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Kate’s Knowledge Dehydration News from Holland in English! Tash’s Tremendous Training Tip Photo gallery of all the 2010 Ebony Park foals!

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Everyone is raving about Natasha’s book “How to achieve lasting riding success”

This club is for anyone who is looking to get more support and motivation with their riding and wants an inside look into how Natasha trains and thinks.

After reading it you will: • Be able to define what success is to you • Know the THREE keys that are present in EVERY successful rider and how you need to have what they have if you want the same results. • Have done your riding goals and developed your own commitment and action plan for success Here is what some superstars had to say about the book: “I have read the e-book and I found it really inspiring and helpful.” ~ Rebecca “It’s awesome!” ~ Chantelle So go to now and fill in your details on the right hand side. You will then be sent the link to the ebook in PDF and audio format immediately! Enjoy :)

Natasha has launched her Diamond Success Club on Friday!!!!

Go to and click on Diamond Success Club for more information.

RIDING PROGRAMS Natasha has also developed a riding program to assist riders with getting the basics right, getting their head and body where it needs to be, competition advice and training all the way to the elementary movements of two track work, counter canter and turn on the haunches. If this sounds like something you need email with the subject “Is It Right For Me?” and Natasha will respond personally to your situation if the program would assist you in getting the results you want.

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine January 2011



From the Editor

Welcome to a sensational new year in 2011!!


We have lots of new and exciting things planned for this year, so watch this space!! :)


Firstly, before I forget, I would like to thank Kim who was with us for a fabulous 4 weeks of work experience - you were a real help, working hard and never complaining, and we hope you had as much fun at Ebony Park as we had having you here!





In this issue, Natasha talks about two of her colts brought over from Garfield to be trained and broken in, Loes discusses what she has learnt so far in her dressage training and how she has been improving, as well as translating some of the latest news from Holland into English! And my interest this month is a useful topic for the hot summer months - dehydration in horses, including tips for prevention and treatment. Enjoy, and remember we love any feedback you can want to give us so keep those emails coming!

To Your Dreams Becoming Reality,



Kate Langdon Ebony Park Friesian Magazine January 2011




The KFPS has recently announced three new stallions that have been approved as sires (this means that they are only allowed to breed with purebred Friesian mares, and they get 3 numbers after their name to show that they have been approved as breeding stallions. These stallions are: • Wiebe K (now known as Wytse 462) - his sire is Arjen 417, who is the same sire as our rising 3yo colt out of Jolanda, Achilles!) • Winfried (now known as Wimer 461) • Wylster (now known as Wylster 463) These stallions are judged on how true they are to the breed standard, trainability, prowess both under saddle and carriage, walk, trot, canter...and many more categories! Their dam is also judged in terms of trueness to breed, conformation and her other offspring. The KFPS now has another two stallions with the Preferent predicate (this means that they have a number of approved stallions as offspring). During the December meeting of the Inspection Team in which the breeding results of stallions were evaluated, it was decided to award the stallions Teunis 332 and Jasper 366 with the Preferent predicate. Both stallions will be honored during the upcoming Stallion Inspection. For Teunis 332, this will be a posthumous award of the Preferent predicate since he died at the age of 12 in 2002. During a relatively short period of stud service, he had a major impact on the breed. The large number of Model mares among his offspring is particularly impressive. Jasper 366 will go down in history as one of the youngest stallions to receive the Preferent predicate. As a 15-year-old stallion, he is still a full-time sports competitor and stud. Jasper 366 will be particularly known as a stallion that set new standards for movement. Both stallions had male offspring approved during the recently completed offspring-testing (Teunis 332: Fridse 423 and Harmen 424; Jasper 366: Haitse 425). We are very excited at Ebony Park to hear this news, as Teunis 332 is Elko’s sire, and Jasper 366 is Jorrit’s sire!! :)

DOB: 08.03.1990 Height: 167cm (16.2HH) Teunis is famous for breeding impressive foals with lovely temperaments and beautiful presence. He passed on height and long forearms with many of his offspring exhibiting a talent for both dressage and show carriage. Teunis is the sire of Ebony Park Elko. He has sired 15 Model mares (this is a very high status for a mare) and 222 Ster mares. Teunis is the sire of sons Nanning 374, Monte 378 sport, Fridse 423 and Harmen 424. Source: KFPS website

KEURING RESULTS Norbert 444, the sire of Dante of Ebony Park (out of Jantje G) has sired 15 foals who gained 1st Premie status this year (that means they are good - roughly the top 5% in the world gain this status!!!)

