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by Shirlee Hall

Trapped: Visitor From Heaven Š 2015 Shirlee Hall. Printed and bound in the United States of America. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by an information storage and retrieval system without permission in writing from the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review. Published by The Green Lady Press, an imprint of, Inc., Palatine, IL 60074. Web site: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, organizations, and events herein are the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, places, organizations, or events is entirely coincidental. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Cover design by Karl Petrovich First American Paperback Edition First printing 2015 ISBN-13/EAN 978-0-9847390-8-0

“We do feel we need to be guided,” some people say, “but there are so many people trying to pass themselves off as Spiritual Masters who are just charlatans, mentally disturbed!” This is true, but if you are afraid of being led astray, abused, by a living guide, there is nothing to stop you from turning to those who left the earth a long time ago. The works of all the Initiates and great Masters of humanity are at your disposal; the library shelves are full of them, and they teach the same truths in different forms. So, try to attune your thoughts and feelings to theirs: no natural or supernatural force will be able to prevent such an encounter. No one will reproach you for not searching the world over for a living Master. But nothing will justify your stagnating in mediocrity and error on the pretext that you have never met anyone capable of guiding you. When you are sincere, when you are truly seeking the light, you find it. Heaven has never let anyone lose their way who is sincerely seeking to make progress. — Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Dedication This story is for you. I know you are out there. No more hiding. We have found each other. Come fly with me.

About the Author Shirlee Hall’s primary focus is healing. Embracing both selfknowledge and knowledge of the divine realities, her books, classes and workshops emphasize the importance of direct experience with the spirit within. To lift the world out of the abyss of suffering, we must first lift ourselves. Suffering can lessen. To end it, we must learn to become internally and consistently whole. Full awareness is being truly alive. You are invited to link your light and dance. The music waits‌

Table of Contents Foreword … xiii A Word from the Narrator … xiv Introduction … xvii 1. The Dark Pretender … 19 2. Looking Back … 30 3. Influences … 38 4. Seeking … 41 5. Space of Her Own … 45 6. Sudden Change … 51 7. Power Play … 55 8. Mental Flights … 62 9. Moving On … 67 10. Evil … 70 11. Heavenly Guidance … 74 12. Energy Explosion … 80 13. Something Is Missing! … 87 14. Overshadowing … 92 15. Out of Body Options … 99 16. Near Death Experiences … 102 17. What is Real? … 105 18. Creating Our Story … 112 19. Is Sex Bliss? … 122 20. Recovery … 129 21. The Holy Spirit … 134 22. Inheritor of the Light … 145 23. Openly Love … 158 24. The Front Door … 164 25. Heaven Talking … 168 26. Search for the Beloved … 173 27. Being and Doing … 180 28. You are the Bridge … 185

A Word from the Narrator I, Ramiel, am recognized as the Archangel of Hope, mercy and the eternal compassion of God. My service evolves around two tasks: responsibility for divine visions, and guiding souls to Heaven. My presence and power are linked with the faithful. Marilyn is one of them. Celestial beings know her like a wellread book. She has openly shared her heart, mind and breath. As her watcher and friend, she has given me permission to select firsthand experiences that have served to create a conscious, stable and intimate connection between the heavenly hierarchies and Earth. In certainty, she knows that every soul is nourished and sustained by a hidden magic. Her accepting approach highlights fresh and expansive glimpses of new possibilities, wisdom and love for not only her but the whole of humanity. Feelings are very important, particularly when they involve the pain of neglect and deliberate harm directed to others and to self. Her story is to acknowledge a glaring truth ‌ the majority of humans act out the role of a prisoner entrapped in a jail of their own creation. Acknowledging, then desiring to change this travesty from happening cycle after cycle here on Earth begins with healing one’s self. Have you ever stopped and questioned special moments in your life? Interestingly enough, one of Marilyn’s was an unexpected and brief glimpse into the sacredness of creativity. On a trip to Maui, Marilyn went out on a whaling boat. Suddenly a whale surfaced. His head was turned sideways but his right eye was looking directly at her! It was in that thrilling moment, she realized extreme joy and a feeling of communion surging through her. The feeling was a strong desire to serve the life of planet Earth. As children, parents take their offspring to the zoo to watch wild animals caged as a means of entertainment. Humans are also in a prison, one that is typically self-made. To look into xiv

