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Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening

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Contents Introduction ................................................................................................................ 3

# 1. Suffering a Life Crisis .......................................................................................... 4

# 2. Heightened Awareness ....................................................................................... 4

# 3. Hyper Sensitivity.................................................................................................. 5 Simple Visualisation Technique #1 ...............................................................................................5 Simple Visualisation Technique #2 ...............................................................................................5

# 4. Searching ............................................................................................................ 5

# 5. Feeling alone / misunderstood aka The See-Saw effect ..................................... 6

# 6. I can't do it... ........................................................................................................ 8

# 7. Needing peace and quiet and Wanting to be Alone ............................................ 9

# 8. Life changes ..................................................................................................... 11 a) Clearing ...................................................................................................................................... 11 b) Feeling as if you’re losing everything .................................................................................... 14

# 9. Why am I so ill all the time? ............................................................................... 15

# 10. Breakthrough - Increased Ability and Wanting to Help Everyone .................... 17

Summary .................................................................................................................. 18

Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening

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Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening Introduction Are you experiencing things that you can’t explain? Are you beginning to think that you may be psychic? Have you lurked in a psychic chat room or posted questions on a psychic forum? You’re not alone. Many people feel just as you do and some even think they’re going mad! We have listed the main stages of psychic awakening so that you can easily see how a) You’re not going mad b) You may be more developed than you realise It’s very important to know that your own awakening may not follow this list, step by step. Image Credit:

The stages that we have listed are not in any particular order and you may find that you have attained some, but not all of them. Or, you may find that your awakening roughly follows the list but you may have skipped a few steps. And some of the stages can occur simultaneously or overlap. Please don’t worry. This is all completely normal! Just remember that your own awakening and subsequent development will occur at a pace that is comfortable and understandable for you. Don’t try to fight it and go faster (yes, I know you’re impatient...that’s totally normal too!). Learning patience is one of the most important lessons on this journey so just take a deep breath and try to be contented with where you are. Trust that it is for a reason. Before you begin, I’d like to share one of my favourite quotes with you. I can’t even remember who shared it with me but it resonated with me and I meditate on it often. “We are not humans having a spiritual experience – but spirits having a human experience.” Bear that quote in mind as you read through this and I hope you find it as helpful as I did. Ready? Let’s go...

Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening

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# 1. Suffering a Life Crisis You don’t have to be unfortunate enough to have suffered a traumatic life event but it is common to find that an initial (or increased) interest psychic phenomena is triggered by a crisis of some kind. This could be for any of the following reasons (and for many other reasons too numerous to list):    

Having a traumatic childhood Losing a loved one Divorce Losing a much loved pet

After such an event, you may find yourself wondering “What is life all about? What’s the point?” You may visit Psychics or Mediums at a time of crisis in your life. This can open up an interesting line of thought. You will have arranged that visit, hoping to hear from someone who has passed over. That seems acceptable. And yet you may find yourself wondering how this person could possibly know so much about your personal life. This first stage of suffering a life crisis triggered my own interest. I lost my Father to cancer when I was 24 and it (unintentionally) started a very specific chain of events which led me into a world I could never have imagined.

# 2. Heightened Awareness As your interest deepens, you will naturally be ‘opening up’ without even realising it. You may begin to see things out of the corner of your eye – as if someone has just walked by and you didn’t quite see them. You may start to see colours when your eyes are closed, just as you’re trying to go to sleep. These colours are unusually vivid and often resemble the ebb and flow of a lava lamp. Image Credit:

Common colours to see are    

Blue Purple Pink Red

You may start to hear unusual sounds. During my childhood, I frequently heard garbled, quiet voices. I thought that someone had left a radio on in another room, not quite tuned into

Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening

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the station. It was when no-one else could hear the babble of voices that I wondered what was going on. Even as a child, I recognised that something odd was happening and so I stopped asking about it. This is also common. Many, many people don’t share what they are experiencing for fear that others will think they have ‘lost the plot’, or be judgemental of them. Sometimes it’s best to just accept what you are experiencing and say ‘thank you’ in your mind. That’s all you need to do for now. Later, when you begin to contact your guides, you will learn to communicate on a much deeper level but at the moment, just accept and relax.

