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With deep  respect  for  the  Master     Sant  Kabir     The  Wisdom  of  the  Heart     “Between  the  poles  of  the  conscious  and  the  unconscious,   there  has  the  mind  made  a  swing.     Thereon  hang  all  beings  and  all  worlds,  and  that  swing  never  ceases  its  sway.     Millions  of  beings  are  there  -­‐  the  sun  and  the  moon  in  their  courses  are  there.     Millions  of  ages  pass,  and  the  swing  goes  on.  All  swing!     The  sky  and  the  earth  and  the  air  and  the  water  and  the  Lord  Himself  taking   form.     And  the  sight  of  this  has  made  Kabir  a  servant.”   ~  Sant  Kabir  


Sant Kabir   was   a   mystic   poet   and   saint   of   India,   whose   writings   have   greatly   influenced   mysticism,   especially   the   Bhakti   movement.   Sant   Kabir’s   compositions   have   a   uniquely   powerful   style,   expressing   his   own   spiritual   awakening,  urging  others  to  wake  up  and  observe  the  delusions  in  individuals   and   society.   His   poems   resonate   with   praise   for   the   true   guru   who   reveals   the   divine  through  direct  experience.        

      We   invite   you   to   join   us   on   this   auspicious   day   as   we   and   25   million   people   around   the   world,   celebrate   Sant   Kabir’s   birthday   with   a   special   meditation.   During  this  event,  Sat  Tony  Samara,  a  living  master  in  the  spiritual  tradition  of   Sant  Kabir,  will  share  satsang  and  energy  transmission.  For  more  information   please  visit  


Tony Samara     Founder  of  the   Tony  Samara  Humanitarian  Alliance   and  the  Samara  School  of  Meditation  

"My   first   spiritual   teacher,   at   the   age   of   12,   was   the   question   "Who   Am   I?"   Over   a   few   years,   as   I   immersed   myself   deeper   into   the   question,   in   many   different   countries   and   through   various   spiritual   traditions,   in   a   universalist   open-­‐minded  way,  gradual  and  powerful  experiences  opened  me  up  more  and   more   until   at   the   age   of   27   I   experienced   a   dramatic   moment   of   enlightenment.     Today,  inspired  deeply  by  the  poetry  of  my  Spiritual  Master,  Sant  Kabir,  I  share   with  you  the  totally  natural  state  of  joy  and  wisdom  experienced  as  the  heart   opens  to  the  truth.”     “There  within  Him  creation  goes  forward,  which  is  beyond  all  philosophy;   for  philosophy  cannot  attain  to  Him:   There  is  an  endless  world,  O  my  Brother!   and  there  is  the  Nameless  Being,  of  whom  nought  can  be  said.”     ~  Sant  Kabir  



The Simplicity of Love Meditation    

Heartfelt Daily  Practices  for  Everyone        

by Tony  Samara          


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“Meditation is  an  opening  up  to  what  is  really  there   rather  than  trying  to  push  aside  what  is  there   so  you  can  be  comfortable  in  the  space  of  relaxation.   Relaxation  is  not  a  comfortable  space,   relaxation  is  an  intense,  passionate  embracement  of  life.   So,  if  you  are  a  normal  human  being  and  you  just  want  to  have  a  break   because  you  want  to  relax  and  you  think  that  the  meditation  will  take  you   away  from  the  intensity   of  what  is  going  on  inside  of  yourself,   then  this  is  not  meditation.   Rather  it  is  the  western  concept  of  meditation,   which  is  an  interesting  concept,  but  it  has  nothing  to  do  with   meditation  that  leads  to  spiritual  wisdom;   meaning  that  leads  to  the  part  of  oneself  that  is  wise.   To  come  to  that  wise  space  means  that  you  have  to  open  up  completely  and   to  open  up  is  not  relaxation,  it  is  the  activity  that  is  beyond  relaxation.”     –  Sat  Tony  Samara  –      

“Are  you  looking  for  me?  I  am  in  the  next  seat.   My  shoulder  is  against  yours.   You  will  not  find  me  in  the  stupas,     not  in  Indian  shrine  rooms,     nor  in  synagogues,  nor  in  cathedrals:   not  in  masses,  nor  kirtans,     not  in  legs  winding  around  your  own  neck,     nor  in  eating  nothing  but  vegetables.   When  you  really  look  for  me,  you  will  see  me  instantly  —   you  will  find  me  in  the  tiniest  house  of  time.   Sant  Kabir  says:    Student,  tell  me,  what  is  God?     He  is  the  breath  inside  the  breath.”       ―  Sant  Kabir  –  