the eyes of an animal is a soul-stirring moment. To make matters worse, humans eat them. When people actually take time to deeply contemplate and meditate, observing life from a higher perspective, change happens. For change to be permanent, openness to authentic love and compassion is required. It becomes obvious that something is seriously wrong with humanity. Marilyn believes that the imbalances within humanity come from their never-ending efforts to prove that there is nothing beyond what is sensed. The perpetual sorrow, suffering, wars, hatreds, prejudices and even self-serving overindulgences are inherited from their predecessors. All of that selfish behavior works against simplicity, love, beauty and the true nature of the universe. Humanity, collectively through its history, has not honored life. Man’s inhumanity is not just to mankind, but also to everything around him; even rocks are not immune from his drive to dominate, control and change to suit his misguided whims. In truth, purity cannot be destroyed. More souls are awakening to their true identity, their true nature as pure awareness— energy that has transformed into matter, although humans may be at different levels of consciousness. Marilyn knew early in life that she had a choice to continue with the illusion she had been living, or to force herself to awaken during a time when spiritual ignorance and cruelty toward the living seemed to be the norm. Many souls are daily facing this serious challenge. Humans have been trying to rediscover the simplicity, the connection to their original design, the light energy from which all matter has come. It’s almost as though they are trying to revert to the type of pure life that their aquatic ancestors in the primordial soup experienced. The wise have reputedly said that not even one out of every one-hundred million humans have attained such liberation. To rediscover the absolute purity of imperishable grace dwelling in the heart is an ongoing challenge. For the most part, people are living a painful dream in a world of density.


The bright awareness of true being is a bond of love awakened firsthand with Marilyn’s interactions with life. She made serious mistakes and naively trusted when it would have been much wiser to use both discernment and caution. Through all the trials and errors, she gained the awareness of the grandeur of the higher Self, the Sublime essence within. To hold and actually live it, she first had to destroy the lingering destructive patterns of the personality. Nothing is more important than direct experience. But you have to analyze, awaken to what is happening and why it is around you. Understanding comes through tenacious inquiry. You also have to keep your focus on the love for the light of your true nature, peek behind the curtains, peel off the onion’s layers and remove intrusions. To be successful, humans must stop the living illusion, remove themselves mentally or even physically from the confinements that imprison the real. Marilyn’s story is her dance of recovery.


Introduction What does it feel like to be different in today’s world? On the outside you look normal, but inside you know there is a grander sense of self. What does it feel like interacting with people who haven’t a clue as to the truth of their real identity … or yours? Marilyn’s story is a theme of redemption and it is not hers alone. Redemption is a power or presence that diminishes the tribulations of living a lie and helps justify the debilitating force of unnecessary suffering. It shares real life challenges in a material world. Marilyn’s story is about being “different,” with which many can identify. She deals with people who do not understand a unique point of view or a mind that can actually get answers to questions, some of which people secretly hold. “Who am I? What is my purpose?” Knowing who you are and being true to yourself is a struggle and, virtually, an act of bravery. Pain accompanies and is the disadvantage in being aware and having talents. Once you master the steps, pain diminishes. It has been said that no one can ever really understand a superhero. Marilyn firmly believes that if people gain a deeper awareness, particularly about their own true spirit identity, they will identify with her story and realize it isn’t a fantasy. It is actually a super-science, a possibility, for everyone. There exists an extraordinary reality you only need to wake up to. She offers hope and the realization of dreams. Marilyn asks for you to be open to the special being that you actually are. It isn’t difficult being “special” once you realize that it is a natural state of mind. Every human has inner light. Marilyn is bold enough to share how you can be unique and comfortable in your own skin. Psychic and spiritual gifts and taking the time to dance in the stars transform the mediocre to the sublime. Trapped: Visitor from Heaven is an archetype for the childxvii