Source: KFPS website

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine January 2011


TerrificTash’s TremendousTraining Tip We recently brought the two colts - they have to go into circles ... and the horse sticks to the rules, from Garfield down to Narre as well as the horse being able to what are they?!?! And what - these Warren to begin their training. make mistakes, people want to control where I do Having never started colts before misunderstandings, differences in these circles and how I do them, until Zeus, I am loving the opinion. Thats why I love it so and at what speed! challenge colts bring to my training much. Then they get used to boots, and world. When I am training I am always the wash bay and being washed, They all have such a sense of thinking first of the paradigms: and their faces clipped and then a personality! As with all horses Being strict, and being able to go saddle and then a rider and then some are loud, some are quiet, with the flow. the aids from the rider. some are intense. But I feel quite Being rigid, being flexible. Then as they grow older they need sorry for 3yo stallions because Having a planned lesson and a set to learn more advanced aids and their world is all changing! In that goal to achieve, go off script and invisible aids until one day they are regard they do remind me of 15 perhaps learn instead of teach. a Grand Prix horse! year old hormonal pimply Telling and asking. boys. All they want to do is Being strong, firm and loud, have sex, show who’s the being light, soft and quiet. boss, and not concentrate on anything!!! And then the questions: And here is little old me Are you making decisions for telling my 500kg hormonal the good of the horse ... or for driven, no attention span the good of your ego. horse to pay attention to me Are you sacrificing and focus on me!! :) partnership for progress? It is a big change for these Is it the horses fault ... or horses. They have gone yours? .... (I have learnt from being in a 10 acre 99.9% of the time ... mine! :)) paddock with other stallions Is it lack of understanding or to a 1/4 acre private is it misbehaviour or even paddock all alone. They are pain? n e x t t o b i g g e r, o l d e r What am I doing right? stallions, there are breeding What am I doing wrong? mares and mares in foal all How can I do things around, you can sense the Beginning training with Achilles, our young colt differently? oestrogen and testosterone in the air. They are put in For the response to stables at night, they are change .... then what do I being led with stallion bits need to change? Wow! I just love the journey! twice a day to the paddock and And it goes on. Suffice to say, this Especially as I have been there back into the stable. Someone is never stops, whether I am riding a the whole time. Been there at the telling them to walk here, not walk horse for the very first time, or insemination process, been there here, halt, walk, stay in their riding a Grand Prix horse. Its all at the foaling and the first few space, and not come into ours. training and my responsibilities as days, been there for halter training ... and we haven't even started the a trainer means I must always and holding feet for the farrier, work process yet!!!! keep those things in my mind. seen them grow up from small little Then they get a bridle and a roller foals to big, beautiful, strapping horses. on and are led into an arena where To your success with your training, they think beauty I can run around I am not a parent but I act like one in this process. There is a line in here and neigh to everyone and between having boundaries, show off, but no, this bit in their making sure your word is obeyed mouth doesn't let them run around Tash Ebony Park Friesian Magazine January 2011


Kind Kate’s Knowledge - Dehydration During the summer months, it is really important that your horse has a clean, fresh source of water at all times, as dehydration can happen on a hot day very quickly! This is especially true for foals, who together with being much smaller than adult horses, also have not yet developed great control mechanisms for temperature regulation and control. Horses that are worked too hard on hot days without water are also at risk. Some horses sweat more than others, and therefore lose more water when they are worked, and need to drink more often.

