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Dial Love God’s Planetary Guide for attaininG HaPPiness tHrouGH sPiritual fulfillment

Donna Lynn

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Dedication I would like to dedicate this book to all souls on the path of the divine light. May you find a piece of familiarity woven into these pages that binds the fabric of your heart back into the heart of one.

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introduction Believe in Yourselves Show Everyone the Way Are You Helping Others? Your Journey Was Never Supposed To Be Easy Heal the Universe The Earth Is a Beautiful Creation Learn More about Your Energy chapter 1

Virtues of the Heart The Treasures of the True Heart The Lessons of the Heart Humility Is Humbling of the Heart Diversity True Compassion of the Heart Gratitude Be Thankful for Those You Encounter on Your Travels Kindness, A Simple Act 9

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Forgiveness Your Life and Time Down Here Is Very Short Intention Needs To Be Aligned with the Desires of the Universal Heart Universal Life Force Energy Stop Going for the Quick Fix Find the Silence in Your Day

chapter 2

chapter 3

chapter 4

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The Lonely Heart Bleeds Loneliness Is Dark and Depressing Complete Separation Let’s Look at Love in Its Purest Form Intuition Is Your Guide of the Light When You Come into the Light, You Don’t Go Back Giving and Taking Law of Potentiality, Pure Consciousness Know Your Chakra System In Order for You to Stay Healthy Physically, You Have to Look at Your Diet Not Listening Makes Trouble In Every Area of Your Life

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Let’s Look at Acts of Kindness Each and Every One of You Needs to Lighten Up You All Carry Memories Around In Your Space Suits Energy Causes Your Heart to Fill with Hope Having Hope Is Believing in the Unknown Some See with Rose-Colored Glasses What Is a Sin Anyway? Depleted Resources Natural Resources Are Not Going To Be Natural for Much Longer

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The Lessons of Truth Humility Defined Believing in Yourself Start to Believe in Your Own Power

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Foreword would say that my life up to this point has been divine. I have much to be thankful for a great family, circle of friends, and a life partner. All my needs have been provided for. I’ve managed to manifest a few miracles and to live my dreams as I create them and cherish each moment anew. While God has always been generous and compassionate to me, many people, I realized, were not so fortunate. They seemed to suffer from a spiritual disconnection resulting in unfulfilling experiences, one after the other, in search of truth. Where was their God? Did he forsake them? Somewhere in the depths of my soul, I knew that our Creator, although mysteriously silent, was always organizing loving influences with infinite powers and working to keep us out of hot water. He was often performing miracles, while gently guiding us onto the path of unity, abundant love, peace, joy, and, oh yes, “where dreams come true.” It seemed that not everyone was taking advantage of the Creator’s gift. Were they too busy or skeptical? Nonetheless, I believed that if you kept your faith, your life would unfold like a dream. This was the key to the heavens. Was that not our reason to incarnate our soul? We were graced with this ultimate gift of conceptualizing into the physical form to enjoy life experiences of the heart. It was my choice to see and experience the finer states of abundance, gratitude, and joy. This has allowed me to refine my personal attributes. My character was gently molded into one of appreciation, compassion, humility, and gratefulness. Through more difficult virtues of patience 19