Introduction     The   Tony   Samara   Humanitarian   Alliance   has   been   set   up   to   help   realise   the   evolution  of  human  consciousness  worldwide,  using  the  guidelines  of  Sat  Tony   Samara   and   embracing   the   goal   of   working   towards   self-­‐realisation   and   liberation.     It   is   a   non-­‐profit   organisation   created   to   spread   Sat   Tony   Samara’s   teachings   throughout   the   world   in   many   ways:   through   workshops;   by   producing   teaching  and  inspirational  materials,  such  as  videos,  CDs,  tapes,  and  booklets;   through   educational   workshops   on   spirituality   for   adults   and   children;   by   creating  bursaries  to  help  people  in  considerable  economic  hardship  to  attend   retreats;  by  creating  places  where  people  who  are  dedicated  to  their  spiritual   path   can   come   and   practice   this   living   form   of   spirituality;   and   by   creating   various  healing  projects.     In   2010,   Sat   Tony   Samara   decided   to   create   the   possibility   for   people   to   be   able   to   listen   to   him   live   online   on   a   regular   basis,   as   an   on-­‐going   resource   for   those   who   already   know   of   his   work   and   wish   to   continue   the   practices   in   between   the   programmes   and   retreats   that   they   attend,   and   for   those   who   have  no  other  way  of  hearing  his  teachings.     The   meditations   and   ancient   mantras   that   you   will   find   in   this   book   have   been   selected  due  to  their  significance  and  importance  in  the  daily  practices  of  the   residents   of   the   Garden   of   Light,   a   small   spiritual   school   where   life   is   lived   following  the  guidelines  of  Sat  Tony  Samara.  These  meditations  were  recorded   between  2010  and  2012.     These  simple  meditations  are  effective  in  helping  everyone  in  the  challenging   times  we  are  facing  now  and  in  the  future.  As  we  strengthen  body,  mind  and   soul  and  connect  with  our  breath  we  can  meet  the  demands  of  any  personal   and   global   situation,   such   as   natural   disasters   and   socio-­‐economic   or   family   crises.     The   practical   steps   that   Sat   Tony   Samara   speaks   of   can   be   followed   at   any   time,   in   any   place,   and   in   any   way.   In   fact,   it   is   imperative   that   the   steps   be   taken  to  realise  the  evolution  of  human  consciousness.  We  invite  you  to  join  


us as  we  continue  the  life-­‐transforming  journey  to  our  heart.  There  is  no  time   to  waste.     As   we   move   beyond   the   simple   satisfaction   of   personal   needs   and   become   something   greater   in   order   to   create   a   reality   in   harmony   with   our   spiritual   aspirations,  we  take  responsibility  for  our  processes,  raise  our  consciousness,   and  find  the  love  and  the  light  in  each  situation.     Thank  you  for  your  consideration.     The  TSHA  Team  


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Chapter 1   The  Third  Eye  Meditation     “If  you  want  the  truth,     I’ll  tell  you  the  truth:     Listen  to  the  secret  sound,     the  real  sound,     which  is  inside  you.”     ―  Sant  Kabir       As  I’ve  been  asked  the  same  question  many  times,  I  would  like  to  go  a  little  bit   deeper  into  its  meaning,  and  also  demonstrate  a  few  practical  exercises,  that   relate   to   this   question.   The   exercises   are   perhaps   also   very   important   for   future   events.   The   question   revolves   around   some   of   the   mundane   worldly   things   that   are   going   on   in   different   parts   of   the   world,   where   there   are   all   sorts  of  interesting  and  complex  situations,  such  as  nuclear  accidents  and  the   natural   disasters   that   have   created   turmoil   and   confusion   around   the   world.   Not  forgetting  the  political  and  social  and  cultural  changes  that  are  going  on  in   many  countries.     The  question  is,  “How  can  we  create  a  system  inside  of  ourselves  and  for  the   world  that  is  not  just  the  same  old  let’s  watch  the  news  and  get  worried  about   the  world,  and  then  feel  helpless  or  sad  that  the  situation  is  not  so  easy  to  do   anything  about?”     Often   we,   as   people,   feel   very   helpless   when   there   are   strong   and   difficult   things   happening   around   the   world,   and   we   begin   to   retreat   into   a   little   space   inside  of  ourselves  that  wants  to  shut  out  all  the  difficulties  and  not  deal  in  a   very  positive  or  useful  way  with  the  situation.     So,  that’s  the  background  of  the  question  and  I  would  like  to  first  explain  that   my   work   is   not   about   analysing   the   cultural,   political   or   social   systems   and   trying  to  find  a  solution  on  such  a  level.   There  are  many  wise  and  intelligent   people   who   spend   their   lives   doing   this,   and   I’m   more   concerned   with   the   individual  and  the  spiritual  setting  of  the  individual,  whereby  it  is  possible  to   do  something  that  is  practical  and  useful,  and  to  do  this  without  much  effort,  