# 3. Hyper Sensitivity You may start to feel rather frail and vulnerable. This is because as you continue to ‘open up’, you will be picking up vibrations from others around you. If you are at this stage, you may find that being around some people is incredibly energising. Don’t forget that where there is a positive, there is always a negative and you may notice that being around other particular people is extremely draining. If this is becoming a problem, try this –

Simple Visualisation Technique #1 Imagine that you are inside a giant bubble that is beautiful and transparent, but as hard as diamonds. You are completely safe in there and no one can take your energy away.

Simple Visualisation Technique #2 Another interesting technique to stop people making you feel as limp as last week’s lettuce, is to imagine a giant mirror in front of you – but the reflective side is facing away from you. This makes any negative energies bounce right back at the person who is leaching energy from you. Image Credit:

# 4. Searching The good news is that you are not alone and that there is a lot of help available to you. Our new website is for people just like you who are starting their psychic journey and looking for help, guidance and support. Of course, people of any abilities are very welcome too. The more help that is available, the better!

Starting To Learn... You may by now have reached a point where so many ‘odd’ things are happening to you that you want to find out why. That may even be why you are here, reading this today. As with any research that you do, there will be helpful information and some that is not so useful. Try and remain critical of what you are learning. If something feels right to you, then go with it. If it ‘jars’ or doesn’t feel natural, move right along.

Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening

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The other thing to know about this phase if that you may feel very excited to discover that there is so much to learn. And there least a lifetimes worth!

Image Credit:

However, a common journey for most people on this path is a ‘stop and start’ one. This is thought to be because we are only human and we can only take so much in at a time. To begin with, you will have an insatiable appetite for information and you will be soaking it up like a sponge.

And then, suddenly, you will realise that a few weeks, months or years have gone by and you seem to have turned your back on the whole thing. Don’t be disheartened by this. It is entirely natural and although you may find it frustrating and disappointing, it is how it is meant to be. As with most of the steps on this journey, just try to relax and accept that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. (Easier said than done, I know!)

# 5. Feeling Alone / Misunderstood AKA The See-Saw Effect This stage often goes hand in hand with the previous one and it can be a difficult and testing one. Aren’t they all? Well, yes – but hey, no one said it was going to be easy! I like to call this stage the see-saw. As you learn and grow, you may find that you become calmer, more contented and yet fired with huge energy and enthusiasm for what lies ahead. You’re on the upswing of the see-saw. Unfortunately, those around you may be sitting on the opposite side as it goes down. Keep reading, it will all become clearer, I promise. Image Credit :

As you start to accept what is happening to you and begin to research and investigate your experiences, you may find that others around you are reacting in ways that you didn’t anticipate. a) They may feel threatened by your new, intense interests and also jealous of the amount of time and energy that you are devoting to this subject. b) If, like many people, you find comfort, acceptance and understanding in psychic forums or chat rooms, those around you may become jealous of your new friends. This can be for many reasons but the most common ones are that your family and friends don’t understand what has happened (and is happening) to you and so they don’t know how to relate to it.

Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening

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This is especially true if your journey commenced when you lost a loved one. You may be comforted and feel supported by your new discoveries. But those who are watching you from a place of non-comprehension may attribute your new behaviour to a desperate need on your part. This will also make them resent those who they see as taking you for a ride – telling you what you want to hear – taking advantage of you. This may show itself in comments such as - you are being sucked in by a load of charlatans, being brainwashed, being taken advantage of blah, blah, blah... Now, this will probably be very hurtful for you. As we’ve already seen, by this stage you may be feeling more vulnerable, emotional and fragile than usual and to have those closest to you criticising, or not appreciating the relief that you are discovering, can be a painful thing. It may feel very unfair that just as you are learning that you’re not nuts and that you’re not alone, you’re getting pressured, criticised and maybe even ridiculed. All you can do is to reassure them, calmly and quietly, that you’re not about to run away and join a cult or start sacrificing things. You may find that your natural inclination is to stop sharing what you’re learning with those who are confused and anxious about you. That’s fine and it is how many people deal with this.

Take a Moment to Try and See It From Their Point Of View They believe that you used to be ‘normal’ (whatever that is) and now they’re alarmed and worried because you’re... a) Hearing things that aren’t there, b) Seeing things that aren’t there and what’s more, it’s c) Making you happy... The folk who are confused by all of this and worried for you will see a), b) and c) as (at best) weird and (at worst) dangerous. See what I mean? Now, take a deep breath and just try and remember that the people who love you are genuinely concerned for you and if they don’t understand ‘this stuff’ then they have no terms of reference that you could share with them. Because of this, the worst thing that you can do at this stage is to try and ‘convert’ them to your way of thinking. You will be bubbling over with excitement at what you are learning and experiencing and it is only natural to want to share that and to bring others around to your way of thinking. But – and this is a BIG but...if you attempt to force it onto others, you may find you get a frosty reception.

Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening

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Let me try and explain that last part a little more. As you progress, you will learn that everyone has their own path to walk. And that includes those around you. You may find that some folk are dismissive, judgemental, critical and even sometimes downright scathing and rude. Remember, that is their path – not yours. Equally, you may have others who start to ask you questions and who are genuinely interested in what you are finding out, even if they don’t truly understand or appreciate the information or experiences.’s their path. Image Credit :

Native American Wisdom The Native Americans have a wonderful saying that “In order to understand someone else, you have to walk a mile in their moccasins.” We use a similar phrase, when we say that we wouldn’t like to be in someone else’s shoes. You are where you are, because of what has happened to you. Your path is unique. And your journey will be unique too. I have spent quite a long time on this stage for several reasons. And one of those reasons is the next stage...

# 6. I Can't Do It... However hard you try to battle on with your new learning curve, it is inevitable that a few of the negative comments will penetrate your diamond-hard bubble or won’t bounce off your mirror (Stage 3...remember?). You may feel confused by the reactions of those close to you. Why can’t they just be happy for you? Don’t they know what you’ve gone through to get to this point? They can’t honestly expect you to give it all up now...can they? And then the doubts will start to creep in. We’ve all been there – trust me.

Are You Thinking Any Of The Following? Maybe they’re right. Maybe I am deluding myself about all this stuff. Maybe I really am making it up in my head. Am I reading too much into the strange things that have happened to me? Maybe it is all a load of mumbo-jumbo after all...

Image Credit:

Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening

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If you are starting to feel doubtful, you will also become much more critical of your own progress. It will feel as if everyone you interact within your new world of psychics, mediums and clairvoyants have gifts that you can only dream of and will never attain. Why did you ever think you could? Maybe you should just give up right now and stop devoting so much time and energy to it. Maybe you’re even starting to feel a little burned out... The other side of this coin is that in searching for answers, your development has suddenly gone into overdrive and you don’t quite know how to handle it. You may have felt (or be feeling) scared, anxious, vulnerable and out of control. Is this the right time to step back?

Help – What Can I Do? These are questions that only you can answer and you must be honest with yourself. If you’re comfortable with where you are - then just keep going. It is at this point that many developing psychics go underground. (No, don’t dig a burrow and hide in it, even if that’s what you feel like doing!) Going underground means that they continue exactly what they were doing but just don’t talk about it with others outside of understanding or like-minded circles (no pun intended!) Image Credit :

# 7. Needing Peace And Quiet and Wanting To Be Alone As your awakening continues, you sometimes feel as if your nerves are raw.


People have reported feeling super sensitive to noise, colour and crowded places. Raised voices and especially distressing.




This is because your senses are becoming much more receptive and ‘tuned in’. Image Credit:

For much of our lives, we operate in a blunted state. We have to – or we couldn’t function on a day to day basis. Take a moment to analyse how you are feeling right now. If you are sitting quietly reading this, you may be feeling quite peaceful and at ease.

Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening

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Think back to the last time that you felt overwhelmed and crushed by noise and people. Next, go even further back – back to before your psychic awakening began - to a memory of a noisy, crowded place, maybe a shopping centre or a fairground. Did you feel jarred, assaulted, vulnerable...probably not. You were still operating in the ‘blunted’ stage where we all have to be sometimes, even once we have awakened. Don’t get worried about this stage. It is just a natural reflection of where you are and what is happening to you. The desire to be alone and in a quiet, restful space is not just because you find ‘the real world’ an uncomfortable place to be and because you may become irritable if you don’t get the space that you are craving. Your body is accepting these new changes and is trying to help you along the path by giving you the means to go inside yourself. This is achieved by meditation and your body is trying to impress upon you that in order to achieve this, you do need a quiet space. You may find yourself wishing to be outside or in nature.

Image Credit :

This desire to ‘commune’ with nature is a double whammy. It gives you the right situation to quieten your mind so that you will soon be able to take the first steps in learning to meditate. But, being in nature is also very grounding because...