and forgiveness, faith and devotion were the key. I’ve loved my journey thus far and chose to view the world with rose-colored glasses, embracing the lessons of the heart. It is with heartfelt gratitude I thank God for all my blessings and good fortune. The teacher in me was always on a quest to share her personal point of view of “how it all works.” This road led to deep happiness, peace, and joy. It seemed many were making choices that took them off track. How could I convey a message of hope of finding the infinite power of love so that others might come to fully appreciate their journey of the heart? In an effort to show seekers how to manifest this world of abundance and joy, I started to develop a series of spiritual workshops focused on how to connect to Source and tap into our infinitely loving, all-providing universe. I wanted to help people find a way to consciously connect to the heart of one. One afternoon, while sitting at my desk, I had an idea on how I could provide an analogy for an answer. In my efforts to explain this process, I could recommend that the soul for the asking might fine-tune their internal radio to the higher frequencies of love. Ah, yes, just dial love. L-O-V-E. I found the words turning over repetitively in my mind—Dial Love. I felt that I was on to something, a great and simple way to explain how to connect to Source, God, the power of love. I asked Spirit, “What do you think? I’ve worked on this workshop for weeks. How about we tie it all together by using this analogy of Dial Love to make a connection? This is the path to the whole heart.” A comforting, gentle, and loving voice silently spoke, “Heal yourself, and in doing so, you will heal others. Feel their pain. Don’t judge. Offer love and compassion. Give of yourself, as that is when you receive the most for yourself and your dreams.” I wrote down every word and continued to write for five hours. It was unbelievable, almost incomprehensible. My source indicated that it was God himself. I paused, “Forgive me. I have to ask if this is really you.” The answer came back, “I am the Messenger, the Real McCoy. You called, remember?” After years of searching, God was always right there, guiding us, holding us, and protecting us. He has exercised patience, compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love. Some people never know the infinite feeling of peace, love, and joy that is available to us in a heartbeat. They only wish and wonder. Others 20


walk the path, knowing we have God’s love on our side in every cell of our mind, body, and soul. Life is a journey of the heart, loving God every moment of every day in awe of the riches life has to offer. This is our gift, to live life to the fullest, appreciating every miracle, small or large, graced by the presence of God, who unwaveringly shows up and offers love every moment of our lives. Yes, there is a formula for love. It’s faith. It’s a quest for the truth. It’s about loving your life fully by the virtues of the heart, experiencing your lessons in accordance to the universal spiritual laws handed down by the heavens. This is unshakable faith, love, and devotion. Express gratitude in every action and deed you perform each day. Appreciate your short time on Earth. Make it your quest to dial into LOVE—Light Omnipresent Vibrational Energy. This is God, in every shape and form, on the planet at this divine time. At this very moment, God is calling your name and wishing that you hear and feel his voice of unconditional love. Truly, the Mother and the Father wish for your heart to sing in the essence of love. They are always patient and kind, waiting to make a connection. Perhaps you have time to try this out for yourself. Some of you already enjoy the infinite blessings of our Creator of love. My wish is for all to make the time to find a passage within this text that may spark and rekindle the flame in your heart. Through the grace of God’s love, I have been blessed daily in my efforts to live in accordance with his wishes. I know God desires to connect us back to the heart of one, for there lies within, the power of love. United, we hold each other in our effort to find the treasures of the true heart. Renew your hope in your Lord of Light. Find your own peace, happiness, and joy. These are attainable with his love. They are our inherent gifts. All it takes is a leap of faith and courage. My purpose is to deliver this message. I have done this to the best of my ability. The challenge has been to not tamper with the original writings, as I’ve tried to edit the text. Clearly, he wishes for this manuscript to remain in its original form, in its entirety, to be made available to those souls who wish to know the truth, who desire answers for their woes of the heart. The path to the light of God’s love is embracing his presence with full conviction and tuning into his immaculate vibration of his almighty love. 21

His wish and mine are one and the same. I desire for you to surrender to his love and make your heart whole and come to know the infinite Source as I have been so graced to experience. Let us collectively unify this “limitless energy� in the name of God, my wish. Amen.


Introduction eal yourself, and in doing this, you heal others. Feel their pain. Don’t judge. Offer love and compassion and give of yourself, as that is when you receive the most for yourself and your dreams. When you let go and align your heart and intentions with the Creator, you heal the whole. Find the love in the higher vibrations. This is where your Godgiven gifts lie, in the awareness and consciousness of your heart and soul. I can and will work through you that you may feel the true abundance of love and beauty this journey can fulfill. When you see and feel through the eyes, heart, and spirit of God, you will truly rejoice and appreciate our short time together on planet Earth. Life is a gift. Accept the present. Create and hold onto your dreams and desires in your heart. You all deserve to heal and be whole. Find peace, self-love, joy, and happiness and experience this thing you call life on Earth. Embrace this journey and stay grounded through the challenging times. This is when you experience your spiritual growth and come into the light and love more fully. As you learn your lessons and discover your purpose, you will feel grateful and joyous to give love and make yourself whole. That is why you are here. Higher vibrations and frequencies are attainable for the asking. Do the work. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Nothing comes easily without undying courage and faith. Trust that you can find inside all your strength to move forward, beyond the obstacles and challenges. For it is then you truly find enlightenment, gratitude, peace, love, and joy.