in a  way  that  is  often  not  understood  or  even  practiced  by  most  people,  as  we   are  busy  trying  to  understand  the  world  that  is  around  us.     This  is  the  number  one  problem  -­‐  we  spend  so  many  hours  inside  of  ourselves,   in  our  minds,  in  our  emotions,  analysing  and  introspecting  about  the  various   difficult  questions  that  come  up  during  such  situations.  We  try  to  understand   the   situation   on   many   levels,   not   just   on   the   mundane   and   everyday   level,   but   also  what  it  means  to  us,  and  this  is  the  opposite  of  what  I  teach.    We  spend   so  much  time  inside  trying  to  understand  the  situation,  or  outside  by  watching   the  TV,  following  the  news  or  doing  whatever  else  that  people  do  today,  which   is   useful   up   to   a   point,   but   beyond   this   point   it’s   difficult   to   see   how   in   a   practical  sense  you  make  much  difference  to  the  world,  but  what  can  we  do?     For   me,   it   is   important   that   we   recognise   that   whatever   is   going   on   in   the   world  is  a  beautiful  mirror  that  reflects  to  us  the  possibility  of  addressing  this   situation   with   consciousness.   Of   course,   we   can’t   sit   back   and   pretend   the   world   doesn’t   exist   when   we   have   to   deal   with   everyday   life,   and   the   many   different   situations   that   are   within   that   context.   So,   what   can   we   do   when   those  situations  are  not  dealt  with  in  a  productive  way?  This  is  the  question!     First,  it  is  to  realise  that  with  your  conscious  mind  you  have  the  possibility  of   changing  everything.  Consciousness  touches  intention  and  intention  is  a  very   powerful  method  of  moving  that  energy  (that  we  often  lose  in  the  worry  and   other   more   negative   frameworks   that   we   get   lost   in),   and   moving   it   in   an   expansive  and  open  way,  and  in  a  very  clear  manner,  in  order  to  change  what   seems  impossible  to  change.     It  is  possible  to  change  everything.  We  can  even  change  the  weather  by  simply   understanding   the   mechanisms   that   work   behind   those   situations   that   we   think   are   just   a   part   of   nature.   Once   we   understand   this,   not   just   as   individuals,  but  also  as  a  community  or  as  a  group  of  people,  we  can  use  our   clear   intention   in   a   very   conscious   way   to   touch   upon   the   many   spiritual   realms   that   are   invisible   to   most   people   -­‐   that   are   invisible   but   can   be   communicated   to   in   a   very   strong   and   powerful   way.   It   is   natural   for   most   people   to   do   this   because   this   is   what   our   heart   wants.   When   there   is   a   negative   situation   the   heart   wants   that   situation   to   change   so   there   is   harmony,   or   there   is   a   sense   of   balance   or   equilibrium   within   that   situation.   When  we  expand  and  open  up  in  a  very  clear  way  we  are  actually  listening  to   the   wisdom   of   our   heart,   to   a   natural   flow   that   is   contained   within   that   wisdom.  Once  we  do  this  we  realise  that  we  don’t  have  to  put  a  lot  of  effort  