2. Capillary Refill time This is a good way to determine dehydration in a horse, but not necessarily the easiest. Lift your horses lip up so that you can see his gums, then press on the gum with your finger and let go once it has turned white (this is because the blood has been pushed away from the area). The longer it takes for the gum to turn pink again, the more dehydrated your horse is. Again, if it takes more than 2 seconds, your horse is most likely dehydrated. You can also check the inside of your horses mouth for lack of moisture - dryness can be a sign of dehydration.

An average 500kg horse will drink at least 20 litres of water a day - if your horse is dehydrated and wont drink the water that you offer him, try adding molasses or apple juice to it to make it more tasty!

3. Amount of Water Consumed It is a good idea to monitor exactly how much water your horse drinks in a day. However, if you have automatic drinkers like we do in the paddocks and stables at Ebony Park, this is

Ok, so we know that our horses can get dehydrated easily, but how do we know if they are dehydrated? There are a number of steps that you can perform in order to work this out:

impossible!! So instead just make sure buckets always have plenty of fresh water in them, and that drinkers are always working! 4. Eyes If the eyes of your horse appear sunken and dull, this can be a sign of dehydration. Horses and humans use the same strategies to help keep them cool, such as sweating and dilation of blood vessels near the skin, but humans are actually much more efficient at staying cool than horses. This is because horses have much less surface area to body weight (40% of the area humans do) and much larger muscles (which generate huge amounts of heat) than humans do! This means that horses are much more efficient at keeping warm in the colder months than we are, but not as good during the warmer months. Horses in heavy work on a hot day can sweat out around 12 liters an hour! If your horse is dehydrated, this is a lot of fluid to get back into him! Clinical dehydration is defined as a loss of 5% total body water - this is 20 liters for a 500kg horse, and wouldn’t take very long for a horse being worked!

1. Pinch Test This is the most simple way to check if your horse is showing signs of dehydration. Simply pinch up the skin on your horses neck, and then let go - the longer it takes for your horses skin to spring back to its normal position, the more dehydrated your horse is. If it takes more than around 2 seconds, then your horse is probably getting dehydrated.

Horse sweat also contains quite high levels of electrolytes - so when your horse is sweating, he is not only losing water, but also essential electrolytes that help to keep him hydrated, such as, sodium, chloride, potassium, and during prolonged periods of heavy sweating, calcium.

The Pinch Test Ebony Park Friesian Magazine January 2011


Kind Kate’s Knowledge - Dehydration

Ok, I’m freaking out now you say, I think my horse is dehydrated... but how do I treat it, and how do I prevent it happening again in the future?!

Fluid loss as little as 1% bodyweight (5kg for a 500kg horse) can reduce performance. I know that 5kg sounds like a lot, but for your average 60kg human, 1% is only 600g! Coupled with electrolyte loss which occurs during sweating, this can lead to conditions such as ‘Tying Up’, where the horses thigh, gluteal and lower back muscles develop pain and stiffness due to damaged muscle cells or ‘Thumps’ where the horse basically gets hiccups (much more violently than humans) from spasmodic diaphragm contractions that are synchronous with the heart beat (the flanks and sides of the horse have a fluttering motion). Is is a common belief that it is not a good idea to let a horse drink after exercise as the horse may colic. As long as the horse has stopped puffing and panting, they wont drink more than the volume of their stomach (15L). So as long as you only offer between 10-15L of water soon after exercise, you shouldn’t have a problem. You also need to make sure your horse is fit enough for the work you are making him do - unfit horses will fatigue and sweat more than fit horses. Work your horse up gradually to the level of work you would like to do. If your horse is hairy, clip his coat to prevent excess sweating. Provide a balanced electrolyte supplement in your horses feed

on days that he is worked, or days that he sweats a lot. It is important to make sure that your horses everyday diet has the right balance of vitamins and minerals too. Providing your horse with ad lib access to hay or grass all the time is one of the best things that you can do! It doesn’t have to be high quality hay, it is mainly the fibre and the volume that is important. Fibre takes a long time to digest, and is kept in the hindgut for a long time after consumption so that it can ferment and digest. When there is a lot of fibre in the hindgut, this also retains a large volume of water, thus preventing your horse from dehydrating as easily!! Basically, keeping your horse hydrated is just common sense and observation. If the unfortunate thing happens, and you believe your horse to be dehydrated, there are a number of things you can do to help him out. Firstly, get your horse into shade (this is particularly important for dark or black horses such as the Friesians, who absorb so much heat through their coats! For dark horses, it is a good idea on a hot day to either keep them in the stables and put them out at night, or put a white cotton rug on them during the day this will reflect the sunlight and tend to keep them cooler. You can cool your horse with a fan and water (but avoid large muscle areas, as you don’t

