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Leaving a lasting Legacy Meet Val (Davies) Arends: Nightingale 1954. Former NHS Hospital Governor. Member Parliamentary Candidate Selection Board. Businesswoman. Lilian Brake Society Ambassador.

I loved my time at Ashford under Miss Brake and made many friends who I still see. I’m delighted that new generations of pupils are being given such a great start in life. Thinking in centuries, rather than years, must be in our minds when we consider the future of the School. Small though our individual legacies may be their collective impact underpins the Ashford of today. I’m leaving something to support our School’s future. How about you? Val (Davies) Arends Nightingale 1954

Today at Ashford School Meet Amberley: Year 10 Squires. Current Ashford pupil. Singer. Violinist. Hockey Player.

I’m always busy: studying for an assessment, playing the violin in an ensemble, or training for a sports competition. There are so many opportunities available that every day is exciting and different. I love the atmosphere and the camaraderie: the knowledge that you have a whole team of students and teachers behind you to support you in everything that you do. I wouldn’t be half the person I am today without Ashford School, and will always be immensely grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given, and for the friendships that have blossomed here at Ashford. Amberley

Making a Difference We are deeply grateful to all those who remember Ashford in their will regardless of the size of their gift. Together these gifts make a real and lasting difference. Your gift could help deserving pupils receive financial support. Unlike some of the UK’s independent schools, Ashford does not have an endowment fund that can be directed towards candidates from poorer backgrounds. The School’s objective is to give any child with the ability and determination to secure a place at Ashford, the means to attend, regardless of parental income. Educational opportunity is the very best engine of social mobility and we are determined to ensure that our school remains a diverse, balanced community. Whilst bursary funding is a major priority, we must also ensure that our facilities are suited to the demands of a twenty-first century education. We’re constantly looking to innovate and develop new and better teaching methods. As we change our methods, so our buildings must also change. Past generations of Ashfordians have helped provide the buildings we’re all familiar with. We hope that former pupils and parents will continue to acknowledge that their help in funding future capital improvements is essential.

Recognition Making a gift in your will to the School is a very personal matter, but it would be helpful to the School to know if you have

done so. This gives us the opportunity of showing our appreciation and thanking benefactors during their lifetime. The Lilian Brake Society has been established to honour those who have helped in the past and in recognition of those in the present who have made a gift in their will. Alumni who inform us of their intention to make a gift in their wills automatically become members of the Society or can remain completely anonymous if so wished. In order to recognize and thank members and their partners appropriately, you will be invited to an annual event as a member of the Lilian Brake Society; in this way, members who wish to do so will be kept up to date with the School’s progress and future plans.

What Next? We hope that you will consider leaving a gift in your will to Ashford and cement a bond with the School that will live on in perpetuity. The Ashford School Foundation is a registered charity. As such, your legacy to Ashford may reduce the amount of inheritance tax due on your estate. If you have not yet made a will please consider contacting your solicitor for advice. If you have already made a gift naming Ashford as a beneficiary and are happy to inform us of your intention to pledge, please let us know by completing the confidential Legacy Pledge Form which is attached and return it to us using the Freepost system provided.

Types of Legacy There are different types of gift you might consider giving to the Foundation in your will. The main ones are: Pecuniary – You can leave a set amount of money to Ashford. You may wish to ask your solicitor about linking it to inflation so that it retains its value over the years. Residuary – This is the value remaining after all other bequests, fees and debts have been paid. You can leave all or a portion of your residuary estate to Ashford. It will therefore not be affected by inflation.

In Memoriam Gift – An immediate gift, this can be set up as a fund in remembrance of a loved one. In many schools individuals establish ‘In Memoriam’ funds for providing bursaries, prizes, a bench or a tree on the school campus.

Specific – A specific bequest (or a bequest in kind) could be stocks and shares, land or other property or chattels.

Please talk to the Foundation & Alumni Office for more opportunities about making an ‘In Memoriam’ gift.

Reversionary – A reversionary bequest is one which allows named persons to benefit from assets during their lifetimes, after which the assets are transferred to the ultimate beneficiary. Deed of Variation – If you become a beneficiary of someone else’s will, you may wish to consider transferring the whole or part of that inheritance to Ashford using a deed of variation. The value thus transferred would be exempt from the inheritance tax which would otherwise have been payable out of the estate in respect of that value.

The Foundation & Alumni Office is more than happy to discuss the options above and which one might be right for you.

The most precious investment is that which is for the benefit of future generations. I loved Ashford School and it gives me pleasure to follow the lead of many other benefactors of this fine school. Norma Smyth (Deputy Head 1998)

For more in please c

David Y Foundation & A Ashford East Hill, Ashfo

foundation@ash +44 (0) 123 www.ashford

Thank you for

nformation contact:

Young Alumni Office, School, ord TN24 8PB 33 619 525

r your support

Pupils who have benefited from the Ashford experience know how enriching time at the School was for them, and how it shaped their lives thereafter. The Lilian Brake Society has been formed to encourage alumni to show their gratitude by leaving legacies in their wills to ensure that the same experience will continue to be open to future generations.

Adventurous Learning



I plan to remember Ashford School in my Will by leaving a legacy to the Ashford School Foundation (charity no. 1165474). I confirm that: I intend to include the Ashford School Foundation in my Will; OR I have already included the Ashford School Foundation in my Will. All those who indicate that they are leaving a legacy to Ashford School are eligible to join the Lilian Brake Society and are invited to an annual event: I wish to become a member of the Lilian Brake Society; OR I would prefer my legacy to remain anonymous. NAME AND ADDRESS

Ashford’s rich academic, sporting, cultural and social programme gives pupils a unique opportunity to develop the skills and qualities on which their futures will depend. We believe that an all-round education not only serves individual development but is also increasingly valued within the world of work, where teamwork, imagination and service are central to many of today’s most successful enterprises.


Name House/Years at school: Address:

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The school is thriving and pupil numbers are buoyant as an increasing number of parents become aware of the excellent breadth of opportunities that we offer. Although we are successful we are not complacent and continuous improvement is essential. For this to happen we need your support. A legacy is one of the simplest and most flexible ways of making a gift and may allow you to support the School in a way which you may not be able to during your lifetime. A gift in your will can help secure Ashford’s future for generations to come. The tax benefits of a legacy gift to the Foundation are considerable – all such gifts can be made free from Inheritance and Capital Gains Tax, so you could reduce the total tax burden levied on your estate to your family.

Telephone: Email:

Please indicate below your current intentions for your legacy

I intend making an unrestricted legacy; I intend my legacy to be directed towards bursarial provision (Assisted Places) for pupils to be educated at Ashford School I intend my legacy to be directed towards supporting capital building projects at Ashford School. Please specify any particular area of interest, e.g. the Music Department)

Please return this form to: Ashford School Foundation & Alumni Office FREEPOST RRBY – KRTA - SHJX Ashford School, East Hill, Ashford, Kent TN24 8PB

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