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So many people I have the privilege to work with feel this way, and it's not your fault. Your lack of results is not because you are not good enough, or talented enough, or not working hard enough. It's just you don't know the system yet. You don't have the answers. You are doing your best with what you know, if you knew how to do better you would.

So go to now and fill in your details on the right hand side. You will then be sent the link to the e-book in PDF and audio format immediately! Enjoy :)

The good news is I have done it and I have the answers. I know the mistakes you can make, the wrong turns, the wasted energy, and I can guide you and assist you to navigate around these pitfalls, so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did. You get to skip all the wrong turns and fall downs I had, and just go towards what works. If this sounds like it might be the program for you, click here to read more! Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011


From the Editor IN THIS ISSUE • PAGE 4: BRANDUS 345





Hi Fabulous Friesian Lovers!! :) I hope you have had a sensational month and you are moving forward in your goals and dreams for the year!! :) We have had a very exciting month in September, with the breeding season starting, including training our two newest additions to the breeding program - Achillies and Zeus - as to the ins and outs of breeding, and that that blue thing with metal legs over there near the crush is actually a mare in disguise, and you are expected to jump on it to breed!! :) This coming month is proving to be busier than ever, with Phil (Natasha’s husband) launching his new online Piano program Pop Hits Made Easy 2011 (check out page 20 or click here to visit his website!) - a series of online video tutorials that take you step by step through some of the biggest pop hits of 2011 on piano!! :) In this month’s issue, we put a spotlight on Agamemnon’s sire Brandus, who is highly recognised for producing Friesians that do well in sports such as dressage! We are very excited about Agamemnon’s future in the dressage area! We are also lucky enough to have received an update from Justine, who bought Rocky at the end of last year and took him home in August - check out page 8 for photos and video!


We are looking forward to our first foal for the year born at the end of this month... I love foals!! :)


Have an awesome month, and remember, if you have any questions or anything you would like us to cover in the magazine, please feel free to email !!


To Your Dreams Becoming Reality,


Kate Langdon • PAGE 21: CONTACT INFORMATION Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011


STALLION PROFILE: BRANDUS 345 Reitse Pref. x Oege Pref. BRANDUS PRODUCES 39.9% STER OFFSPRING World Champion Friesian of 1997 & 1998, he is also the Reserve World Champion Friesian of 1999 & 2003. Brandus was born in 1992, his original name was 'Brandt fan e Westewei. Brandus is the son of Reitse 322 who become Preferent in 1996, his Gransire's on his sire's side Hearke 254, and Mark 232 are both preferent. This is a very strong bloodline and proven for Sporting and Breeding. Brandus was approved as a stallion in 1995, and was approved on his offspring in 2000. Brandus comes from the Stam line 50 (a stam line is a mother line), which has produced more than 25 approved stallions. This is a very interesting stamline, it is the largest stam of the Friesian breed, the most sought after breeding line that produces the most stars and approved stallions. He seems to be the peoples favourite of all time, His outstanding achievements are second to none. In Total Brandus has received nine 1st premies - one for every year he has been in the World stallion show in Leeuwarden. He has also been honoured with the Sport title for his outstanding achievements, one being the Champion of the Honorary Class in 1999 for Diving the Sjees. Brandus has a lot of charisma which he always passes on to his progeny.

He competed at ZZ level Dressage (this is at around the Medium/Advanced level) with paces which are naturally elevated with free floating movements. Two of his son's Rindert 406, he is competing at ZZ level and Tsjabring 429 is also competing at Intermediaire level 1. Brandus has sired four approved Stallions, Rindert 406, Tjeske 387, Brend 413 and Tsjabring 429. At present Brandus has the most offspring to be competing in the Dressage World. In 2007 his o ff s p r i n g w a s w a y a b o v e average and his total of Ster mares at the end of the year was over 155. We have breed from Brandus twice, our first was Tile van Brandus, who was our first Friesian Foal to be born, he received a 2nd premie as a foal and was rewarded 'Best foal for England and Ireland 2006'. Our second was a filly 'Anskje fan Withers Farm', who was one of a very few to receive a 1st premie as a foal in the United Kingdom. We believe that only 5% in the world receive this status. Brandus is rated number one in the World for his offspring to be awarded with the Sport status. Brandus is the sire of Ebony Park Agamemnon, our secret weapon! Born 12/07/2008, Agamemnon has not yet been competed, and will not be serving as a stallion at Ebony Park until next year - so watch this space!! :) Source: http:// stallion_brandus.php