...It’s Easy To Get Carried Away Awakening and commencing development are both very exciting and exhilarating times. At some point, it is normal for you to feel consumed by this new journey. You may feel that you have wasted so much time by not realising what is available to you and because of that, you give everything you’ve got to your ‘new normal’. the same time, you still have to continue to function in this new awareness. It would be impractical to give up the day job because you feel an overwhelming urge to meditate that morning. This is where the grounding comes in. It’s a balancing act to keep at least one foot firmly on the ground so that you don’t spend every waking moment pursuing your development. It’s not practical and you would ‘burn out’ very quickly. However, as time goes by, you may find that your new experiences start to lead you down a different path – which leads us onto the next stage.

Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening

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# 8. Life Changes This is a huge stage but don’t be alarmed because it usually takes a long time and that gives you a chance to feel comfortable with any decisions you feel you need to make. As previously mentioned, you may be feeling frustrated and saddened that you have spent so much of your life in ‘going through the motions’. This could be staying in a job that you hate, staying in a relationship that you know (in your heart of hearts) is going nowhere, living somewhere that you don’t like, continuing with a way of behaviour that you have only followed because it pleases your parents – but not you. This stage usually encompasses a) Clearing and ultimately b) Feeling as if you’re losing everything Don’t panic, it’s not as bad as it sounds and it does get better!

a) Clearing To help understand just what this stage involves, it is helpful to look at the dictionary definition of ‘clearing’ Here it is as a noun (name) Clearing (noun) Noun: clearing An open space in a forest, especially one cleared for cultivation Synonyms: glade, dell, space, gap, opening. So here we see what is happening during this stage. The old is being cleared out to make way for the new. Some of the dictionary definitions of ‘clear’ as a verb (a ‘doing’ word) are equally helpful: Image Credit :

Clear (verb) Make or become clear, in particular: Remove an obstruction or unwanted item or items i.e. “The drive had been cleared of snow” Synonyms: empty, void Free up (land) for cultivation or building by removing vegetation or existing structures. i.e. “The embankment was cleared for a new section of line”.

Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening

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To make empty or vacant i.e. “The wardens shouted a warning and cleared the streets”. Synonyms: evacuate, empty, vacate To gradually go away or disappear i.e. “The fever clears in two to four weeks” Synonyms: disappear, go away, melt away, vanish, end. So we can clearly see that clearing is all about changes to free up space or another event (i.e. when the weather clears the sun comes out). As we know, change is not easy. And this time of change can be very challenging.

Repeated Challenges You may feel as if everything is going wrong and start to think “Why does x, y or z always happen to me?” The answer is that it happens to you because x, y or z contains a life’s lesson that you need to learn. If you don’t learn how to deal with x, y or z, you will be given it time and time again until you do learn. It’s natural to think “Oh, no. Not again!” but the positive is that you have now recognised a recurring issue in your life. That’s the first step to solving it and moving forward.

How Do I Deal With An Issue That Recurs In My Life? Look at how you have dealt with the issue each time it has happened to you. You can now recognise that however you dealt with it in the past has not worked for you. So, don’t repeat behaviour which you know doesn’t work. Try and come up with a new angle on how to deal with it. If necessary, take advice. Common recurring issues are money, relationships and family issues.

Image Credit:

New Found Confidence As you follow the path of awakening and development, you may stumble, feel as if you’re not going as fast as you would like or compare your own path to someone else’s and find yourself frustrated – but underlying all of these totally normal feelings, you will find a quiet confidence and contentment that you may not have felt before. As the weeks, months and maybe even years go by, that confidence will allow you to reassess your life and give you the strength to make changes.

Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening

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This all sounds very straightforward on paper, but life changes are not that easy to make. If they were, no one would be stuck in a job they hate or in a relationship that has become stale or habitual. So for many people, this can be a stumbling block that they just cannot get around. If you have ever watched Dr Phil on TV, you will know that he maintains that for every behaviour, however negative, there must be a payoff – or that negative behaviour would not be continues.

What Are Your Payoffs? The easy answer (which would apply to just about everyone) is that change can be difficult. Let’s just redefine that to ‘the thought of change can be difficult’. Do you hate your job? If the answer is yes, why do you stay in it? a) You need the money to meet the day to day demands of just living b) Jobs aren’t that easy to come by and at least you have a job These are fair, realistic, valid and sensible responses. Your new found awareness may emphasise to you that you really do have to make a change. But don’t become alarmed at the thought that you might (in a sudden fit of super awareness) hand your notice in and become instantly poverty stricken. Many psychically aware and developed people recognise that we are always given what we need. It may not be what we want...but even what we think we want changes as we progress. Don’t forget that your senses are becoming more and more tuned as time goes by. This can extend not only to becoming more aware of spiritual issues – but also to becoming more aware of day to day ones. You will be much more open to taking opportunities that will come your way. And they will, trust me. Something that you will hear again and again as you walk this path is that: “There is no such thing as coincidence”.

