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Before you begin with Photo Story: 1. Organizing photos/images into a folder to export from. a. Create a folder in an accessible location b. Copy the photos / images into that folder 2. If you want to add a Power Point Image (to use as title or transition): a. Open PowerPoint b. Create a slide – You can create a title slide or a slide to transition from one topic to another. c. Save the Slide(s) i. File ii. Save As iii. Change Save As type to JPEG file interchange format iv. Choose Every Slide v. This will format the slides into images so that it can be imported in Photo Story

¡ Photo Story – A free Windows XP add on that allows the user to create stories from pictures. Pictures can be digital camera files, graphics saved from the Internet, scanned images (.jpg, .gif, .bmp and other picture formats) [up to 300 total]

¡ To download to your Windows XP computer, go to, type “Photo Story” in the search box and follow directions. If you are just starting a new project You are working on a project You want to play a story that has already been created

Navigate to the place(s) you have saved your picture files. Select those pictures you want to include in your story (Hold down the CTRL key to select more than 1 file at a time, Press Ctrl A to select all) and click the OK button. (Photo Story will arrange the photos in the order that you select them so try to choose in order - but this can be changed later) On the film strip, arrange the pictures in order you want them to appear (drag individual pictures into the order you desire) As you select each picture, that picture appears in the ‘editing box’. You can: Correct color levels Rotate the image

Remove red eye Edit & Crop Pictures Because a monitor has a 2:3 ratio, vertical pictures will have borders on both sides of the image. If you remove black borders, basically the program crops the picture to fit on a monitor screen.

Notice that if you add text or effect to a slide this

will appear below that slide.

You can add 1 section of text as an overlay on each of your pictures. Change font face, style, size and color Change horizontal justification Change vertical justification In this section, you can also add effects to each of your images:

You can narrate your stories if you have a microphone and your computer is set up correctly. Each image can have it’s own narration and movement. To configure your microphone and set recording volume, click on

and follow directions.

To begin sound capture press the red button, Press the other button to stop recording. Use this button to remove a recording.

Allows you to control the movement within and between each slide.

Photo Story will assign a default movement to each slide. But you can change that: - You decide what 2:3 ratio section the slide will begin and end with.

Duration will be set automatically – however you can change the number of seconds by using the arrow buttons or typing in the duration that you want.

There are 48 different ways to switch from 1 slide to another. Select the transition you desire, adjust the duration, and then watch the preview.

) or Photo Story can You can add background music to your slide show. This music can be from a file ( create music ( ) in various styles. One slide becomes the anchor for the music, and that music continues through your show until you 1) make a new music anchor slide, 2) the music runs out 3) the slide show ends.

Choose a music file (.wma, .mp3 or .wav files) Let Photo Story create ‘elevator music’ in various styles.

Choose the Genre, style, instrumentation, mood, speed and intensity

To preview, click

Each music piece has an anchor slide and that music will continue through the slide show unless replaced with another music piece.

Slide narrations and background music will play simultaneously – you can adjust the volume of the background music

While you have been working on your slide show you (should have) saved your project in .wp3 format. This is the Photo Story format – you can view and work on your slide show in this format, but others (without Photo Story) cannot. To save it as a Photostory Project (.wp3) Click the save it as you would normally save a file.

button at the bottom of the screen and

ÂÂ There are several ways to format the project so that it can be viewed (not edited) without using Photo Story, but the first 2 are most common ways you will save your slide show for presentation. Saves so you can view full screen (large file size) Saves a smaller file size show (quality will be poorer)

Once you choose the format click the Browse button to navigate the location you want to save the file to.


You can also change the setting Classroom computers are set at 1024 x 768 resolution size (Profile 4)

Once you have browsed to a location and have adjusted the settings YOU MUST CLICK NEXT so that the program can format it. The following window will notify you that your story is being “built”

Once you have the slide show saved, you will need Windows Media Player to view. In Windows Media Player (10), the video will appear in a smaller, but you can maximize the video pane


or show the video full screen

Controls near the bottom of the screen control your slide (Ctrl-P) to play/pause in full screen



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