want to cool them down too quickly or they can seize up, just like human muscles. Give the horse free access to water, and add electrolytes to his feed, or give it to him in a paste (you can get electrolyte paste in tubes that look very much like worming paste). This will usually help the horse to recover from mild to moderate dehydration, but just make sure you keep an eye on him to make sure he recovers properly. In cases of severe dehydration (and I certainly hope this doesn’t happen to you, but like I mentioned earlier, this may happen in foals or horses without access to a water supply), I would firstly call the vet! They will be able to give your horse IV (intravenous) fluid, or stomach tube your horse with fluid, and really monitor the condition of your horse to give him the best chance of recovery.

Gjanna and her 2009 foal Deja Vu keeping cool

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine January 2011





Note from Tash

Hello superstars! :)

I am so so excited!!!!! 2011 Bring it on baby!!! :) As always I have a 100 plans and goals for 2011 and am really looking forward to working hard and having them become reality. What does this mean for you? Well I know a lot of you are curious about the Friesian horse and would like to know more about them and the chance to get close to one ... I can't say too much yet! ... You know me and surprises! But just know I am working on giving you guys a day where you get all your questions answered as well as the ability to get really close up and personal with a Friesian! Stay tuned for the updates! And make sure you 'like' our FB page as I tend to get excited and carried away and post sneaky things on there first! This magazine is just getting bigger and better for you!!! ... But guess what - to do that we need your help. So drop us an email and let us know what YOU would like to see in here! This mag is for you, so anyone interviews you want, articles written, questions answered, research done, flick us an email and we are so happy to see if we can do it for you! You know me ... I like surprises and I love presents! So there will be a few of them coming this year too! Our website will be grooving and shaking - this year we are adding more content and info for you if you want it. Our blog will be updated weekly and you will know all the EP news as it happens. As to all the friends we have made in 2010 and before - we look forward to continuing to be able to serve your needs. Wether it is assisting you with your breeding plans and dreams or finally being there while you make your dream of owning a Friesian a reality we are here for you. To 2011 being YOUR year and all about YOU!

Natasha Althoff

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine January 2011


Lovely Loes’ Learnings

Wow!! I have already learnt so much so far on my stay here in Australia at Ebony Park! Natasha has been coaching me on the young horses, as well as Jorrit, which has been quite an diverse and exciting experience! I have also had the opportunity to watch Natsha’s Your Riding Success DVD’s - it is great to learn how to train the horses, and then apply the skills and theories to my own riding and training of the young horses. I have been learning the basics first, and making sure they are really solid and unconscious, then moving onto the more complex movements such as the shoulder in - it makes them easier to do if you have the basics. I have found that it is also important to do groundwork with the horse, and not just training when you are riding him, so that the horse learns all of the right signals on the ground such as stop and go from a light aid, and the concept of personal space. Then when I actually get on the horse, I have more control and it is easier to train the horse.

I have learnt to sit well, this is the first time that I have had explained to me and understood that you need to not only ride with your hands and legs, but also with the seat - for example I need to use my seat to ask for canter. I don’t need to use as much of the legs and whip to make the horse go forward anymore - I use my seat which is a light aid, and then if I need a heavier aid such as the whip or my legs, I can use them for that purpose. I have also learnt to have the feeling to use my inside leg and outside rein rather than just inside rein to turn the horse and to make the horse bend. I always have more pressure on my inside hand, but then the horse can go over the shoulder and is no longer in my control. I need to change this so that i have more pressure or contact on the outside rein so that i have more control.

