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Four Hints for Hiring A Virtual Executive Assistant Have you ever considered hiring a virtual executive assistant? The job will become simple and gratifying when you adhere to these guidelines. A virtual executive assistant is great for your company, if she is appropriate for your needs. She will most likely be in charge of organizing appointments, conferences, planning training courses, making and distributing internal reports, e-mail management, and so on.

To begin with, when outsourcing skill and proficiency in your language is a must! It's really vital that the virtual assistant be able to engage in efficient communication with you and your customers via e-mail and/or telephone.

Secondly, the individual should be skilled at using Microsoft Office. Your company might require that you give a presentation, or compile the data obtained from some marketing research into a database format, or design a newsletter. In order to address these sorts of requests successfully, your virtual executive assistant must understand how to utilize Microsoft Office and/or equivalent software programs.

Being accessible is the third essential factor. You need to be able to access necessary services as and when you need. It's vital that you and your assistant are in agreement on the subject of his or her availability. Thankfully, with contemporary technical advances it's possible to be accessible 24 hours a day. You need to come up with an ideal way to stay in touch with each other, in addition to determining an ideal time to do so.

The fourth vital point for employing a virtual executive assistant is to set up billing and fees. Keep in mind that the reason for outsourcing is to save on resources. So as to identify the typical costs for a quality virtual executive assistant, an internet search may be carried out. Offer a bit less than the going rate for a trial period, to allow each of you to determine if it will be appropriate for both of your needs. As soon as you've got the correct person, agree on an amount which will motivate him or her to stay. Remember that every time you hire a new virtual executive assistant, you must take time away from work to provide coaching. This usually requires some time and effort on your part. Hence, it's more efficient to keep the candidate chosen to hire happy and eager to do the job. Determine from the very beginning how the person wishes to receive his or her pay via check, Paypal, bank transfer or some other means. You should finalize the billing frequency ahead of time, so that neither you nor the assistant ends up with any complaints. Having the individual provide you with invoices for the work he or she does is a great idea, as this way payment will be validated and documented. In time, you'll be able to nurture a mutually satisfying professional relationship with your virtual executive assistant, and with his or her assistance you'll be able to steer your company towards success!

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Four Hints for Hiring A-Virtual-Executive-Assistant  
Four Hints for Hiring A-Virtual-Executive-Assistant  

In the current economic conditions, it's becoming more and more attractive and practical to hire a virtual executive assistant. A virtual as...