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The Tanaka Chronicles The Sexual Awakening By Tracy Kadungure

Published by New Generation Publishing in 2014 Copyright Š Tracy Kadungure 2014 First Edition

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About the Author Tracy Kadungure was born in Bulawayo, the second largest city in Zimbabwe. She went on to teach at Mzilikazi, Induba, Insukamini and Magwegwe Primary schools before she came over to settle in England. In UK, she took any jobs from cleaning, to shop assistant to care assistant. By the time she retired, Tracy was working in Social care for one of London’s leading Councils as a Resource Centre Manager in a Day Centre for the Elderly. Tracy has always been an avid reader from when she started reading. She loves an eclectic mix of Romance, Mystery, Thriller, Tragedy, Comedy, Biography, Fantasy, Educational, and Reality, to name a few. When she retired in 2007, Tracy found herself with a lot of time on her hands. That is when she decided to put pen to paper so she could realise her dream for writing. Tracy fancied herself as an erotic writer and so Tanaka Chronicles was born. It is a story of a girl’s journey through the labyrinth that is growing up. It is about the voyage from girl to womanhood. Sex typifies a powerful role in human bonding and has the ability to form enduring connections as we access the peak experiences of love and sex. Tanaka was the most sweet, gentle person when she was young but Fungai the love of her life jilts her, Tanaka learns several valuable lessons about the world and herself. She learnt not to take anything for granted because things aren't always what they seem.


1st Tanaka Chronicles: Sexual Awakening. It is about the voyage to womanhood and the sexual awakening. Becoming a sexual woman can be exciting, intimidating and terrifying all at the same time. She realises that a sexually awakened girl is also a sexually curious girl. It means she has found something that turns her on so profusely that she gets aroused by it. Tanaka experiments sexually with almost no boundaries. Pure pleasure is what she seeks. She is very enthusiastic about Sex. She has no restraints and has relegated inhibitions to the same place as sexual frustration. When her sex drive goes into overdrive, she has no scruples about satisfying her needs. She is open to suggestions. She is curious and doesn’t know the meaning of taboo. Later this year, look out for Tanaka Chronicles: Tantric Sexuality: Tantra is kind of sexual magic which brings pleasure, power, energy, and control. The Art of Tantric Sex is about focusing on the full sexual journey. It is about stimulating each of the five senses for maximum passion and harmonizing your sexual rhythms. It teaches us to prolong the act of making love and to utilize potent orgasmic energies more effectively. It is about worshiping the body, massaging the head to heel; making love on a higher spiritual plane. The result is an out-of-body bond with your partner plus very physical ecstatic orgasms provoking an out-of-this-world orgasm, so one reaches a whole new pleasure plateau. At the end of the year looks out for Tanaka Chronicles: The Dominatrix: A dominatrix is a female who takes the dominant role in a bondage and discipline, sadism and masochism (BDSM) relationship.


Not even the author knows where Tanaka will end. It is just a mystery to her like it is to her readers.

Prologue The thoughts of men and women are very similar. The only real difference is physical strength. The male of our species is supposed to be the dominant one, but as far as sexual thoughts are concerned there is little difference. We really do have identical sex drive. Just like men, some girls are extremely sexual, and will go way out of their way for some good sex. And just like men, women have a voracious appetite for sex yet when it comes to doing the actually deed they are hard pressed to find a guy who is willing to work with them in order for both to achieve the ultimate pleasure. Our culture isn't always conducive to women exercising their sexuality the same way men do. When a guy has sex with multiple partners, he is called a ‘stud’. When a girl does exactly the same thing, she is called a ‘whore’. The mentality that causes this double standard also causes some men not to worry about pleasing their partner. If men had sex with women who were as selfish as our culture teaches men to be, they wouldn't like sex nearly as much either. Tanaka: I’m a self-loving woman who feels alive. I’m in the prime of my life. I try to live my life the way that pleases me each and every day. When I look in the mirror, I see myself as a whole. I see a person who is growing from out of her shell. I accept myself for who I am, a damn sexy Nubian woman. I feel the beating of my heart in my chest, the blood flowing through my veins and the air going through my lungs. I’m beautiful in my own way. The delight alone, the feeling of