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011


Note from Tash DIARY DATES

Sunday 16th October Werribee (YVDC) Zeus: Preliminary 1B Preliminary 1D Abe: Inter II Grand Prix

Hello Sensational Superstars! :) Happy October!!! :) .... Hmmm I was going for an alliteration but all I could think of was Oblong October or Octopus October, so let’s just go with Happy! :) How are you? Really - how are you? We ask this question so much as a courtesy or polite thing, but when I ask, I am genuinely curious. How are you? Is there anything else that I or the team can help you with? For me, that’s why I am in business - to help people. I have ridiculously high standards and expectations for Kate, Loes and myself, and anyone else who steps into our team, all with one goal, one mission, to help our clients live their dreams. So really - how can we help? This month the boys are happy - breeding season has started! :) We also have legendary Abe ... well, just being a legend. His Grand Prix work just gets stronger and stronger and together we are learning more and more about how to master the test. Jorrit is also playing a lot with his sequence changes and piaffe/passage and I am working on something excitingly cool with him .... maybe some pics in a couple of months :) The young ones are coming along beautifully! They are a credit to Loes who really puts in the time and understanding they need. Zeus is working all the elementary movements and will soon start flying changes. Achillies is learning he doesn't need to shorten his neck, and how to move like a real dressage horse through his body. And the most exciting thing this month is that Loes sat on Agamemnon! I LOVE this horse! He is kind, soft and willing, and took everything we were doing in his stride. This month I will take over the reins and have some fun with him :) We also have Captain (AKA Orlando) - Abe's 3/4 Friesian son. He has only just turned three, and been in work only three months with a break and in that time is leg yielding, counter canter and walk canter. Exceptional!!!! Sarah (and Sharon) are very, very lucky ladies to have bought him already as he really is a star and I would have otherwise kept him!!! :) Danielle - Elko's daughter - is also commencing her training with us and although she is HUGE - nearly 17hh already!! she is soft and willing and also coming along very quickly! Yay to Gabbi for scoring such a big moving superstar!!! :) Our projects are ticking away and every month brings us closer! As you will have hopefully noticed our project of last month has gone ahead with live chat now available on our website. So any questions or queries just ask and we are happy to have a chat with you! Wishing you a fabulous month and fabulous riding! To your huge SUCCESS!


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011


Kind Kate’s Knowledge - Semen Quality and Health The breeding season is now in full swing, so this month I wanted to talk about semen morphology and quality, and what you should be looking for and doing to ensure your mare has the best chance possible of getting pregnant!!

will have different views on the levels that are motile. This is why it is useful to have a computer program (see figure below - the progressively motile sperm cells are shown in green) that measures the levels of motility of the sperms objectively all the time – however, in most cases this is not practical, as the computer equipment is VERY expensive.

There is a massive variation within and between stallions as to the volume of the semen, but this actually has no correlation with the number of sperm cells within the ejaculate – generally Source: the bigger the stallions testicles, the more sperm can be When you collect semen from a produced (so bigger stallions stallion or receive semen to usually produce more sperm inseminate your mare with, you than ponies!). need to evaluate the amounts of sperm that are what is called There are HEAPS of things that progressively motile - this will kill equine sperm cells – they means that not only are they are very fragile unfortunately alive and ‘wiggling’ – but they are (more so than many other also moving forwards in a animals) – so we need to know straight line. These are the only what to be careful of and what to truly ‘fertile’ sperm cells, and look for. Things like sunlight, t h e r e f o r e t h e n u m b e r o f temperature, contamination, progressively motile sperm cells shaking up the sample and is a true indication of the fertility leaving it for too long will kill of the sperm sample. This is very many of the sperm cells and difficult because different people reduce your mares chance of falling pregnant. Source: Temperature – affects sperm numbers produced by the stallion as well as the quality of the sperm cells. If you compare the temperature of the stallions scrotum with that of the inside of the thigh when he is at rest, the testes should be cooler than the thigh.

