities of hyacinths, covering the spectrum from rich blues to vibrant magentas and pinks to cool yellow and whites. Save a few to force indoors for an early burst of spring.

High Noon Tree Peony Refined double of the brightest yellow, excellent grower, free-bloomer, magnificent. Huge, ruffled satin-like flowers, super hardy! Rare Colorful Imperial Tree Peonies From Japan - The Finest Quality Available! Every garden needs a tree peony. onies are sub-zero hardy and bloom for a lifetime.

Dutch Iris - Eye of the Tiger

The blooms of Dutch Iris ‘Eye of the Tiger’ are very unique. The purple and maroon petals have yellow accents that combine to make these flower an exciting addition to our list of flowers. Highly recommended.

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Did you know ??

There are 75 different species and varieties of snowdrops. They are all white. The major benefit of planting Garden Snowdrops is their early arrival. They can show up weeks before crocuses do, and will often poke through a covering of snow. In the South, snowdrops may even bloom all winter long.

Galanthus nivalis ‘Flore Pleno’ Double white flowers. Each flower is a masterpiece! The inside shows a double center with a pattern of fresh green stripes. Plant in small groups and let them naturalize freely. Very early flowering.

Mysterious Passion Tulips

Blue Ice Hyacinth

The beauty of hyacinths-dewy spring color and head turning fragrance are the most dominant qualities of hyacinths, covering the spectrum from rich blues to vibrant magentas and pinks to cool yellow and whites. Plant them in formal beds, among perennials, scattered in clumps in the border or along paths. Save a few to force indoors for an early burst of spring.

Double Snowdrops

This blend is not only about the intriguing and intense colors, but also about the beautiful and uniquely shaped blooms. The mixture contains tulips in a blend of the deepest reds and the darkest purples, some accented with white or ivory, illuminated by some pure white tulips that shine like stars in the midnight sky. Large size bulbs 11-12 cm.

Maureen Tulip

The classic aristocrats of tulips, these matchless Scheeper’s sports are probably the most widely known and popular class of all tulips grown today. With their broad range of rich, bright colors and strong stems, they are ideal for beds and borders. Growing to 30” tall, these single late varieties are particularly suitable for cutting, so customers can bring spring beauty indoors.

Tarda Tulip

One of the best “botanical” tulips. Tulip Tarda’s star-shaped blooms are golden yellow with white stripes. Plant clusters spread rapidly to create carpets of early spring color. Tarda tulips sometimes even has five flowers on a single stem, white with a bright yellow base. They flower abundantly for a long time. Very easy to grow in good sun. Grows almost like a ground cover. Grows to 5 inches tall.

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