Recognise and Accept So, for now, be content to have identified that changes need to be made and be aware of opportunities coming your way. Those are both huge steps forward. As an added bonus, you may find that because of your new way of looking at life, you may be able to tolerate your job / relationship / money problems more easily. You may even be able to turn things round in those areas so that they are not just tolerable, but enjoyable.

Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening

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Leave the blinkers off and stop kidding yourself that things are ok when you know that they’re not. This acceptance will open the doors to new changes and new paths to walk. Whatever happens, keep being honest with yourself. Honesty is such an important part of awakening and development that it can’t be over emphasised. Be aware that this stage may also lead to the next one – or they may run concurrently. Image Credit :

b) Feeling As If You’re Losing Everything This sounds alarming but this stage doesn’t happen to everyone. However, if it does happen to you, it can feel devastating. It can go hand in hand with stage 6. (Feeling alone / misunderstood. The see-saw effect.)

It’s All About Perception This stage has a lot to do with how you are beginning to perceive your life. You may feel that loved ones (family and friends) are taking a step back from you or appear to be leaving your life altogether. Take another look. Are they leaving you or are you leaving them? Be honest. Your comfortable day to day routine is being disrupted. Things that you thought were so important, now feel like meaningless and sometimes irritating trivia. However you are viewing them now, they were once very important to you and to have them taken away (even if they recede slowly) can be distressing. You’re moving out of an old comfort zone.

Change can be good Let’s look at sorting out our wardrobes. I know it sounds strange, but bear with me! So - how many items of clothing do you own that... a) You haven’t worn for years b) Don’t fit you any more c) Are out of fashion d) Need repairing / cleaning Image Credit :

Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening

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Now, suppose that you spend a weekend clearing out your wardrobe so that all that remains are items that... a) You wear all the time b) Fit you now c) Are in fashion or are classic designs that will always be wearable d) Don’t need repairing /cleaning Doesn’t that feel great? You can now get to what you want, when you want it. Now how do you feel about change? You feel more organised, more in control and virtuous for having made the effort to effect a positive change. Now you’re now ready for anything at any time. It may take you more than a weekend to clean out your life’s closet but this is a simplistic way of showing you how change does not need to be frightening and can be an enormously positive step in the right direction. As always, honesty is key. If you are stuck in this stage, just accept it and look for alternatives or accept opportunities that you may have previously rejected.

I’m So Emotional... You may find that you are moved to tears frequently. This is normal so just try to go with it. If you start to cry, embrace it and let it out. You are undergoing many changes and it is only natural that you will feel the emotions that go with those changes –    

Fear Confusion Sadness Loss

Did you know that tears contain a chemical which is a depressant? That is why it is so healthy to have a good cry and let it all out. You may feel emotionally drained and exhausted afterwards, but I can guarantee that you will feel better. Don’t be ashamed of your emotions. They are serving a function for you. It’s all part of letting go of the old to make way for the new.

# 9. Why Am I So Sick All the Time? As you progress with your psychic awakening, you will become increasingly able to channel energies. Those energies flow through our Chakras.

Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening

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You can read more about chakras on the website but for now, it is enough to understand that they are connected energy centres. The higher energies that you will begin to channel need a way to travel and your energy pathways need to be clear so that those energies can travel unimpeded. In the years before you began to awaken, your chakras will have become blocked by negatives, illnesses, incidents etc. Now that the higher energies are coming up against ‘road blocks’ – you will suffer ailments which require treating in order to clear those blocks and allow the energy to flow freely. The good news is that the illnesses will help you to identify which chakras need unblocking and once they have been cleared, you will feel great.

Image Credit :

One quick way to unblock your energy lines is to go onto a detox diet. It doesn’t need to be a crazy faddy diet but just be very aware of what you are eating and drinking.

Simple Ways to Detox and Unblock Your Energy Centres      

Drink more water Cut down on caffeine or avoid it altogether Eat more vegetables Eat more fruit Avoid processed or ‘fast’ food If you drink alcohol or smoke, give these up. If you can’t give up altogether, cut down as much as you can Image Credit: flickr Livin’ Spoonful

Chakras If you feel ready, you can also start to work on your chakras through visualisation.