Remember when you were a child, the innocence? You loved life. It was easy to smile back at the world and offer your unconditional love. Open your hearts and trust that you can heal within. I will show you the way. As you walk this path, be patient. Hold on to your faith. Look ahead at the horizon and nature’s beauty. Sync up to this peace and perfect balance. In desiring this state, you too will feel all the beauty, love, and joy that I have to share with you. This perfect playground is to discover, nurture, embrace, and treasure so you can explore the love within your hearts and feel my undying love for you all. Every moment, every day, no matter what you have done or felt in the past, know that it is okay and I forgive you all. I hope you accept my love. Be open to all possibilities and share among yourselves your deepest fears and desires. Together, you are stronger, and collectively, your light is brighter. You know that light dispels the darkness and the fear in all of you. When you see, feel, and experience this, you will find your way home to my heart, peace, and love. Eternally, the Creator of all Creations. Peace I leave with you. Find your source of light and follow it steadfastly, undefiantly, resiliently. Every breath you take from here forward is the chance to see and feel the love that the universe and I, your Creator, have to offer. I am always patient, and I believe in you, as you believe in me. I hold a place in the kingdom for your new vibration of love. That is what you went down for.

I am the way home. I am the way to your pure heart. Look inside and find me. Feel me, make room for me, and let it expand in light and love. Fill your being with its warmth, comfort, and beauty. Share it and give it freely. That is how you will feel joy, happiness, peace, ecstasy, gratitude, and appreciation for your time on your visit. Make a difference and may the difference be love, real love, unconditional love. Have no judgment or hurtful thoughts. You only hurt yourself. You all know this deep inside. That cannot produce fruit and sunshine. Nurture your garden. Plant the seeds with love and cultivate it every day with hope, faith, and expectations of an abundance of growth and 24

Virtues of the Heart

o be cultivated and explored in depth. To learn lessons in each one and to grow fully in balance and right heart. Many lessons are presented here, over and over, until you understand their meaning and act according to your truth. It may take a lifetime to realize the importance of these foundational laws of the heart, for without these in place, you do not find your truest desires. When you pass the test of the virtue, another will be presented sequentially, in chronological order. The universe delivers the lesson plans in divine order for your individual growth. These are the true tests of the intentions of the heart. In time, these truths will make your heart loving and pure. You will want to share with others the beauty of the love and peace you feel. You will never turn back to the less fulfilling place you were before the lesson arrived. Many of you choose not to learn it so easily and make your lessons much more difficult than they were originally designed to be. You dodge around, go in circles, fret, and complain all the way through the lesson. Had you trusted that this was necessary for your growth and that 3 3

you had help, perhaps you may have come through it with more grace and faith. Each lesson is specifically designed only for you and no one else. Understand this. Other souls can only help and guide you. Ultimately, you have to want to move forward and learn the lessons of the heart. Peace, patience, and trust are necessary elemental truths here. For those of you who miss the mark, this scenario will replay over and over again for years to come in many different ways, but with the same underlying message to be learned. Regrettably, quite a few of you are still working on the basic ones. When you pass the lesson, the next truth of the heart is worth the while. Each new lesson begins to develop your heart into a true, compassionate human being who only thinks of others first and of their well-being. You live for giving and see beauty in everyone, everything, and wish others could feel what you feel inside. You try to explain and show them. You stop at no ends to help others heal and feel the peace and love.

This is truly a lifelong process of growing, adjusting, and changing. For the more enlightened you become, the larger the expansion of love and light is capable of. There is no end or limit to what you can attain. Go for it all. I wish you the best. There are no coincidences in life. Everything that comes your way is in the world to show you something, to guide you, to teach you. There are many messages for each and every one of you. This is how we work with you from the other side of the veil. Be open and listen to all words as they usually contain tailored messages for you to help and guide you through your challenging lesson. Be thankful for the individual role players. They may hurt you, but know they are acting in accordance to God’s will. All of it is necessary for the lesson scenario to play itself out. Do not blame others. Go inside and be thankful for the lesson, the people in your life and learn, evolve, and grow from this. You can now move forward and perhaps share and teach others what you have learned.


