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ebrc rewarded “Best Case Study Example of Cloud Services for the Private Sector” by the EuroCloud Award granted on May 23, 2013, at the Golden i Gala in Luxembourg Luxembourg, May 27, 2013 ebrc, the Luxembourg leader in highly secured integrated ICT services – “Data Centres Services”, “Managed Services” and “Cloud Services” – once again stands out by being rewarded as the “Best Example of Cloud Services for the Private Sector” by the EuroCloud. The jury recognised the quality of the case exposed by ebrc: a major European e-Commerce player, which was implemented and is now managed in ebrc TrustedCloudEurope. The PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard) certification, at the heart of ebrc Managed Services, ensures the Client its numerous daily online financial transactions are processed in the most secured environment. In 2011 in Paris, ebrc had already been honoured with the “EuroCloud Europe Award” for the quality and security of its “TrustedCloudEurope” offer. This award was won against 26 other European countries. In June 2012 in London, ebrc had been rewarded with the “European Award for Cloud Services”. In May 2013, ebrc is again up for the “BroadGroup International Data Centre & Cloud Awards” in London, in the “Best Private Cloud Services & Infrastructure” and the “Best Managed Services providers” categories. This European recognition in ICT reinforces the unique position of ebrc “TRUSTED SERVICES” and demonstrates Luxembourg can be considered as an excellence centre in Europe, as far as the supply chain management of sensitive or highly strategic information is concerned. ebrc “TRUSTED SERVICES” cover the whole information chain and are branded under: Trusted Data Centre Services, Trusted Managed Services, Trusted Cloud Europe Services, Trusted Resilience Services et Trusted Advisory Services.

“These awards are primordial to ensure some international visibility to our trusted one-stop-shop solution, which is unique in Europe. By managing and securing the whole value chain (from the Data Centre to the Cloud and Managed Services) and with the help of our certifications – ISO 27001 (information security), ISO 20000 (IT service management), ISO 9001 (quality management) and PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard), Tier IV (data centre safety and availability), we are able to meet IT outsourcing requests, which may be particularly complex when it comes to major financial or e-commerce/e-payment players. All these successes prove us right to aim at building, in collaboration with our partners, a Luxembourg-based know-how centre focused on excellence, security, agility and innovation and able to answer the issues and stakes of sensitive information and infrastructure management” says Yves Reding, ebrc CEO.

ebrc, the unique service provider in sensitive information management ebrc end-to-end manages the whole supply chain of TrustedServicesEurope©. ebrc services and offers meet the requirements of several norms: ISO 20000 (IT Service Management), ISO 27001 (Information security), ISO 9001 (Quality management), PCI DSS Level 1 (Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standard). A worldwide premiere, ebrc service chain is managed from data centres with a double Tier IV certification, the highest security level, as far as data centres are concerned. Making the difference with quality also implies to have the company 140 employees certified: ITIL, ISO 27001, Risk Management, sécurité, Tier IV Designer, etc. Through its know-how in terms of financial transaction security (PCI DSS), ebrc has acquired state-of-the-art expertise in e-commerce and sensitive information management (bank/finance, health sector, etc.). International and national recognition ebrc TrustedServicesEurope© was applauded by several awards in 2012. In London, during the BroadGroup Data Centre Europe Gala, ebrc won the “Best Cloud Services Provider” award thanks to its TrustedCloudEurope© offer. Last December in Luxembourg, in the framework of the IT One awards, ebrc was awarded “Best Managed Services Project of the Year” based on its TrustedManagedServices© offer. During this very same gala, ebrc won for the second time the “Outstanding Contribution to Luxembourg ICT” award, which rewards the company exemplary commitment to ICT (Information Technology Communication) development and its contribution to Luxembourg worldwide recognition. “2012 was a key year for ebrc, as far as commercial investment, know-how and innovation were concerned. In 2013, and in spite of a difficult economic and financial environment in Europe, we are confident in our capacity to maintain our strong growth in high added-value services requiring quality and innovation. Although several competitors have implemented low-cost and short-term strategies, we are convinced that only quality can be sustainable and bring long-term value. We aim at generating the highest value possible for our shareholder, EPT, but also for any stakeholder, starting with our clients and partners, thus actively contributing to make Luxembourg the European digital fortress. By demonstrating our know-how and by exporting the “Made in Luxembourg” quality in ICT, we will be able to attract new international players to the Grand-Duchy, so that we may together build a strong worldwide digital center with high added value”, says Yves Reding, ebrc CEO.


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Ebrc rewarded best case study example of cloud services for the private sector 2013  

EBRC provide Data Centres Services, Managed Services and Cloud Services that helps customers to meet the highest security and . It had alrea...