of the cells, as well as the ‘freshness’ of the sperm cells. When you chill semen this helps sperm survive for longer as you are decreasing metabolic action. When semen is chilled at 5 degrees celcius, it is at around 7% of its normal metabolic rate. When you freeze semen, the metabolic rate is so small, we generally describe it as being at zero – which in theory means that it could last forever if kept at that extremely low temperature in liquid nitrogen!! When you receive semen to inseminate your mare with, there are a number things you can look for without having to inspect it under the microscope. One of these is the colour. If the sample is yellow tinged, this could mean that it is dirty, or that there is urine in the sample (it will also smell like urine) – many stallions have this problem, and it is a problem as urine is spermicidal (it kills the sperm cells). If the sample looks red, this could mean that there is blood contaminating the sample – again, blood is spermicidal! Depending on what is going on with the stallion, this could be just a on-off problem, or it could be ongoing. The good thing about artificial insemination is that it is much easier to see the colour and smell the sample than it is in normal hand coverings.

Being frozen affects motility, as the temperature affects many Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011


Kind Kate’s Knowledge - Semen Quality and Health When we are shipping semen, we tend to add a non-fat dried milk or egg yolk solid with glucose mixed with saline to the sample – this is called extender. We can also add antibiotics to the extender, which prevents any bacteria from growing in the sample and killing off all the semen. Extenders are isotonic, which means that the osmotic or salt concentration is the same as the sperm cells, so they are not killed! Extender also contains a buffered saline, which keeps the pH of the sperm sample neutral as sperm are producing acids and other waste products that can de detrimental to their survival. In a normal sized horse (500kg), we are expecting to see around 5 billion sperm

cells in the total ejacualate!! Sunlight (and warmth and nutrition) on the horse (not the sperm) has a positive effect on sperm count – horses are long day breeders, which means they are seasonal breeders during the spring and summer months. For the mare all the sperm cells required for fertilisation have passed through the uterus and into the fallopian tube (which is where fertilisation takes place) within 6 hours of mating. This is significant, as it means that, if the mare is prone to post breeding infections, the uterus can be flushed out and treated as soon as 6 hours after mating without interfering with fertility and pregnancy rates. When we are looking at the sperm sample under a microscope, there are a few things to look for other than whether the sperm cells are alive or dead, and whether they are moving in a straight line.

semen, we call this looking at the morphology. The sperm cell may be alive and wiggling, but it has two heads, or two tails! These sperm cells are generally not progressively motile, and therefore are not fertile as they will never reach the mares fallopian tube to fertilise an egg! To Your Dreams Becoming Reality,

Kate Langdon p.s. If you would like more information about breeding, including stallion and mare fertility, reproductive anatomy, breeding, foaling and much more – click here to visit out Horse Breeding Made Easy website, and purchase our online ebook! Source: Contact Ebony Park for a full list

The head of horse sperm is like a shovel – it is two dimensional really with a very flat side. When the sperm is swimming, it moves forward by wiggling its tail from side to side – the head flips over and rotates, hence the sperm moves in a spiral like manner when it swims. However, you can get, for various reasons, sperm that doesn’t look quite right. When you are talking about the actual look of the

Some examples of abnormal Diagram of abnormal sperm cells. sperm cells. Source: Colorado Sournce: State University Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011 7

EP Rocky Update!! :) EP Rocky is a 3/4 Friesian by Ebony Park Elko, out of a 1/2 Friesian mare The Carrock Zip. He was born 31/08/2007, and at 4 years of age stands at around 16.2HH. We are so pleased he has found a loving home in Queensland with Justine, where he will be joined by his purebred half sister Daquiri (also by Elko) in a year or so time. Justine was kind enough to give us an update and some footage and pictures of Rocky’s progress since leaving Ebony Park: Rocky was bought as a replacement horse after the untimely sudden death of another Elko gelding that I had also brought up to Queensland to get broken-in. Although I bought Rocky in December 2010, I couldn't bring him up to Qld until a couple of months ago in August, notwithstanding the latest Hendra scare.