Drugs While we’re talking about helping your energies, you should know that taking non-prescribed drugs leads to very low energy flows. If your energy is low, you won’t be able to channel spirits which operate on a high energy vibration. In any psychic or spiritual work, the aim is always to be open to the ‘highest and best’. This is to protect you from ‘elemental energies’ operating on a low frequency.

Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening

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Later, if you choose to do readings for others, make it your policy not to give readings to anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, for your own protection.

Protection This is something that we take very seriously and I would advise you to read more about how to protect yourself and why you need to. Read More at

# 10. Breakthrough - Increased Ability and Wanting To Help Everyone As the clearing process continues, you will find yourself becoming more perceptive. This is because the clearing has allowed you to get rid of negatives which were holding you back. As the negatives clear (and this can take a long, long time) you will progress and become more tuned in to others and to your own energies and abilities.

I Don’t Like That It Can Take A Long, Long Time... One of the most frustrating pieces of advice that you will be given over and over again is to learn patience. Many (myself included) find this one of the hardest lessons to learn. We have to learn to let go and trust. Don’t feel disheartened by the length of time that it will take to change your negatives into positives. You need to recognise and accept that you are now in the stages of a lifetime’s journey and these changes are ongoing. This is one of the reasons why people fall away from psychic development and then return to it. They may have achieved a certain level of change and it may take them time to get used to being at that level before they can progress to the next one. The good news is that as you clear away your life blocks and your energy blocks, your ability will increase with each new change. Recognise these changes and be thankful for them...and continue to grow. We are all on a lifetime journey to achieve these changes and leaps in personal, spiritual and (if we wish to) psychic growth. Even the worlds’ greatest psychic mediums admit that they are still learning and that is what you want to hear. Anyone who thinks they know it all is to be avoided at all costs!

Wanting To Help Everyone As your abilities and your understanding grow, it is only natural to want to jump in and offer your opinions to anyone who appears to need help. You’re doing it with the best of intentions, but it’s not always the way to go. Your family and friends (who by now have hopefully accepted Image Credit :

Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening

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that this psychic stuff isn’t going to go away any time soon) – will not appreciate you offering them advice at every turn. We’re back to personal paths again. If someone comes to you and asks for help, that is a different matter. But stay true to yourself and your level of ability. Don’t ever be tempted to pretend that you know more than you do, to ‘save face’. That is absolutely not what this is all about although it is a human reaction and it is where some people do come unstuck. If you can’t help the person who has come to you, be honest and refer to someone that you believe might be able to.

Confidence Although you are desperate to help or to share what you have learned, the honest truth is that you may not be fully confident in your abilities or your level of knowledge. That’s ok. In fact, it’s more than ok. It’s where you’re supposed to be. If this is how you are feeling right now, then you are well placed to recognise when you have ‘gone up a level’. You will reach a place where you don’t feel this overwhelming urge to jump in. You will be able to sit back and quietly and calmly observe and wait for someone to seek you out for advice – which by this time, you will feel quietly confident about giving. The great irony about reaching this level is that your burning need to recruit / help people will have been replaced by a need to help yourself. By now, you will understand the journey a great deal better and will know that you can ultimately only help others by helping yourself. This isn’t a selfish place to be. It just means that you know that the more developed you are, the better you can help a) yourself b) other people.

Summary I hope by now you can see that you are beginning, or already on the path to a fascinating and amazing way of living. For that is what this is. Once you have begun to awaken, you will always be drawn to the spiritual and psychic, in varying degrees. At times in your life, it may become all consuming to the point of being exhausting and you will find yourself stepping back to re-group your energies. But as you take a breather and look back at how far you have come, you will be in awe at the knowledge and insights you have been privileged to access. And then you will be ready to return and learn more. There are many challenges and difficulties along the way but don’t let that put you off. If you were not remotely interested in any of this ‘stuff’ your life would still contain the same challenges and difficulties.

Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening

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In embracing the path that you have been put upon, you will find tools, resources and friends (in this world and the next) who will help you to overcome anything that life throws at you. And it will. Enjoy the journey and I hope you will come to our website for more help, guidance and friendship. I wish you every success in your awakening and development and I look forward to meeting you on the website. May you always walk in the light.


Ten Stages of Psychic Awakening - by Mary Collings  

Mary is a Spirit Medium Certified by James Van Praagh and a Past Life Healer Certified by Doreen Virtue. . Mary had the incredible privileg...

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