health, the thrill satisfies me. I see I dance I laugh I sing. I’m in love with life. And the world is my oyster. I’m setting out to coolly and rationally explore my insatiable sexual appetite Fungai and ME He is the agent provocateur of my sexual awakening. As I grow into a woman, the African vibes of Mother Africa blend with sumptuous seductive undertones of the bedroom dance. I sensuously roll my shoulders, snake my arms, adulate my hips and sinuously sway my body for my man as the beat of the drum vibrate through my body. I feel it my bones, shaking me to the core. I feel my cunt tingling, an echo of the vibration as an orgasm builds. I raise my body off the ground. Never before have I felt the extent of my own sensual powers, of my sagacity as I sway my hips from side to side, up and down, winding them every which way. Every cell in my body vibrates. Then I become the vibration as one orgasm after another ties my body in knots. The African vibes that start at a slow pace and evolve into an intense ensemble rise to an incandescent climax. I dance for my man as I milk his lingam with my yoni.

Ricky and ME I’m ebony and he is Ivory. My body seeks his out. I lift my hips adjusting my body for him, allowing him to sink into me as deeply as I could get him inside. I revel in the feeling of being filled with cock. It is slippery, hard, smooth and oh so delicious. My pussy holds the voluptuous feeling of penetration and the sensation of sexual ecstasy. 5

Alternately, my canal feels plugged and filled to the max as he pushes into me. And then it opens as he completely draws out of my hot cavity, leaving me bereft of the warmth and comfort of his huge, hot length of him throbbing inside me. Building up the foreplay, I’m riding the highway to orgasmic Heaven. The feeling is primal, sensual, and erotic. Our genital embrace feels like one unit as our bodies move in sync. The pleasure I seek is him and in him. I adore his see blue eyes. My fingers go up to comb through the blond hair falling forward and framing his face as he looms above me. The way he smells, the cadence of his soft voice, his six packs and well defined, toned muscled body, I see and drink him in. I know in his pleasure he seeks my own delights. It’s me he is adoring and enjoying, as I’m enjoying him. The copulation is passionate and intense. Our pleasure comes to us naturally. It is the dance of two people, a gentle, affectionate form of unrushed intercourse. Snuggled between the smooth, sexy chocolate skinned goodness of my upturned thighs, he presses the head of his throbbing cock against my wet cunt. I feel his cum pouring into my aperture, triggering my own orgasm. Our love making is a truly shared experience.

Gemma and ME I feel fragmented. I'm never just one type of person. I'm beginning to think that I’m a little of this, a little of that. Heterosexual, bisexual, lesbian who knows!!! Being with Gemma is another facet of sexual

awakening another facet of pussy power, another integration of multiples of self. I never knew so many different facets and pieces of me could come together in the arms of another woman. It feels like I’ve finally landed fully into my body and into all of whom I am sexually???? We come together like the repartee to the beating of the drums, connecting with deeper rhythms in our bodies as we embrace with loving acceptance. Our bodies scissoring, we move together in pure harmony, we gyrate in the ever changing cadence in celebration of our joining as we consciously travel into the higher dimensions of our inner reality. Astral projecting, our spirits leave our bodies and travel through other planes of existence. We gain entry into the temple and into the womb of Mother Earth and beneath the soft rays of the Full Moon to join in astral erotic sexual union. We integrate together in the Sacred Sexual Cosmic Union of our inner selves. It is the coming together of the African and the Wiccan as they transcend to the consecrated ancestral spirits for blessings. Our orgasms explode into a million fragments like fireworks in cosmic eternity. A long moan of pleasure and pure ecstasy escapes our mouths as we watch breasts slam together, our bodies becoming one. The two of us becoming one and giving us insights into the aura of the cosmic sensual twin soul. Astral Sex, simply put is possible to melt with another astral being on the astral plane. And is the temporary combining of two separate energies of spirit. It is the joining, or knowing, or fusing, or coming together between one and many.

Dedication This book is dedicated to ME. As soon as I put pen to paper, I began seeing my characters develop, grow and matured as I went along. I prefer sex scenes that involve characters I care about, and that have emotional context as well as physical mechanics. I feel less insecure about how people are going to view my writing. For the most part I strive not to care. I’m not trying to be contrary. I’m just going with what feels good to me. It’s like building your way out of a maze. That’s what makes the experience enjoyable to me. My gratitude goes to my family and friends who played an indispensable part in encouraging me to write Erotica. And some I coerced into editing my work even though I knew they would cringe at the explicit sexual description found in the book. This is the nature of the beast. My appreciation goes to all the authors of Erotica and people who have edited my work from its infancy to what it is now. They have been my inspiration and my teachers. I thank you for your constructive words. I soon found that writing about my fantasies was both a turn-on and creatively satisfying. I hope I can take you for an erotic thrill ride that will leave your body shaking with excitement. To everybody who reads Tanaka Chronicles, I truly hope you enjoy it and express your feelings and observations through my Website. Email


