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EBook Conversion - A Need or Want? Source: AtoZ ebook conversion services Dated: Jun 13, 2012

eBook conversion is one of the lost grueling task especially for paper-pencil authors who are writing since decades have either very little or absolutely no knowledge about computers works. Expert in a given subject area burning midnight oil reading and writing books is passion for them. Given the responsibility that an author carries throughout life and the teachings one left behind its responsibility of the publication houses to sell an author's books as many copies as possible and reward handsomely. Authors and Book Publishers who do not have eBooks misses out on huge chunk of population and to grab on such readers it is ultimately necessary to produce eBooks. Market is full of software programs which can convert books into eBooks but in many cases idea simply won't work. A software program has limitations and can work only in those limits, it does not understand the contexts, but a human does. When you order eBook conversion your manuscript goes through various technical processes like scanning, editing images, tables, graphs and to put them back into eBook format so the content simply looks like original book. Converting eBooks need knowledge in Html, xml and CSS etc so as to produce top quality eBooks which any online store should like to host for selling and reader like to buy. When your book goes for eBook conversion, as a process it simply breaks into pieces and putting back those pieces in order into completely different format is not difficult but it's the job of expert hands. Any book be it hard copy or a book manuscript written in.doc, Quark express or Adobe In-design or any other program can be converted into eBooks in a desired file format. eBooks has many file format like.pdf,.azw,.epub,.lit,.mobi etc. Every file format has its pros and cons, for is special file format for mobipocket. Basically it is suggested for authors and publishers to get eBooks in multiple formats so as to deploy for lager user base. eBooks has evolved with time they are getting richer day by day. Now authors and publishers don't require eBook conversion into multiple file formats. Epub and mobi are one of the favorable file format which is universally accepted. Any manuscript when converted into.ePub format can be read in each and every reader leaving behind few exceptions. Epub makes the job of ebook deployment faster and affordable for authors and publishers both. It is also readers delight, as one don't require to by eBooks according to gadgets choice and sell more money. Your customer can read .ePub ebooks in any of the eBook reader, desktop, laptop, kindle or over a smart phone like blackberry or iPhone. To know more details about eBook conversion - Kindle Conversion services for authors and publishers - http:// Mail us at info at atozebookconversion dot com. Category Tags Email City/Town State/Province

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

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eBook Conversion Services - A need or Want  
eBook Conversion Services - A need or Want  

eBook conversion is one of the lost grueling task especially for paper-pencil authors who are writing since decades have either very little...