Virtues of the Heart

Most of these times are painful, and a sense of abandonment and hopelessness feels overwhelming. Know this is necessary for your soul’s growth. For it is here that you feel and learn compassion for everything and everyone I created. When you walk the Earth, become a beacon of light so others may follow in your steps. Lead by example with humility and grace. Never judge others on their path in their challenging times. You have all gone through, or will go through, the same lessons. Offer love and support, an ear to listen. Encourage the individual to pray or meditate on this situation that they may find their truths. All answers are found in the heart. Please stop and listen to your silence. Find your peace and listen to the wisdom inside of you. These thoughts help your heart heal and grow. Many times, you look outside yourself and in every direction, but in mine. How has this happened? Don’t let others steer you away from the truth. Make sure the suggestion or advice feels right in your heart or don’t take their ideas. They do not know what is best for you. You and I know what we need to do and what we need to work on. Find a place of trust and call on me for love and gentle guidance. I promised you we would do this together every time, every way. Don’t mistake my word, as it is always out of pure love. If it doesn’t sound like my voice of love, it probably isn’t. Trust your feeling in the heart and ask if this message or information is for your highest good. This wisdom and knowingness is available all the time for you to rely on. Please ask when you are uncertain, unclear, lost, or in despair. Always listen to the loving whisper of the heart when you need a helping hand. Call on this source of intuition for every task you may perform. Whether it’s your gardening suggestions or career and relationship advice, we always nudge you in the right direction for your highest good. When obstacles present themselves, as they always do, trust the process. Two possible outcomes will manifest. Either direction will prove to be the way for you. Trust and know that if doors are closed or obstacles are present, these are all for a definite reason. We may be trying to nudge you in a different direction to keep you on path on your life chart. Embrace and accept all this, as everything happens for a reason. If it’s a small obstacle, this may be just to see what you are made of. Don’t give 3

in when the “ junk ” comes your way, persevere. Have persistence and patience if you desire it deeply. It’s for your own good. Don’t give up or let go of your dream. Nothing comes that easily, or everyone would be doing it. Hold your intentions dear to your heart and trust life’s processes. Understand that there is an immaculate divine order of time and space for circumstances to manifest. Patience is one of the lessons here. In your time of quick fixes and instant empty gratifications, this makes you all a little antsy. Patience, my child, if it is a true desire for all concerned, trust and have faith that the universe will deliver.

Many misfortunes occur in order to get this lesson right. Some of you at the top have yet to learn this. Others have suffered great losses to learn and feel this lesson of the heart. Look around and see that abundance has a delicate balance. When you are gracious and deeply appreciate all that you have, show gratitude to me, the universe, and all my creation. Surely, a few of you could feed and save some of our precious animals. You have disrupted the delicate balance of nature, and their sustainable needs have been altered. Intervene and make time to investigate the source of the trouble. Offer solutions to restore the Earth and all its creations. This would be a great use of your time since you are not crying for much. Know that I allowed this lesson of material wealth to come to you, to see if you would give some away. When was it ever going to be enough? Wake up and look around. Take a trip to the other side of town. Leave your flashy car behind and see what it feels like just to survive. These individuals wake up every morning and pray. They are grateful just to be alive, with the gift of life. They hope all their worldly needs are met just for one more day. Then they ask if I could bless their neighbors as well, most humbling. This fills my heart. It’s sad to see the less fortunate. They don’t ask for much at all. They’re happy to be alive. They see the world with hope and beauty. They treasure the Earth and cherish all its creations. They preserve nature and cultivate its growth as they walk the Earth. They kiss the ground in humility and smile along the way. They only wish to feel my love more 4

Dial Love - by Donna Lynn  

Much like Neale Donald Walsh's Conversations with God...expect this time God provides a manual, with instructions for those interested in m...

Dial Love - by Donna Lynn  

Much like Neale Donald Walsh's Conversations with God...expect this time God provides a manual, with instructions for those interested in m...