Therefore, I was first filled with awe when the transport company arrived to present me with an enormous, very Friesian-looking horse with a will of his own that "I" actually owned.

Anyway, I decided I couldn't wait any longer as he was approaching four and still not broken.

While Ebony Park do a wonderful job breaking in horses themselves, I decided to get Rocky done up in Queensland so I could witness and be part of every stage and if I had difficulty down the track, the trainer would be familiar with the horse.

I also had bought him virtually sight unseen (although I could tell he was a good horse from the photos and video Ebony Park sent me, and I had seen him once in a paddock at Garfield a year beforehand, when I had gone to see my young purebred filly Daquiri, but didn't really pay too much attention as I wasn't looking for an older horse at that point!).

flapping plastic bags, rattling cans, umbrellas (click here to see footage), dogs, kids, flapping tarps, ropes around his legs, cracking whips, ears and eyes covered ......

Rocky, (now known as Elkido) has been brought along slowly using the natural horsemanship method. From the first moments of training where he learnt to stand and not move until told to, he has learnt to tie up and been desensitised to Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011


EP Rocky Update My trainer Brian first rides them bareback to get used to a weight on their back. He teaches them to expect to be mounted from both sides as well. Elkido has since been introduced to the bridle and saddle (click here for footage), has been long reined and lunged so now is picking up voice commands, and initially was just ridden around at the walk and currently he has just started being asked to trot while being ridden in the saddle and bridle. Brian goes slowly and lets them think about it first before asking for more. He generally takes from four to eight weeks to break-in a horse, depending on how the horse copes but the end result is a fantastic quiet horse that can been ridden out on roads

and trails and faced many sights and sounds as well as being ready to start the dressage training. Sessions are quite short and you can see Elkido trying hard to please with the only occasional sulk, sucking up the bottom lip or "I don't want to do that" behaviour. Apparently, he is very comfortable to ride bareback. He currently still needs to learn to be more confident in going forward. At the moment Elkido is still at the stage of trying to understand what is being asked of him so he often hesitates. Elkido generally takes everything in his stride, accepting all that is done to him after at most a couple of attempts (although the cracking whip still needs to be mastered and he has let Brian know he is not a push-over a couple of times).

From my point of view - from the first day Elkido arrived and I realised I have a handful of horse to control, I have noticed with the training, how much better he is to handle. While Rocky has been handled from a foal and is very quiet, I have found he has to be put in his place every now and again and give some space, show some respect and not live in my back pocket. He now calls and trots up to the fence when I arrive. He stands beautifully. Even washing him all over, including hosing his face and combing out his Bob Marley impressions in his mane and tail did not see him fidget at all and it was a lengthy session as he has a lot of mane and tail. He follows me around like a dog and loves his treats. Now he is rugged and starting his life as a pampered dressage horse. I can't wait to get on him! The next question will be can I sit to his enormous trot? That will have to wait till the next installment to be answered......... Check out the footage of Rocky (Elkido) - click on the links: First Time Trotted Under Saddle Lesson with a Tarp First Time with Weight on Back First Sit Long Reining -- Justine Murray

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011


Terrific Tash’s Tremendous Training Tip - Balance I was writing a manual for my Dream Team earlier this week, and as I was describing the mindset you need to have when riding, I uncovered a philosophy I hadn't actually known at a conscious level. It was the concept of yin and yang or balance, and how you must have and maintain a balance between you and your horse at all times. So I am a pretty bouncy off the walls kind of person, loud, easily excitable, energetic. My horse - my friesian is also loud and opinionated, but quite a conservative user of energy, not easily excited and not hyperactive. So together we make a perfect team. We are in balance. When I am too gung ho he calms me down, when he is too lazy I have enough excitement for all of us! :) So knowing that a balance needs to be achieved, the expectation and responsibility to create and maintain the balance, rests firmly on us. Yes you read it right. It is never up to the horse to change to us, we need to give to the horse what the horse needs. It’s called behavioural flexibility and I am obsessed with it! :) It’s based on the law of requisite variety which states: The agent within a system, which has equal or greater variety than the system