like embodiment of innocence. Souls trapped in physical form are similar to flies caught in a spider’s web. The sadness is that not everyone realizes why he or she is trapped. Through firsthand experience, Marilyn suffers, and then learns, eventually removing her entanglements. Although truth is often stranger than fiction, characters herein are a combination of embellished physical and personality traits designed to clearly establish a message. It is hoped that, through Marilyn’s experiences, readers will be able to make better choices and avoid needless suffering. Our heroine trustingly takes us into her heart, never letting go. We fall in love with her early naïveté, lack of discernment, denial and forgiving nature as she forges ahead further into the light, witnessing but not always understanding. Motivated by a desire to be healed, Marilyn risks all. She makes unthinkable mistakes. With determination and trust, transformation gradually happens. The impossible becomes the possible. The real self desires to be recognized and express who and what it is. If you are ready to let go of false thinking, outside programming and pain from being true to yourself, you discard the back door method, which is the habit of automatically accepting suffering as a natural part of life. It allows room for one to be manipulated. Such negativity diminishes energy. There are people who never retrieve the brightness of their spirit as a direct result of this kind of damage. The front door method is simply choosing to embrace your genius within. You are true love, pure in form or matter. So, this is a love story, but not the kind you would expect. It is also one of identity theft but not the electronic type. It is a tale of a person’s essence being stolen by others because she allowed it to be so and how she retrieved it.


The Dark Pretender It is not easy to describe my lovely friend, Marilyn. The closest I can come is to suggest that she emits an aura similar to the energy that exudes intelligence, innocence and a feeling of mystery. Men are drawn to her like worker bees to the Queen. Their attention doesn’t seem to phase her one way or another. There are many attractive people but she is something else. There is a force emanating from Marilyn that is not biological; it is energetic, electrical. At the same time, it is almost as if she is not fully here in matter. Perhaps, she resides in the land of the unicorns. Marilyn once nonchalantly mentioned that a unicorn had appeared to her. Marilyn’s inner education began early in life. She viewed things differently. She lived a major portion of her childhood in Chicago, Illinois, living with her parents in a fifteen-story hotel overlooking Lake Michigan. While a junior in college, she met and married a handsome, somewhat older, well-established businessman named Angelo whose work took him to California. How could she have resisted? Off they went. As a new, young bride, to have as your first home a brand new ranch-style house in sunny California couldn’t be a sweet19


er experience. The yellow frame house, the bright flowers, a newly planted palm tree in the front yard was a treasured view from their spacious porch. The environment couldn’t have been more ideal. The comfortable home was located in the midst of a mildly scented former orange grove in the foothills of Whittier. After three years there, however, Angelo wanted to be closer to his own family back in Chicago, so they made plans to return. Marilyn, although disappointed, kept silent regarding moving back to Illinois from a warm climate. She did, however return with a spot of sunshine. Angelo and she had a baby boy, Antonio, there. Back in Illinois, the young couple settled in a convenient two-flat not far from his parents in Chicago’s western suburbs … not her first choice in the land of Chicago, but it was close to his parent’s home. Apparently, he wanted to regain the security and close bonds he knew when younger. What sweetened the situation for both of them was that Marilyn’s father offered Angelo an accountant position with his Chicago firm. One thing about Marilyn, she is adaptable and not a complainer. Returning to Chicago and hearing the sound of trains nearby and a climate far from ideal was a drab contrast. She accepted it. Marilyn became pregnant again. The energy impacting her life was entirely different. In the midst of change, she gave birth to a sweet baby girl, a sister for Antonio. No one else has heard the poignant story that I am going to share. I have her permission. Two months after the birth of their daughter, Marilyn received a telephone call from a man she barely knew. They had met at one of her husband’s business social gatherings. Arnold and she had exchanged a few words but that was it. At the time, she did not realize that their casual meeting would precipitate a dramatic change in her life. The stranger was her husband’s new business partner. Arnold was a mesmerizing persona who reminded her in some ways of her handsome and mysterious dad. Although Marilyn knew little about Arnold, he was either