into what  we  are  doing,  but  actually  within  that  context  we  are  supported  as   we  fall  back  into  the  natural  way  of  being,  the  harmonious  way  of  being  that   all   human   beings   are   born   with   and   have   a   birth   right   to   put   into   practice.   We   have   just   forgotten,   and   when   we   do   this   in   situations   that   are   critical   or   difficult,  whether  they  are  personal  ones  or  situations  that  involve  the  whole   world  community,  we  can  actually  make  a  difference.     This   empowers   our   mind   and   empowers   our   feelings   to   realise   that   our   actions,   whatever   we   do,   whatever   those   little   steps   that   we   take   may   be,   actually  make  a  big  difference.  This  brings  faith  and  trust  in  the  wisdom  that   comes   from   the   heart   so   that   we   continue   to   go   deeper   and   expand   and   open   up   in   a   much   more   beautiful   and   clear   way.   This   is   basically   what   is   happening   in  the  world  today.     In   the   world   today   people   are   saying   to   themselves,   perhaps   without   even   realising   that   they   are   doing   so,   but   they   are   saying   it   so   that   it   is   heard   in   situations   of   political   unrest,   that   we   have   had   enough   of   the   old   paradigms   and   the   old   systems   and   we   want   to   change.  We   don’t   know   what   we   want   to   change,  we  don’t  know  how  to  change  but  we  want  to  change,  and  that  clarity   creates  a  power  that  we  today,  if  you  watch  the  news,  realise  has  a  very  real   and  powerful  effect  in  the  world.    It  changes  what  most  people  thought  was   quite   impossible   to   change   a   few   years   ago,   and   that   is   not   even   through   conscious  spiritual  work.    The  change  is  due  to  the  intention  being  so  strong   that   it   changes   and   pushes   away   the   old   paradigms   so   that   there   is   the   possibility  and  the  space  that,  you,  as  a  human  being  and  in  a  social  context  of   the  situation,  allows  for  the  birth  of  something  new,  and  this  is  what  is  going   on  in  the  world  today.     As   we   approach   the   interesting   times   of   the   future   there   are   many   changes   in   the  world.  There  are  spaces  that  are  opening,  and  in  the  beginning  they  seem   to   be   very   distant   and   we   cannot   connect   to   them,   but   as   we   become   more   conscious   and   more   clear   it   is   possible   to   utilise   our   intention   to   bring   forth   those  changes  in  a  much  more  conscious  way.     Then   we   are   walking   the   path   to   a   depth   of   our   heart,   and   this   means   that   we   will   be   supported   and   this   is   what   the   prophecies   and   the   ancient   people   of   the  past  have  predicted  for  millennia;  that  we  will  be  supported.  The  changes   will  have  a  power  within  themselves  to  push  forth  for  more  changes,  and  this   is  the  fantastic  thing  when  you  open,  even  though  it  looks  like  you  are  perhaps   coming   to   a   point   that   is   like   a   wall   or   a   part   of   you   just   thinks,   “I   can’t   go   any  


further.” When  you  reach  that  point  there  is  the  possibility  of  expanding  that   space  that  is  beyond  your  imagination,  because  it’s  beyond  the  old  paradigms   that  you  have  as  your  reference  point,  beyond  those  concepts  that  your  mind   holds  onto  as  true!  When  this  happens  you  give  birth  to  something  that  you   don’t  know  about,  and  this  new  experience  gives  you  such  a  power  that  your   heart  begins  to  not  only  expand,  but  to  celebrate  the  joy  of  being  present  to   the   power   that   is   being   experienced.   Not   just   the   power   of   the   ego,   but   the   power  of  wisdom  that  is  being  experienced  in  that  situation.     I   believe   that   we   can   as   human   beings   assist   this   movement   by   being   conscious,   and   this   is   why   I   would   like   to   share   with   you   a   very   interesting   meditation.    If  we  put  it  into  practice  today  and  in  the  future,  and  especially  in   the  next  few  weeks  and  months,  it  has  the  potential  to  create  more  changes.   There   are   more   difficult   changes   that   we   will   face   as   a   collective   group   of   human  beings  here  on  this  beautiful  earth,  but  we  can  move  towards  the  birth   of   something   new   rather   than   getting   stuck   in   the   fear   that   the   old   is   there,   and  that  we  can’t  actually  deal  with  it.    We  can  let  go  of  those  old  structures   and  trust  that  as  we  jump  into  the  space  that  is  unknown  to  the  mind,  and  the   space   that   is   unknown   to   the   innermost   part   of   yourself,   that   behind   all   those   things   there   is   the   heart,   and   the   heart   will   support   you   with   a   beautiful   harmony   which   is   present   in   this   moment,   but   that   you   can,   through   this   meditation,   bring   into   more   presence   not   just   for   yourself   but   also   for   the   many   people   who   are   perhaps   dealing   with   situations   that   are   more   difficult   than   yours.   They   would   feel   very   happy   to   receive   this   beautiful   meditation   through   your   intention,   through   your   practice,   and   receive   the   space   that   it   creates  which  is  a  birth  of  something  that  is  new,  no  matter  what  the  situation   is,   however   difficult.   Whatever   it   is,   there   is   always   a   beautiful   learning   that   happens,   and   the   beautiful   transformation   that   happens   then   gives   that   situation  real  meaning.     So  no  matter  what  is  happening  in  the  newspapers  or  on  the  TV  anywhere  in   the  world,  there  is  a  depth  of  meaning  in  that  situation  that  feeds  the  heart  of   those  individuals  that  are  dealing  with  it,  and  we  can  help  that  by  connecting   from   our   own   heart   space   through   this   meditation,   through   expanding   our   consciousness  so  that  we  are  clear  where  our  intention  is  put,  so  that  we  join   in  that  transformation  that  is  not  just  individual  to  yourself,  but  that  becomes   a   world   transformation   that   helps   us   to   move   beyond   the   pain   and   the   suffering,  back  to  the  space  that  the  heart  loves,  and  that  is  love  itself.    