itself, has the capacity to control that particular given system (and/or destroy control within the system). anyone get that!?! :) In plain words, whoever has the greater ability to change, will control the situation. So I don't know about you but I want to control the situation! So that means I need the most behavioural flexibility. Now part of that behavioural flexibility is how many responses to the one situation do I have? For instance, if my horse drifted to the left, how many ways could I get him to the right? 5 - 10? A child, when asked how many ways to cook an egg can come up with nearly 100 ways to do it. On a sunbakers back, on a road, etc. Adults on the other hand, can only come up with around 10 ways - i.e. boiled, fried... We lose our ability to think outside the box, as we become older, and only focus on functionality. As riders we can get that way too, and be very quick to say that wont work.

because I would have discovered a better way!! 2. Just because I'm doing it... and i know I'm kinda awesome!!! :) does not mean it’s the BEST strategy! It’s just the one that works the most often, but you should still be most encouraged and inspired to come up with a better way! That to me is the essence of behavioural flexibility, and what I am always thinking about as a rider is: 1. What does my horse need from me right now? 2. What is my response? 3. Analyse the reaction 4. Could I have chosen a better/different response next time? To Your Success,


I encourage the riders I train to develop and create their own ways. I'm happy to share my ways and what works for me ... but you MUST remember two things: 1. I most likely wont be doing it this way in 6 months time... It’s fun to be flexible!! Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011


Lovely Loes’ Learnings COMP RESULTS 10/09/2011 Ebony Park Abe Grand Prix - VDC 5th Place

17/09/2011 Ebony Park Abe Grand Prix Boneo Park 3rd Place

Hi There!! :) I know I say this every month, but what a busy one it has been!! :) Last month we started training two of our young horses - one of them is a Friesian x Warmblood filly who has just turned 3 called Danielle who is by Elko, and looking to reach his height too! At the moment we are getting her used to all of the equipment and routines associated with being ridden, and she is lunging now with the saddle bridle on. Next week we will start with the side reins and progress from there! The other horse I am really excited to be breaking in is Agamemnon - he is one of our purebred stallions by dutch stallion Brandus 345. This week was my first ride on him and it was great - he has such a beautiful expressive trot, I canĘźt wait to continue his training! :) ... Apparently Tash says that he is hers, but we will have to see about that!! :) Wishing you the all best in your training,

Loes Van Der Leest Loes


p.s. Thanks to Danielle and Holly for your wonderful help during work experience here at Ebony Park in September!!

Ebony Park Abe Grand Prix Treehaven 1st Place Come on all you EP owners!! We know that you go out and compete your horses, so we would LOVE to hear all of your results and post them on this page!! :)

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011


Loes, Phil and Agamemnon on his first ride!


Natasha and Ebony Park Abe at Boneo Park last month

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011


Ebony Park is so excited to be standing 5 stallions at stud this year!! Click here for our stallion video!

Ebony Park October 2011 If breeding to one of our beautiful boysFriesian is rightMagazine for you, click here to visit our stallion 13 page

and claim your FREE breeding gift pack!

Ebony Park Jor!t Jorrit is an exceptional dressage stallion that made it through to the very prestigious 70 day performance test for approved stallions. In the performance test in Holland, Jorrit was within days of being approved as a stallion but a muscle strain hindered his movement and was unfortunately eliminated late in the test. He was also awarded a breeding permit from the KFPS when they came out for the 2009 Keuring. This is only awarded to very select Friesian stallions who possess the desired characteristics of the breed. There are only a few Friesian stallions in Australia that hold a current KFPS permit, and Ebony Park is very proud to offer Ebony Park Jorrit to the discerning Friesian breeder. This permit is limited to only 20 mares so please Born 12/05/2003, 16.2hh, Jet Black book quickly and as early as possible to avoid imported Friesian ster stallion disappointment! By the Grand Prix Dutch Approved Dressage Friesian Jasper 366 Scored 82% for the IBOP (2009 Keuring) Foalbook ster stallion with a Current KFPS Breeding Permit for 2011-2012 Registration Number: 5280 0420 0305 315

Click here for video of Jorrit!

