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Crotona Park by Marc V.

In June, all the second grade classes went on a field day. We walked down East Tremont to Crotona Park. It was a long walk. A lot of parents came to help us walk. The teachers had to stop traffic so all the classes could get across the street. Finally we got to Crotona Park. Now we can have some fun!

On field day, I had a great time. We played Ben 10. The field was big; we had lots of room to run around. I played cops and robbers and rock man. Ms. Bresnan and Ms. DeMatteo set up a kick ball game. We had to kick the ball and run for the base. The other team had to catch the ball and tag us out. Then we ate our lunch. We all shared our food.

After lunch we played wrestling and avatar. We were running around a lot. Field day was a fun day because school was almost over for the year. Before we went home, Ms. Bresnan gave us fruit salad and cookies. Then we cleaned up the park. Then we walked all the way back to the school.

The Aquarium by Christopher P. Last week, I went to the Aquarium with my Summer Camp. I took a bus. It was a long bus ride. I took a nap on the bus. I sang songs on the bus. My friends sang “Soldier Boy� with me. We had fun. Then we got to the aquarium.

I saw sharks swimming in the tanks. They were white. They looked scary. They were giants. Then we saw the sea lions. The sea lions did a show. They were flipping. They put their heads back. They clapped their paws. The sea lion show was funny, they were silly. We saw some clown fish too.

We behaved good, so we got to walk on the beach. We made a sand castle. Then we got on the bus to go home again. It was a fun day.

Playland by Daruin My mom rented a car to take us to Playland. It was a long ride in the car. It was a surprise. I was excited because I had never been to Playland. When I saw the sign I said “Finally I am here!�

The first thing I did was to go swimming. I was scared because the water was deep. The water was kind of cold too. I jumped in the pool and the water splash all over. Then we went on some rides.

I went on the dragon roller coaster. It was a scary ride. You go inside the dragon’s fire, it was make believe fire, but it looked real. I went on some water rides too. We stayed all day. When we were sleepy we went back home.

The Park by Lorelin R. Last Saturday, I went to the park with my mother. I took the train to get to the park.

When we got to the park we found a table. We had a picnic in the park. We ate apples, bananas, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We talked and we laughed.

After our picnic, I played games with my mom. We played tag. I ran fast. My mom can’t catch me. Then we got our stuff and went home.

Santo Domingo by Christopher D. One day I went to Santo Domingo with my mom. I visit my grandma. I play games with my cousins. I went to the park with my cousins and my friends. I went to my house and I ate.

My family speaks Spanish. I visit my cousin and I play cars with my cousin. They have motorcycles and trucks. They have animals and chickens. They have a horse.

My trip to Florida by Anacylis I went to Florida in an airplane. When I go on the airplane, I was scared because I thought the airplane was going to move the people up. Then we sat down and we buckled our seat belts. I listened to the lady tell us how to be safe on the airplane. Then I asked if I can go to the bathroom. She told me the way to the bathroom.

When I got to Florida, it was hot. I went to my Grandma’s house. I put my stuff away. My dad and I talked to my Grandma. I went swimming in the pool.

The next day we went to Disney World. I saw Cinderella. I got to talk to her. I saw Mickey Mouse, I talked to him too. I went on the cat and mouse chase ride. It was fun.

After our vacation we flew home.

Africa by Kadija I went to Africa on the plane. I was sleeping with my mom and little brother on the plane. We ate a lot of food on the plane. We ate rice, chicken and salad. Then we landed in Africa, my mom was very happy.

All of my family did not have water like here. In Africa, they have orange water. I had to fetch water to cook the African food. We ate docoontowa and girer.

My mom took me to school. My grandma did not have money for the school fees. I had to stop going to school. I stayed home and played games. We played lots of games.

After one week, we came back to the Bronx. I miss Africa!

Chuckey Cheese by Charisma One day my mom took me to Chuckey Cheese. I was excited, my mom bought me tokens. Then I started to play. I played race cars with my sister.

My sister and I were racing each other. There was a steering wheel. I felt like I was in a real car. When the car finished I went to play hockey puck. I won a lot of tokens. Then we ate pizza and played some more. I bought stickers and tattoos. Then we ate cake. Finally we went home with all our stuff.

Personal Narratives  
Personal Narratives  

Students wrote personal narratives.