CONGRATULATIONS! We would like to congratulate the following people on finding their dream horse at Ebony Park! Sharon (Captain) Tracy (Shaquil) Justine (Rocky)

We sincerely hope these lovely young horses bring you as much joy as they have brought us watching them grow!! Ebony Park Friesian Magazine January 2011


Zorro minutes after being born! EP Zorro

PHOTO GALLERY Victoria of Ebony Park strutting her stuff!

Intrigue having a snooze

Intrigue going through her paces Zorro and Intrigue

Jorrit and Loes at the Balmoral Open Day

Born on Christmas Eve

Introducing Hercules!! Achilles being lunged for the first time!

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine January 2011


5 Minutes with Tash 1. What is your favourite thing to do? Ride Abe! 2. What about if you are not riding? Ok might sound unusual to some, but I love to shut myself in my room and dream and plan about the life I want to create, and check that I am on track to creating that - playing with my diary phil calls it! :) 3. What do you love about riding? I love the challenge! Riding is the ultimate self development program! It teaches me patience, open mindedness, uncertainty, playfulness, commitment to perfection, high standards, belief in self, confidence, trust, love, quick thinking, behavioural flexibility. It really is the easiest thing to understand logically, and one of the most challenging things to do unconsciously! 4. Are you a cat or dog person? I have both, but I love my cats! 5. What are three things you look for in a dressage horse? 1. Temperament - he must want to do it easily and effortlessly -he has to always want to try for me 2. Movement - extravagant ground-covering, expressive, awe inspiring, big swinging, easy to sit to movement would be nice 3. If I have those two I am happy ... Then big black and beautiful is a bonus! :) 6. What is guaranteed to make you smile? Pretty much anything! A good training session, a piece of chocolate, great news from a client, semen in the face from breeding - thanks Kate! :) 7. What is guaranteed to make you angry? People who wont take responsibility for their results or nonresults. People who blame, criticise, shoot down or complain. 8. What is the biggest thing you have learnt in your life that has made the most difference? That you create your reality. So if you don't like something change your focus and change your life.

BIO I started riding when I was 14 years old. I thought I wanted to be an Olympic eventer but once I saw how big the jumps were I decided dressage was for me! In 2005 I went to hang out with Friesian Grand Prix rider Sabine Shut Kery and from there made the decision to start Ebony Park. We imported 3 Friesians the first time - 2 stallions and a mare, and then a year later 4 more. (another stallion and three more mares). The decision was made a year later to import another mare. In that time I also took my first dressage horse - a Friesian x TB to Inter II and now have our stallion Abe at Inter II in dressage. I love training and riding the Friesians and I look forward to when they are all FEI!!! :)

STATS Favourite Food: Nachos with guacamole sour cream and hot hot salsa and cold rock ice cream desert! Favourite Colour: Gold ... is that a colour? Otherwise purple Height: 171cm DOB: 07/08/81 Favourite Movie: Anything with Hugh Grant especially “Love Actually�

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine January 2011



The only stud in Australasia with TWO Ster foalbook stallions with current KFPS breeding permits. Our third stallion, Ebony Park Abe, was awarded the Sports Predicate for excellence in dressage, and is Australasia’s highest graded Friesian stallion winning at the Inter II level. To claim your free Breeding Gift Pack, including the Ebony Park Stallion DVD and your 7 Step Breeding Guide valued at $47, please email us at or visit

We currently still have 9 crossbred Friesians available ranging from yearlings to 5 years old riding horses. If you are looking for a versatile, athletic Friesian cross, click here to view our catalogue. As always we would like to thank our sponsors:

CONTACT US If you would like to have a chat with us dial 03 9796 8690 or 0422 227 364 . Ebony Park is located in Narre Warren in Victoria, one hour's drive from the Melbourne Airport. If you share the love of the Friesian horse and would like to see the stallions or the youngstock, please contact us and make an appointment. We can also assist you with locating your new Friesian or with training. Visit Us: 611 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren East VIC 3804 Website: Email:

We would love you to join us on Facebook! Click on the icon to visit our page!

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine January 2011


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine January 2011  

Ebony Park is proud to present to you the second edition of our monthly Friesian magazine.

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