psychic or had heard about her philosophical interests through her husband or a mutual friend. About a week after the social get-to-gather, Arnold invited Marilyn out for a cup of coffee. He wanted to discuss spirituality. Now, this was a first. Marilyn had never met anyone interested enough to suggest she meet to discuss her favorite subject … soul evolution. She agreed out of curiosity. The request was unusual. The dramatic relocation change in her life and everything in general wasn’t stimulating to her on any level. She had a two-month-old daughter, absolutely beautiful of course, but no one she knew was interested in the experiences or subject that appealed to her. Secretly, Marilyn did not wish to live a mundane life, which is in itself a fantasy gone awry. The typical human existence is not up to par with how she felt the possibilities of life could actually be. The majority of average human desires are a form of fantasy or illusions and not related to how she perceived truth. Spirituality or metaphysics had never been a popular topic with her peers, Angelo, or his family. So, the invitation was a unique request. Marilyn had been bereft of like-minded friends. Secretly, she wanted a mentor or simply someone she could talk with. At this particular stage in her journey, she was still lonely, vulnerable, questioning and eager to find someone, anyone, to share her interest in philosophy. She often questioned whether there was anyone out there with similar feelings to hers. People who are “naive” tend to believe in whatever they are told, without questioning whether it is right or wrong. As for age, the age of the duped can be anywhere from 1-100. Anyone who has not lived through and seen enough of living in density is generally referred to as naive. The stage was set. Returning to Chicago and the fast approaching winter season was a real downer. Marilyn felt like a prisoner. Somehow, Angelo’s business partner, Arnold, had heard Marilyn was interested in Asian studies. As a background, the great spiritual figures teach that God is not outside of us. Their



scriptures clearly state that humanity is a part of the Core, the Source. If humans would only remember their true spiritual identity and live it, they could actually live a magical life. Many of those teachers mention that humans already have within them everything required for genuine happiness. Some even refer to the true self as a super hero. Marilyn always resonated to the Wonder Woman comic character and even had a T-shirt with the heroine dashing off to save someone. Also, Buddhism intrigued her. It is not a religion but a Path and actually harmonized with her earlier Christian church upbringing. Arnold sympathetically claimed that he understood her quest for truth. On the phone, he made it sound as if they were very much alike. Physically, he looked like she imagined the god, Apollo, might have looked. His manly beauty had its own uniqueness and aura of perfection. Arnold claimed he was not acting on his own, that there was an intelligent invisible energy guiding him, and that this guide was an angelic being from heaven! Marilyn believed him. After all, the idea of channeling wasn’t strange to her. She had grown up with parents who had friends who regularly met and channeled an entity from the “other side.” They met on a sunny afternoon at a local restaurant. She automatically viewed everything from a perspective that is not normal … it was super normal. Besides physical senses, we have spiritual senses. Some people judge her view as being in denial, but to Marilyn, it was very real. She was able to see through the veil of ordinariness and witness beauty, light and marvelous—nearly indescribable—things. In confidence, Arnold leaned close and quietly whispered the following tale. With a commanding confidence, he made a strong point to emphasize that the body Marilyn was looking at was only a vehicle for a great being that periodically speaks and acts through him. Arnold claimed to be channeling a very high intelligence from one of the loftier levels of heaven that easily merged with his physical body and mind. Marilyn refers to this method as a form of overshadow-


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Trapped Visitor from Heaven - by Shirlee Hall  

A redemptive story narrated by Archangel Ramiel. It is a woman's firsthand experience rising from the depths of abusive power that led to a...

Trapped Visitor from Heaven - by Shirlee Hall  

A redemptive story narrated by Archangel Ramiel. It is a woman's firsthand experience rising from the depths of abusive power that led to a...