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011 Click here to visit Jorrit’s page on14 our website

Ebony Park Elko

Unfortunately, due to a paddock injury to his knee, Elko is no longer able to be ridden, and has been retired from the competition arena. Ebony Park is extremely disappointed and upset by this incident, however we are very happy that he is still able to be bred, and has still retained his breeding permit (not something to be taken lightly, as the KFPS are very strict about awarding breeding permits!). When Elko was able to be ridden he was destined to be Natasha’s Olympic Grand Prix horse. He had everything! Three amazing paces, the desire and trainable temperament, and was quick to learn and improve. In his short career he scored up to 72% in preliminary and gained 44 grading points qualifying him for the 2006 Australian Dressage Championships in Novice in only 2 months of competition.

Born 21/04/2001, 17.1hh, jet black imported Friesian ster stallion By the Champion Approved licensed Dutch Friesian Stallion Teunis 332 Foalbook ster stallion with a Current KFPS Breeding Permit for 2011-2012 Registration Number: 5280 0420 0120 011

Click here for video of Elko!

Click here to visit Elko’s page on our Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011 15 website

Ebony Park Abe

Abe has had consistent results of over 62% at the Inter I level, and currently competing and winning at the Grand Prix level in 2011. Early in his career Abe was the horse to beat in Novice bringing home 3 Novice Championships with scores up to 71%. He also took home an Advanced Championship in 2008 and competed and qualified for the prestigious Dressage with the stars in the PSG and Inter I Kur in March 2010. Abe is now making his debut in Grand Prix and he hasn’t disappointed. His piaffe/passage is amazing and we are now waiting for him to develop the strength to catch up. This horse is destined for a legendary Grand Prix career.Ebony Park Abe is an exceptional stallion to ride. He is powerful and responsive and carries you through any situation with pride and attitude.

Born 29/03/2000, 16.2hh, jet black

imported Friesian ster stallion. To ride him is pure joy! He is solid, strong and powerful! Abe takes you into a test almost like a war horse taking First Friesian stallion in Australasia to you into battle. He is proud, noble and loves to show off compete and win at Grand Prix level in and be the centre of attention. dressage. Abe has been awarded the sports predicate from the KFPS. He is the first stallion in Australia to achieve the award due to his outstanding results in the dressage arena. By the Champion Approved licensed Dutch Friesian Stallion Anne 340 Registration Number: 5280 0420 0010

Click here for video of Abe!

Click here to visit Abe’s Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011 16 page on our website

Zeus of Ebony Park Zeus is Elko’s first son that we have bred, and we have eagerly been waiting the years until he was old enough to work. At 3 1/2 he is broken in and ready to go, and will be doing his first prelim start in official EA comps in July 2011! Zeus is a delight to work with, having an exceptional canter just like his father, and a swinging, easy trot. He is still taking time to mature with some growing to do, but in another year we are so excited to see where this boy is at! He has inherited the beautiful, willing Friesian temperament from both sire and dam. This will be Zeus’s first season standing at stud, and a wonderful opportunity for people to get access to Elko’s bloodlines!

Born 22/11/2007, 16hh, jet black Friesian BBook1 stallion. By our imported Friesian stallion (who has a breeding permit) Elko van der Woalderhoeve Registration Number: AU0360 0420 0706 076

Click here to visit Zeus’ page on our Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011 website

Click here for video of Zeus! 17

Ebony Park Achillies

Achillies is our little pocket rocket! Achillies was the first of our foals imported in utero (we imported his mother Jolanda already in foal and he was the result) and is by Arjen 417 who won the silver whip at the Northern dressage Competition for Friesian horses, and has also achieved the sports predicate for excellence in the dressage arena. For some reason even though both mum and dad are over 15.3, Achillies is 15.1 and doesn’t look like he has any more growing to do! This means he is perfect for the pony breeder or someone looking for a smaller more compact size Friesian.