Chapter One A broken heart can’t be replaced. And trust is like a mirror once broken, the reflection is distorted, it can’t be fixed or looked at in the same way. And even if the pieces did fit, they can’t be made whole again. There is nothing worse than a broken heart; the kind you get when someone you love leaves. Even worse when it is without warning? Fungai had asked me to marry him… He said we’d be together forever and yet; he left without warning. ME! jilted by the man l loved. Heartbreak has the power to change a person from whom they were to something else. Life once seemed so wonderful and so fulfilling, but was shattered in a day. My dreams were turned upside down and like a broken mirror, things would never be the same again. Fungai was a twenty year old handsome, dark skinned man who put decadence into dark chocolate. He was an individual who exuded the most desirable traits, a well brought up African man. Any girl would have loved to take him home to meet her parents. He was tall and clean shaven with a well-placed broad nose, full kissable lips and hypnotic dark brown eyes. He had a muscular body that was honed from working on building sites humping bricks and mixing cement. The manual work gave him a six pack to die for. Strong and masculine, he gave the air of a man who pursued, defended, conquered and ruled. His charming appearance and disposition endeared him to everyone. He was that special lover; my fantasy of a perfect man who came along and created a story of love and deep intimacy. He set my world on fire and made my pulse race. As well as bringing out the sensuality in me, 9

he brought me to a place where I was at peace, had more joy and deep love. He was the man of my dreams. He knew exactly how to tap into my passionate mind and set it free and catapulted me into delicious and wild abandon, unleashing the deeper, wilder, more daring parts of me. He connected me to my sexual self, making me wet, hot and juicy as he pushed my sexual boundaries freeing me from the grip of inhibitions, apprehensions and anxieties. I was so in love with him. Everything seemed perfect; we even set a date for our wedding. Then he just upped and left without saying a word to anyone, leaving me a broken woman; never to be the same again. For months after he left, different scenarios played in my mind, from wondering if he asked me to marry him just so he could sleep with me. He knew without commitment, sex was out of the question. Or maybe I was just a sex toy, someone he could use until he found someone he really loved. Being abandoned went to the depths of my heart and ushered in an extreme loss of self-worth. He had manipulated a naïve prim, proper young girl into his cock whore; he could have at least explained himself before he left. And so, l had to begin to heal, do whatever it takes to mend my broken heart. There had to be a light at the end of this tunnel. We gain strength, courage and confidence with each experience. I couldn’t indulge in feeling sorry for myself: I had to adjust and be strong and get on with my life. I needed to find my happiness and my sanity. After all, life is too short to spend being miserable.


I was born in Zimbabwe, home to the Victoria Falls, one of the 7 wonders of the world and the forever mighty Zambezi known as the River of Life across southern Africa. I owe my being to its hills and the valleys, the mountains and the glades, the rivers, the deserts, the trees, the flowers, the wild life and the everchanging seasons that define the face of our native land. Mine was a happy childhood filled with love, laughter and a care free way of life with all the children belonging to the community. All parents had a collective responsibility to the children of their community even if they did not conceive and bear them. Of course, parents raised us, with their own values. But they were able to do so in a community that provided safe places to play, food to eat, schools to attend, and economic opportunities to support them. Collectively the parents built that world for all. In my early teens, life seemed wonderful. I thought I had met the man of my dreams. The person that I thought I would marry and have children with and live my happily ever after. My initial meeting with Fungai was at my parents’ home when a number of boys and girlfriends of mine met for a get together. We stayed up until the early hours of the morning, chatting about all sorts of things that teenagers talk about. Our parents left us to our own devices. They had instilled in us the benefits of sexual abstinence until after marriage. But boys and girls will be just that, especially at the time when hormones start to cause havoc in their sexually developing bodies and minds. Fungai stood out from the rest of the guys. One 11Â