The meditation  is  very  easy  to  do.    Just  simply  find  a  comfortable  space,  take  a   few  deep  breaths  so  that  you  are  able  to  let  go  of  any  thoughts,  any  feelings   around   situations   that   you   may   have   in   your   mind,   in   your   consciousness.   Simply  come  back  to  a  space  that  is  more  peaceful,  a  space  that  is  freer.       Meditation  1  

As  you  breathe  in  and  breathe  out  and  feel  this  space,  focus  on  the   third  eye  -­‐   that  is  the  space  between  the   eyebrows,   the   space   that   is   connected   to   the   sense   that   is   beyond   seeing.   It   is   more   the   subtle  sense  of  intuition,  of  seeing  into  dimensions  that  are  not  so   clear,   but   require   that   you   simply   relax   and   open   to   those   dimensions,  so  that  they  speak  to  you  in  a  much  clearer  way.     As   you   focus   on   the   third   eye   breathe   in   to   this   area,   breathe   in   deeply,  and  as  you  breathe  in  visualise  that  the  breath  is  activating   this  space.  As  you  breathe  out  let  go  of  any  thoughts,  any  feelings   that   come   up,   and   simply   create   a   sense   of   presence   to   this   space,   the   third   eye,   so   that   now   you   can   begin   to   use   this   space   to   be   very  clear  in  your  intention  that  your  whole  being  can  now  expand.     From   this   space   feel   the   freedom   that   goes   beyond   the   physical,   beyond  the  mental,  beyond  the  emotional  –  feel  the  freedom  like  a   bird,  like  an  eagle  -­‐  as  you  fly  deeper  into  the  unseen  dimensions   that  make  you,  as  a  human  being,  very  special  -­‐  those  aspects  of   yourself   that   are   very   deep   and   very   profound.   As   you   go   deeper   into   this   space   allow   yourself   to   expand,   as   though   the   whole   of   your  being  connects  to  all  aspects  that  are  around  you.     Touch   the   beautiful   aspects   of   the   universe,   the   stars,   the   moon   and  the  galaxies.  Touch  the  space  where  everything  is  so  free  and   so   open,   that   this   feeling,   this   power   that   you   now   connect   to   is   transmitted   to   your   own   body,   to   your   own   mind,   to   your   own   emotions.  Sense  the  power  of  the  universe  -­‐  the  beautiful  stars,  the   amazing   space   that   is   everywhere,   that   goes   beyond   our   mind   thinking   and   that   goes   beyond   our   little   emotions.   Sense   how   amazing  the  divine  is.    


The Simplicity of Love Meditation - by Tony Samara  

The Tony Samara Humanitarian Alliance has been set up to help realise the evolution of human consciousness worldwide, using the guidelines o...

The Simplicity of Love Meditation - by Tony Samara  

The Tony Samara Humanitarian Alliance has been set up to help realise the evolution of human consciousness worldwide, using the guidelines o...