Don’t let his small size fool you though! His trot is expressive, with a beautiful action and his canter is soft and rhythmical. He is a delight to train, being very responsive and light, and also trying so hard for his rider. He has only had a rider on his back 2 months before these shots were taken, which show how fast he has come with his training in such a small amount of time! Born 29/02/2008, 15.1hh, jet black imported (in utero) Friesian foalbook stallion. By dutch dressage approved stallion Arjen 417, who was awarded the sports predicate for excellence in the dressage arena Registration Number: 0360 0420 0805 910

Click here for video of Achillies!

Click here to visit Achillies’ page Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011 18 on our website

5 Minutes with Marlies van Baalen Both Marlies and her mother, Coby, competed in the Olympics in Sydney and Athens and obtained various titles in national and international dressage competitions. During her career as junior rider, Marlies won the European Championship title as member of the Dutch team as well as the individual European title. Coby and Marlies are ambassadors of two associations for disabled people who are involved and active in equestrian sports. They support these riders in various ways.

Photo: http://

Interview with Marlies: When did you start competing? In The Netherlands at age 7

Why riding? Being born at the farm of my parents who specialized in dairy cattle (my father) and horses (my mother) and living outside in the midst of our animals has always been very natural to me. I feel being raised side by side with our animals makes you understand them and makes you feel happy with animals around. When I was four years old I was already riding my pony - it would have been unnatural without it. What is your most memorable riding story? My trainer Johann Hinnemann encouraged me to do the Warendorf course, which is the most professional course for riding and reaching in the world. For my final examinations show jumping rider Holger Hetzel borrowed me a super mare. When practising it was too difficult to control the horse and prevent her from overjumping. But at the final examinations it all went like a miracle and I received the high score 9 for jumping! I still remember every single jump I took! Most influential person? My mother and Johann Hinnemann Why? Because he has taken a lot of effort to teach me and to help me feel and understand what I know now. One of his great pieces of advice of course was to do the Warendorf education. Through Johann Hinnemann I learned not only all horse things but also to speak the German language fluently, and I have made acquaintance with a lot of people that are of great influence in the dressage world! Most looked up to person? All those who are capable to get from life what is in it and nevertheless stay who they are :) Ambitions during career? I would like to combine a career as an athlete in sport with a flowering company of my own and a happy and healthy family life

FACTS DOB: 30/08/1980 Country: Holland Website: Languages: Dutch, German, English Sponsors: BMC Subsponsors Kentucky, Blom Trainers: Johann Hinnemann Coby Van Baalen


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011


For something a little bit different... Studies have shown, people that like horses, are also musical!! :) Phil Kelley (Natasha’s husband) is not only the horse trainer extraordinaire of Ebony Park, but also a very talented and successful pianist! So for you aspiring musicians out there, this may be for you!

Attention Piano Owners! “Yes, Even You Can Master the Piano In Just Days … Learn and Play The Hottest Hits of 2011 With Ease – By Watching These Simple, Step-by-Step Video Tutorials” Even if you’ve never played at all before, or if you feel like you don’t have a musical bone in your body, you can still learn to play the piano in the comfort of your own home with these online tutorial lessons. You’ll learn at your own pace and be able to master the songs and sound like a professional in no time at all…. If this sounds like exactly the program you are looking for, click here for more information

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011



We currently have a number of young crossbred Friesians - this could be your next dream horse!! Click here for more information. Does anyone have photos of Ebony Park horses or your other horses that they would like to share with us? We would love to put them up on our website! :)

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If you would like to have a chat with us dial 03 9796 8690 or 0422 227 364. Ebony Park is located in Narre Warren in Victoria, one hour's drive from the Melbourne Airport. If you share the love of the Friesian horse and would like to see the stallions or the youngstock, please contact us and make an appointment. We can also assist you with locating your new Friesian or with training.

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Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011


Ebony Park Performance Friesians Where Dreams Are Made Reality Ebony Park Friesian Magazine October 2011


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine - October 2011 Edition  

Ebony Park Performance Friesians - monthly magazine, October 2011 edition

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine - October 2011 Edition  

Ebony Park Performance Friesians - monthly magazine, October 2011 edition