could tell he was comfortable with whom he was and that he had the confidence to be unique. He let his individuality shine. Most of the girls fancied him, but he didn’t appear to show any interest in any of them. When the group started breaking up and going to their respective homes, I didn’t think anything of it when Fungai stayed behind for a while. It’s a night I will never forget. Fungai stood in front of me, studying me as if I was some part of a sideshow attraction. His brown eyes met mine and he stared at me so heatedly and so full of longing, I felt the breath catch in my throat and I forgot how to breathe in air for a second or so. He swept his eyes over me from head to toe. I felt myself blushing, wondering how I looked to him in my worn out white tee shirt and knee length mini skirt. I had a clean face devoid of make-up, but I knew I still looked nice. “Beautiful.” Fungai said as his gaze settled on my breasts. I became self-conscious of the fact that I had big boobs and I wasn’t wearing a bra. My nipples hardened under his intense scrutiny. I resisted the urge to fold my arms over my chest and I clenched my fists because of my self-consciousness. I felt a flush of heat come over me. It was as if flames were burning my skin. I sucked in a breath, my heart skipping wildly. As his eyes roamed over my body, they narrowed and his smile turned mischievous as he registered my response. I hate rude awakenings. I was dumb-founded when Fungai took me completely by surprise. He gripped my arms and pulled me into his hard body, crushing my breasts against his muscular chest. My eyes widened and I momentarily froze as he forced me to open my mouth to his very wet and soggy kiss, regardless of any

objections I might have wanted to make. He sinuously probed, teased and sucked hard. Somehow found myself relinquishing my own tongue to his underhanded manipulation. I was kissing him back. His tongue tasted sweet, wet and soft as he explored my mouth. Before things could get out of control I gingerly pushed him away. Amused, Fungai’s brows shot up. I could tell from the way his lips kept jerking at the corners that he was having a hard time not to laugh. My temper boiled. “What did you do that for?” My eyes flashed with anger as my shouting picked up energy. Then I remembered that my parents were sleeping not far from where we were. If they had woken up; Fungai and I would have been in serious trouble. So I spoke quietly, then I shut up. “I just wanted to give you a simple good night kiss, but it turned into something deeper. I really like you Tanaka, I’m not going to apologise for stealing a kiss from you. I would like you to be my girlfriend. What do you say? I know you don’t have a boyfriend and I get a feeling no man has ever kissed you.” I didn’t like the amusement in his eyes. I’m a very delicate and emotional person and too sensitive to sexual drama. Nothing prepared me for the overwhelming feeling of being kissed. I felt like my heart was skipping a beat and was going to beat right out of my chest. I was very frustrated with myself because I was getting moist between the legs. “Give me time to think about it.” I told him. I was so excited at finding out that he was in love with me. “A woman as beautiful as you should have a man in her life. You should have someone to treat you nice. And be kissed and made love to. Can I have another kiss?” He stared at me pleadingly, his eyes, darkening 13

with lust. “No thank you. I’d like you to leave.” I told him, ignoring the delicious throbbing ache gaining momentum somewhere deep in my vagina. The kiss had affected me more than I ever dreamed it could. My body seemed to burn up in its own sweet fire, my panties getting wet. The feeling was so good; I thought it couldn’t possibly be a bad thing. I moved out of his reach. I wasn’t going to let him get near me again. I didn’t trust myself not to jump on him and kiss him hard. “OK I’ll leave. But can we talk about it sometime please?” He looked at me expectantly. “Good night Fungai.” I opened the door for him. “I really like you. Please Tanaka, promise me we’ll talk sometime. Can I ask you something? When you go to sleep tonight I hope you dream of me. I’ll be dreaming of you. Good night.” And he was gone. I was an eighteen year old dark chocolate skinned girl who and never been kissed. Nor had I ever had a boyfriend. I didn’t have issues with my innocence. I was attracted to boys, but going out with them was not a pass-time a well brought up girl like me was allowed to indulge in. The thing was, I didn’t really care that I’d never been kissed and never had a boyfriend. I wasn’t embarrassed to come into my own towards the end of my teenage life. There were guys that I liked, even some that I was downright infatuated with but I was not the type of girl that dated a guy just to date. For me, there had to be a real connection, coupled with the fact that one had to choose a life partner in the process. So the fewer guys a girl was associated with, the less the chance of losing her virginity and the better the chance of finding a husband. I made the decision to wait until something

The Tanaka Chronicles The Sexual Awakening - by Tracy Kadungure  

Tracy Kadungure Author of "The Tanaka Chronicles" dedicate to herself. As soon as she put pen to paper, she began seeing my characters devel...

The Tanaka Chronicles The Sexual Awakening - by Tracy Kadungure  

Tracy Kadungure Author of "The Tanaka Chronicles" dedicate to herself. As soon as she put pen to paper, she began seeing my characters devel...